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Normal though is a relative in my life.;)

Had a WHIRLWIND weekend! Max and I treked up to Las Vegas to watch Doodle and Kelly tie the knot. It was my first Vegas wedding to witness so it was quite the event. I ended up Twittering the entire trip. Under the cut are the twitter pics I took of the weekend.  I wish we had the money/time off to stay one more day. Alas, We is broke! It was still a fantastic time. I love Vegas. And I especially love visiting Vegas with friends!
We got home yesterday around 5ish where I locked myself in my studio a feverishly worked away on the illuminated letters I'm painting for my sister mom and aunt for Christmas (photos to come!). I painted until my eyes were crossing then passed out. GREAT night sleep. Christmas time is the time when I feel the most motivated creatively. Its nice to channel all of this energy into making Christmas gifts this year. It makes me feel fulfilled.:)

Anyways, Vegas Pics!

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Holy Crap its been 2 years!? ALREADY? Yup, 2 years already. It still feels like I first met you.

Happy Anniversary Max.
I love you more than I could ever promise.

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Seriously. Its been an ENITRE YEAR.
And it definitely hasn't felt like a whole year has gone by. Actually, it still feels like I just met him.

So happy first year Anniversary Max! You're my best thing at war and everywhere else.
 I love you and look forward many many MANY years after this.

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Wow, I posted four times today. I blame the coffee. It's strong coffee....
Once again, the picture above is not Vegas...obviously. The only other picture of our quick D-Land stop over.


The Final Insallment )


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These really aren't the best pics in the world. But I took a lot of them and Damnit I'm going to post them.
Here's our visit to the Mandalay Bay Aquarium/Shark Reef which is actually pretty awesome.
So not too many Shenanigans this post...but lots of fish.

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It got slow again...
The pic above is actually in Disneyland. We stopped by the D-land on our way home for lunch and to ride Pirate's of the Carribean and Indy since it seemed appropreate.

On With The Pics... )
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I'm not busy right now...
So here are  Pictures of My and Max Honeymoon!
9 months after the fact! WOOO!
I figured I should post these before our first year aniversary anyways....
Going to post these in parts since I have a ton of pictures.
Warning! Image heavy!

Join Us, Wont You? )
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I have a few more left over wedding favors sitting about. I threw the candy inside them out  because they were getting stale but the chests are really cute.
Here's a pic. They're the tiny chests to the right. I have green, red, pink, and teal left.

If you're interrested in one, lemme know. I'd be happy to send them out to people who want em. :)

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So I'm feeling a LOT better.
The fever broke (thank god) And I still have a bit of a tickle in my throat but the aches have gone away and I'm not so exhausted. I think putting myself into a 10 hour Advil PM coma did the trick.

Since I really lack anything to say today, I'm going to fill the void with wedding photos that [ profile] rogue_78 and [ profile] wyngdlyon took.

Join us, won't you?



Nov. 7th, 2008 04:03 pm
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Just watched the raw footage of our wedding video.
I have such kick ass friends.
I have such a great family.
I have such an adorable husband.

Seth wants to hump our machiiiiiiiiiines!!!
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I am needin' the info!

I'm changing my last name now that I'm married to Kinnard-Diamond. But unfortunately I have no idea where to start on this. Can any of my pals who have changed their names point me in the right direction?
Also, What other places will I have to contact after the name change is in effect?

Any advice is appreciated.:)
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I loved the wedding. I adored the honeymoon.

For the mildly curious here's just a few pics I stole from Ty.

Trust me...I have a LOT more I've been swiping from people. I'll put up more later more than likely along with Honeymoon madness pictures.
Max and I spent Saturday and Sunday opening gifts and trying to find places to put them. Suprisingly enough, we managed to find storage for all of our gifts IN our place. Who knew? Granted, it took some creative thinking. But we did it. I think my favorite new addition to the apartment decor is the beautiful wooden chest that Lady A and Master Robert used for us. It has a cooler inside so we can use it for wars and tournies. It also makes a fabulous piece of furnature.

