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Miz Liz! aka [ profile] syrusb ! Your falls are done! Here they are! Pardon the crappy cell phone pic.

I'll send them out by the end of the week. I just need to pick up a box to send them in so they don't get smooshed.:)

Patrick: Almost done coloring your commissions in. I'm hoping they will be done by Friday at the latest. Working on the hair clips for you sisters tonight probably.

Tiggy: Starting the sketches of your first 3 right now!

And that's where things stand on the commission front as of now.

The Halloween front is looking pretty dang busy as of now. I have my costume and my sister just asked if I could make a devil costume for my newphew Danny and a matching vest for her Husband, Ryan. I cannot expressed how stoked I am to be making a Halloween costume for my nephew.  I'm already hunting down paterns MWAHAHAHAHAA!! I'll have to call her after work tonight for more details.
Of course this is only going to snowball into insanity since I'm also making my own costume...Luckily Max is opting for a Bed Sheet Ghost costume for Halloween this year so I'm off the hook for making him anything... SO tempted to detour over to Joann Fabric's after work. They're down the street from our house and a good place to look for novelty cottons that aren't over priced.

Project overload!...Kinda how I like my autums.

So currently on the list (So I don't forget):
Liz's hair falls - DONE
Patrick's Smut - In process
Patricks gift clips - Will start tonight
Tiggy's Sketches - Started
Other commission sketches - still in the cue
Kyshy's hair Fall - Still in the cue
Danny's Devil costume - Need details
Vest For Ryan - Need to find pattern and buy fabric
My Witch Costume - In development

Aaaand still plotting tea party with Colleen. Yeah..I be busy.
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Quick Note: my dad.

And he is awesome.
Seriously, I have always looked up to my dad for all of my life. He is what I strive to be in my adult hood. My dad is the definition of a good man.  And if I can impact other people's lives the way my my dad has, I know that I'll have led a good life.
He's my Atticus Finch...with a wicked sense of humor.
I love you dad. I know you're not reading this because you really aren't into computers, let alone Livejournal. But I wanted to say happy father's day on here anyways.
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Mmm tea. You always make me feel happy in the morning. Today its raspberry.

Oh and I don't care how old and cliche this is, this always makes me feel good when I read it. And honestly? I've been needing mental pick me ups lately. Still a bit in the dark place. But coming out of there more and more everyday!

I haven't been about lately. Thats because life has been crazy busy. Went to war. Came back with a  gross mung that is still sticking to me. Then my mom and sister came into town shortly after, which was fabulous. I got killer shoes that weekend! I tend to only go clothes shopping when I see my mom and sister so I took advantage of the time at the mall.

See? Killer SHOES!
I also spent the weekend teaching my mom how to use her Kindle. She seemed to take to it really fast (faster than her email for sure) and now she's DLing books like a fiend. *LOL* My poor dad and his credit card. But she now isn't afraid of her Kindle so I have done well.
All last week was spent just cleaning the house frantically. But the house is extremely clean now so thats a plus! Alas that was as productive as I got.
So this month, arts and crafts month, I'm forcing myself to work on projects for AX and my etsy store. Alas, due to being sick and the family visit, I am now 2 weeks behind on finishing my stuff for AX. ARG! So the plan is to lock myself in the studio after work for a few days and pound out some things. I'm inspired and really rarin' to go on this stuff! I also want to get my etsy store up asap. I need need NEEEEEED to get it up and running before AX. So I'm hoping this week I can work on some stock, next week I can take photos for the store and get things uploaded and ready to go. This is my plan. I hope I can stick to it.
 I've been finding it hard to keep myself focused lately. I have a ton of ideas of things I want to build, then once I get into my studio I sort of blank out and stare at my stuff in a stupor. My brain is too crowded lately. So I've been making myself lists to keep focused. Today I'll work on A. Tomorrow I will work on B, at work I will rough out sketches C and D. Its been helping. I just have to stay focused. It hasn't been easy since lately I've been ADD girl on a crafting rampage.AND I ordered offical looking business cards! I am REALLY over printing and cutting my own. TOTALLY over it. So I designed myself some new ones and ordered them from a printer. I'm very excited to see them!

