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Mwah HAHAHA! I got to play dress up last night!
A bunch of us went to a Steam Powered Giraffe Concert in full Steampunk costume...well not full. I didn't want to wear my gun in a public place. Still! HEHEHEHEE!

More photos at my costume blog!

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Art blog update ahoy!

Not much, just a couple pics from SDCC I found and a pic I finally managed to finish after staring at it for weeks. Oodles of commissions to do. Thank you guys for helping me out! That's definitely money we can put towards the bills! I'll be accepting commissions all through August. I'm almost full up for art commissions so if you're interested, contact me soon.
Still open to taking custom hair clip commissions though.

The week has been pretty busy overall. Summer season has FINALLY freakin' started at the museum so business has picked up. Tomorrow I'm working an extra long shift both in my location and then downtown. I won't knock the hours! And I also get to experience our TNT event which is pretty kick ass. So overall its not to shabby there. We just started a round of Call of Cthulhul this week. Made the characters and now I'm stoked to get started on the game itself! We've all been so damn busy that our tabletop group kinda dispersed for way too long. I'm happy to be getting back to gaming again once a week.:)

Project wise I am slowly starting to line things up. I decided now is as good a time as any to start slowly putting my Victorian atire together. I'll be starting with the bloomers and underwear first. Then work on the corset *EEP*.  I want ot TRY to have something to wear by Octoberish. We'll see.  Fingers crossed! I also want to get Max's court garb all ready to go by Calafian Anniversary. That is in November (...I think?) so I'm sure I can put together his coat and pants by then.  I want him to look spiffy!

Also got recruited to help build a wild west steampunk set for a seriously awesome Halloween party being planned in San Diego. I am SO stoked for this! Details to follow hopefully. A bunch of us were asked just this Monday so its all pretty new still. I won't pass up wild west steampunk. I DEFNITELY won't pass up putting Max in a cowboy costume *drool*.

Started working out again and my GOD I am SOOOORE! But its a good sore. And my energy has sky rocketted. Also the stress relief has been a big help since my anxiety has been peeking back into my life lately...stupid anxiety.  Ace and I started walking together once a week. Alas, I am in need of new walking shoes since mine have finally been walked into the ground. I'm off today after work to get some.

This for a while were a bit stressed out and crazy but lately things have really been looking up. I have some really fun projects lined up and I'm hoping to soon have time to get together with friends to put said projects together.
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Actually there should be about 3 updates on there come tomorrow. I've been just screwing around in my costume blog about this and that and scheduling updates for different days.
I'm particularly proud of my Aphrodite headdress I made for LoJ. I recently bought some awesomely boarderline tacky fabric to make my Chiton for the costume. The chiton is pretty much done since all it really is is a tube of fabric. I just need to to the finishing work.
And then I make my waist cincher. I think its going to turn out really awesome. I'm glad I chose to do a dang dress that is so damn easy to put together.
Aaand...thats it.
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Fabulous #1 Costume Nonsense is updated with Steampunk Photos.

I really seem to be finding my nitch with Belly dancing. I need to actually take a CLASS class instead of just using DVDs soon but that's probably not going to happen at least until after the summer. Still, the more I learn the more I love it. Not sure if I can be considered GOOD at it yet but I really enjoy the movement and the music...and the costumes.

I have to admit, going to Gaslight and performing has really perked me up and rejuvinated me for some reason. Not sure why, but I have been in a really good mood since Saturday. WOOT! So it has been making Fabulous month go a bit easier. Nice to nto struggle against bad moods. But that's what Fabulous month is for, right? To push past the crappy moods and feel good.
Anyways, things have been pretty mellow since Saturday. And I still keep finding kick ass photos of me and the rest of the group online which is pretty bitchin. Still hoping to find photos of the actual performance we did in the evening. I'm still plotting fun costume ideas. And I REALLY can't wait to get started on making my own Victorian gown.
But now that its over, its time to focus on May War. Because I don't have enough crazy projects in my life.  But luckily I have no garb due for war. But I DO have some walls to make. Honestly though, I can whip those up pretty quick.

