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Guess who went to the swap meet this weekend?
Guess who walked away with some kick ass tea stuff for the party?

Go on, Guess? MWA HAHAHA!
All that in the above photo? Cost $35 at the swap meet. Awww year. The tea party shenanigans shall comence! I especially love the tea set I got there iwth the pink blossoms. The whole shebang, plates cups saucers, creamer, sugar bowl, and tea pot call came to $20. And its freakin ADORABLE too!
So between me and Colleen, we are all set to serve tea.
We're going for an autum theme too. Already killing all the crabgrass in the backyard so I'm hoping all will be whipped into shape come September. Still so stoked to play tea time!

Awesome stuffage here:
Capt'n and Noelle picked up these awesome earrings for me at the last Crononauts. I couldn't make it since i had OMGLAUNDRY!!1! to catch up on. LOOOOOOVE! The cool part? They work. I tried them...Hee.

Also...I made this:

The necklace I mean. 
I kinda love how it turned out. The funny part is I made it to be bedroom decor. Usually I have this strand of beads hanging from my Morrocan lantern hanging by the bed. I had the urge to put it on as a necklace. Looks kinda spiffy actually.  I might make more like this. It's pretty much just made up of random beads I have in my stash.

I've been on a total crafty streak from hell, lately. I even think I'll be finishing up my regency dress soon! I put it off to the side for a whilve since the fit in the bust was pissing me off. I think I finally fixed it. Its a slightly clumsy fix, but to the naked eye it looks fine...hopefully.

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I know its only August...but Halloween stuff. Its coming out. O.o
I feel the sudden urge to buy Awesome Fall and Halloween decor. Fall is my favorite season. I'm kinda stoked its sneaking up on us. I do miss the color changes though. But hey, I still love fall anyways.

Yeah...still plotting. Looks like Colleen and I finally got ourselves a date for our first tea party. WOOT! I've been searching the interwebs for fun tea party tips and ideas. I found this nifty website which has fun tea party planning ideas as well as a source for reasonably priced Tea pots.

I do not own a teapot. I need to own a teapot if I do plan to have a tea party, don't I, huh?
I have my eye on these right now:
I think I might be in love with the blue toile one the most.

 Also thinking of hitting the swap meet with Colleen for cheepo nice tea cups as well. Totally up to a swap meet run! Going to plot more with Colleen about decor and food. We have a ton of friends who want to make and bring tea party foods so we seem to be set on the food front. Honestly, I may even try my hand at some yummy tea party goodies I found reciepes for.

So now I have to freakin get into my back yard and whip it into shape. Needs TONS of work since I let it go over the summer. Unfortunately its been too damn hot  to work in the yard or I've been too damn busy. Ugh..SO much work! Next paycheck I'll be purchasing some flowers and other yard stuff to whip it into shape and get some color back there again. Right now all we have is knee length crab grass >.<.  Also want to  clear out the weeds behind the deck and finally plant the Hibscus that Max and I have been wanting there since God knows when. Going to be Lots and LOTS of work. Suppose I should start the grand clearing of it all this weekend.
SO many ideas! I'm going to have to start writing them all down just to keep my mind straight on it all.
And of course, mass quanities of tea shall be purchased.

In other NON tea party related news:
I'm going to break ground on a few house projects I've been putting off and putting off. I want to put some finishing touches on the bedroom. Its ALMOST done. I can't afford runners for the side of the bed just yet but in time I'll be able to hit the swap meet and pick em up. I figure I'll get some before winter when the floor gets chilly. I also want to work on getting the living room whipped back into shape since its also kinda a mess.
Also want to work on the dollhouse I'm building. I started it in May then ended up getting OMFGBUSY!!1! and put it off to the side. So its sitting in my studio unfinished and looking sad. I'm ALMOST done assembling it so I shoud get crackin. After its assembled then the fun part of painting and wall papering begins! I'm hoping to slowly treat myself to furnishings for it as the years go by. I am wanting to decorate it in a sudo 1900's-1920's style and make it all look a bit vintage.

Also I am getting a massage! I am so stoked! I ended up getting a great deal for a 1 hour foot, body, and head massage from a new place on Stellar $21 for the whole shebang! So doing this tomorrow. I'll be calling up the place and making my appointment today.

The working out has been very productive. I haven't lost a pound yet BUT I have been leaning out considerably aka my ass stopped jiggling when I walk now. I think I like this better than the weight loss.  I'm going to keep at my walking and my toning workouts and hope for the best. Actually SEEING results after two week is extremely encouraging. I may even feel gusty enough to buy that Sugar Skulls dress from . SO want to buy that dress for the tea party! EEEE!
God I'm such a girl sometimes.

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Achievement Unlocked: Studio cleaned and ready for business yet again!

Well, almost. I need to run a vaccume in there. but overall everything is tidied up. I rearanged some things as well just because I could. Eventually I plan to go through all mt craft drawers to organize them a bit better. right now all I do is toss things into drawers randomly. Eh, I have been planning on painting that old dresser a bright green aways so I might as well empty out the drawers.  Maybe I'll make that my August project.
Plans...I has them.

Been working out steadily for a week now. I have no clue yet if I've lost weight but I have noticed a distinct change in my body. I'm looking a bit more toned now which is good. Honesly I rather have that more than the weight loss so here's hoping I stay on track with that.  Overall I'm proud of myself for starting it and happy I'm seeing results! Maybe I'll be able to squeeze into that Poison Ivy costume I've been wanting to make finally.

