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Miz Liz! aka [ profile] syrusb ! Your falls are done! Here they are! Pardon the crappy cell phone pic.

I'll send them out by the end of the week. I just need to pick up a box to send them in so they don't get smooshed.:)

Patrick: Almost done coloring your commissions in. I'm hoping they will be done by Friday at the latest. Working on the hair clips for you sisters tonight probably.

Tiggy: Starting the sketches of your first 3 right now!

And that's where things stand on the commission front as of now.

The Halloween front is looking pretty dang busy as of now. I have my costume and my sister just asked if I could make a devil costume for my newphew Danny and a matching vest for her Husband, Ryan. I cannot expressed how stoked I am to be making a Halloween costume for my nephew.  I'm already hunting down paterns MWAHAHAHAHAA!! I'll have to call her after work tonight for more details.
Of course this is only going to snowball into insanity since I'm also making my own costume...Luckily Max is opting for a Bed Sheet Ghost costume for Halloween this year so I'm off the hook for making him anything... SO tempted to detour over to Joann Fabric's after work. They're down the street from our house and a good place to look for novelty cottons that aren't over priced.

Project overload!...Kinda how I like my autums.

So currently on the list (So I don't forget):
Liz's hair falls - DONE
Patrick's Smut - In process
Patricks gift clips - Will start tonight
Tiggy's Sketches - Started
Other commission sketches - still in the cue
Kyshy's hair Fall - Still in the cue
Danny's Devil costume - Need details
Vest For Ryan - Need to find pattern and buy fabric
My Witch Costume - In development

Aaaand still plotting tea party with Colleen. Yeah..I be busy.
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Guess who went to the swap meet this weekend?
Guess who walked away with some kick ass tea stuff for the party?

Go on, Guess? MWA HAHAHA!
All that in the above photo? Cost $35 at the swap meet. Awww year. The tea party shenanigans shall comence! I especially love the tea set I got there iwth the pink blossoms. The whole shebang, plates cups saucers, creamer, sugar bowl, and tea pot call came to $20. And its freakin ADORABLE too!
So between me and Colleen, we are all set to serve tea.
We're going for an autum theme too. Already killing all the crabgrass in the backyard so I'm hoping all will be whipped into shape come September. Still so stoked to play tea time!

Awesome stuffage here:
Capt'n and Noelle picked up these awesome earrings for me at the last Crononauts. I couldn't make it since i had OMGLAUNDRY!!1! to catch up on. LOOOOOOVE! The cool part? They work. I tried them...Hee.

Also...I made this:

The necklace I mean. 
I kinda love how it turned out. The funny part is I made it to be bedroom decor. Usually I have this strand of beads hanging from my Morrocan lantern hanging by the bed. I had the urge to put it on as a necklace. Looks kinda spiffy actually.  I might make more like this. It's pretty much just made up of random beads I have in my stash.

I've been on a total crafty streak from hell, lately. I even think I'll be finishing up my regency dress soon! I put it off to the side for a whilve since the fit in the bust was pissing me off. I think I finally fixed it. Its a slightly clumsy fix, but to the naked eye it looks fine...hopefully.

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First off, Colleen and I went to go get our nails done since we were both in desparate need.

Berry Red fingernails and goodbye zombie green toes!...though I did grow attatched to the zombie green toes.
We had a good time catching up on things and hopefully next time we'll have a chance to catch lunch afterwards.  But I wanted to get home to get the house tidied up for house guest time!
I truly had a wonderful weekend visiting with [ profile] shadowstarr  aka Kyshandra from Miniclan aka Erin! I had not seen this gal since Gathering 2000 (11 freakin YEARS!). It was SO much fun catching up with her again! She was in town for a conference and took a few days after it was done to come play. We did some tourist-y things and Max and I took her to some of our favorite eating type places. It was as if 11 years never passed and we totally picked up exactly where we left off... And I love going through Old Town San Diego with someone who loves the ktitchy shops as much as I do. Alas, I had to work her last full day in town but we all went to Sushi that night at Tokyo Sushi (NOM!) then watched Despicable Me on cable before crashing out for the night. Kyshy! I had so much fun this weekend! I really hope you can come back to visit again soon! I'll see if I can rope [ profile] karlyl into joining us next time.;)

Here are some random photos of our Old Town romp.
It was Stagecoach days in Old Town last weekend so the period costumes were in full force. There was period dancing happening in front of the Creole Cafe. Then they had little craft and culture stations set up in the main court yard.  We were total suckers for it and hung around this area for a while.

At the Saturday craft Fair, this guy made a guitar out of a suitcase. The drummer followed suit. I was highly amused. Good music too!

Preeeeeety Flowers!

The craft show had a pick cupcake truck selling gormet cupcakes. Why YES I indulged! This is my Lemoncello cupcake complete with lemon curd filling. OMG so insanely tart and delicious!!

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Seriously, I had a good one full of just tiny awesome things.  Thursday I worked all afternoon on the front yard, weeding and taking care of my flowers. It looks pretty fantasic now. Our Rasberry bush is starting to get berries as well as our blackberry bush. The blackberries taste fantastic! I'm hoping when we get more of them I can attempt baking with them...maybe. Depends on if I continue on my wanting to bake craving.
Friday all day I got the backyard in shape. Turned out VERY well and I am hoping further into summer we'll get some gorgous blooms. Our grapvines are already going pretty crazy. Our lime tree is about to bloom and our artichoke plant is going crazy. Things are looking very pretty. I just have to keep up with it. I am hoping to evenutally plant a rose bush out back in the future. Just need to get the time to get some roses. That evening, Max and I hit Rivera Supper Club with Mark, Ty, Capt'n, and Levy which was a BLAST. OMG, this place is fast becomnig one of my new favorite places since we moved. The whole restraunt looks like it came out of an episode of Mad Men.  And the cocktails are FABULOUS. Check out the website. LOVE this place!

