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I seriously believe I am one of the only people in the world that is completely indifferent about Twilight. And I get a lot of shit about it from both sides. Granted, I won't pass up making a joke or two about it. But then I really don't pass up making a joke or two about a lot of pop culture things out there. Sometimes its just too easy.
I'v only seen the movies. I haven't read the books..strike that...I ready the first three chapters of the first book then ended up getting distracted and picking up something else. Frankly,  vampire romance thing isn't really my cup of tea. It never was. I only read one vampire romance novel before and it was full of awesome hot sex. so minus the sex, its not really my thing.  I'm a fan of the bloody thirsty scary vampires (Like in Near Dark, my favorite vampire film ever. Severen is scary, sexy, and a friggin' bad ass). I didn't even really dig Anne Rice's vamps too much...they were kind of pussies, really. So the concept of Twilight its a bit of a hard sell for me. The whole thing is more or less a retelling of Romeo and Juliet...well okay it has teens as stupid as Romeo and Juliet in it. Its a story that has been told thousands of times. Its hardly the fall of western civiliation...THAT privilage is reserved for Rock Of Love of VH1.
But hey, if you wanna hate it, feel free. The ranting is EPIC to read!
The only thing that bothers me about Twilight are the fans. Both how they are treated and the batshit crazy ones. As I tend to tell lots of my friends about Twilight  "Don't hate the player, hate the game". Not every fan of it is a raving lunitic. Hell, just because I love Harry Potter doesn't mean I run around on a broom stick thinking I can fly. The majority of my friends who are fans to Twilight aren't raving, desparate, insecure, women. They're fantastic, strong, opinionated, and smart ladies who just happens to like the romance aspect. Don't tell them they suck just because they like it.  Every fandom has their crazies...Trust me. I still think the Harry Potter fandom has far worse ones than Twilight.
 But in turn, hey crazy fangirls? Seriously, Twilight isn't the end all be all of romances. Go to a book store and look up some Jane Austin or Bronte. Hell, if you want a sexy brooding Gothic hero and a plain woman romance, go buy a copy of Jane Eyre. No vampires or werewolves...but a lot of batshit crazy Victorians.  Also, as much fun as it is to pretend that the dark brooding handsome outsider loves you and  ONLY YOU can bring him redemption...yeah brooding outsiders suck as boyfriends. Seriously. They are pains in the ass that will only give you a headache as you try to please them. Life is too short to waste on a 'Fixer Upper". So unless they have a 10 inch penis, go find yourself a nice secure geek  that makes you laugh and treats you like gold, instead. Or better yet, don't friggin worry about getting into a relationship. I didn't have a boyfriend at all in highschool. I think I turned out pretty damn cool.  Hell, i'd probably be single right now if Max didn't happen to show up and never leave.
I actually have full intentions of checking the series out but probably not for a while. I have a lot of other books on my plate...mostly involving zombies. (And I really think I'd be more interested in Twilight if there were zombies. Even if they sparkled). 
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And a picture of Eddard (Ned) Stark played by Sean Bean. I am having a costume-gasam over this. The designer NAILED him! I just hope they do just as good a job with the rest. I cannot WAIT to see Caitlyn!

This only makes me want to get our group for LoJ to dress as the Martells again.

*passes out*
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This movie NEEDS to come out!

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Well what do you know....I'm actually excited this year about the Ocsar noms.
Probably because its the most diverse set of films nominated since Moulin Rouge and Lord of the Rings were up against each other. While I don't agree with ALL the nominations I have to admit, at least its a diverse group! And finally the geek crowd got some shout outs with Avatar, District 9, Inglorious Basterds, and Up...To be honest I'm rooting for District 9 which was probably the best film I saw all year. But I know it has a snowballs chance in hell. Seriously though, It really showed what a powerful medium Sci Fi can be with tackling current issues. And it never got overly shmaltzy or preachy. Don't get me wrong. I LOVED Avatar and thought it was a fantastic ride and a great piece of Sci-fi , art design, and fantasy. But subtley is not in James Cameron's vocabulary. That and I'll admit it, I loved the gritty darkness of District 9. But what to you expect from someone who has a horror film blog?
 Chances are best picture  is going to go Avatar, Precious, or Up in the Air but eh, at least its an interesting race!
Oh...and I do believe this is a first time a woman was nominated for best director (correct me if I'm wrong).And I believe its the first time a woman nominated for best director really has a good chance of walking away with it. Katheryn Bigelow is nominated for The Hurt Locker. I'd also like to point out she directed one of the best vampire films ever made, Near Dark.  I hope she kicks their asses. ;D