More tea party planning madness in the works. This time it looks like its going to be a sure thing sometime in either Sept or Oct. Not sure yet. most of my and Colleen's Saturdays are clogged with SCA events. So we're considering doing a Twilight Tea (as in time of day, not as in sparkly vampires). Either a Friday night or a Sunday evening. Not %100 sure as of yet. Our first tea is going to be at my house probably in the back yard.
The period dress tea is going to be in December. And we're going to go to an actual tea house for that one. SO need to get crankin on my victorian dress!
So yes, lots of plotting plotting plotting happening for our teas. and lots of gals wanting to help with the food too for tea party number one. Stoooooooked! Just need to find a freakin day! >.<
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Guess who just chopped off her hair?
Go on...guess. ;)

Why Yes! it WAS me!
My hair was just too damn long and too damn unruly. I couldn't take it anymore! Especially in this heat these days. So I went to Ty's sytlist and told her to work her magic. She really did a fantastic job! My head feels about 30 pounds lighter, it looks cute and slightly retro (Which is what I wanted) and its insanely easy to manage! I think I'll be keeping my hair this length for a while. I really like it. It makes me feel like a sexy adult lady instead of a mousy SCA nerd girl. *L*.
Of course the new 'do has been inspiring me to dress more in my retro style stuff so I've been rockin' all my aline skirts and sweaters. I'm on my Mad Men kick again so I've been diggin the retro clothes again. Oh me and my wacky kicks. I'm considering doing a retro cocktail party at our house. Not costumed but involving retro cocktails perhaps. We'll see if I follow through on this. *LOL*

This last week I went back to working out and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Honestly, I have no idea if I've lost weight or not since my weigh in day is not until Wednesday. But my energy level has gone up dramatically as well as my attitude and my creative juices. also, walking once a week with Ace has been a total blast. New walknig shoes and good company. Always a plus.
 I'm all stoked to get back in the studio this week and play some more...well..after I clean it up a bit. It looks a bit like a bomb went off in there after AX and LoJ. Stoked to get back on the horse! My upcoming insanities sewing wise is going to be finishing my Regency, starting my Victorian underwear, and then working on Max's new court Garb coat...not all at once of course.
Thank you all who commissioned me too! I'm currently slamming my way through Patrick's Pile o Smut.;) Tiggy is next followed by another's.  Getting my sketching Mojo on for sure. I was a bit out of practice too. And happily enough, the Tuesday Cthuhul game will give me a chance to sit and sketch instead of me trying to squeeze it all in at work or after work.

Had a kick ass time at the Iron Maiden margarita night at Burke and Beth's. It was a fun laid back night that I SO needed. We laughed, swam in the pool, drank margaritas, and chatted the night away. Didn't go as late as the usual shindigs since we're all old and tired these days *L*. Maybe next week it will last longer. I blame the heat.

Overall, life is good.

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So, as I said about a week ago. I Live!
For those who asked, I honestly have no idea how to archeive my LJ. Anyone know of any good programs for this? I really would like to save my LJ on a fash drive or something. Hell, I saw once that I could actually get a hard bound book of my LJ published somewhere if I sure If I want THAT really. But still, I wouldn't mind backing up all these memories I have.

Anyways, Recap more or less. ComicCon was Awesome! Had a total blast hanging with Seth, Sammy, Jen, Marina, Marta and tons of other people. The only thing that sucked was the mild food poisioning I had all weekend. Ugh. That was a drag. Seemed to have passed now and I'm feeling much more up to snuff. Alas, I didn't have time to take photos. But I ended up picking myself up a Cthulhul T-shirt from Steam Crow I love their artwork! I also picked up a T-shirt for Max from StupidPuppyHead like I do every year. I also managed to squeeze in seeing Batman: Year One which I LOVED. Though I'm pretty sure I was the only one in my group that loved it *LOL*. Otherwise I was pretty busy at con. Dan though managed to swing by the Lionsgate booth and snag me a Hunger Games movie Poster and a Mocking Jay Pin! I SO owe him!

Otherwise things have been mellow which is definitely what I've been needing. Work has been a bit stressful but thats because the summer season has finally begun here and we've been swamped. But thats to be expected. I've been a bit tired overall but I'm trying to change some diet and exercise habits to overcome that.

I desided to postpone my baking month and my photo month to fall. I have some other things going on I want to take care of in August. So instead of baking month, I'm making August my fitness month and getting myself back to working out and eating right again. Ace is currently my Weight Watchers buddy and we are planning on walking an hour every week together in Balboa park after work. I am SO looking forward to going back to walking! Especially in Balboa since I haven't been there in forever and a day.  I'm also working out on my own, going back to Belly Dancing DVDs (though I plan to find a class to try out in the fall/winter when I have cash), and Max and I discussed going back to our bike rides again. I miss those! We were considering trying Fridays after he gets off of work. Not sure when he wants to start yet though.  Yesterday I broke out one of my workout DVDs and did about 35 minutes or so. The stress relief was amazing. So I think I"m going to keep up with it. We shall see if it sticks. I'm giving myself a month to meet my challenge here. I'm hoping to squeeze my butt back into my more form fitting garb as well as eventually into a Poison Ivy costume for next comiccon. No point in waiting to start this.

So overall things are good. :)
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First off, Colleen and I went to go get our nails done since we were both in desparate need.

Berry Red fingernails and goodbye zombie green toes!...though I did grow attatched to the zombie green toes.
We had a good time catching up on things and hopefully next time we'll have a chance to catch lunch afterwards.  But I wanted to get home to get the house tidied up for house guest time!
I truly had a wonderful weekend visiting with [ profile] shadowstarr  aka Kyshandra from Miniclan aka Erin! I had not seen this gal since Gathering 2000 (11 freakin YEARS!). It was SO much fun catching up with her again! She was in town for a conference and took a few days after it was done to come play. We did some tourist-y things and Max and I took her to some of our favorite eating type places. It was as if 11 years never passed and we totally picked up exactly where we left off... And I love going through Old Town San Diego with someone who loves the ktitchy shops as much as I do. Alas, I had to work her last full day in town but we all went to Sushi that night at Tokyo Sushi (NOM!) then watched Despicable Me on cable before crashing out for the night. Kyshy! I had so much fun this weekend! I really hope you can come back to visit again soon! I'll see if I can rope [ profile] karlyl into joining us next time.;)

Here are some random photos of our Old Town romp.
It was Stagecoach days in Old Town last weekend so the period costumes were in full force. There was period dancing happening in front of the Creole Cafe. Then they had little craft and culture stations set up in the main court yard.  We were total suckers for it and hung around this area for a while.

At the Saturday craft Fair, this guy made a guitar out of a suitcase. The drummer followed suit. I was highly amused. Good music too!

