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This movie NEEDS to come out!

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So the last few days have been Blah and today has been the Craptacular Crapcapades. So I'm going to talk about awesome things that make me happy.

I just picked up a new zombie book called Patient Zero. I like it so far but its a bit different from the usual zombie fare. Its a bit like The Bourne Idenity meets Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later. So its pretty interesting in a butch beat-em-up action way. Only 90 pages in but the story appears to be picking up speed. Its been really enjoyable.
And for those keeping count, it looks like its the slow zombie style. But not sure yet.

My Gehy Boiz were in in town last weekend! Seth and Sammy came down to SD and I actually had a chance to see them for a change. So Me, Seth, Sammy, Marina, Brian, his sister, and Scott all went out on Sat to catch a evening showing of Watchmen (my second time. I'm such a nerd. But not as big a nerd as Jen.) and grab some dinner. I didn't get to bed until 2am but it was totally worth it to hang out with some of the old garg folk I don't get to see often (depsite a chunk of them living in the same city.)Unfortunately Max had to work the night shift so he couldn't join us. Hopefully next time he can come with.
This reminds me...I need some Roarschac LJ Icons.

Colleen and it went out and got our nails done at Lulu's! It was a great time. She had a pedi, I got a mani and it was the best one I've ever had. Usually i chip my polish in the first day. Its been four days and its still going strong! We then ha a sushi lunch and BSed for a while. It was awesome to catch up with her!

House Meeting was on Sunday and almost all the household was there which always makes me happy. I love them all! I miss them all too. I was a bit out of it so hopefully I didn't come across as bitchy.
I need to schedule an April S&B.
This also reminds me...I need to send out the house meeting minutes later this week.

I plan to take a very hot, very long, very nice Lush bath when I get home. Seriously. We're talking full blown pampering. MAYBE use my Humango. Oooh..That would be niiiiice.Bath..BIG glass of wine.

Max and I are back on the house hunt. For serious now. a few years ago we batted the idea around. But now since we're both working, his job is secure and so far so is mine, and the housing prices are insanely affordable for us, we're going for it. We contacted a relator and a loan officer. We do qualify for a VA loan since Max is a veteran and our credit is good. That REALLY helps us out a LOT. We've found some nice 4 bedroom houses in Santee and Spring Valley. I'm leaning a bit more towards Santee but it really depends on the house and the neighborhood. We're going to start looking phsically at houses in a few more weeks. We may be moved into our own place by the end of the year. I'm EXTREMELY excited to be living in a place that has more than two rooms! The good part is Max's brother may take over the apartment after we leave which will help our awesome landlord out since he's in Florida and can't really interview tenants. We plan to have a bedroom, guest room (I hear my friends collectively shouting HOORAY!), A study/computer room, and a Sewing room. But if we get a 3 bedroom house We'll combind the guest and sewing room. I got my fingers crossed!

I WILL be particpating in April Drawing Challange! I've been way too lax about sketching and I need to get back on the horse. And I won't cop out like last year.

In two weeks I got home for another brief visit to see the Danny Boy! He's a year old and he's walking with his walker. Leelee thinks he'll be walking on his own by the time I visit. I so can't wait to see my adorable and incredibly handsome nephew!

Ah..Okay, that made me feel better.:)
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I found this link on a really interresting LJ com [ profile] disturbingbooks

I SO want to read this!

I like the idea that the author interviewed real life people to see what the senerios would really be. This intrigues me. I need to pick this sucker up my next paycheck (or with one of my gift cards). I was looking for a good zombie read to occupy my lunchbreaks.


Jul. 9th, 2008 08:26 pm
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So I just watched [REC].
Its a horror film from Spain that just scared the holy beezers out of me!
I've been snooping around for this movie since I heard about the US remake Quarantine which is supposed to come out later this year. All I know is the Hollywood remake has a LOT to live up to because this was a fantastic horor film.
Its pretty much if someone in 28 Days Later had a video camera. I'm a sucker for the "Home Movie" genre (Cloverfield, Blair Witch, etc). And I think this film really portrays the whole video taping senerio far more realistic than the other movies. It just makes sense why the camera is there and why the camera work is actually pretty good. It also takes a lot from the Original Dawn of the Dead where they only give you teaspoons full of information. The rest you have to piece together yourself which really puts you in the shoes of the main characters. I really hope this comes out on DVD in the US because I NEED to own this.

If you want to see this movie, you can watch it here. Its about 90 minutes and its subtitled in English for my non spanish speaking friends:

Just remember that it is a horror film so you may get scared...or you may yawn. I donno.
Personally? Its scared the hell out of me.
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This is mostly for my zombie fan friends.
Looks like Mr Brooks is going to be putting out a graphic novel based on the historial attacks in the Zombie Survival Guide...MUST HAVE!
Also, the World War Z movie is in the works. They hired one of the main writers from Babylon 5 to tackle the screenplay. I really hope they consider doing the movie in documentry format.
Anyways, interresting read.:)

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