I'm also rooting for Christoph Waltz from Inglorious Basterds to get Best supporting Actor. His performance was insanely good. And while I think Inglorious Basterds was a great film (And in my top 5 for the year) I really think I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if he was not in it. SO hope he gets it. And Its nice to see Coraline get a Nom as well...because Coraline was really fantastic and never got the audience it deserved...and had Keith David in it. I can say the same for Princess and the Frog too.
And I'll admit..I'm SO pulling for Sherlock Holmes for best Original Score. I LOVED that score!! It won't win it but I really think it was the best score I've heard in a long while. I loved it enough that I am still considering snagging the whole thing on iTunes.
I haven't seen any of the best costume nominees. It looks like the usual line up of frock-u-mentaries that are usually nominated and nothing too exciting (Except for possibly Parnassis since That's a Terry Gilliam film).
As you can see, I have a knack for pulling for the underdog at the Oscars. At least I'm pulling for SOMETHING this year. The last three years the noms were so boring I really didn't even bother watching the show.
I'm such a nerd
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So I suppose I should review my EPIC New Years Weekend....if you consider sitting on the couch with good friends watching Will Farrell movies and eating ribs epic.
Anyways, I had a great weekend. One of the best. It really was a stellar way to kick off 2010. Trish and Jen came down for Beth and Burke's awesome New Year's Eve party. We spent the night with the Maiden drinking, whoopin', hollerin', and playing Rock Band. One thing about Beth and Burke, they KNOW how to throw a party! We all got back to the Chateau around 2am then sat up talking even more until 3am.
Then we slept in incredibly late the next day and met up with a couple peeps for the traditional Baja Betty's New Year's Day brunch. Always a  good way to kick off the new year. We gourged ourselves on delicious food and minosas....and bloody marys...spicy spicy blood marys...then went home to chill for a while. Trish unfortunately had to head back home. Jen fortunately stayed with us the whole weekend...much debotchery was done...if my debotchery you mean sitting on the couch watching Will Farrell movies. A couple crew peeps popped in that evening and we all chilled. Some went to the hot tub, some sat with me and Jen and watched movies. It was probably the best and most relaxed time I've had in a long while. It was also awesome to have Jen down for such a long time. We have both been so busy that we barely get much of a chance to spend together (you don't get much quality visiting time when you're on constaff lemme tell ya). So getting to chill all weekend with her was really great.
I have good friends.:)
Mark introduced my husband to the crack known as Borderlands. Oh Lord....Jen and him played for...oh...9 hours on Saturday after Max desided he needed his own copy. Not to worry, it gave me enough time to do the laundry without distraction. ;D...Crack heads.
Yesterday after work Max and I had an impromptu date night. He treated me to dinner at Hooley's (SHEPARD'S PIE AND IRISH COFFEE! MMMMM!) and to a showing of Sherlock Holmes. You know, Sherlock Holmes wasn't half bad! I really enjoyed myself and it wasn't really what the trailer's advertised. I'd say if you're a fan of the movie Young Sherlock Holmes (which I am...BIG time) then you'd probably like this one too. Its fun! But if you're a Holmes purist...yeah..don't see it.

Overall the new year has started out great. I hope it continues on this trend of awesomeness for all of us.:)
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Okay, screwed up my foot in the stupidest way imaginable the other night.
...I got it caught in the couch.
Don't ask.
So I got me a mean looking gash on the side of my right foot. SORE!...but hilarious. Has my husband been laughing at me? Oh yes...yes indeed.