Fabulous #2
Dude, I look HOOOOT today. Seriously. I am working the Mad Men sex kitten look.  And I have kick ass tights on. How kick ass you ask?

THIS kick ass.
Not a bad buy from Target, eh? I figured I need me some fun pieces in my wardrobe lately. I was starting to fall into a Uniform. Never fun.


ALSO also, my Lush order came in! Squeeeeee! You know how long its been since I've ordered Lush? TOO DAMN LONG!!  I ended up getting the perfume sampler set and I am in love with some of the new sents, mainly Lust, Breath of God, and Imogene Rose. VERY Sexy fabulous. I also got some new Bath Bombs, face cleaner, and FINALLY got me some Shnuggle. OMG it smells so GOOD! I'm in Lavander heaven! I think that might be the reason I slept so damn good last night.
I may have to order another in the future.

Tonight i go home and force feed Ty some Margaritas..Aaaawwwwww yeah.;)

So Progressing? Progressing FABULOUSLY!

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Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are.
Check out the persian coat I made for Estrella.:)
I also have links to a REALLY cool looking Exhibit I so want to see!...If I could get my bum up to SF in time for it.
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Its a small update, but its an update. Who Knew?! 
 [ profile] costumenonsense  Has a new entry.

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Put a full shot of my costume up on [ profile] costumenonsense  if anyone wants to check it out.
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I updated [ profile] costumenonsense !

Some progress shots of my Viking Garb.

Go Check it Out. :)
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Dear Tazo,
You invented a tea that had both green AND darjeeling in it? It is my fondest wish.
I love you. Lets have tea babies together. Horray for Om Green Tea.
Sincerely - Me.

Heading out of town today to go up North and see the new nephew! VERY excited to see him! My suitcase is already packed with gifts for Tommie and Danny. I assure you, this Christmas shall be epic for the boys.

So I've been in a pretty darn good mood over the last couple of days. Tired as Holy Hell lately but overall in a much better mood than the previous weeks. I think I've been climbing out of my funk with ease. Granted, I've been a little slow with fabulous month because of being so tired but I figured I'll just extend it until Halloween so I can fit in as many things as I can. I am STILL determined to paint my studio doors green before the Holidays.

So yes, things have been on a steady upswing in the mood department. I managed to have an evening to myself a few days ago which really worked wonders for me. I locked myself up in the studio and cut out a period Persian coat (which I have had on the back burner for who knows how long) while watching Marie Anonette..aka costume porn. The coat is not a vital project but one I wanted to work on. Next week I'm going to cut out my Viking Apron so I have some spiffy new duds for Leif Erikson. I usually don't try to make new garb every event, only when the want strikes me. Currently, the want is striking hard.

I'm back on weightwatchers and started walking again. I've managed to fit in my walks in my days which has helped both with my mood and with my weight. . I already dropped some poundage and my jeans no longer are strangling the life out of me. Thank god for this. My only option is losing the weight because I realyl don't have the money to buy new pants. *L* Eh, its good as motivation as any.

Halloween Party Planning!!
I need to get my Halloween costume stuff squared away. Our theme for this year's party is Alice in Wonderland/Steampunk. Why yes I DO plan on having a field day. Why do you ask? Max wants to go as the Catipillar so I want to make him a Victorian/persian/smoking jacket  type of look...I need to get him a fez. I want to go as my favorite character, the March Hare but I honestly still have no idea how I want to do the costume. So I'll be sketching out some ideas soon. I also need a Hatter of some sort to pair up with. I really think this might be the first Alice party I go to that won't have fiftybazillion Mad Hatters. *L*. Not like I care, really. I'm expect most of my friends to show up with a playing card taped to their forehead as their costume. It always ends up degenerating to lots of people in the hot tub anyways so there ya go.
I'm going to attempt to put stations around the house that are themed. So we'd have a Catipillar louging area with the hooka and some pillows looking all middle eastern(thinking of putting that on the deck near the hot tub), the tea party area where all the booze is going to go (note to self, pick up a PLASTIC tea set for this. PLASTIC) an eat me/drink me table for food...etc etc. I really do want to go all out for this year. I may even buy some lights or paper lanterns to hang up across the backyard if I can figure out how to do so.
Anyone wanna come help me party plan? It will be on a budget of course but I tend to do pretty good with pulling things out of thin air from my drawers o' random crap.