Tonight I am hoping to update my art blog with a sketch I did for my sister as well as pics of some of the crafts I am working on. Still debating if I want to keep my blog strictly to art and costume or if I want to add addtional things to it, like photos of SCA tournies I go to, photo safari's I take, my work on my dollhouse, etc... Usually I reserve that stuff for here. I suppose I can find a way to double post, right? I definitely have no intentions of leaving LJ. I enjoy it FAR more than Facebook which honestly, gets really irritating to be on after a little while. So I'm trying to combind my LJ and my art blog together...but keep my personal thoughts here. Here I have people who I've known for years. I rather my LJ friends read my personal thoughts than my Facebook friends(though there IS cross over). There are a lot of people on FB I just rather not have delving into my personal life or locked entries.

I have a few photos of our backyard I need to post. We have it looking pretty good so far! We still have a long way to go but everyday it looks a little nicer and a little nicer.  When I have the cash, I need to pick up another one of those half wine barrels to transplant my strawberries into. The slugs keep getting to them, damnit. But surpisingly enough, the Columbines I planted when we first moved in..the ones I was convinced died a horrible death, have returned! They are gorgous and have a bunch of blooms on them. I'll have to take photos soon.
Its been a mild summer here in SD so far. This bodes well for my plants.

Oh, and of course, I'm obessively watching Game of Thrones on HBO. yeah, I read the books and I know whats coming but damnit, I am still loving it. The adaptation from book to show is incredible! And the costumes are delicious. I really want to try my hand at one someday. Caitlyn's possibly since she is one of my favorite females in the story. So my COPIUS spare time...oye. Well its a project in the back of my head. it might become so in a year or two...or three.

And to end this post, 7 things that make me smile:
1-Tea. LOVE tea.
2-Eating lunch outside at the Cafe on a gorgous sunny day (which I just did).
3-New killer shoes!
4-The idea of getting to go home and work in the studio.
5-Mr Max and how well he took care of me and my family this weekend.
6-My photo Safari Month and baking month I have sitting on the horizon.
7-Going to the County Fair in a couple weeks!
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Okay who am I kidding? I am so not awake. But its not for lack of trying! I think I finally am fully recovered from my cold... Only to get stricken by alleries. Damn you sinuses! *Shakes fist*. Regardless, at least I'm feeling semi human again, though the cold has knocked be behind about... oh...a month. ARG!
Trying not to think about that.
Anyways, I managed to get back up north for a very quick visit home last weekend. My nephews are growing like weeds and everyone is doing well. My Uncle Mike especially. While he still has cancer, his cancer has shrunk significantly due to the chemo. This gives him and lot of extra time on life. I am extremely grateful to the powers that be for this news. Its the first good news we got since he was diagnosed.:)
Alas, I had to be home for work on Easter. But Max prepared quite the Easter feast on Sunday which was amazing. Then it was Game of Thrones Ep 2 time. We've been doing viewing parties for this every week which usually involves a feast of some sort.
My ass is getting so fat.
Trying to get back into dance practice. Ty comes over once a week now so we can practice with my DVDs. I'm improving, not sure how performance ready I am but I'll just do the age old trick of smiling and pretending I know what I'm doing. If you can't dazzle them with style, baffle them with bullshit, as my father always says.
On an up note, I have been doing a lot of sketching and as soon as I have two friggin seconds to myself, I'll start scanning things. I even was asked to do the Gate Flyer cover for May War. So if you go to May War this year? That be my cover. WOO! I'll scan it eventually. Its not a bad piece. Also, Barroness Bri had me do a ton of illustrations for her article on what to and what not to wear in the SCA. I'm really proud of those and when the article goes live I'll post a link. ALSO also, my sketch commission I offered up at the arts auction at St Artemas went for a good penny too! I think I'll offer up another commission for the May War Arts Auction and see how that Fares.
And on May 21st I'm going to a workshop on how to make a good pattern for a fitted Gothic dress. Its something Ellyn and I have been JONESIN' to learn. The workshop is in Corona and she's willing to drive so I'm willing to go! Just need some Linen, safty pins, and a buddy to drape it to me. Always wanted a fitted Gothic dress so this should be a blast!