Saturday I did a ton of Chatelaine duties which took up the majority of my day. May War approaches so I've been in crazy SCA mode most of my weeks. Still, all the new folks have been extremely sweet and enthused so that makes my job a lot easier. That night Max and I were pretty whiped so we stayed in. I ended up working on building my new doll house aka Cindy's summer cottage. I got a ton of it finished. Its pretty much all detail work from this point on. Then painting it, wall papering, and  then filling the dang thing up with tiny things. I have some progress pics I'll probably put up on Original Cin either tonight or tomorrow. Its been an adventure in gluing my fingers together!I have no idea where I'm going to put this house yet, Alas...I'll figure it out evetually. Max cooked up a tasty pork roast and we ate it in the backyard sitting around the fire pit and enjoying the evening. ...Oh and Lush Bath...awesome Lush Bath and a Desden Novel to cap off the evening.

Sunday was work, hanging for a bit  with the Iron Maiden peeps at the household meeting, then home to delivery pizza (Round Table NOOOOOOOM!), margaritas, and Game of Thrones. A very lovely relaxed evening. I passed right out to be shortly afterwards.

Not sure whats on the agenda tonight. Probably something involving dancing practice and left over pizza. We shall see.

Today's Hair Flowers are Jasmine!

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My God, I am TIRED.
Seriously, I have been crashing hard and early at night every chance I get. Its a shame too because I really have a lot on my plate right now. The good news is that I think I am finally...FINALLY over this damn cold! Thank Friggin GOD! I was really getting over being sick. MEH!

Julie has been in town for the last few days and we've been having a blast. Luckily it has been a mellow blast as well. We've both been mainly chillin' around San Diego. Friday we went shopping then out to Lidos for a belated birthday dinner. We also got our nails done. I haven't had a Mani/Pedi since...oh..I think 2009. My toenails...I kid you not...are neon green. I call the color radioactive zombie green. My fingernails are an awesome pinup girl Hollywood red.
 Behold! Proof!


Julie told me about this new polish called Shelack I should try since I'm so hard on my nails. Usually they chip about 2 minutes after I get them done. So far? Not a chip or smear. Julie says for her the manicure lasted almost a month. I'm starting to believe her. It was a little bit extra but hell, with how hard I am on my nails, its worth it for me!
 Then on Saturday we went to the St. Artemas tourney so Jules could see what this whole SCA thingy was about. She enjoyed it! Enough that she was considering looking into it up in No Cal. Max came in 2nd place at the rapier Tourney so I am very proud of my guy. I also put up some sketch commissions for the arts auction. No clue who won it but I'm sure I'll find out on Wednesday at council. We had to leave the tourney early though because Max slightly tweaked his knee. It was bugging him enough that I wanted him to go home and elevate it for a while.
 I'm very happy we've had such a fun relaxing weekend. Hell, most of the day after St. Aretmas was spent sitting on the couch. Max played Xbox, Julie cross stitched, and I got some much needed to do sketching done. Then it ended with hot tub and wine and happily falling into bed into a nice deeeep sleep.
I needed that so much.

Almost done with my rehaul of Original Cin. I really what it up in the next week or two. I'm actually very excited about the sketch blog format and I think I'll be taknig advantage of it. Already It has inspired me to sketch again. And while I'm not drawing every single day this april, I am drawing. Actualyl what I'm doing is drawing and FINISHING pieces which I haven't done in forever. I'm proud of myself.

So it is definite and for sure. I will be belly dancing at the Gaslight Gathering. So if you wanna see shake my toosh..and laugh as well, Come to the con!  Info on the con is here:)
I'm actually very excited to go. Still need to pick up a pass for Friday though. Since I'm "entertainment" on Saturday, I'm comp-ed.
Need to get my steampunk dance gear in order. here's a WON'T be skimpy if you've seen my ass lately. O.o Nervous as Hell that I'm going to look REALLY bad out there. I'll just smile and wave my arms around a lot. That always worked on stage.
Still tired alas, but my only plans tonight are to go home, put on the PJs, watch the Game of Thrones series premiere on HBO (OMGOMGOMG!!!!!), eat Julie's chocolate rum cake, drink some wine, then crash.
My life is so glamorous.

And I leave you with my wonderful felty Cthulhul courtesy of [ profile] wyngdlyon  AKA,  Colleen.

Lurve heeeeeeem!!

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Things have been CRAZY busy.
 That's a better term for it.

Still shaking off the last bit of the wackiness the bad BC threw at me. Though honestly I am feeling FAR better than I have the last two months. LEAPS and BOUNDS better. Probably another week and I will have shaken off the hormones from Hell completely. This week has been nonstop alas. Something constantly happening after work...which has made it a bit tricky trying to get my ass ready to fly home for Mom's B-day. Oye. Cindy! You fill a day too easily! Otherwise I'm very stoked to go home and surprise mom. She has absolutely NO clue I'm coming home tomorrow. Its going to be awesome.