People also gave us money...LOTS of it! Thank you to all you peeps online who sent us gift cards and money orders. They were VERY appreciated!!! I will be sending out thank you notes a plenty this week! We had plenty of cash for our honeymoon and lots to put into savings as well as some to help with after wedding bills. Thank you so much all!! I'm really lucky to have such generous friends.:)

But Honestly? I am SO glad its all over now. For one, I get my free time back. Max and I are getting back to rapier practice and back to bike riding again (which we had put on hold for about two months).
And now that my free time is back, I'm getting back onto my sewing horse. WOOO!
I desided to start work on my first Italian Ren. I drafted the bodice pattern yesterday and cut out the mock-up. Going to fit it tonight, tweak, then cut it out of the actual fabric if I have the energy. So excited to get back to sewing again! If this first Italian Ren. comes out, I'll finally work on the orange and blue one I've had been planning for at least a year.

I also want to get fabric shopping for my steampunk costume. Ty and I were batting the idea of hitting the swapmeet this coming Saturday to see what fabrics we can find for steampunk/garb fun. By then I'll have money soooo...

Also, I have NOT forgotten that I mentioned perhaps doing a steampunk photoshoot in Old Town San Diego. Who would be interrested in doing this? Old Town is a perfect place to do the whole Wild "Weird" West style steampunk.

I followed Ian's advice and started my costuming blog. I figured what the heck? It actually might motivate me to keep sewing and working on things. So feel free to watch!
[ profile] costumenonsense
There's nothing on there at the moment. I will probably post pics of my Italian Ren, in progress in the next couple of days.

Can you tell I've been on a sewing kick?

Halloween unfortunately is going to the wayside since I have no time to put together a decent costume and Max is working graveyard shift that day. So for the Maiden Halloween party I'm putting on one of my dresses I wear to work, carrying around a manilla folder with the Stark Industries Logo on it and going as Pepper from Iron Man...because its easy and I won't have to buy anything.

In OTHER news.
Our museum store has finally gone online. WOOO!
I love the stuff in our store. There are tons of awesome gifts in there and what is online is only a fraction of what's available...but they put some really clever stuff online.
Here are some highlights:
Walking timebomb tie:
Kick Ass Jewelry (I have been wanting one of those porcelain key necklaces since I started here):
Anthropomorphic bacon:

Okay, this post is getting WAY long.
More photos to come. And more Reports on the last few events. have been warned!!!
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Just got back from the wedding/honeymoon.
Vegas fricken rocks!
My friends and family fricken rock!

I am so tired I think I'm going to throw up!
It was so worth it.
Pictures to come.
Max and I still have some gifts to open, and to try to find places to put it all.
*passes out*
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So Yeah...
But I got a lot done.
Mom and dad flew in yesterday and treated Max and I to dinner.
Leelee, Ryan, and Danny drove in this morning. I got to say hi when I took my dad to get his tux.
Julie flew in this afternoon and we went straight from the airport to doing errands. I just dropped her off at Gabe's about 30 minutes ago.
And now I'm just Draaaaaaaaging.

Oh Crap...Um...anyone attending or in my wedding party want to pick me up a silver Sharpie for my guest book? O.o

I really can't believe that this weekend in my wedding. O.o
Its so weird!
Its not bad, its extremely exciting and awesome...but weird!
Max and I have been engaged for over two years so actually having the wedding happening is really awesome.
Its going to be a great party. I'm so excited!!!!!

So this will probably be my last post before I head off to wedding/honeymoon land.

Thank you everyone for the well wishes! You all rock!

Holy cow..going to be a Mrs the next time I post in here.
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Oh lord...I am so beat.
Luckily today is my last day at work before I'm off for wedding stuff. And luckily today is busy so it will probably zip on by.

Discovered the glory that is Hulu. I watched Starship troopers AND Xanadu last night...because I'm a masochist. If I could only combind the two into something completely insane...oh wait..That would be The Apple.

Quick Note:
OMG! TIGS! You insane woman! You completely spoiled Max and I! We got your gifts last night. And you spent too much money on us. And you almost made me cry I felt so touched that you did that. You're an awesome person. Thank you Thank you thank you! *super big time hugs!!* I'll see you this weekend! =D

Just to get off the subject of wedding...
Would anyone be interrested in doing a Steampunk costume photoshoot down in SD? I haven't figured out a when and where (Balboa Park? Whaley House? Old Town?) but I think it might be fun. Would anyone want to play? I was thinking to do this around March-ish.