Otherwise, life is trucking along. The sunshine is back (for now) which has really lifted my spirits. I hope it remains for a little bit. It makes my lunch breaks so much more enjoyable. After I get the backyard weeded and cleane up again I plan to lounge out there with a book and a margarita.
I may get me some nice windchimes for the back yard too. Just for the hell of it.

I Return!!

Feb. 6th, 2011 12:26 pm
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The visit home was mostly awesome and fantastic!
I'm going to take a brief moment though to bitch about the one shitty thing before going on the the awesome. I lost my sketch book on the plane. *facepalm*. My fault really. I slipped my book into the magazine pocket during the flight, dozed off a moment and when I woke up completely forgot I put it there and walked off the plane. I left a lost and found report and checked with the airport. Nada. I'm pretty sure its gone for good. Its a little bit heart breaking for me really since I had over a year of very sentimental sketches in that book (sketches of the crew, pics for max, RPG characters, etc.) that I never had a chance to scan into the computer. Luckily no paid commissions except for one were in there. Still, its made me blah. But I'm going to try to use this as a good oportunity to push myself to replace what I lost and make them better than the originals. I bought a new book and I'm going to not only guard it with my life but put in some very good finished colored pieces.
So yeah, I'm going to try and turn this around into a good thing. An oportunity to create some beautiful finished work.

Okay, crappy ranting over with.

Other than that, I really had a wonderful time seeing the fam. Mom was shocked to see me when I came to the door and burst into tears. Mission accomplished. Overall it was a very low keyed visit. Mom and I sat and talked for hours mostly. And Mom, Dad, and I went to lunch at my favorite place, La Strada which I haven't been to in forever. Yummy yummy Chicken Marsala, Polanta, and Fried Calamari! YEEEES!  Leelee unfortunately couldn't make it since Ryan was in a show and she had her hands full with the boys. But she did come over every evening so I could catch up with her and play with my nephews. Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Mike dropped in to have some cake and icecream for Mom's B-day. Aunt Lorraine made her amazing OMG fudge cake and I more or less gorged myself since Its been years as well since I had that cake. Uncle Mike had just gotten back from chemo the day before so he was pretty worn out but otherwise in good spirits so that was nice to see.
Tommie's hair has turned from strawberry blonde to OMGFIRE!! red which is awesome. He has the red hair and big blue eyes which apparently is total chick kryptonite. I already bought him a shirt that says Chick Magnet on it for Christmas. Danny never stops moving like your average almost 3 year old. He is finally starting to be more verbal now and talked up a storm to me. His favorites were "I love you, auntie"...because I bought him another hotwheels car and singing/screaming happy birthday at the top of his lungs to...well whoever will stop and listen. He also loves the movie Cars and enjoys shoutng 'MCQUEEEEEEN!" When he pulls out his bigwheel. Sweet God the cute overload was intense.

The trip home really has rebooted my spirits though. Seeing the fam has put me in a good mood and I'm already plotting when I can go visit again. Mom and dad mentioned that they want to come visit sometime in the summer to see the progress of the house. That would be VERY awesome indeed.

 Got my pattern for my regency gown. STOKED to start a mock-up! Its going to be fun longer term project. WOOT!

OMG! The pilot of my flight to Oakland FOUND MY SKETCHBOOK! I just found an email from him in my spam box. It was my hotmail address so he must have found some of the print ups in my book with my info on it.
...or he's a stalker and used this as an excuse to get my address. Eh, I own a gun and a very hostile husband if that's the case.
Eitherway, if he is the pilot of the plane, I GOT MY BOOK BACK!!!
Pleeeeeze don't be a stalker!! I don't want to kill, I just want my work baaaaaack!
God, I've watched too many horror films.

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Things have been CRAZY busy.
 That's a better term for it.

Still shaking off the last bit of the wackiness the bad BC threw at me. Though honestly I am feeling FAR better than I have the last two months. LEAPS and BOUNDS better. Probably another week and I will have shaken off the hormones from Hell completely. This week has been nonstop alas. Something constantly happening after work...which has made it a bit tricky trying to get my ass ready to fly home for Mom's B-day. Oye. Cindy! You fill a day too easily! Otherwise I'm very stoked to go home and surprise mom. She has absolutely NO clue I'm coming home tomorrow. Its going to be awesome.