Hoping to take and post pictures of Chateau de Nom Nom all decked out for Christmas. Its not much but we have a mondo tree, lights out front, and stockings on an ACTUAL FIRE PLACE! Love this whoe house business. Soon we will have furnature that doesn't fold. This fills me with MUCH glee. Lot of pictures I want to take! especially of the front yard. The clover I planted in the front yard is starting to come in. Not sure about the wild flowers yet but I'm sure the rain helped. I still need to eventually mow the lawn and trim my snap dragons. the herb garden is doing better than we expected. Our Basil is bountiful! And the Marjoram that Stacy bought us this summer is thriving! We also have Camomile that I plan to pick and dry in an attempt to make my own tea...we'll see how well that goes over.;D

Saw Princess and the Frog last weekend and absolutely loved it. It was nice to see a return to 2D. And while I'm not a huge fan of Randy Newman's music (his songs always sounds alike to me) his score for this was pretty fantastic. And I have a new Disney villan crush. Me likey Dr Falicer! Of course most of this could be chalked up to the fact that Keith David does his voice and I've been a Keith fangirl for most of my adult life. Still, LOVE that villian. He give Hades a run for his money...Mostly beause he had a kick ass musical number...If Phill LaMarr ends up doing a voice for a Disney villian someday I am done for.
I'm a romantic at heart so this movie got me hard in the gut. It didn't destroy me emotionally like UP did but it gave me lots of warm fuzzies.
I highly recomend this film!

Getting geared up for my trip home. Gifts are mostly bought, still need to clean the house before I go and call the vet for Scout. We noticed she'd been licking a bald spot into her hind quarters and I want to get it checked out. We think it might be anxiety since the move was a little crazy but it could be worms. No chance taking with my baby girl. Getting her an appointment asap.
The museum Christmas party is this week so Max and I will be peering in for it. Looks like it will be a pretty casual laid back affair. The cool thing is since its in our Down Town location this year we can take the Trolly instead of trying to fight for parking. Part of me wants to wander a bit down town to take photos of the Christmas lights..or at least take photos of the Star of India all decked out for the holidays. We'll see.
And this Saturday is the Iron Maiden yule party. I'm hoping to maybe bake something for this. Once again all a matter of time lately. Looking forward to seeing the household all together again. Much fun we have!
Okay, Going to end this long winded entry. Hopefully I'll have exciting things to show next time, like photos and junk.
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Just got back from Paranormal Activity.

...I believe I will never sleep again.

The only comfort I have right now is:
a-I am a spiritual black hole and shit like that doesn't really happen to me .
b-If it did I have a husband and friends who know how to deal with it.
Awesome AWESOME film!! I'll try to post a more detailed review on Creepy Kitch tomorrow.

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Still kinda floating on the house high.
So I've been spending time online looking for design inspirations.  [ profile] saucydwellings  has been my CRACK lately. Its giving me some good ideas though for future design insanity and how to make what we got already work for us.
Of course if I had an extra $1000 to spare I'd buy this. *L* Okay...anyone dare me to attempt to remake this chandellier for my sewing studio? I bet I could make a budget version of it. I also love this. I wonder if I can find a cheep knock off of it or find one in a thrift store I can alter....hmm... Ah Anthropology...How I love you...but how friggin overpriced you are!
We're planning on hunting down some paint chips soon so we can start color chosing..then go from there.

Other than the exciting news of awesomesauce, life has been pretty mellow.:)
I hit LoJ with Trish and Jen last Friday and had a blast. It was a real laid back party of Friday and I think that is what all three of us needed. I also FINALLY got to meet up with Tabitha before he heads off to the east coast. It was good to see you, lady!:) I have pics a plenty which I will post soon.
Max and I went bike riding last night. Its been a while so I eneded up getting WAY too winded. My asthma kicked in out of no where. Heh, after YEARS of not showing its head, yesterday it desided to kick me in the gut. Stupid body. We still had a fun ride to Balboa Park and back and hopefully we'll do it again soon. Then we went to dinner and a movie. FINALLY saw Transformers 2. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would! I know a lot of my Flist were saying it was lame but to me the 2nd movie reminded me a LOT more of the cartoon than the first in terms of its plot and general bizarreness...lots of groin jokes though. My only complaint was that despite the rolling around in the dust and explosions happening Megan Fox's white pants REMAINED PRISTINE WHITE! I mean I can believe in Alien Robots but I do NOT believe her pants stayed that clean...unless they tefflon coated her. Which might have been in her contract for all I know.