Preeeeeety Flowers!

The craft show had a pick cupcake truck selling gormet cupcakes. Why YES I indulged! This is my Lemoncello cupcake complete with lemon curd filling. OMG so insanely tart and delicious!!

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And ALMOST so little time to do it in.
I'm keeping up with the work load surprisingly well though!  I managed to build my displays for the bazillion hairclips I made. It looks kinda cute actually. I'm trying to build UP instead out OUT since we're all cramming into three tables...and there are four of us...well that and i like how Shing was able to hide behind her display so I'm taking a cue from her. So if a creeper comes sniffing around I can duck behind a wall of hairfalls. ;D
I don't have a lit of new art at all to offer this con but honestly I don't care. My prints never really sell well anyways so Meh. I'll just try selling what I already have printed. I have one sailor moon sketch I did which is kinda cute and almost completely colored in. I may finish that one and call it. I honestly don't want to stress myself out over something that probably won't sell anyways.
Oh! And my business cards came in and they are Faaaaabulous! So happy with how they came out! And so happy I won't be sitting on Trish's couch the night before con frantically trying to exacto knife cards out for the next day. Because that always ends in finger cuts and shame. Aaaand my square reader should be coming in soon! SO excited! I will now be able to accept credit and debit cards! WOOO! Look at me! Being all grown up n crap!
Honestly, the thing I'm looking forward to the most is hanging out with Trish, Shing, and Kyt. I need me some crazy artist time! I'm sure the crack will ensue as soon as all four of us are it always does. And it ALWAYS does.


My LoJ Costume is almost finished. The Chiton was so dang easy to put together. All I have to do is hem it and finish the belt. BOOM! Done! Huzzah! Oh the fabric I chose... Its awesomely tacky! pink faux silk with gold sequins flowers sewn onto it. Awesomely cracktastic! I will be a puff of glitter I tells ya!

I'm really stoked for the upcoming weekend. I think its going to be an utter blast.:)

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Mmm tea. You always make me feel happy in the morning. Today its raspberry.

Oh and I don't care how old and cliche this is, this always makes me feel good when I read it. And honestly? I've been needing mental pick me ups lately. Still a bit in the dark place. But coming out of there more and more everyday!

I haven't been about lately. Thats because life has been crazy busy. Went to war. Came back with a  gross mung that is still sticking to me. Then my mom and sister came into town shortly after, which was fabulous. I got killer shoes that weekend! I tend to only go clothes shopping when I see my mom and sister so I took advantage of the time at the mall.

See? Killer SHOES!
I also spent the weekend teaching my mom how to use her Kindle. She seemed to take to it really fast (faster than her email for sure) and now she's DLing books like a fiend. *LOL* My poor dad and his credit card. But she now isn't afraid of her Kindle so I have done well.
All last week was spent just cleaning the house frantically. But the house is extremely clean now so thats a plus! Alas that was as productive as I got.
So this month, arts and crafts month, I'm forcing myself to work on projects for AX and my etsy store. Alas, due to being sick and the family visit, I am now 2 weeks behind on finishing my stuff for AX. ARG! So the plan is to lock myself in the studio after work for a few days and pound out some things. I'm inspired and really rarin' to go on this stuff! I also want to get my etsy store up asap. I need need NEEEEEED to get it up and running before AX. So I'm hoping this week I can work on some stock, next week I can take photos for the store and get things uploaded and ready to go. This is my plan. I hope I can stick to it.
 I've been finding it hard to keep myself focused lately. I have a ton of ideas of things I want to build, then once I get into my studio I sort of blank out and stare at my stuff in a stupor. My brain is too crowded lately. So I've been making myself lists to keep focused. Today I'll work on A. Tomorrow I will work on B, at work I will rough out sketches C and D. Its been helping. I just have to stay focused. It hasn't been easy since lately I've been ADD girl on a crafting rampage.AND I ordered offical looking business cards! I am REALLY over printing and cutting my own. TOTALLY over it. So I designed myself some new ones and ordered them from a printer. I'm very excited to see them!

Tonight I am hoping to update my art blog with a sketch I did for my sister as well as pics of some of the crafts I am working on. Still debating if I want to keep my blog strictly to art and costume or if I want to add addtional things to it, like photos of SCA tournies I go to, photo safari's I take, my work on my dollhouse, etc... Usually I reserve that stuff for here. I suppose I can find a way to double post, right? I definitely have no intentions of leaving LJ. I enjoy it FAR more than Facebook which honestly, gets really irritating to be on after a little while. So I'm trying to combind my LJ and my art blog together...but keep my personal thoughts here. Here I have people who I've known for years. I rather my LJ friends read my personal thoughts than my Facebook friends(though there IS cross over). There are a lot of people on FB I just rather not have delving into my personal life or locked entries.

I have a few photos of our backyard I need to post. We have it looking pretty good so far! We still have a long way to go but everyday it looks a little nicer and a little nicer.  When I have the cash, I need to pick up another one of those half wine barrels to transplant my strawberries into. The slugs keep getting to them, damnit. But surpisingly enough, the Columbines I planted when we first moved in..the ones I was convinced died a horrible death, have returned! They are gorgous and have a bunch of blooms on them. I'll have to take photos soon.
Its been a mild summer here in SD so far. This bodes well for my plants.

Oh, and of course, I'm obessively watching Game of Thrones on HBO. yeah, I read the books and I know whats coming but damnit, I am still loving it. The adaptation from book to show is incredible! And the costumes are delicious. I really want to try my hand at one someday. Caitlyn's possibly since she is one of my favorite females in the story. So my COPIUS spare time...oye. Well its a project in the back of my head. it might become so in a year or two...or three.