Next weekend...swear to GOD...I am doing jack all. I need a day to do nothing.  Just play in the garden, play in my studio, or maybe drive over to Balboa Park to catch the Zandra Rhodes exhibit at the Mengi Museum. SO want to see that! I don't THINK anything is happening next Saturday...seems to be my famous last words these days.  We shall see how next week pans out for me. 
Estrella is creeping closer...we have not started any prep. So I have a feeling we will be doing the SCA mad dash dance pretty soon. The good part is neither of us have anything huge we have to do before hand. I still need to make my short persian but if I don't get to it, eh, I won't be heart broken. We mostly just need to pack the stuff up and get it ready to load in the truck.  I so need this vacation. SO EXCITED TO GO!

In other non traveling news:
Sassycast is in its 100th did this happen? For those who don't know, Sassycast is a podcast that my friend Roy and his partner Chris do. I guest host once a week when I can. It really has been a blast but I can't believe we've cranked out THAT many eps!...Okay well THEY cranked out that many eps. I think of the 100 eps I am in about..oh..85 of them...maybe? Eitherway I'm really proud of being a part of something that has developed a following of some very awesome people..some who I've met on LJ (HI KEITH!) and some who have become Facebook and Twitter pals.  It really is awesome.:)
Creepy Kitch is still going strong. We only have 10 eps so far but they are good eps at least!

And now, your weekly pretty:

   Tea and Kindle keep me sane at work.

 English Primrose in our front yard and my autum mums that are making quite the comback. I need to take a pic with my real camera to do the colors justice

 My first wildflower bloom of the new year. Always seems to be a red flower too. :)


Jan. 24th, 2011 02:21 pm
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Tiiiired...and shoulder is all screwed. I slept wrong. ARG! Going to bave to bug Capt'n to pop my shoulder blade back in place.
OTHER than that? I had a fantastic weekend with Trish, Shing, Jen, Ty, and Kyt. We had hardcore Uber craft/Art day which was pretty productive for most of us. We also took a trip to Creole Cafe to celebrate Trish's birthday....and we bought her a very tacky cake. VERY tacky cake. It was a fantastic weekend! I love my awesome friends!

Yes Trish, I WILL be getting my Etsy store up soon.

Must project ramble and get it out of my system!

Project Rambling:
I started distressing work on my Steampunk duster. Just the first coat of paint on it right now. It already looks pretty beat to Hell with just the prelim. Going to do some splatter on it including a little red here and there to look like blood splatters. Also want to find a way to make the coat look a bit dusty as well. I'll figure it out. Its been fun trying! Going to do a little work on the vest later. Just a bit to give it character, but not as much of a beating as the duster is getting. My shirt was a thrif find so it already looks pretty worn. May do a little dirt around the collar. Haven't desided yet.  After all that then I finaly start work on the "gun" belt and the goggles redux. Slowly my Regina costume is getting the overhall I wanted to give it. Pictures eventually, when I get off my butt.  Also I'll need to knock heads with Dan on us building a Chainsaw for the costume. He told me he's really wanting to help me build it.
Also started putting together my new dollhouse or as I've been calling it my "Victorian summer home". Its a slow process but its been a lot of fun. I'll try to take photos of this as well but there isn't much at the moment to take photos of. Probably next time I pick up the project I'll snap a fiew...the sash windows are so teeny and adorable!

Just bought myself a pattern for a Regency morning dress from Reconstructing History. Always had good luck with that pattern company. Months and months and MONTHS ago Colleen and Ty bought me some beautiful light orange taffeta with yellow enbroidered flowers on it. I LOVE and felt it would make a fabulous Regency gown. I have absolutely no idea where I plan to wear a regency gown..Maybe LoJ someday? I donno. But damnit, I'm making one since I've been wanting to make onefor the last two years. I'm making one out of sheer principal!

Sometimes I get excited about these type of projects then I end up discouraging myself from making them simply because I think "What am I going to do with that?!" But I have to remind myself that I want to create these things because the creating  process brings me a lot of joy and accomplishment more than wearing them somewhere. Finding a place to wear them is more of an excuse.
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Normal though is a relative in my life.;)

Had a WHIRLWIND weekend! Max and I treked up to Las Vegas to watch Doodle and Kelly tie the knot. It was my first Vegas wedding to witness so it was quite the event. I ended up Twittering the entire trip. Under the cut are the twitter pics I took of the weekend.  I wish we had the money/time off to stay one more day. Alas, We is broke! It was still a fantastic time. I love Vegas. And I especially love visiting Vegas with friends!
We got home yesterday around 5ish where I locked myself in my studio a feverishly worked away on the illuminated letters I'm painting for my sister mom and aunt for Christmas (photos to come!). I painted until my eyes were crossing then passed out. GREAT night sleep. Christmas time is the time when I feel the most motivated creatively. Its nice to channel all of this energy into making Christmas gifts this year. It makes me feel fulfilled.:)

Anyways, Vegas Pics!

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Wow, I have a lot of catch up on don't I?
I feel remotely bad because frankly I just haven't had the gumption to really write any entries at all. I've been wanting more to keep my hands busy in other ways. Which means that I've been making a lot of hand made Christmas gifts lately.
I will be updating the costume blog soon. Started yet ANOTHER project. Want to get some in progress shots. I think its going to turn out really lovely....Kinda going nutzo on the details.

Anyways, to Recap!

Thanksgiving = Win and awesome!

I gorged myself. Seriously. It was not a healthy thing to do. I'm STILL bloated too. OYE! This is what happens when all the great cooks of the Iron Maiden get together for a feast. I end up immoble on the couch.
Totally worth it though.
It was the Pie-pocolypse for me. I made four pies; two key lime and two pumpkin. The pumpkin was pretty much devourored. The keylime is ALMOST devoured. I'm pretty proud of my pie prowess. Thank you [ profile] banshea AGAIN for the pumpkin Pie Receipe!
[ profile] crzydemona  spent the holiday weekend with us. I had SUCH a blast. We hung out, eat too much, caught a showing of Harry Potter 7 (which was OMG AWESOME IN SO MANY WAYS!), and generally did some fun girly bonding.
And Max is the king of the mighty fine Ham.