5 Days. O.o
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So today is offically the one week mark.

I work Monday and Tuesday Then I'll be off work until next Monday...because my butt will be in Vegas..;)

Things are so far under control. Despite being pretty much flat dead broke for this week? I'm hangin in there. (BTW, if you are wanting to get us a wedding gift, money for the honeymoon is what we covet!)
I border on zen and insanity lately which is a very hilarious thing to watch.

I had my Bachlorette party on Friday night and OMG what an AWESOME time! Ty even got us a "party van" that Mark drove for us so we weren't at the mercy of the trolly schedule. It was a great evening going down town. [ profile] wyngdlyon Introduced us all to the beauty that was Dublin Square, a great Irish pub down town that had great drinks and a great band playing. We all sang along so loud that half of us were horse by the time we got back to Ty's place. I did manage to sober up and get to sleep in my own bed. I think by the time I finally passed out it was 4am, two hours before Max got home from his shift at work...I haven't stayed up like that in YEARS! It destroyed me but it was SO worth every single second. Ty aka [ profile] rogue_78 is awesome since she organized the entire event. I worship you, Ty!

We're going out to Hoolies tonight to celebrate Ty's Big 3-0! Unfortunate we can stay long since Max has to work tonight but we're going to stop in to give our birthday loves to the sexy fabulous Ty.

After that I plan to pass out in exhaustion after drinking lots of orange juice in an atempt to keep as healthy as possible...possible Lush bath may be wedged into there.
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Its kinda slow at work.
And I'm all caught up on wedding duities.
And I forgot to wish Patrick and Steph happy birthday on their actual Birthdays...>.< Sorry Guys! Hope you both had great birthdays!!!!

So I figured I might as well post pictures from the many freakin' past events I've promised to post pictures they are.

We'll start with the faboo Wedding showers:)

MOAR!!! )
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Hey Guys!
A while back, in this Entry A couple peeps volunteered to help with the reception set up of the wedding. I know a few people said they'd help, namely:

[ profile] jubeloh
[ profile] dzur99
[ profile] karlyl
[ profile] ravendragonwing
[ profile] brooklynx
[ profile] crzydemona Would loan her sprogs
[ profile] wyngdlyon Would loan out slave labor

Are you guys still up to it?
If you are could you drop me a line? I want to email you with logistic specifics. And since you're in the wedding party Mark, I want to make sure you make it to pictures before anything else.
We only have about 14 tables that will need set up. But there will also be some other random things to go out like the guest book, The framed drawings, and some spiffy chocolate coin thingies.

Thanks you guys!
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I do not feel good at ALL today....
This makes me rather nervous considering what is happening in the next two weeks.

I had a bit of a tickle in my throat last night but didn't think too much of it. I drank some emergency and made sure I got a good night's rest last night.

On my way to work today I started getting that cough-y, congested feeling in my chest. Then I started to feel really worn down, achey, and tired out of no where.

This concerns me quite a bit.
I'm hoping that its mostly dehydration. I didn't drink my usual amount of water yesterday and ate a LOT of salty food. Usually when that happens I start feeling really run down. So I'm drinking up the liquids and staying away from the cafine for a while. I may pick up one of those Dr. Robeck's Smoothies on my way home from work since they're loaded with Vitamin C. Going to turn in early as well. I am SO not getting sick. I refuse to.

In other news:
Ty went shopping with me yesterday to pick up the bridesmaids gifts. I got the ladies some fabulous goodies. HEEE! Also, she helped me find a fantastic and sexy LBD for my honeymoon. I have been searching forever for a nice cocktail dress to wear on our honeymoon but everything I found either made me look top heavy or pregnant. Joy. We managed to find a fantastic backless dress at Bebe of all places. Most of the time I can't my left toe into a Bebe dress. But its fabulous and I feel great in it! Now I just need to buy shoes for it and I'm set.
The rest of the night, Max and I sat on the couch and watched the second season of Dexter together. The second season was AWESOME! I can't wait to watch the third now! Hurry up Showtime!!

Wedding stuff os rolling along. My To Do list seems to be getting longer and longer every day, but most of the time I'm able to get it all done. Getting very excited about the wedding and very excited about the week long vacation in Vegas afterwards.
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Okay...In 2 and half weeks...



I'm Gonna Get married to an adorable fantastic wonderful smart ass of a man who I love with all my heart!


My Friends and Family are coming to share this with me!


I get to wear a big poofy dress!


And I had a large glass of wine!
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