And to end this post, 7 things that make me smile:
1-Tea. LOVE tea.
2-Eating lunch outside at the Cafe on a gorgous sunny day (which I just did).
3-New killer shoes!
4-The idea of getting to go home and work in the studio.
5-Mr Max and how well he took care of me and my family this weekend.
6-My photo Safari Month and baking month I have sitting on the horizon.
7-Going to the County Fair in a couple weeks!
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It was totally the weekend of home improvement for me. My mom and Leelee are coming into town this weekend so I wanted to get the house in shape. And honestly, its been over two months since I did a really good cleaning on the house. So I did lots of scrubing, vaccuming, and moping.  Max helped me out with some smaller things I wanted to do in the house and never had the time. We hung some shelves and curtains. Just little things I wanted to do to finish up some rooms. Its not much and only I can see the difference but it made me feel really good to get some of that stuff taken care of.  Not to mention a clean house calms my mind. The guest room and our giant bathroom of doom looks realy nice and finished now. WOOT! And Max hung up this spiffy wall desk thing my mom won at a tupperware party back in the late 60's. its adorably retro and I LOVE it! I'm only planning on storing stationary in there and not really use it as a desk. But looks spiffy in the study and makes me smile.
And Saturday was a kick ass Max and Cindy day. Its been a while since the two of us had a whole day together. Granted, mostly what we did was run errands but they were fun errands. We picked up a new rug for the dining area at Kobey's Swap Meet (and I so wana go back to Kobey's to explore more) then we ran to the Baronial Keep so I could pick up loaner garb to wash up. After that we bought new fishies for the tank, three more tetras so they have a nice school to swim in, two beautiful golden Goramis, and three more crawfish since our other ones passed on into the great tank in the sky. It looks great! The next big step is picking up a aquarium light so we can light the sucker up at night. But that probably won't be for another couple paychecks down the road. They cost about $150 for a tank our size (ie: Friggin' HUGE).  After the errands we grabbed dinner at Outback and finally got to see Thor which was a LOT of fun. Not my favorite of the Avengers movies but still really entertaining. The night ended with Max and I snuggled on the couch drinking Honey Jack on the rocks and watching My Cat From Hell.
A great Saturday that I desparately needed. Big thanks to Max for really towing the line for me this weekend. The help with the house and all the attention on Saturday made me feel very special.:)
Now to accomplish yard work before the family comes in! I gotta lotta weed wackin, to do!

Still slowly pulling myself out of the funk I was in last month. I'm ALMOST there! Pretty much I just need to put away some feelings that are not doing me any good and power forward. I'm finding that my art helps a lot. Also, as silly as this sounds, thinking about pretty things has been motivating me out of the funk.  Yeah, It sounds weird and shallow but seriously, it has helped. I think about lovely things like the flowers in my garden, the beautiful view on the other side of my work, a cute dress I saw, and other things that sound pretty frivilous. But it has been doing the trick which is...weird. But hey, I won't knock it and it makes me feel better.
I'm also heading back onto weight watchers as well as working in my daily Belly Dancing practice. I need a new DVD though. I'm almost memorized the one I'm currently using. I found two I want to pick up. Maybe next paycheck.
Middle Eastern Guild is tonight. Wondering if I can convince some peeps to do some dancing.
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So I'm tired...
And when I get tired I get introspective...if that is indeed a word (what do you want from me? I'm operating on 4 hours sleep right now and can't even remember if CAT is a real word). Anyways, I sometimes catch myself getting melancholy about things here and there. I should have done this differently I should have done that? Why didn't I try A instead of going route B? What is Person X's thoughts on me as well as person Y's? Will I ever be as good? Will I ever be as pretty? Will I ever be what so and so wants me to be?
Its a weird sneaky little spiral I fall into now and then. Lately I've been falling into it more lately. I like to call it the early 20ties know...when I actually CARED about these kinda things. Now in my mid 30ties I manage to shake myself out of this spiral of crazy self conscious thoughts by sitting and taking stock..TRUE stock in my life. Just reviewing the big picture not the pithy annoying little details that stress me out. And I tend to come to these conclusions that bring me out of the pure insanity of endless thoughts that in a year or two won't really mean dick.

This is my list that I play when times get rough in my head:

1 - I was raised in a good family. Truly I was. My mom and dad never pushed me to be anyone else than who I am. I never felt obligated to become a lawyer or a doctor because its what they expected of me. They trusted me in my judgement with what I wanted to do. The rule was "Do what you love and when you work, it won't feel like work." And I did. Oh my path has changed professionally quite a bit, but I never regretted it. I do what I love.  I was also raised on the philosophy of humor. We laugh. We laugh a lot. Its what gets me through life. Sometimes a joke is all you have. And laughter is what eases the pain. As a Kinnard, I take the good and the bad because without the bad you never will know how wonderful the good is. And without the good you will never know why the bad is worth fighting through. I'm blessed I had these lessons in life. No one is tougher than a Kinnard.

2-I'm a pretty interesting lady. And honestly I tend to lose sight of this because my lifestyle is mine. Everyday in it? Yeah seems kinda blah. But trying to look at it from an outsiders POV, I'm kinda interesting. I'm not saying this to toot my own horn. I'm hardly the most fascinating person on the planet. But I work in a museum which is intellectually stimulating, I have a hobby where I get to dress up in period costume and learn history (and drink..lets not forget the drinking), I come home to play in my own private studio and create things with my own hands, and my husband is a intelligent ex Navy man who has traveled the world.  And all of this fulfills me. I have things to talk about. I have a passion to share.

3-I have interesting friends. To say most of them have had lives FAR different than the one I was raised with is an understatement. I have a group of friends who are amazing human beings. Each one of them has a story to tell. Each one of them has a joke I haven't heard. Each one of them has a talent from art, to dance, to fighting,to rolling dice,  to just making others smile. Each one of them is a survivor. Each one of them has had their own personal demon attack them, has overcome it, and has become a better person because of it. I have surrounded myself with colorful, interesting, amazing, compassionate, strong people. People who EARNED the right to be alive, kicking, laughing and continuing on in their own right. And I am honored that they have chosen me to hang out with them.

4-I have always been true to myself. I never had to pretend to be something I'm not. Oh yes, in social settings I will put my best foot forward. Everyone has a side they present to strangers. But even then I am still who I am. I am bubbly, I am talkative, I am sharp tongued. I am a geek, an artist, a seamstress, a worker. I am neurotic, I laugh like a chicken, I have anxiety, I am afraid of failure, I have made mistakes, and I can overcome. I am self confidant and I regret nothing.