Christmas is fast approaching. I'm happy for it in a melencholy way. Its going to be a very odd Christmas for the Kinnard clan this year. This is mostly due to the fact that my Uncle Mike has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I've known for a while now but honestly I just haven't felt like mentioning it much online. He's fighting it though for as long as he can and generally being Uncle Mike, which means he is reaminng upbeat with a smile. And honestly right now he looks and sounds great. The chemo hasn't started yet though so I'm sure that will probably change. Though right now all we're doing is keeping positive and planning on enjoying what little time we have left with him. So this Christmas is going to be bitter sweet for all of us. Trying to not dwell on the bad and just feel blessed that whatever powers that may be desided to grant us some extra time with him. Feeling very grateful for that. So this Christmas is going to be both special and sad for me. If I seem a bit overly sentimental and sensitive this year about the holidays, please try and understand what is going on in my head. :)

On an upbeat note, I plan to spoil my newphews rotten this year the best I can. I'm hoping to do a cross stitch bib for little Tommy that says baby's first Christmas on it. I've been zooming on the cross stitch so I think I can slam it out. I also need to pick up some hotwheels for Danny, then plot with Max on what awesome nerd gift we're going to pick up for Shawn. He's old enough to appreciate the nerd-ity.  Max and I are probably going to pick up a tree next week. We're helpnig Burke and Beth out by taking over the Iron Maiden Yule party this year. Still don't have a ton of decorations but eh, I can improvise. I also need to plot with [ profile] tigrise and [ profile] brooklynx  over our anunal gathering of the holiday gargoyles at Macaroni Grill. Last year was epic *LOL*.

In non Holiday news:
-Sewing sewing sewing AGAIN! I have gotten bit by the creativity bug HARD this week. Winter Arts is this Saturday and I'd like to have at least ONE thing to show. We'll see if I accomplish this. Regardless on if I have or don't, I've been having a blast getting my hands dirty again.

-Planning on picking up a pencil again soon and sketching. its been OMG a MONTH since my last sketch. But I"m shaking off the emo artist mood and desided to get back on the horse...yes this also means SCANING the commissions I have sitting in my book. I suck, I know.

-Learned blackwork and more cross stitching. This has been an awesome way to keep my hands busy during down time at the desk.

-I think I may have enough cash to pick up some green paint to FINALLY paint my studio doors. Very stoked for this. Also thinking of making a new Ironing Board cover in the colors of my studio just to keep with the look. Need to find an Ironing board cover pattern though.

-Going to be working with Capt'n soon on the new charter for Middle Eastern Guild. We need to present it on Saturday.

-Etsy store is still not up. I am aware of this. I'm working on it! I've just had other projects in my way. >.<

And that.


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My Belly dancing DVDs have arrived! WOOOOO!

I'm going to give them a whirl this week and see if they're any good. If they are, going to ask some of the gals if they want to come over to a dance night in the studio. I managed to get the place cleaned up enough that we could dance in there if we wanted. If ALL goes well maybe I can ask Jackie (one of the better dancers in the barrony) to come over and teach a class once or twice a month. I'm sure I can con Capt'n and Max into drumming for us.  That will be a project for the future though. No time to organize that at this moment. Maybe in the new year.
Started working out again this weekend. And despite some sore muscles I have from not working out for so dang long, I feel pretty great. More energy, not as cranky...amazing what being active can do for a person's mind set. Going to try and keep up the weekend work outs as long as I possibly can.

Went to Colleen's aka [ profile] wyngdlyon 's birthday bash at San Diego Deserts last night. Much fun was had, much food was eaten, and much wine was drank. an EXCELLENT night of hanging with great people. And I"m not sure HOW its humanly possible, but Colleen's kids seem to get cuter every time I see them. 

Calafian Anniversary is coming up on Saturday, where I will be offically stepping up as Chatalaine. Also, Max will be cooking the feast for that so that will be an epic evening. Today he's prepping for the feast...I'm sure I'll be vaccuming up flour for days and days.  I'm slowly putting together a new chamise to go under my blue Italian Ren I bought at GWW. I'm hoping to maybe do some sudo blackwork on the sleeves..Yeah I'm being way ambicious here... But eh, I figured if I don't finish it, you won't see it since its alll an undergarment anyways. Using some really lovely gauze weight linen for the chamise. If anything, its gonna be light weight.

I've been in decorator mode the last couple of days. Not sure why. Guess I just want to get some projects done I've had on the back burner since the last few months have been so busy. I'm kinda determined to stencil the closet doors in the bedroom soon. And I still want to buy some green paint to paint my studio doors finally. Maybe next paycheck I'll have enough to pick up a can. Hmmm...
Also really need to work on getting the front yard in shape. alas I broke our lawn mower *headslap* Good part is, Colleen can loan us hers. I'll have to swing by soon to pick it up. If I have the energy, I may come home and just weedwack the hell out of it to at least make it look someone presentable. I have SUCH an OCD thing about having an overgrown lawn....Honestly I just want to get rid of the damn lawn or at least cut it down to a 1/4 of the size it is when we get some money we may do that. The kitchen remodel will be first though. And we won't be able to do that one for another 4 years or so. *laughs*
Though I will admit, I am happy my geraniums are finally getting large enough that you can see them over to flower boxes...sorta. They're getting there! Looking forward to pruning and shaping the herb garden and making it look pretty again. huh...Maybe I'll do that after work today too. I currently have a ton of energy to expell....might also be the coffee's fault.