Next week [ profile] lemonwitch comes into town! WOOO! It shall be epic I tell you..EPIC!!!
Which reminds me, I need to make reservations for the ghosts and gravestones tour for us.
I won't be attending ComicCon but I will be available for after con shenanigans. So Jen? Seth? If you guys want to do a Baja Betty's run or meet up for something with me and Stac let me know, okay?

Also trucking along for Gathering Shenanigans. Two words folks. Project Rungarg. Its going to be a funy pannel. Come play!
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Do NOT Watch Schindler's List while PMSing...again.
I'm a wreck...

What an incredible movie though.
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Or, Cindys' obsession du Jour.

I read the Project Rungay/TLo blog every morning. This is mostly because the guys who write it are to catty bitches and I laugh my butt off at their antics. But every once in a while, they dump a wonderful gem in my lap. They did a write up on the TLo blog on the HBO movie Grey Gardens. I knew the movie was coming out. The only knowledge I had of Grey Gardens before the HBO film (With Drew Barrymore and Faye Dunaway. Both Actresses who I love) was the Broadway musical. Christine Ebersole won the Tony for best actress. Her voice is divine. I didn't know much about the plot other than it was about an aunt and cousin of Jackie O and they happened to be VERY eccentric. Sounded cute but not much else. I didn't give it much thought. I assumed it was fiction.
Anways when I saw the ads for the HBO Grey Gardens movie I though 'Huh..are they doing a film of the musical? Why didn't they cast singers!". But on further research I found out It was just a regular film based on a true story. THEN I found out after reading the TLo article that Grey Garends was not only a true story but the film and the musical were based off a 1975 documentary that was filmed about their lives.
Now THAT was intriguing. So I did some digging around on YouTube and managed to find the entire documentry in parts....and I sat up late watching the whole thing in a complete trance.

Words cannot describe this documentary.
Seriously. I went into Grey Gardens thinking it would be a funny in a train wreck sort of way type of movie. Like watching reality TV.
Don't get me wrong, It had some hilarious moments. But I really can't describe the feelings I had after watching it. I think Haunting is the best word for it. The basic gist of the whole film is there is a mother and daughter, Big Edie and Little Edie, who are living together in this dilapidated old Hampton summer home called Grey Gardens. The mansion is a mess. The walls have holes in them, there's trash everywhere, they house 52 cats, feed the raccoons in the attic, and the grounds are completely over grown like a jungle. Little Edie apparently returned to Grey Gardens to take care of Big Edie when she was 35. She's now 55 and still at home caring for Big Edie. The filmmakers just turn the cameras on and record these women in their daily lives. That's all. But that's all that really needs to be done when you have two fascinating characters like Big and Little Edie.
I went through a gamut of emotions watching this film. I laughed at the antics and the insane mother/daughter bickering, I felt hurt to see how Little Edie trapped herself in this life with her mother and never really grew up, I felt sad to see how these two women are bordering on insanity from the years of isolation in their home, but I also felt happy and almost inspired but the fact that these women were completely unapologetic for who they were. One thing I never felt was pitty for the Edies. Its hard to describe why I didn't but I just couldn't feel pity or think "thank GOD this never happened to me!". In fact. if anything watching the Edies really made me think "Wow, life is too short and I really should not be afraid to go for what I want and be exactly who I am. Neighbors be damned!" And that's what makes Grey Gardens so unique to me. Today, if this was filmed I really believe the filmmakers would have mocked these women. But I felt the filmmakers honored them. It was different, exciting, and now I"m completely obsessed with finding more information on Grey Gardens and I'm dying to see the movie on HBO.