Sometimes I just need to put those thoughts to words to truly get myself out of my spiral. And honestly, I believe every word I typed. I do. If they weren't true, I wouldn't have the life I have now. And I wouldn't have the friends I have now. And I wouldn't be as fulfilled as I am right now. Do I have bad times? Yes. We all do. And the rough times will hit. They always do. But those four things above are what tells me I can survive. That I can live and that at the core of it all, my life is worth living. My life is worth boasting about. My life may not be some picture perfect magazine article but its mine. MINE. And I'm going to enjoy it while I'm on this earth despite those who tell me me I should be someone else.
Life is beautiful.

And to those who tell me my life is not beautiful?
Fuck off. :)

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Seriously, I had a good one full of just tiny awesome things.  Thursday I worked all afternoon on the front yard, weeding and taking care of my flowers. It looks pretty fantasic now. Our Rasberry bush is starting to get berries as well as our blackberry bush. The blackberries taste fantastic! I'm hoping when we get more of them I can attempt baking with them...maybe. Depends on if I continue on my wanting to bake craving.
Friday all day I got the backyard in shape. Turned out VERY well and I am hoping further into summer we'll get some gorgous blooms. Our grapvines are already going pretty crazy. Our lime tree is about to bloom and our artichoke plant is going crazy. Things are looking very pretty. I just have to keep up with it. I am hoping to evenutally plant a rose bush out back in the future. Just need to get the time to get some roses. That evening, Max and I hit Rivera Supper Club with Mark, Ty, Capt'n, and Levy which was a BLAST. OMG, this place is fast becomnig one of my new favorite places since we moved. The whole restraunt looks like it came out of an episode of Mad Men.  And the cocktails are FABULOUS. Check out the website. LOVE this place!

Saturday I did a ton of Chatelaine duties which took up the majority of my day. May War approaches so I've been in crazy SCA mode most of my weeks. Still, all the new folks have been extremely sweet and enthused so that makes my job a lot easier. That night Max and I were pretty whiped so we stayed in. I ended up working on building my new doll house aka Cindy's summer cottage. I got a ton of it finished. Its pretty much all detail work from this point on. Then painting it, wall papering, and  then filling the dang thing up with tiny things. I have some progress pics I'll probably put up on Original Cin either tonight or tomorrow. Its been an adventure in gluing my fingers together!I have no idea where I'm going to put this house yet, Alas...I'll figure it out evetually. Max cooked up a tasty pork roast and we ate it in the backyard sitting around the fire pit and enjoying the evening. ...Oh and Lush Bath...awesome Lush Bath and a Desden Novel to cap off the evening.

Sunday was work, hanging for a bit  with the Iron Maiden peeps at the household meeting, then home to delivery pizza (Round Table NOOOOOOOM!), margaritas, and Game of Thrones. A very lovely relaxed evening. I passed right out to be shortly afterwards.

Not sure whats on the agenda tonight. Probably something involving dancing practice and left over pizza. We shall see.

Today's Hair Flowers are Jasmine!

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Okay who am I kidding? I am so not awake. But its not for lack of trying! I think I finally am fully recovered from my cold... Only to get stricken by alleries. Damn you sinuses! *Shakes fist*. Regardless, at least I'm feeling semi human again, though the cold has knocked be behind about... oh...a month. ARG!
Trying not to think about that.
Anyways, I managed to get back up north for a very quick visit home last weekend. My nephews are growing like weeds and everyone is doing well. My Uncle Mike especially. While he still has cancer, his cancer has shrunk significantly due to the chemo. This gives him and lot of extra time on life. I am extremely grateful to the powers that be for this news. Its the first good news we got since he was diagnosed.:)
Alas, I had to be home for work on Easter. But Max prepared quite the Easter feast on Sunday which was amazing. Then it was Game of Thrones Ep 2 time. We've been doing viewing parties for this every week which usually involves a feast of some sort.
My ass is getting so fat.
Trying to get back into dance practice. Ty comes over once a week now so we can practice with my DVDs. I'm improving, not sure how performance ready I am but I'll just do the age old trick of smiling and pretending I know what I'm doing. If you can't dazzle them with style, baffle them with bullshit, as my father always says.
On an up note, I have been doing a lot of sketching and as soon as I have two friggin seconds to myself, I'll start scanning things. I even was asked to do the Gate Flyer cover for May War. So if you go to May War this year? That be my cover. WOO! I'll scan it eventually. Its not a bad piece. Also, Barroness Bri had me do a ton of illustrations for her article on what to and what not to wear in the SCA. I'm really proud of those and when the article goes live I'll post a link. ALSO also, my sketch commission I offered up at the arts auction at St Artemas went for a good penny too! I think I'll offer up another commission for the May War Arts Auction and see how that Fares.
And on May 21st I'm going to a workshop on how to make a good pattern for a fitted Gothic dress. Its something Ellyn and I have been JONESIN' to learn. The workshop is in Corona and she's willing to drive so I'm willing to go! Just need some Linen, safty pins, and a buddy to drape it to me. Always wanted a fitted Gothic dress so this should be a blast!

Otherwise, life is trucking along. The sunshine is back (for now) which has really lifted my spirits. I hope it remains for a little bit. It makes my lunch breaks so much more enjoyable. After I get the backyard weeded and cleane up again I plan to lounge out there with a book and a margarita.
I may get me some nice windchimes for the back yard too. Just for the hell of it.
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Not Dead!
Its just been a craaaaaaaazy week. Lots of busy craziness at work for both me AND Max. So yeah, working hard all day, then coming home and trying to get some of my projects done since I'm WAAAAAY behind on most of them. Gaslight Gathering is the first weekend in May so I've been trying to get my steampunk gear in order. Alas, I don't think I'll have time to put together my Victorian lady walking dress together for it. But then I doubt I'd actually be WEARING it since day 2 at the con I'll actually be bellydancing...O.o Yeah, I'm a bit nervous about that. So I'll be putting together my tribal dancewear instead and pratciting practicing practicing! The good part is the Regina Black costume all but finished. I just need to revamp the goggles and finish painting my gun.
Pictures to come hopefully. VERY pleased with it so far.
After that crazy is done, I need to get all the May War prep finished..Oye. SO much Prep. The big project for that one is I have to Make and paint walls for Ace, Ellyn, and Mark now their their devices are passed. Also have to get the loaner garb ready for war and a few other war related things that are slipping my mind at this moment. *headdesk*
And after that I need to get my AX stuff ready to go...Luckily I still have plenty of dolfie stock left over from last year so I probably won't bother maknig anymore. I want to offer some new things though. I just need to get the time to actually, you know, MAKE them. But I figured if I spend a couple hours a night in my studio I may start making progress.
I have too many damn hobbies.