Halloween is over alas, but The Walking Dead has just begun (WOOO!) and I'm still watchin' my horror films as always. Thanksgiving fast approaches and it looks like Max and I will be doing another potluck Thanksgiving Holiday at the Chateau de Nom Nom. Looking forward to that. But then, when do I NOT look forward to eating turkey?
Sunday nights have been Awesome TV night for me and Max. We watch Boardwalk Empire then Walking Dead. Great way to unwind.  I don't watch a lot of TV these days. Usually i just pick up the series on DVD later on and watch it in one big chunk...which reminds me, I really need to pick up The Tudors Season 4 so I can see how they wrap it all up....and I need to eventually get off my duff and make a Tudor gown. That will be my project AFTER the Victorian gown, the next Italian Ren, and the German gown I'd like to try and make...damn I got a lot of projects. O.o

Also like to say that Max really has been super husband this last month. Seriously. Everyday I come home that man brightens my day and makes me smile. I'm really lucky I found that crazy bastard.

So as usual, Cindy is hangin' in there. Not everything is sunshine and roses but the good part is I have lots of little things to make me smile regardless. Despite things, I'm still very blessed. I won't be over looking that anytime soon.
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I am draaaaaaaaaging today.
I flew back from Montreal yesterday afternoon. Traveling really sucks the life out of me. The upside though is this is I get to sleep on on Thursday since I'm working the night shift that evening. So I can't complain. I"m looking forward to waking up late. I so need some sleep! I've been going like a bullet since October started...whoa. O.o

Regardless, I had so much fun going to Rob's wedding this weekend. I got to hang with Karine and Jen and much mischief was managed I assure you.  We surprised Rob by flying Jen up for the wedding. The look on his face...priceless. Completely priceless. I also got to meet his new wife Kristy and she is a hoot and a half lemme tell you. I liked her immediately and really can't think of anyone who would be better for him.  Also, the food and the booze was top notch so I went back to Karine's house after the wedding very sated.
Also got to touch base with some Canadian friends I haven't seen in years as well as meet a few new ones. Overall, a fantastic trip done with fantastic friends. Viva La Canada!
I have pics to post of both the wedding AND of GWW. Alas, last week i was so harried with getting ready to head out I forgot to post photos in general. I'll post some up this week. now that I have no major looming deadlines hovering over my head.

Oh yeah, and ITs meme monday isn't it?

Day 07 – Your best friend
So I really don't have just ONE best friend. I have several close friends. And each one is close to me in a differet way. I never really been the type to just have one. I suppose I like variety...which reminds me, I so want to buy myself a box of truffles this week.
Hey Max? Our aniversary is this you suddenly have the urge to buy me some truffles..hint *cough* hint.
ANYWAYS I'd have to say if I have to pinpoint people to call my best friends I would have to say my bridesmaids were the ladies I consider my closest gal pals. That would be Julie, Ty, Chelle, Jen, and my sister Lisa.  Each one represented a special part of my life actially. Julie is my oldest girlfriend. We met my freshman year of highschool and still remain close as sisters to this day. Ty is the first close girlfriend I ever had in San Diego. I latched onto her very quickly and she has been my partner and crime and shoulder to cry on since I met Max. Chelle was my college roomate and confidant during my time at SFSU. She was the one who helped me figure out exactly who I am and what I wanted in life. Jen of course is my friend from the Gargoyles Fandom. She was my refuge all through gradschool and gave me a lot of strength during a time I needed it most. And of course Lisa is my sister...and I always lack words to really describe how I feel about her. The word sister pretty much says it all when you get down to it.
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I have been really shitty keeping up on LJ this week haven't I?
Well things got both busy and boring at the same time...if that is at all possible. Trust me, it is.
The weekend though was FABULOUS which made me smile lots. On Friday [ profile] wyngdlyon  aka Colleen and I went out to troll for fabric...which actually just turned into us wandering around Old Town San Diego looking at girlish things. We had lunch and Creole with  Ty then went to the Temecula Olive Oil Company (picked up some Roasted Garlic Olive Oil for Mr Max and some olive oil/lavander lotion for myself.) and found a cute fabric shop and bead shop in the area. We also found an adorable girly store called Bodytreats in that area. I picked up some of their handmade soap and I have to admit, I'm impressed with it. I think I'll go back someday and pick up some other bars of theirs. The day ended with us hitting Yardage Town in National City and contemplating both steampunk costumes and Halloween costumes. I picked up some awesomely obnoxious plaid fabric for my March Hare costume. It shall make a magnificent vest ...and an eye sore. WOO! I'll snap some photos of it later. I did find the perfect fabric for when I get started on my victorian gown. A beautiful bluish grey taffeta with bees embrodiered on it. But I didn't snag it yet since we think we can find it cheaper up in LA. So I have to be patient.  Eh, my patterns aren't even in yet so I want to wait until I get the right yardage number.  After Colleen went home I put together my Viking garb for the Leif Erickson tourney this Saturday. It turned out pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. pics to come. I still have to finish the decorative stitching on the apron dress seams.
Saturday was date day for me and Max. We haven't really gone out for one months or so? Its been a busy year for us. We slept in until 10am which was glorious then grabbed some lunch at our favorite noodle house Chopsticks...which we haven't been to in almost a year now. OOOH such good Ramen! We then caught a showing of Machette which I must say was full of WIN AND AWESOME! Holy crap that movie was funny as Hell! And my lvoe for Danny Trejo still is alive and well. Afterwards we hit Creole (yes again..I love Creole Cafe) just to get some bread pudding and coffee. I managed to drag Max to the Oilve Oil place so I could get him to taste some of their oils and vinegars.  SUCH good stuff! We went home with some Pomegranate Vinegar. I'm looking forward to max cooking with it. Its extremely tasty. We wandered old town, checked out the cigar shop for him, found out my favorite tea shop has closed (SADNESS!), then found a small wine tasting room where we chilled out for a while. Max treated me to wine tasting that night and bought us some chardonnay and Red Zin...SO GOOD! We meandered home finally and chilled on the couch watching Reign of Fire on HBO.
...Incidently I had a dream that night that I was IN  Reign of Fire and was Christian Bale's character's sister. I did a lot of fleeing for my life in that dream.

