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I'm just posting here for a mo publicly.
I still use LJ, but moved it to a friends only zone since its my personal space now a days.

But you can still follow my art work and costuming at:
Its still the best way to follow me. I also have a tumblr:

But its not that exciting. I post here and there on facebook, but nothing very profound... not to mention I think most of you guys are on my FB anyways.

So yeah. Still posting. Just private.
Cheers, all!
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Happy Almost 2013!
I'm sick!
Its annoying.
I really was looking forward to ringing in another New Year with my Iron Maiden family but I really do feel like boiled over ass. Stuffed up, achey as Hell, possible fever, coughing. Oh, and at work yet again because no coverage was available...actually I just didn't even bother asking this round after the goose chase I was on before Christmas vacation. Got sick then and never could find anyone to cover for me. I just gave up asking and now I just go in and plow through it all. Its annoying but eh... not much else you can do.
Its been a busy day, surprise surprise so I am looknig forward to home. The Dayquil is starting to wear off and I'm begining to see flying elves.
I probably won't make it to the party. Honestly I rather not infect all my friends at the party though I would adore hanging with them and having a few drinks tonight. I am considering making a quick apperance, say hello, hand out a Christmas gift I have for someone, then jetting home but I'm not even sure I can even put on the happy face for that long before melting into a puddle of sickness goo. Is it sad I feel guilty I can't make it?
Hopefully this isn't an omen on what is in store for me for 2013.
Eh, I'm just being whiney. I was really hoping to have a kick ass party time tonight then start my 2013 with a good jog around the block. But for now I'd settle for my comfy bed and some Nyquil. I blame the PMS for making me so pissy about it all.
On a happier note
Regardless, I am rather excited about the new year starting. I'm excited to start my new routine, I'm excited about starting up my meditation again, I'm excited for the new projects I have sitting on on the horrizon, I'm just excited. I really hope this upcoming year is good for my friends mostly. A lot of them suffered some masty blows so I'm really sending out happy vibes to all of them.
I'm also going to make a bit more effort posting here more often. Its rater thereaputic.
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Sorry about the update delay, folks. I really wanted to get two pieces done to post this week so I took a couple extra days to work on them.

I’m on my last few commissions for this round! I feel a bit like I ran a 5k… but with my pencil.

So without further ado, here are the latest two commissions on the list!

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Another round of commissions I have finished! Woot!

Read more at OriginalCin.Net

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Just a quickie this week.

So much art to finish! SO MUCH!

Here are some commissions I did of various minor characters from George R. R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons; Book five in A Song of Ice and Fire series (which I LOOOOOOVE!) I’m extremely happy with how these boys came out. I usually concentrate on doing the women from ASoIF so getting a chance to draw the men was a treat!

Next update will be full of steampunky goodness. Until then, enjoy!

Ser Archibald “Big Man” Yronwood

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But may not have the time so I'm just making a wish list...
  • Go Thrift shopping
  • Possibly hit the swap meet for the Hell of it
  • Paint my front door
  • Plant another Rose bush in the back yard
  • Pick up a couple solar lights for the back yard at Target
  • Mow and weed the front yard so its all purdy
  • Poke Minion.
  • Pick up some picture frames for those awesome zombie postcards I found at SDCC
  • Poke Scout
  • Have tea in the back yard with a good book
  • Take a private walk through Balboa Park and Museum Hop.
  • Poke Max. Hope he pokes back
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Yeah, I really needed a week off after San Diego Comic Con. It’s a con that will wipe you out! But it was fun and totally worth it. I had a complete blast doing SCA stuff, costuming, and hanging out with wonderful friends!

First things first though. Costuming! Well it usually is all about costuming with me isn’t it? Yeaaaaahh…

Anyways, Photos of the Archer Cosplay group and of my Annabelle Leigh Langly costume from Comic Con are up over at Costumed Nonsense. You can check out the photos here!

As for SDCC, here’s some photos of the awesome times!

Read More at OrginialCin.Net

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Just a real quickie update!

Summer always brings crazy busy times of “OMG I NEED TO GET ALL THINGS DONE AND GO TO ALL THESE INSANE EVENTS!”

… such is my way.

And my last nerd event is on the horizon and creeping up fast!

I’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con! I usually do and it’s always a great time. I mean it’s practically in my dang back yard.

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Oh HOLY cow, was it a good time! I mean a REALLY good time! Best LoJ yet! Here we all are; Ellyn, Me, Jen, and Ace all decked out for Friday night. I only went one night but WHAT a NIGHT! There were some of the most lovely costumes I’ve seen in all the times I’ve gone! And of course dressing up with some fantastic lady friends! I am planning on hitting LoJ next year both Friday and Saturday nights. I believe need two nights of fantasy instead of one...