If you're interested on learning a bit about the film you can find some great info here.
You can read the TLo blog review here which is where I first found out about Grey Gardens.

I'm hoping to hunt down the 1975 Grey Gardens on DVD soon. I already have watched ti twice on YouTube and every time I see it, I want to see it again. The movie is DEFINITELY not everyone's cup of tea. If very not main stream. But if you're looking for something that is completely out of left field, check it out.


Mar. 28th, 2009 11:10 pm
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Had a GREAT but way to short visit with the family.

My family rules.

Went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens with Max tonight.

That ALSO ruled.

I demand an Insectosaurus plushy!! I want to put it beside my Cloverfield plushy which I have yet to get!

There needs to me more plushies out there that are suited to my taste!
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Could someone please explain to me WHY I keep having dreams about Rorschach and I dating?
They're really socially awkward dates too.

HIM: "Rorshach's journal. Having dinner with a woman with obscenely large breasts. Lustful fun bags try to suck me in. I will resist"
ME: "Shut up, eat your dinner, and stop touching the dead dog".
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Been a posting fiend on creepykitch. Two days in a row!? *GASP!* Posted one review that was probably too scathing but I was in a mood and the movie did suck bad.
Anyways, the plague is slowly passing through me. I'm still stuffy and such but I'm feeling more human and on my feet. This has made work a LOT easier.

The Oscars were actually enjoyable last night AND ended before 9pm! Who knew? Honestly, the only thing I was routing for was Heath Ledger for Best Supporing (which he rightly won) and Kate Winslet for best Actress (which she rightly won as well). Otherwise I was pretty indifferent about it all since none of the films except Slumdog Millionare interrested me. Come on academy, lets mix it up and nominate some different style films other than the ones obviously made for Oscar winning.
The dresses were FABULOUS.

This week proves to be a good one overall though.:)
My 33rd birthday is this Friday. Holy cow, I'm actually going to be 33? When did this happen? Honestly though I really don't feel like I'm in my thirites yet. Going to go out with Max that night...maybe I can convince him to see Friday the 13th...hmmm. Then Saturday morning is the Lush Party in Santa Monica! Woo! Me [ profile] crzydemona, [ profile] rogue_78, [ profile] karlyl,[ profile] kythera and [ profile] ravendragonwing are all attending then lunch afterwards. SO excited to have a girl day with my gals!
So lots to look forward to:)

Also, if anyone wants to see my steampunk design sketch, check out [ profile] costumenonsense .
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My Trunk is filled and I mean FILLED with gifts *L*
I had a successful day yesterday. I'm not completely finished mind you, but I'm extremely close. I may dash over to Del Mar on Wed after work and look at that really spiffy Toy Store there for Mr Danny boy. I want to bring him awesome stuff for his first Christmas! I already bought him this cool fisher prince tug boat that has all these detachable parts and floats in water. Now I want to hunt him down a nice toy that he can play with over and over..of course the pirate ship Max and I bought him at Estrella is like that BUT STILL!
Oh, and I finally bought the key necklace at the museum. I couldn't resist.

I ended the day with a trip to Baja Betty's with Max for margaritas and a taco platter that we suprisingly devoured like rabid starving badgers. Then went home and watched The Dark Knight on BluRay. That movie never gets old and never gets bad.

Overall, a productive Friday:)

Suddenly I want to get the soap opera channel. I had the urge to watch really cheesey over the top 80's soaps like Dallas and Dynasty. I bet I could find them online somewhere.
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Oh Aaaaagony!!!
Lush has all these great Holiday items out! Where For Art Thou, Money?!

Seriously though. I love brousing the site. Hopefully before Christmas, the Lush Dork girls can all do a run up to the Santa Monica store for some shopping/bonding.

Feeling better today that I did yesterday. I made Max sit down and watch [REC] with me. He jumped out of his skin. HEE!

Speaking of creepy stuff, [ profile] lemonwitch and I have something devilish in the works. Hpefully it will be up in a little while.