Sunday = Work then Boardwalk Empire in the evening...which is my new obsession on TV right now. SO GOOD! If you have not seen this, SEE IT! Steve Buscemi is awesome in it.

So overall, things have been pretty spiffy for me. This Weekend I have Leif Erickson to go to, then Max and I start preping for Great Western War. We're only hitting GWW for a weekend so it won't take as much prep as Estrella or May War does. And we're sharing Mark and Ty's Pavilion so we don't have to worry about packing the yurt so that makes life a LOT easier.  Just toileties, Garb and Max's fighting gear if he plans on suiting up over the weekend.

And Halloween Fast Approaches! Which means Horror movies on TCM and AMC! WOOOOOO! It also means pumpkin lattes and costuming fun! SO STOKED!! My favorite time of year is about to kick off!
And also, Max and my 2nd year aniversary fast approaches...seriously? Its two years already?

And yes, Fully aware I still have a Meme. I'll just continue at my own pace with it.

Day 04-Your Music
Showtunes are my life blood, I'll admit that. Its all I listened to in high school mainly because its the only thing that ever appealed to me at that time. Not a huge fan of New country or rap/R&B ...some techno is okay. I like rock mostly and I like things with a good melody that doesn't drive me insane.
I don't really have much of a niche in music. I just sorta like what I like. This ranges from classical, to bluegrass, to rock, to showtunes..etc etc...But I am definitely a sucker to anything I can sing along to. I am a world class champion car singer. I can be found of some bubblegum pop and I will get myself hooked on some songs that are fluffy. 
Pretty much, if the song moves me. I'll like it, regardless of the genre.
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Dear Tazo,
You invented a tea that had both green AND darjeeling in it? It is my fondest wish.
I love you. Lets have tea babies together. Horray for Om Green Tea.
Sincerely - Me.

Heading out of town today to go up North and see the new nephew! VERY excited to see him! My suitcase is already packed with gifts for Tommie and Danny. I assure you, this Christmas shall be epic for the boys.

So I've been in a pretty darn good mood over the last couple of days. Tired as Holy Hell lately but overall in a much better mood than the previous weeks. I think I've been climbing out of my funk with ease. Granted, I've been a little slow with fabulous month because of being so tired but I figured I'll just extend it until Halloween so I can fit in as many things as I can. I am STILL determined to paint my studio doors green before the Holidays.

So yes, things have been on a steady upswing in the mood department. I managed to have an evening to myself a few days ago which really worked wonders for me. I locked myself up in the studio and cut out a period Persian coat (which I have had on the back burner for who knows how long) while watching Marie Anonette..aka costume porn. The coat is not a vital project but one I wanted to work on. Next week I'm going to cut out my Viking Apron so I have some spiffy new duds for Leif Erikson. I usually don't try to make new garb every event, only when the want strikes me. Currently, the want is striking hard.

I'm back on weightwatchers and started walking again. I've managed to fit in my walks in my days which has helped both with my mood and with my weight. . I already dropped some poundage and my jeans no longer are strangling the life out of me. Thank god for this. My only option is losing the weight because I realyl don't have the money to buy new pants. *L* Eh, its good as motivation as any.

Halloween Party Planning!!
I need to get my Halloween costume stuff squared away. Our theme for this year's party is Alice in Wonderland/Steampunk. Why yes I DO plan on having a field day. Why do you ask? Max wants to go as the Catipillar so I want to make him a Victorian/persian/smoking jacket  type of look...I need to get him a fez. I want to go as my favorite character, the March Hare but I honestly still have no idea how I want to do the costume. So I'll be sketching out some ideas soon. I also need a Hatter of some sort to pair up with. I really think this might be the first Alice party I go to that won't have fiftybazillion Mad Hatters. *L*. Not like I care, really. I'm expect most of my friends to show up with a playing card taped to their forehead as their costume. It always ends up degenerating to lots of people in the hot tub anyways so there ya go.
I'm going to attempt to put stations around the house that are themed. So we'd have a Catipillar louging area with the hooka and some pillows looking all middle eastern(thinking of putting that on the deck near the hot tub), the tea party area where all the booze is going to go (note to self, pick up a PLASTIC tea set for this. PLASTIC) an eat me/drink me table for food...etc etc. I really do want to go all out for this year. I may even buy some lights or paper lanterns to hang up across the backyard if I can figure out how to do so.
Anyone wanna come help me party plan? It will be on a budget of course but I tend to do pretty good with pulling things out of thin air from my drawers o' random crap.

I'm a wee bit stoked, can you tell?