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I had an epic weekend full of San Diego County Fair goodness!

The deep-fried Klondike Bars I loved! The poop from the worlds largest steer, not so much.

I’ve been in the land of stitchy goodness since Labyrinth of Jareth is this Friday. I am so excited! LoJ is one of my all time favorite events of the year. And for a change of pace, I’m actually finished with my costume ahead of time. Who knew? I’m guessing its the Armageddon.

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Well, back on track more or less.

Apparently War got me so crazy that it threw my updating schedule all off whack for a while. YESH! I have no one to blame but myself, I know.

Costumed Nonsense is updated yet again! I have progress shots of my Labyrinth of Jareth Steampunk costume which is coming along better than I anticipated! For a sneak peek of wacky bustles and corsets, head on over here!

Anyways, just a quicky update here for this lovely week in June.

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Yup! Summer time brings on the need to be artistic (and also a need to not rest on my laurels since I slack off with sketching during the summer). So to help feed the need as well as earn a little extra for the summer months, I am open for commissions! I’m doing a bit of a twist this time around. I’m offering commissions in a theme. It’s the first time I’ve actually done a theme so I’m pretty excited for this!

This round’s theme will be STEAMPUNK ATTIRE!

More at OriginalCin.Net

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So there's a very good chance that Minion cannot be fixed due to his heart defect. The proceedure could kill him *headdesk*. At  least thats what I heard...again.
 The vet is going to double check with the clinic we got his ultra sound from since I distinctly recall the doctor telling me fixing him wouldn't be a problem when I was there. Turns out that they talked to a different doctor since the one I dealt with was out of town. The guy who didn't see Minion or talk to me looked at his chart and said "No" to getting him fixed. So I asked them to call the doctor I actually delt with to see what he has to say. I remember asking him point blank "Can we get him fixed?" and him saying "Oh yeah. It should be no problem." Now I'm having second thoughts about it all and wondering if that first doctor was blowing me off.

 Regardless, Max, our regular vet, and I are all coming up with alternatives to make sure his spraying stays under control if he can't get fixed.  Minion seems to spray mostly when under stress. He peed and sprayed all over the place when we were at war even though he had people he knew very well watching him all week. Apparently my lil boy has abandonment issues. I would really love to get both cats back into the bedroom with us again. It gives them both a place to hide when we have parties (Minion usually hides in the study, Scout used to hide in our bedroom). We had to close up the bedroom when Minion started spraying on our bed...which was gross and started happening more frequently than I wanted it to. I spent a LOT of time cleaning up that bed with nature's miracle more than I care to admit. Though I have to admit, forcing the two cats to be together alone at night has made them get along a lot better than they used to. No more fighting over who gets to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. I should invest in some cat beds.
 Lately though, Minion has been very good, not spraying, and the cat attract litter has kept him using the litterbox routinely so far *knocks on wood*. If we have to forgo the neutering, remaining an indoor kitty will prevent the whole spreading his Minion DNA around the neighborhood. I really have no intentions of making him an outdoor cat, especially with his heart defect. And Scout is spayed so she won't be a pregnancy option for him. Not to mention he can't get close enough to Scout to even CONSIDER that...she's a vicious lil thing when she wants to be and he does not cross her often.

 The good news is that there are healthy alternatives for the little guy. The bad news is we still gotta listen to the yowling when he wants to get laid.

Scout continues to be unamused by his antics.
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I live!

Honest and truly I do! Sorry about the hiatus. War recovery tends to take longer than expected what with the laundry, the cleaning, the extremely long shower to get all the dirt off, and so on. But I’m back, refreshed, and happy to be back! Potrero War this year was extremely awesome. I spent the week with some amazing friends and watched some great people get some high honors.

Oh, and there was rum.

LOTS of rum.

Read the rest at OriginalCin.Net

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I really need to work on some outragously lavish project.
I have just decided this in the last few hours... because you know, I need something else to do in my copious spare time.  Oh me...Why do I do this to myself?
Because I'm insane, that's why.


I already have two things I need to finish in the next couple of weeks. The first being Dan's duster for his steampunk costume. I got the basic parts together, I just need to finish the damn thing. I also need to finish my bellydance costume for Gaslight Gathering which I started, but I put to the wayside the last few days because I had OTHER things to do. The good part is the most complicated garment for my dance costume (the ghwazee) is more or less constructed. I just need to finish it.  Here's a sketch of what I'm making for Gaslight:

Its a combo of new pieces I'm making and old pieces I already own (aka coin bra, jewelry, and tassel belt).