Hmm..Lush Bath....
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Oh lord...I am so beat.
Luckily today is my last day at work before I'm off for wedding stuff. And luckily today is busy so it will probably zip on by.

Discovered the glory that is Hulu. I watched Starship troopers AND Xanadu last night...because I'm a masochist. If I could only combind the two into something completely insane...oh wait..That would be The Apple.

Quick Note:
OMG! TIGS! You insane woman! You completely spoiled Max and I! We got your gifts last night. And you spent too much money on us. And you almost made me cry I felt so touched that you did that. You're an awesome person. Thank you Thank you thank you! *super big time hugs!!* I'll see you this weekend! =D

Just to get off the subject of wedding...
Would anyone be interrested in doing a Steampunk costume photoshoot down in SD? I haven't figured out a when and where (Balboa Park? Whaley House? Old Town?) but I think it might be fun. Would anyone want to play? I was thinking to do this around March-ish.

5 Days. O.o
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This scene from Enchanted never ceases to make me teary eyed.
I thought Enchanted was cute when I first saw it. After a couple repeat viewings, I can honestly say its become one of my favorite Disney films ever.

Anyways..This scene always makes me feel teary and fuzzy at the time time.
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The Trailer for Watchmen is up.

Thank you for Posting this Kettil!


Jul. 9th, 2008 08:26 pm
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So I just watched [REC].
Its a horror film from Spain that just scared the holy beezers out of me!
I've been snooping around for this movie since I heard about the US remake Quarantine which is supposed to come out later this year. All I know is the Hollywood remake has a LOT to live up to because this was a fantastic horor film.
Its pretty much if someone in 28 Days Later had a video camera. I'm a sucker for the "Home Movie" genre (Cloverfield, Blair Witch, etc). And I think this film really portrays the whole video taping senerio far more realistic than the other movies. It just makes sense why the camera is there and why the camera work is actually pretty good. It also takes a lot from the Original Dawn of the Dead where they only give you teaspoons full of information. The rest you have to piece together yourself which really puts you in the shoes of the main characters. I really hope this comes out on DVD in the US because I NEED to own this.

If you want to see this movie, you can watch it here. Its about 90 minutes and its subtitled in English for my non spanish speaking friends:

Just remember that it is a horror film so you may get scared...or you may yawn. I donno.
Personally? Its scared the hell out of me.
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So yesterday was kinda a bummer at work because of one person with a severe personality disorder.
Max made it better when I got home. He treated me to burgers and milkshakes at Ruby's then took me to go see WALL-E afterwards.
WALL-E was FANSTASTIC! I enjoyed every minute of that movie. It put me in a much better mood afterwards. And yes, I cried during it. It was incredibly sweet. It was also a beautiful film both visually and with the writing. I highly recommend it.
So the day ended very nicely.

I also had a kick ass weekend. Jen came down to hang out which was full of win and awesome. We went to the Iron Maiden 4th of July BBQ and ate WAY too much briscut. On man, it was SO GOOD. We watched fireworks from Capt'n's drive way (and a car accident as well. O.o Luckily no one was hurt and everyone walked away fine). Then Jen and I headed home and sat up BSing until we passed out. The next day Max and I twisted her arm enough to go to Baja Betty's for their brunch special. YUM! Jen then had to head out to her family's place so we said our farewells...and she needs to come back down and visit again;) Ty and I caught up afterwards and bought our bra's for the wedding. BTW, big busted ladies in SD? If you ever need good bras or support garments The Enchantress is THE best place to go! the strapless I got there is comfortable AND holds me up well! We then headed over to Demetrios to go our first fittings. I was stunned that my dress was almost a perfect fit. They had to do the hem and some minor adjustments to it is all. Ty looked Fantastic in her bridesmaid dress even if it was big. They did a good job with the pinning so I'm pretty sure it will look very nice when its all finished.

Unfortunately, Mr Max is having his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. So tonight I'll be making Jello and other mooshy foods for him to consume while he's numb and incapacitated. Everbody loves Jello.

Otherwise, kinda tired today and brain dead. The coffee also made my stomache a little off but eh? What can ya do?
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