I'll be offline for the next few days while I spoil my nephews rotten.  For those who have the info, please feel free to call or Txt me if you need me.:)

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Ketill took me geocaching for the first time on Friday and I have to say that it was WAY more fun than I expected! I took a couple random photos of the caches we found but alas, they are still on my camera. I'll toss them up sometime this week. So Ketill is stuck with me as a partner it looks like. We're already planning out caches to hunt down when both of us get back from our trips.
New obsession? Quite possibly. I even found a GPS on Amazon made specifically for Geocaching on Amazon that 's running about $70. Not too shabby. I may pick one up when I get the extra spending cash so I can go hunting around my own neighborhood on my after work walks. There's a ton around my area in public places where I'll feel safe heading on my own.
Still, more fun with a buddy...which is why Ketill is stuck with me.;)

The weekend so far has been pretty fabulous and busy. Thursday my new newphew Tommy David was born. According to Leelee, he's a great big readed boy who really loves to sleep. Kinda the polar opposet of my aborable and incredibly handsome newphew Danny. Since Tommy is the youngest and is also a redhead I have desided I will make him my minion. oh YES! Tommy shall soon be my minon in all that is nerdy. *rubs hands together evily* I fly out on Wednesday to see the boys. Let the spoiling commence!

Friday I geocached then went to Tink and Noelle's with Mark and Ty for some dindin (yay pasta and chicken boobies!). Then on Saturday I headed up to Angels Aniversary with Max to pull some court and guard duty. It was freakin' hot out there but the event overall was pretty nice...lots of nice garb to drool over. I ended up playing lady in waiting for Baroness Kate while she judged the period desert contest happening...which means I ALSO got to partake in the tasting...hehehe. Just letting you all know, stawberry soup? REALLY fantastic. I'm glad I was able to jump on that desert grenade in the name of Calafia.;) Trish and Kyt also managed to head over to Angels so we had a great time hanging out and enjoying the tourney. It was Trish's first tourney so she was having a blast watching all the tournament style fighting.
We ended the day by going to dinner at Sizzler (CLASSY!) then after a 3 hour drive home, Max and I passed out for the night.
At work right now and so far the day has been lovely...thats not sarcasm.

Some fabulous thigs that have happened:
  • Had fun at Angels Aniversary. Wore my Bodice gown which tends to make the "Gals" look VERY nice Alas no photos.;)
  • Geocaching is now the new obsession! Can't wait to find more!
  • Worked on my steampunk costume and updated [ profile] costumenonsense finally. Hopefully more photos for there to come.:)
  • Got MAJORLY inspired by one of the merchants at Angels and I'm going to make myself a period persian coat  and chamise with the help of Ty's pattern.:)
  • The fall weather is creeping in over here in San Diego which means chillier nights. Hooray Fall!  I've been breaking out the Anything Ghost podcast in honor of my favorite season.
  • Started back on weightwatchers and started my walking back up. I already lost 2 pounds. WOO!
House meeting after work. Then hopefully a little moment of peace and perhaps some puttering around in the studio. I'm feeling creative.
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I would like to take this moment to say...alergies suck. Big time. My head feels as big as balloon and my eyes are itchy simply because I DARED to stand outside yesterday when there was a bit of wind.
Apparently I am a delicate little flower.
Ugh, you suck, sinuses.
I KNEW I should have taken a decongestant before I went to work. Alas.

ANYWAYS, despite feeling like my face is about to burst forth into a technicolor dream, I had a pretty productive and fantastic weekend....which I will be posting pics of tomorrow more than likely.
Friday consisted of a long string of comedy of errors trying to get downtown to get my passport situated. This long tale consisted of me calling my mom up and asking her to search for my old passport (Which was issued in 1990 when I was yeah...kinda expired now), packing every inch of info could need including birth certificate, SS card, Marriage licence (because you never know) Photos, ID, etc etc..., sitting on the trolly next to the guy who smelled like balloney, turning myself around a few times on the street and ending up on some train tracks before finally finding my way to the City Hall building (once again, my stellar navigation skills at work!), then getting there, standing in line, and realizing the form for my passport that took me forever to fill out was left on the kitchen table...*headdesk*. So I get another form and managed to get most of it all filled out, only I had to sit on the phone with my mom again to get the old passport number and other tidbits I forgot.  My mom laughed at lot. As is her way.
But after all that I got it done and took a nice walk downtown near the marina...then somehow ended up on possible top secret government property on my walk...because of my lack of navigation skills...then ran like Hell OFF the Navy property to get to my trolly. No one was arrested therefore it was a good day.
That evening I went over to [ profile] wyngdlyon 's place and she, [ profile] christalblu , and I sat and chatted about steampunk costume ideas and browsed through a great period pattern catalog. Going to try my hand at Victorian stuff. Wish me luck on that one. It kind of as me nervous. But the fact that I always wanted to wear a bustle eggs me on!  The coversation eventually degrated into adjectives you should not used to describe your genitals. But we still managed to get some good ideas for costumes solidified so I'm itching to get back into the studio this week.

Yesterday was the Leodemus of Thebes tourney which was fun. Greek themed but I since really don't like wearing Chitons too much because I get cold WAY too easily, I went persian. The tourney as usual, was a blast and We had a HUGE potluck where Max made a ton of good sandwich type munchies (and now I have leftover chicken curry...which I left at home today. Damnit!). For me, the highlight of yesterday was I was inducted into the Order of the Gilded Thimble. Its an order of SCAers who are considered very good tailors/garb researchers/VERY well dressed and so on. According to Ellyn, some of the members thought I was already a member O.o.  But Ketill (you sneaky Viking you!) apparently whispered in a few ears about this and I was inducted into the order. It really means a lot to me to be inducted into this. I have been really working hard over the last three years on improving my sewing skills.  And like the doof I am, I ended up totally inspired and went home and worked on that hald finished Italian Ren I had sitting in the corner for the last four months...still not done yet. Working on the bodice fit STILL. UGH! Damn you, large boobs!
So yeah. Good weekend overall. Back to the grind at work but since the summer season is winding down, the desk hasn't been nearly as busy as it was. Ah well, gives me time to finish up commissions.