I'm a wee bit stoked, can you tell?

I'll be offline for the next few days while I spoil my nephews rotten.  For those who have the info, please feel free to call or Txt me if you need me.:)

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Ketill took me geocaching for the first time on Friday and I have to say that it was WAY more fun than I expected! I took a couple random photos of the caches we found but alas, they are still on my camera. I'll toss them up sometime this week. So Ketill is stuck with me as a partner it looks like. We're already planning out caches to hunt down when both of us get back from our trips.
New obsession? Quite possibly. I even found a GPS on Amazon made specifically for Geocaching on Amazon that 's running about $70. Not too shabby. I may pick one up when I get the extra spending cash so I can go hunting around my own neighborhood on my after work walks. There's a ton around my area in public places where I'll feel safe heading on my own.
Still, more fun with a buddy...which is why Ketill is stuck with me.;)

The weekend so far has been pretty fabulous and busy. Thursday my new newphew Tommy David was born. According to Leelee, he's a great big readed boy who really loves to sleep. Kinda the polar opposet of my aborable and incredibly handsome newphew Danny. Since Tommy is the youngest and is also a redhead I have desided I will make him my minion. oh YES! Tommy shall soon be my minon in all that is nerdy. *rubs hands together evily* I fly out on Wednesday to see the boys. Let the spoiling commence!

Friday I geocached then went to Tink and Noelle's with Mark and Ty for some dindin (yay pasta and chicken boobies!). Then on Saturday I headed up to Angels Aniversary with Max to pull some court and guard duty. It was freakin' hot out there but the event overall was pretty nice...lots of nice garb to drool over. I ended up playing lady in waiting for Baroness Kate while she judged the period desert contest happening...which means I ALSO got to partake in the tasting...hehehe. Just letting you all know, stawberry soup? REALLY fantastic. I'm glad I was able to jump on that desert grenade in the name of Calafia.;) Trish and Kyt also managed to head over to Angels so we had a great time hanging out and enjoying the tourney. It was Trish's first tourney so she was having a blast watching all the tournament style fighting.
We ended the day by going to dinner at Sizzler (CLASSY!) then after a 3 hour drive home, Max and I passed out for the night.
At work right now and so far the day has been lovely...thats not sarcasm.

Some fabulous thigs that have happened:
  • Had fun at Angels Aniversary. Wore my Bodice gown which tends to make the "Gals" look VERY nice Alas no photos.;)
  • Geocaching is now the new obsession! Can't wait to find more!
  • Worked on my steampunk costume and updated [ profile] costumenonsense finally. Hopefully more photos for there to come.:)
  • Got MAJORLY inspired by one of the merchants at Angels and I'm going to make myself a period persian coat  and chamise with the help of Ty's pattern.:)
  • The fall weather is creeping in over here in San Diego which means chillier nights. Hooray Fall!  I've been breaking out the Anything Ghost podcast in honor of my favorite season.
  • Started back on weightwatchers and started my walking back up. I already lost 2 pounds. WOO!
House meeting after work. Then hopefully a little moment of peace and perhaps some puttering around in the studio. I'm feeling creative.
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Guess who has new sexy steampunk boots?
Go on. Guess...
 Why YES! It IS me!

I managed to win these puppies on ebay last week. pretty cheep too. They are slightly used but hardly any wear or tear on them at all.  And OMG they are MASIVELY comfy...I'm currently wearing them at work. These are going to be a part of the costume I'm making for the May gaslight convention in San Diego and the photoshoot in September. But that won't really stop me from occasionally wearing them in everyday life.
I'm just happy I found boots that are comfy AND super awesome sexy.

Just FYI I am still open to commissions!
My color slots are all filled but I still have five slots left for sketches. Let me know if you're interested.:) Help me get to Rob's wedding! Give generously and I shall sketch like the wiiiiind! ;)

Also on the art front. The ZOMGWTF!1? Studio gals have been busy lil bees...Well SHING has. Look what Shing and Kyt put up for us!
Now you can keep up with all of our antics. Granted, Shing and Kyt will be far busier on there than me. But its nice to be a part of something. HOORAY!