So I changed my mind on what my LoJ costume is going to be this year, thanks to Ace planting ideas in my head. We wanted to team up this year and we were looknig at doing something along greek mythology. I introduced her to the wonderful world of Alphonse Mucha and now it looks like we're going to be Art Nouveau goddesses...I somehow was asigned Aphrodite. O.o I was considering just using my old LoJ costume when I went as the female version of Baccus but I think I'm just going to use some other fabric I have floating around.

In Other News...
Instead of buckling down on costume work, Max and I desided to get the yards in order again. The rain made everything a bit...umm..knee high.  So we desided to get work done while the sun lasted. Lawn mowed, Backyard weedwacked, Blackberry and raspberry bushes are planted, and everything has been Weeded!...and I am friggin SORE! But things are looking good and we're getting a game plan for the rest of the back yard.
Max picked up a half barrel to plan his squash in. Since Out backyard was seeded with bermuda grass, we're moving our veggies and such out of the ground and into planters. It looks really nice and I'm hoping to pick up a couple more to put in the empty spot along the deck. Put in some Stawberries, Herbs and flowers there.  Max is also planning on building some planter boxes along side my studio so we can have tomatoes. So totally stoked for tomatoes! I miss them so. Not sure when he'll get that up. Probably in time for next year.
Overall, it promises to be a beautiful and colorful time at the Chateau de Nom Nom.

So to come...eventually.
I needs a nap!
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Voice is about 50% back...and compared to the 0% it was at yesterday? I'm sure as hell ain't complaining! I tried a ton of home remedies last night and while most of them were disgusting, they worked. But my God, gargling the horrible combo of Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayanne pepper, and honey is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever had to gargle. UUUGH! It worked mind you but...UUUUGH! I'm still shuddering from the taste of that lil cocktail of horror.
Also, swallowing a Tablespoon of Honey mixed with Cayanne? REALLY clears the throat...and everything else imaginable.
I opted to gargle with salt water this morning instead so I didn't DIE.

Anyways, other than the whole sickness BS? I'm doing VERY well lately. Hilarity yesterday working the desk with no voice. Even more hilarity with being turned into a mime when I got home from work because I had no voice. Saturday was a MUCH better day. I had to go take my car in for some work so Max and I desided to spend the day together. We were planning on catching Sucker Punch but we ended up getting distracted by everything else (including a very long stint in Barnes and Noble...). Max also totally spoiled me and got me a new laptop! EEEEE!!!! The laptop I was on was dying a horrible death and maybe had 6 more months left in it if we were lucky. We were at Fry's getting printer ink and I saw a really nice HP laptop. I mentioned to him that when we were ready to replace the laptop that's probably the one I'd want. His response was 'Why wait?" He picked up the box with the laptop and bought it for me....My husband rules. So now I have a spiffy and powerful laptop that runs great and I'm not in fear of losing all my stuff. WOOT! Eees so Preeeeety.
I absolutely love it and I've been petting it nightly. I named it Honey understand what that means, go to Youtube and search Honey Badger is nasty. You'll get the joke.
Anyways, that was super awesome sauce for me.

Been plowing through season 4 of The Tudors. I have 2 eps left. So far pretty decent! Though its hard to beat season 2 and the awesome that was Anne Bolynn. Still, The Katherine Howard era was really great, the revisit  Anne of Cleaves who I love ...and Katherine Parr is very under used..which was a shame because i've always been facinated by her. She's the only damn queen that out lived Henry VIII AS queen.
All the while I've been sewing on my Regency dress experiment. Its coming along but I'm not sure i"m happy with the sleeves. They look a little...sad. So I'm going to probably take them apart and try to perk them up a bit.
I REALLY need to get rolling on my Victorian dress for Gaslight though. *headdesk* SO behind. I'll probably just order my pattern this Friday on payday and dive into it...and hope for the best . I lack a corset but I have my Mary widow from my wedding..I MIGHT be able to use that as a bastardised version of a corset. We'll see how it goes. The good part is my old west gear is ALMOST done. I just need to finish destressing the coat and vest, make the damn belt finally, Repair my goggles (or Remake them if time), and hopefully make my hand piece which requires me to pick up an archery glove....I really should start working on that crap. Behind as usual. Thats my middle name lately.
I have a SLEW of projects to slam through in April which is kinda daunting. But I'm hoping I can motivate myself by taking photos and doing blog posts on some of the pure insanity I am planning. We shall see. Sometimes i get so wrapped up in what I'm doing I forget to document.
Ah well.

Anyways...thats all she wrote today.
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So this morning has been really weird believe it or not. And iIve been feeling off for the most part. I blame the weird dream I had that I was pregnant.   But I'm starting to equalize as the day goes on. Always a good thing.
No, I am not pregnant.
Max is making Meat pies for Pi day. Yay for cooking nerds!
And I have two half days this week so I may be able to attack the back yard this week. I definitely will be going geocaching with Ketill Thursday afternoon. See if I can get a few more caches under my belt since I have so very few. Its gonna be a full week I am sure. But when is it not these days?

Anyways,  I don't have a ton to go over that is very interesting so here's some pretty from the Weekend:

First bloom in my patch of wildflowers in the front yard. :)

It was Perisan night at the Cheateau de Nom Nom on Friday. Here was some of our awesome spread. SO MUCH CHEESE!

Some pretties from the Gyldenhold/Calafia Friendship Tourney up in Orange County. Long drive but a LOT of fun.

and...teh cutes.
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Is it completely dorky of me to be excited over getting a new lawn mower?
...wait, don't answer that question. I already know.