Which reminds me,:
Yes, the three colored commissions will be done this week. Promise. I'll have them to you fellas by Saturday at the latest.
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So apparently for the last few days my body has been in some sort of rebelion against me... which is really infuriating considering I would like to wake up NOT in pain for once. But Alas, my shoulders and neck are giving me a great big FUCK YOOOOOU lately. I'm not sure why. Our matress is fine and I really shouldn't be stressed out so there's no reason for me to be sleeping tense..Meh. Stupid body.
I desided I'm going back on my work out routine tomorrow..maybe that will learn it some manners.

Though I did go to a kick ass wedding last night and had a blast. A friend from the SCA got married. The woman pretty much made every single thing which was impressive..and GORGOUS. She really should consider going into business with her mad skillz if she hasn't already. The food was great, the booze was plentiful, great friends, and GREAT music. All and all, a fantastic evening...which I forgot to bring my camera to..'natch.
Before that I worked in the front yard. Mowed the lawn, weeded and trimmed the herb garden. Still trying to kill all the clover I planted originally so I can put more herbs in the front yard. Once thats gone I'll rototil the bed and plant some more herbs and some flowers as well. I need to find me some good boarder flowers that are drought tolerant and easy to care for..I keep killing everything else...'natch.

The steampunk inspiration continues to poke me, [ profile] shroud1 , [ profile] rogue_78 , and [ profile] wyngdlyon continuously in the face. Apparently we're getting a group together for the con in May. It shall be epic...and probably hilarious as well. Capt'n is pretty inspired which is only working my imagination into a frenzy..which only means trouble.
Colleen and I are working to put together a photoshoot in September.Hee

Okay..I really have nothing more interesting to post at this moment so I"m going to stop babbling now.

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PSA: Cinimon Rolls taste REALLY good with Earl Grey tea...Seriously. Learn more at your local library.

Now that July is more or less done, and the insanity of Con-Month o' Rama is over, I actually have things I plan to do that doesn't involve people sleeping over at my house!
Seriously though, the last two months have been awesome. I have been blessed with great friends. Seriously. And I had so much fun seeing them this summer. Hopefully next summer it can continue.:)

And Max finished my studio bookshelves. SQUEE! I can put up my action figures now!!

So..List of crap I need to work on over the next couple of months:
  • Buy curtain rods for studio and big bathroom. I'm going to make me some curtains for mah house.
  • Get passport stuff done. I'm just paying the extra bucks and having it rushed. I need that damn thing!
  • Get steampunk costume finished for photoshoot that me and [ profile] wyngdlyon are plotting in September.
  • Attempt to buy some more fish for tank.
  • Organize new studio shelves and clean up studio. Looks like a bomb went off in there.
  • Open commissions up again. Patrick? Kysh? I emailed you your sketches last night. Lauran? I'm finishing the color on yours!:)
  • Paint some furniture blue for guest room..because I might as well coordinate in there.
  • Set up Etsy store this weekend.
  • Sleep In
  • Record Creepy Kitch Ep 6 this weekend hopefully.
  • Start friggin' Working out again. SO SLACKIN'!
  • Finish tearing out the clover in the front yard and start planting herbs.
  • See Inception FINALLY.
  • Play with doll house..its been too long.
  • Visit family in two weeks...Visit again in September to see the new nephew and spoil the first one.
I be always.
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So the ComicCon maddness has begun here in SD. I haven't ventured downtown so I haven't gotten to see the insanity yet. I plan to head over tomorrow to pick up my SCA badge so I can help out with the booth and such. I was going to pick it up last night at Fighter Practice but I was so freakin exhausted after work yesterday that I couldn't get myself out of my chair. Max felt the same way. So we both slipped into comas until the guests came back home.
Jen is crashing with us this year as well as my old cosplay buddy Jarrod (only a couple days probably). Overall its pretty quiet over at the Chateau for nerd prom. Next year we'll probably be housing Karine as well if she can make it. :)

If anyone wants to come hunt me down to say hi hi, I'll be at the SCA booth or the SCA demo (in garb...looking fabulous) On Friday and Saturday...though I am hoping to catch Johnathan Mabrey's pannel on Saturday and get him to sign my copy of Patient Zero. We'll see if that's in the cards.

Its gonna be a mellow ComicCon.
And here's a random picture of flowers I took.

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So I've been feeling kinda ragged, blah, and frumpy lately. So I am declaring yet another Fabulous Month for August.
August 1st I will be doing one fabulous thing a day (small or large)and posting it on LJ. It should be a trip as usual.
Anyone care to join in again?

Also, I'm going to be taking commissions again in August. Which means the three people who have outstanding commissions? You'll have yours by Monday. Yes, even you Patrick.;)
I'm really trying to raise some money right now so I can make it to Rob's wedding in Canada without breaking the bank. I'm also open to doing costume pieces, garb, and such. Any bone you can throw would be appreciated. :)
...And the etsy store will be opening soon. Unfortunately I haven't had two seconds lately to take photos of my stock and put it up. Ugh! July! You're KILLIN' me with your wacky craziness!

ANYWAYS... The actual meat of the post, LoJ Pictures!

Enter the Wackiness HERE! )

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