I also really should finish my art for the Gaslight artshow. I have everything inked and half colored in...only half though. Erf. It would be easier if I could bring my markers to work. Unfortunately, it wouldn't look very professional with all my markers struned across the reception desk *LOL*

Anyways, after I get that buck load of projects out of the way, I have my LoJ costume to work on. I'm pretty much making this outfit here:

The girl, not the guy. It should be easy enough .I bought the corset off of corset-story for WAY cheap. So I have to buy fabric and make the skirt and under blouse.  That's the costume I'm thinking of going detail crazy with... or at least try to. I suppose I have the desire to put teeny details onto SOMETHING.  So..this one wins.
I get like this every once in a while. A TOTAL attack of ADD. I think its just my brain's way of making me focus when I'm feeling overwhelmed with everything else on my plate.
I'm such a spazz soometimes.

In other news, I need to lose od weight. My pants are fitting weird.

In other other news, I love chamomile and lavender tea!

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SO needed Saturday.

It helped with my crankiness in epic proportions. I helped Colleen with her moving in the morning. I wish I could have done a bit more but we managed to make a big dent in her garage and in her livingroom. Thats a plus!
After that I went to my first San Deigo Dr. Sketchy's session. OMG so much fun!!! Booze and life drawing. AWESOME!  Ace, Jen, Dan, and I all went down to Hillcrest and sat through the whole session. Everyone was really nice, the drinks were fantastic, and it felt great to sketch from life again. Its been so damn long! I'll post a few of my favorite sketches on my art blog update tomorrow. We're all stoked about heading back but Next month might be tricky since its May War coming up and all. We'll probably have to wait until June to rejoin the session.
Afterwards we headed off to Dan's for dinner and he cooked up some awesome chicken cacciatore (which I stuffed into my face) and we played with his dogs and catuch up with his wife Kelly. I would have stayed longer but damn, I was pooped. I went home and crashed out HARD around 9:40. I'm glad I did. I REALLY needed the sleep sicne my allergies have been kicking my ass big time.

Also desided to (once again) Get back on WW and know..STAY on it? My jeans yesterday were mucho tight. Not so tight that they couldn't get zipped but tight enough to be uncomfortable. So I'm going to do something about it. Since I've been really good about being active but not so good about my eating habits, I need to retrain myself. I really want to look a bit more fit for July (Comiccon and LoJ). I figured meh..what the Hell? Whats the worst that could happen?

Hoping to schedule a date night with Mr Max. Both of us have been so damn busy we haven't had a chance to head out for a full day. Though we did have dinner together on Wednesday which was nice..even though both of us were dead dog tired. I think i may have a free day coming up in a couple weekends...I hope *Fingers crossed!*

Still battling Anxiety a bit. That panic attach last month slapped me upside the head hard and I'm still trying to get back on my feet. But I'm doing MUCH better. It was so long since I had one it threw me for a loop. Slowly I'm getting back on my feet and feeling like myself again. Pretty much the key for me is keeping busy with things I enjoy to keep me up and perky. Its working more or less. Just gotta keep my chin up!
Aaaaand keep active and moving.


Apr. 19th, 2012 11:55 am
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I've been busy. WAAAAAY too busy. I think that's what been making me cranky lately. A classic case of 'I want to do stuff that I want to do but I can't because everyone else has been running around instead'. Typical of my April May months *L*
So tonight I don't plan to really do anything of any importance to anyone else other than myself.
I have my half day today (thank you GOD!) so i'm going to head home, do some gardening in the afternoon, then sew into the evening on some projects I've been tossing to the way-side for too long.

I've been really disenchanted with work lately but I think that just has to do with asshole people coming into the museum the last couple of months. Seriously. Its been the asshole parade! This morning I was a victim of "Shoot the messenger" syndrome when I told an appointment so and so was running late. To which the lady rolled her eyes, sighed angrily then snapped "Well WHY didn't she call me?!!". Lady, I don't know. I"m not her personal assistant. Sorry you have to wait a fulll 5 more minutes.  Yesterday I apparently ruined four separate trips to La Jolla because we were closed..and told so "You RUINIED our Trip to La Jolla!!". And frankly I could give a shit. Combind that with assholes on the phone, people yelling at me because its not supposed to rain in San Diego (Yeah, I'll get right on that), bitches who have told me repeatedly how useless I am to them because I won't let them sneak upstairs to the directors office without an appointment, oh..and accused of theft because some old bag forgot to leave something at the front desk...long story. I was proven right and she looked like a dick hole.
Is there something in the air right now?! Should I be more worried about the asshole appocolypse than the zombie uprising these days.

Eh Its mostly PMS talking to be honest.  Its made me miss Grumpy gus.

Anyways, I'm looking for a day that I can just go and turn off my brain soon..Damnit I'm too booked! Maybe something in June? *L*

In other news, the kitteh's are doing well. I'm going to call for an appt. for Minion to finally get snipped soon.