Been in a good mood this whole week which is a plus. I think it has everything to do with changing up the diet to include LESS junk and getting back on the exercise train again. Been also very inspired lately and sketching more often. Its nice considering I had such a dry period from 2008-2009. Already did a huge art dump on my Devart site. TONS of sketches from April and May. Still have a bunch more to scan too.
Granted, I haven't worked on anything costume wise for a while but I don't mind. I have been using this week to take a breather from the wacky crazy summer. So my evenings have consisted of massive vegatation.
The Regina costume is first on the list, then after than I'm going to make a new Viking for the Leif Erikson tourney which is...well a good ways away. Also need to give Ketill a poke to get fabric from him to make him some new viking tunics. Got some instructions on how to make some and I'm kinda itching to try it out.
Next week I'm heading up to No Cal for a quick weekend with the family. Then the weekend after that..huh..Donno. Probably nothing actually. I am currently contemplating if I want to spend one of my solo Fridays over at Balboa Park for my usual Summertime museum hopping and photo taking excursion. Not sure when I want to. But I know I want to. A wander through Balboa always recharges my batteries.

Overall, things have been good and mellow...which is what I need right now.
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So I've been feeling kinda ragged, blah, and frumpy lately. So I am declaring yet another Fabulous Month for August.
August 1st I will be doing one fabulous thing a day (small or large)and posting it on LJ. It should be a trip as usual.
Anyone care to join in again?

Also, I'm going to be taking commissions again in August. Which means the three people who have outstanding commissions? You'll have yours by Monday. Yes, even you Patrick.;)
I'm really trying to raise some money right now so I can make it to Rob's wedding in Canada without breaking the bank. I'm also open to doing costume pieces, garb, and such. Any bone you can throw would be appreciated. :)
...And the etsy store will be opening soon. Unfortunately I haven't had two seconds lately to take photos of my stock and put it up. Ugh! July! You're KILLIN' me with your wacky craziness!

ANYWAYS... The actual meat of the post, LoJ Pictures!

Enter the Wackiness HERE! )

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Pondering Pondering Pondering...about nothing of any real importance. :)

So LoJ is this Friday, and I'm really short on time to make a costume. I was planning to do a cool steampunk lady costume with corset, skirt with bustle, gun, belt, and hat (hat curtoursey of Christal). But time is short and I rather take my time putting together something GOOD instead of trying to rush it and half ass the whole thing. Don't get me wrong...still planning on finishing the costume. But right now I only have a couple days to make a corset, blouse, skirt with bustle, finish the gun, and build the belt. Right now all I got is a hat since it was a Christmas gift..damn I love that hat.

Soooo I'm considering changing gears and whipping up something a bit quicker and easier for the night. I was going to haul out some of my middle eastern patterns and put together a quick Fire Djinn costume. All I'll need to make is the gwazie and the chamise and that's about it. I can put together a head piece or turban pretty quickly and everything else I have stashed away in my SCA clothes....or i just just make everything green and go as a Green Djinn. Haven't desided on color yet. I also will be matching with Capt'n since he's wearing his Aba to LoJ.  I could make something really awesome..but  then there would be no hat...and I love that hat.

So yeah, I'm torn. Do I go for the gold and try to pull an entire steampunk costume out of my ass and go half finished? Or do I go the easier route where I know I can finish up the costume quick and with all the details intact. And if I do the Djinn I go orange/red or do I go green/earth tones?

I'm really love both ideas too so I'm sure whatever I wear I'll be happy with.



May. 18th, 2010 04:32 pm
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I'm having more random ambitious thoughts again:

  • If I desided to have a Regency Tea, would anyone want to come? This is only an excuse to make a Regency gown soo...
  • If not Regency, anyone interested in doing a period dress tea of some sort? Victorian? Medieval? Steampunk?
  • Any other theme? Alice in Wonderland? Changling? Anything?
  • Maybe a Tea and Champagine get together involving costumes?
  • If men are interested, should we involve wine too?...Beer?...and tea and Champagine?  Sorry, war is coming and drinkin' is on the mind!
  • Would anyone be interested in taking photos of the hilarious highjinks that would insue?
  • Would anyone be interested in FINALLY doing the old west Steampunk photoshoot I mentioned practially two years ago?
  • Can you tell I'm on a big ol' costuming kick right now?
I really am in need of a nap...