Regardless, We got a new lawn mower and I'll I'm thinking is "Oooh! I am so going to mow the SHIT out of that lawn today!!"
Yes folks. THIS is what I have been reduced to. Remember when my life was exciting...ish?

Still, I have a half day today and I plan to do some yard work. I'm actually very stoked to work on the yard since the rain has kept me from doing anything for about a month now. Its either been raining on any free day I have to work on the yard, or I've been too busy to work there lately.  So today IS the day!
I miss my garden of herbs and insanity! It needs my love!

My gerainiums are blooming and finally showing up over the flower boxes. Looks VERY pretty. Lots of beautiful pinks and reds. My English Primrose has surprisingly survived the wacky weather too. Two of them actually have beautiful blooms. I'm in desparate need to pruning and shaping them and our herbs though. Starting to get a little narly out there. I'm wondering how much steam I'm going to have today to work in the yard. I wonder if I can sneak a little back yard work in too. Next paycheck I'm going to go pick up some flowers and plants for the back yard. I really want to get things cleaned up and colorful for the summer. DYING to have my Regency Tea back there in a lovely yard. Or just be able to sit in the back yard with a book on my day off and enjoy the colors.
Plans...I haz them.
We'll see if I fulfill them.

In Other News:
Last night, Max and I headed over to Mark and Ty's place. We had a sudo Fat Tuesday dinner celebration. Ty made Jambalya which was OMFGINCREDIBLE! Max picked up some Collar Greens and a sweet potato pie as well. It was an excellent dinner with excellent people!

This weekend is Gyldenholt Friendship tourney. What to wear what to wear *ponder ponder*. Oh yes, my usual SCA dilema.

Thinking of picking up a swimsuit from pinupgirl. I'm currently debating between This one and This one. I am way over due for a swim suit. Mine are ancient and don't fit very well. And honestly, I don't mind spending the extra money on a swimsuit that flatters me.
Also... Want, Want, and WANT.
If only I had the money for all of em.

Hmm..I wonder if I have some bucks for mock up fabric to start my regency dress today....hmmm...
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So VERY stuffy! UGH! I hate allergies...or whatever this is in my face.
Eh onward to other things.

Cindy's Birthday weekend was full of win and awesome. It wasn't anything hardcore, which was FINE by me. But I managed to do everything I wanted to do, which made me happy. Friday I went to LA with Colleen and Eilidh to fabric shop. I TOTALLY splurged and it was SO worth it. I ended up getting tons of linen to work on my up comming Tudor basics (Max bought me a copy of The Tudor Tailor:)). I'll also be making some court pants for Max in Linen as well. I also found some BEAUTIFUL Green taffeta with red undertones that will make a gorgous Victorian. I found that for $2 a yard! So I picked up 10 yards of that. hopefully soon I can get started on my Victorian. I really want to have one ready for the Gaslight Gathering coming up in May.
Saturday, Max, Me, Mark, and Ty had to run up to Potrero to check out some war stuff. On the way we stopped by Barrett Junction for some OH so yummy fish fry! Then that night we went to Burke and Beth's for their Champagine tasting party. Lou gave me a dice bag shaped like Cthulhul's hea.d Maw hahaa! LOVE IT! We managed to get home before the two of us ended up rip roarin' drunk.
Yesterday I had to work on my birthday but it was all good since that night Max took me to Creole Cafe! YAAAAY GUMBO! Mark and Ty tagged along as well. I was craving gumbo all week so this was awesome. The Creole Cafe guys comped our drinks and also gave us a huge helping of birthday bread pudding in whiskey sauce. Overall? Very fantastic and awesome birthday.

Other Stuffage:
I'm starting to get back into bellydancing. Seriously I have REALLY been loving to learn! Granted I've only been learning via DVDs right now. But I"m hoping that I'll be able to go to som real lessons sometime soon. Unfortunately my weeks are jam packed these days so its hard to fit in a class. But the DVDs are decent. I have two right now that are ood at breaking down the movements step by step. But I could use a couple other DVDs just to learn other moves and techniques.
If anything, its keeping my fat ass in shape. *L*

Finished The Hunger Games Trillogy. And I'm sure most of my gal pals will disagree with me but I absolutely ADORED all three books. I haven't found myself that engrossed in a series since Harry Potter. Its brutal. HORRIBLY brutal from start to finish. But keep in mind I'm a horror fan so this really works for me.  Okay Twilight fan friends, now I understand your obession. I'm feeling the same obession for The Hunger Games....I'm forcing Max to read them now. He so far seems to enjoy them. I've totally turned into a Hunger Dork. God help me.

My dad is getting inducted in to Community College Hall of Fame this coming weekend. Max and I will be hitting the road to go see him get awarded. Going to attempt to buy a new dress for the occasion. This is of course, time permitting.

Currently debating what I want to do when I get home. Sew? Play on the computer? Work on my Dollhouse some more? So many choices!! So little time! I have had project ADD HARD CORE lately.
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Things have been CRAZY busy.
 That's a better term for it.

Still shaking off the last bit of the wackiness the bad BC threw at me. Though honestly I am feeling FAR better than I have the last two months. LEAPS and BOUNDS better. Probably another week and I will have shaken off the hormones from Hell completely. This week has been nonstop alas. Something constantly happening after work...which has made it a bit tricky trying to get my ass ready to fly home for Mom's B-day. Oye. Cindy! You fill a day too easily! Otherwise I'm very stoked to go home and surprise mom. She has absolutely NO clue I'm coming home tomorrow. Its going to be awesome.

Next weekend...swear to GOD...I am doing jack all. I need a day to do nothing.  Just play in the garden, play in my studio, or maybe drive over to Balboa Park to catch the Zandra Rhodes exhibit at the Mengi Museum. SO want to see that! I don't THINK anything is happening next Saturday...seems to be my famous last words these days.  We shall see how next week pans out for me. 
Estrella is creeping closer...we have not started any prep. So I have a feeling we will be doing the SCA mad dash dance pretty soon. The good part is neither of us have anything huge we have to do before hand. I still need to make my short persian but if I don't get to it, eh, I won't be heart broken. We mostly just need to pack the stuff up and get it ready to load in the truck.  I so need this vacation. SO EXCITED TO GO!

