Jan. 19th, 2012

cinagel: (That's Nice Kitty!)
Blog Update! I also added a facebook and google+ page to my blog as well as started its own twitter account.
All the photos from Steampunk Symposium are on there. What little I have. But what little I have is pretty cool.:) It really was a fun con. Not extremely profitable for Colleen and I but luckily the fun we had canceled out the grumpiness of lack of slaes.
For the most part, it was a good first time con. There are some bugs they need to iron out (LOTS more sinage, better con program book, etc.) But thats stuff that will come with time. I'm not sure if we plan to return as vendors if we go back (read Colleen's take on our harrowing set up exerience, here) But I wouldn't mind coming back as just a con goer. The location has lots of potental and the staff was pretty dang friendly and helpful.

Now I'm finally in the middle of some down time...and I have no friggin clue what to do with myself. Currently I'm just trying to spend my time sketching lots. This is good! I promised myself I would update my blog once a week so the massive amounts of sketching will do me some good. I also have been inspired lately since I've gone back to gaming again on a regular basis.
I also need to start my Victorian...I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!

Been working on the C5k training and honestly? I love it. I truly do. I look forward to it every other day and I tend to get a little miffed when I have to skip over a day. It really is a huge stress reliever for me. I feel great afterwards and I sleep like a baby. Also, I've been noticing how my body is toning up and I'm starting to lose inches. Thats the main perk there. WOOT!

Things so far...have been good.

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