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I'm getting back on the wagon with working out and such. I've been feeling flabby and when I realized my Persian coat fit me too tight at the last SCA event I was at I thought "Oh crap! better start watching it!" Of course I always choose to start "watching it" around the holidays...the most tempting time of all! AHH!
Anyways, trying to work in a 30 minutes work out at day when possible just to keep the blood flowing. Thank you WiiFit!

Thanksgiving was a total blast. It was our first in our house. And silly me did not really take photos since I was busy playing hostess..aka...I was stuffing turkey in my mouth for hours. But a good time was had with my SCA family! On Friday I ventured out with [ profile] wyngdlyon , [ profile] christalblu , and [ profile] rogue_78 aka Colleen, Christal, and Ty up to the LA fashion district for some serious fabric ventures! I think Christal won with best haul. (BTW, Christal makes fantastic hats and Colleen makes custom bears...just sayin'...for Christmas...just sayin'). I picked up some nice black brocade to make Doodle a doublet as a thank you gift. The guy has been busting his ass for me and Max and hasn't asked for anything in return. Its really the least I can do. I also picked up some pretty blue teal silk dupioni for myself. I plan to make a nice venitian or Florentine court gown when I have the chance. Here be the sexy fabrics!
The pictures don't do the colors justice.

(BTW, you can also check out [ profile] costumenonsense for my latest garb ventures...just sayin'). It was a great time.
Saturday? Saturday I sat on my bum all day. I was going to do some gardening but the glorious rainy weather...and I truly mean it...prevented me. So I locked myself away with some tea in my studio and worked on stuff. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have a studio? Because its awesome to have a studio.
I'll work on tending to the front yard on my upcoming half day.

This week proves to be adventurous! Max and I plan to pick up a Christmas Tree this week! WOOOO! So STOKED FOR THIS! Granted, it won't be our first tree but it will be our first tree in the new house. Winter Arts is this Saturday. I still don't really have much worth showing but eh, What have I got to loose huh? I also got my time off request and will be going up north to see the fam soon! WOO! Hey Dasha! We must plot!! the 21-27 I'll be home! =D
So yeah, life is grand. I even stood outside the house on Saturday watching the rain from my driveway and said so outloud to Max. 2009 was good to us. It has its rocky moments in the begining but overall, yeah, it was good to us.:)

And now Scout is demanding I wash up and come to bed so I best be on my way if I know what's good for me.

Kitteh Love.
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So, remember that Wild West steampunk photoshoot I mentioned a lotn while back then never went back to because life got crazy?
Anyone up to that again? Possibly in January?
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Okay. Check cleared and home insurance bought. All that's left at this point is the screaming...I mean the final loan paperwork.
So if all goes on schedule, the keys will be in our hands by the end of the day on Thursday. And Max goes in to be Mr fix-it and spruce some things up while I'm at Gathering.

To Do List on House BIG stuff (immediate):
Fix some wiring
scrape off popcorn cealing from common areas
Re-finish cealing in common areas
Tear out carpeting
Paint rooms
Put in new flooring
Get some appliances
drive up north to pick up furnature hand me downs
Move our crap

To Do on House LITTLE stuff (Over time):
Re-grout parts of the tub
Get some new (non 70's chic) light fixtures
Get Ginormous fish tank cycled and ready to go for the Mollies.
Mow the freakin lawn finally!...its been driving me a bit crazy.
Get the herb garden and vegatable garden started
Watch and snicker as Max becomes a snail rancher...don't ask.

We're planning on keeping the common rooms (living room/dinning room and game room) nutral in color and doing the decor in a a sudo victorian/steampunk style...obviously this will come with time. *L*
The bedroom I'm doing in all India inspired colors with dark blue walls. Blue and orange...maw hahaha....but more than just blue and orange probably.
The office is Max's other domain so he'll probably go victorian/steampunk in there as well with dark green walls.
The guestroom and my studio are mine mine mine! My studio space is going to eventually be a cross between Midcentury Mod and BoHo Chic.
The guest room? Eh no clue. It'll come to me eventually.
The Kitchen is whatever Max wants.