In other non traveling news:
Sassycast is in its 100th did this happen? For those who don't know, Sassycast is a podcast that my friend Roy and his partner Chris do. I guest host once a week when I can. It really has been a blast but I can't believe we've cranked out THAT many eps!...Okay well THEY cranked out that many eps. I think of the 100 eps I am in about..oh..85 of them...maybe? Eitherway I'm really proud of being a part of something that has developed a following of some very awesome people..some who I've met on LJ (HI KEITH!) and some who have become Facebook and Twitter pals.  It really is awesome.:)
Creepy Kitch is still going strong. We only have 10 eps so far but they are good eps at least!

And now, your weekly pretty:

   Tea and Kindle keep me sane at work.

 English Primrose in our front yard and my autum mums that are making quite the comback. I need to take a pic with my real camera to do the colors justice

 My first wildflower bloom of the new year. Always seems to be a red flower too. :)
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Yeah...I'm about %95 positive that my mood issues were related to the BC. I have been off it two days now and I'm already feeling back to normal.
Crazy. O.o
Either way, I'm happy to feel like myself again, or at least almost there. The anxiety and crushing depression is all pretty much gone. I caught myself grinding my teeth a few times today but not to the point where I give myself a headache doing it. Slowly but surely, I'm equalizing. Huzzah.
Going to keep monitoring myself and see where it goes. As of now though? I feel normal or at least next to normal which I'm not knocking.

Thank you guys, for all your concern and your well wishes on this wackiness. It really helped to know you were out there. :)

In other far more AWESOME news...

Estrella War is a go! WOOO!  My boss gave me a call and said that it was worked out and I deserved a vacation anyways so go ahead with the plans. Once again, the Museum rules and comes through for me. So I can go forward with my plans. Working on another short persian coat for War. Since it can get OMG MUDDY there, I need some garb that won't drag on the ground. So I'm going to make another short coat and probably another chemise if I get a chance. Already got fabric for it.  YAAAY! I get my vacation in two weeks!

Going home next weekend to visit mom for her birthday. That worked out as well thank God. So I'm flying out and surprising her. Dad's going to pick me up after his class and we'll be picking up an ice cream cake on the way home...just incase I'm not enough.;) I am very excited to see my family, even if its just for a quick trip.

ALMOST had the day off today. I was scheduled to work the box office for a lecture but it was canceled. So at first they said "Don't come in!" But now they want someone here to tell people the lecture is canceled so the called again and said "Come in!" So I got to sleep in this morning and had a half day. I'm currently sitting at the desk and chilling. Its probably going to be quiet so I brought things to work on and my kindle.

Started working out yesterday. Trying to get some bellydancing practice in again since its been AGES. I am WAY out of practice. Those DVDs I bought ROCK. They give great step by step tutorials as well as combinations to try out....I'm still in the step by step tutorial stage. Lots of moves I've seen by never tried before...and I am in PAIN.
Also did some aerobics this morning..I am going to sleep like the dead tonight.

Yeah..I'm feeling better again.:)

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So setting goals...
I do this every year. And sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't, I try not to let it get to me too much. But this year I'm pretty sure I didn't achieve as many goals as I wanted.

Lets Recap...

2010 Goals
1-Get the back yard in Order:
Actually, This one I did do. Its not completely finished yet but its in FAR better shape than it was, that's for dang sure. We still have work on it but that will have to wait after the rain.

2-Exercise More:
Um...yeah. Big no on this. This will change.

3-Push my sewing:
I didn't get to the corset this year but I DID inprove my sewing and did many projects that took me out of my comfort zone this year. I also felt confidant with teaching and with making garb for people. I really think my sewing skills are the best they have ever been.

4-Open my Etsy shop:
Umm..yeah. Another Big NO on that. I still have a week to get off my duff and do this though.

5-Finish house details:
I'I got a TON of these done! The house looks finished now. I still have more details to go, but overall, I got a lot of work done.

6-Be more Zen:
Yes AND no. I felt I had to stay zen for a lot of other people who were in crisis. Though honestly, near the end of this year, I'm getting a bit frayed at the edges.

7-See the family more:
This started out good, then as usual, everything implodes and I cant get there. But I WAS doing regular visits up until September which wasn't half bad. I've already scheduled a trip for my B-day. And in March I'll be going to see my dad get inducted into the College Football Coach Hall of Fame.:)

So two big no's, 3 sortas and two big yes's...not too shabby really. Not as bad as I guessed either.

So I have some goals set for 2011. Lets see if I stick to them.

1-Diet and Excercise:
Its a given. Alas, I am on a new bc which made me gain weight. That combind with the crap fest eating I've been doing since November? Yeah, bad combo. So I'm back on the weightwatcher's train again. I'm also planning on going back to my morning workouts. And once a month belly dancing won't hurt either.  I actually set myself a goal. I want to be feeling confidant and lose about 5 pounds by Estrella War this Feb. I think I can at least reach that.

2- More House Nonsense:
So Tte big stuff (sans the base boards) in the house is pretty much done. So now I'm going to concentrate on getting some of the more finished rooms done and decorated. The big ones on my list are our bedroom and the guest room since there's not much left to do in there. Also, I want to finally get my studio where I want it color and decor wise. Not much left to do on those so Huzzah!

3-Every two month visits to the fam.
I want to stick to this especially now that my uncle has cancer.

4-Get drawing again.
I was doing really good with this at the begining of the year, then I more or less peetered out. This year we brought back game night so now I have an excuse to sit down and force myself to sketch at least once or twice a week while we game. Even if its crap I want to keep my pencil moving.

5-Do two large sewing projects.
And I already have them lined up. I'm going to do a victorian gown for the Gaslight con in May. And I'll also be making a Cruach gown for Winter Arts in December. I want to just do two projects where I take my time and create something awesome.

6-Take more photos:
This is purely for me. I want to record my memories better.

So wish me luck! I'm looking forward in trying to reach these suckers!
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