I'm working on some really kick ass aweomse costuming stuff!..Well awesome to me really. To others its probably not as awesome. *L* Regardless, I'm stoked to work on said projects. I REALLY need to update my costume blog soon.

I've been very good about doing April Drawing this month. VERY happy with that! GO ME!

I am also in desparate need of a haircut. I'm getting tres shaggy!


Apr. 10th, 2012 11:17 am
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Its been interesting the last few days. Not BAD mind you, just...interesting and slightly flustering since I've been overwhelmed with commitments.

Lets see, first off, the further adventures of the Minion. He pulled the great escape on Friday and somehow managed to get out of the house at night. It was right before I went to bed so I didn't really notice he wasn't about. Usually if he's not in my bedroom when I get to bed he is curled up in the study. So I assumed he was in there. Nope. The next morning I noticed he wasn't asleep on my feet like he usually is. So I roamed the house calling for him. That's when I heard his pathedic little meow come from the front yard. My poor little guy hid in our rosemary bush most of the night until he heard my voice. So the morning began with a dirty, sticky cat that smelled like Rosemary. We are also asuming he might have gotten into a fight with one of the local kitteh's in the neighborhood because when petting him I found scabs here and there on his body and on his lower lip.  Otherwise he's fine and not tramatized. Actually, I think Minion believes he's a cougar now because of his little outdoor adventure. Though he doesn't seem as eager to venture to the Big room with no ceailing lately...which is good.
Scout actually seemed to show concern for him when he returned...then promptly got pissed because other noticed this.

So that was an adventure.

Also, I seem to be getting my war rash early. I'm starting to believe this rash is caused by some sort of polien in the air. I usually get it when I go to Wars. But now I'm getting it while at home. NO clue why my face is all bumpy right now but it is, and its ANNOYING. Luckily my makeup covers it so at least I don't like like the plague in public. I'm going to pick up some LUSH face wash soon to see if that soothes it. Usually LUSH does the trick. It feels better than it did last night, Thats for sure.
I have a TON of sewing projects I need to slam out. Gashligh Gathering is approaching and I promised Dan a western Duster and I want to make a new Gwahzee to wear when we perform at the Safari Tea.  Luckily both garments are pretty  easy to slam out.

Work is busy as usual, and I'm kinda tired and cranky about it this week. Either I've been in a foul mood (VERY logical) or everyone has been a jerk coming into work (Not as logical). I think I'm just cranky. The exercise has been helping with my mood luckily.  Lots of things I need to accomplish before Thursday which is making my head spin.

But I'll eventually get through it all...with the help of Wine.
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A few things:
Minion unfortunately, has been diganosed with a heart defect. He has a hole in his heart which is causing the murmur which means he will not outgrow it.
Bad parts:
There is nothing they can do about it. Possibly he can be medicated and they is currently being looked into.
Minion has a short life expectancy. Meaning he could live anywhere from 2 years to 5 years to 10. They don't know.

Good parts:
Minion is not in pain, not suffering, and doesn't even know he has a health issue.
He can still be nutered.
The vet said it would be rediculous to put him down (which I refused to have as an option in a panic) because otherwise he is healthy as a horse.

So pretty much we're going to enjoy him while we have him. I'm being optimistic. He's a healthy kitty and I think he might end up beating the odds.
Scout on the otherhand is still heathly and resentful we brought a kitten into her life... BUT she is slowly starting to tollerate and even play with him.

On to happier thoughts:

I'm starting up Fabulous month today. Needs to be done, damnit! I haven't done one in too long a time. I'm posting pics and such up on my tumblr if anyone wants to follow along:

Game of Thrones is starting up again tonight! We are having a Game of Thrones premiere party which will include nom noms.

April drawing is also starting and I shall be drawing LOTS.

Also, sewing WILL comence. I have so many projects to do its slightly maddening.

So despite the somewhat disheartening news, life is still good.
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Among other things.
I'm happy to report that the Belly Dancing class I went to was complete and utter win and awesome! I am so pleased! I plan to go back to it soon. Next week they are off for spring break but I will be returning the week after to do more dancing. SO MUCH FUN!
Oh..and Chai latte's make me happy inside.

Once again, a list to keep my brain straight:
Take Minion to the vet on Friday.
LUSH party on Saturday!
Help Jen get her things moved into the guest room.
Reorganize the studio
Cut our Dan's Steampunk duster.
Work on Gaslight artwork.
Get artwork done for St Artemas auction.
Drill belly dancing.
Clean up for Middle Eastern Guild on Monday.
Wonder ONCE again how I ended up getting so much stuff happening in my life.

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