This is mostly us chatting and fantasizing about what we're going to do with the place. Granted, this will all be a work in progress for a very long time but Its still fun to come up with some sort of game plan.
We already are planning to have Thanksgiving as well as the HouseHold Halloween party at our place this year. MAW HAHAHAHA! Halloween Decorations!!!!

Am I excited?
Oh...a wee bit.

In OTHER news:

-Gathering is this week! I'll be taking off to LA on Thursday to meet with the rest of the staff for last minute hooha. I'm pretty much ready to go with the exception of a couple little things. I also will have all new art in the show so...if you want to buy...I won't stop ya...just sayin'.
But I am looking forward to seeing friends I haven't seen in ages since I was AWOL for 07 and 08 due to saving up for the wedding. If you're going to Gathering drop by the art room for a hello! Tigs? Shaun? You have no choice in the matter.;)
Alas, this year will be my first year that I go without a costume. I just didn't have the cash/time for cosplay this year. But I'm considering putting on my LBD and painting a fox over my eye and go as "cocktail hour Fox" or something. *LOL* Not sure yet. Anyone wanna go as "cocktail hour" Xanatos with me?
Come to my Panels!
I'll be doing Costuming 101 and focusing on how to make armor out of craft foam and felt!
Project Rungarg is going to be Hilarious! Please participate and make costumes out of house hold objects! The winner gets a shiney ribbon!

-After Max and I are moved in and settled in the house I plan to get back into my Illumination lessons and my garb making adventures. I want to get back into the groove of creative things again since this summer was so crazy it. I do want to make another Italian Ren, this time in green. I also want to EVENTUALLY try my hands at an Elizabethan. THAT I assure you will be a long on going project instead of the usual couple day ones. When I do get started, progress will of course be on [ profile] costumenonsense . Though right now my poor blog is playing dormant since I really have nothing worth showing.

-I decided that I'm going to learn how to embroider. I suddenly got the bug up my butt to learn. Anyone know of any good books for me to check out about begining embroidery? I honestly have no clue where to start with this and I've been really eager to learn...yet never have time for classes. DOH!

Aaaand...thats all I have to say at the moment. CHEERS!
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So I'll have a panel up in the Gathering Art show...and I have NO idea what to put up!
Seriously, I'm drawing blanks here.

So I'm asking you, oh fellow fans who will be at Gathering (or won't. I'm not picky). What would you like to see from me?
Comedy pieces? Movie Parody Posters? 3D stuff? Character stuff? Original characters?
Not asking what will sell, just asking what you think would be fun to see from me.
If anything I can use this as a spring board to get my creative juices flowing.

And on the same note....
I'll be once again hosting the Costuming 101 panel this year. It will probably be the same ol same ol.
So another question. If you come to my panel would you like to hear all about the basics as usual or would you rather I do something completely different? What would you like to hear about? Want to make it a mini workshop? Bring your masquarade costume and we make it a con Stitch n Bitch?

And just to pimp, I'm going to be hosting the cracked out competition "Project Rungarg" as well this year. Think of it as Iron Artist but with costumes. (I think some anime cons do this and call it Iron Cosplay).  I'll be providing some wacky cheep materials and the attendees will be separated into teams. They then have to create a cannon character costume in 30-45 minutes using said materials and do a runway show.. A good time will be had by all!
I'm really hoping to make this panel a lot of fun so please come attend it if you're going to Gathering. If anything, it will be a good laugh.  I'll post the time and date soon...because I'm totally blanking right now.
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Right now I just want to point out that I freakin' RULE because I managed to put together a rather cohesive steampunk costume just using my SCA garb and stuff I had in my cosplay closet. Awww yeah.
I also built steampunk fairy wings out of crap I had laying around in my crafts closet. Pics to come tonight hopefully after I've slapped some details on them.

Total money spent on this? $2 for extra craft foam.

I knew all those shows I put together on a dime would come in handy.

Budget Costume Diva Powers GO!!!

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