Next weekend...swear to GOD...I am doing jack all. I need a day to do nothing.  Just play in the garden, play in my studio, or maybe drive over to Balboa Park to catch the Zandra Rhodes exhibit at the Mengi Museum. SO want to see that! I don't THINK anything is happening next Saturday...seems to be my famous last words these days.  We shall see how next week pans out for me. 
Estrella is creeping closer...we have not started any prep. So I have a feeling we will be doing the SCA mad dash dance pretty soon. The good part is neither of us have anything huge we have to do before hand. I still need to make my short persian but if I don't get to it, eh, I won't be heart broken. We mostly just need to pack the stuff up and get it ready to load in the truck.  I so need this vacation. SO EXCITED TO GO!

In other non traveling news:
Sassycast is in its 100th did this happen? For those who don't know, Sassycast is a podcast that my friend Roy and his partner Chris do. I guest host once a week when I can. It really has been a blast but I can't believe we've cranked out THAT many eps!...Okay well THEY cranked out that many eps. I think of the 100 eps I am in about..oh..85 of them...maybe? Eitherway I'm really proud of being a part of something that has developed a following of some very awesome people..some who I've met on LJ (HI KEITH!) and some who have become Facebook and Twitter pals.  It really is awesome.:)
Creepy Kitch is still going strong. We only have 10 eps so far but they are good eps at least!

And now, your weekly pretty:

   Tea and Kindle keep me sane at work.

 English Primrose in our front yard and my autum mums that are making quite the comback. I need to take a pic with my real camera to do the colors justice

 My first wildflower bloom of the new year. Always seems to be a red flower too. :)
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So, I'm home!
Or at work at the very least.
I have pictures but not too many and not very good ones since I stupidly left my good camera at home. I did have my camera phone though so I used that. But they didn't turn out all that great. Ah well, what can ya do?
Christmas, overall, was pretty wonderful. I was very happy to see my family again and spend time with them. I've missed them a lot. Uncle Mike looked really great despite him having been on chemo for the last two weeks. He was weak obviously and thin but in great spirits and really was happy to be with the family. My aunt broke down a couple times. Not that I blame her at all. But after a little while she managed to perk herself up and play with the boys and have a good time. I'm so glad Uncle Mike was feeling up to spending Christmas with us. For a little while we were worried he'd be too sick to make it. But he spent not only Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us, he also dropped in on the 23rd for an impromptu family gathering we had out of no where. It brightened my spirits up a lot.
He said "As soon as I'm more on my feet, Aunt Lorraine and I are coming San Diego to see your house". I don't think that will really be doable but it made me feel good to hear him say that.
The boys made out like bandits. We pretty much spoiled the Hell out of them both. Tommy got mostly clothes. He's only 3 months old so really we felt it best to get him things he needed. I don't think he was hoping for a car considering he's still trying to figure out what his fingers are. Danny on the other hand was in toy heaven. He finally is old enough to grasp the concept of Christmas presents and Santa Claus. Needless to say he was a spun up little hyper ball of cute and screams. It was kinda hilarious.
Even though Christmas was a little lean for the grownups, we still got some lovely things. Aunt Lorrain bought Max and I some really cool Victorian style lamps for the bedroom and a tapestry to hang in the livingroom. and mom got me some much needed clothes (new sweater!). Max of course got me something awesome. I've been wanting a Kindle for while now and he totally surprised me with that. Of course he created this wacky series of notes and boxes for me to GET to the Kindle...but then my husband likes it when I work for a gift apparently. I have been playing with the Kindle for the last 24 hours *LOL*.
The handmade gifts went over REALLY well. Mom, Leelee, and Aunt Lorraine really liked the cross stitched towels I made them and the illuminated letters I painted were a HUGE hit. Aunt Lorraine opened theirs on Christmas Eve and as soon as mom and Leelee saw it they asked if I could paint one up for them. Luckily, it was already done. I think I'll do a big D and a K for Max and I to put in the livingroom around the Tapestry we just got. Or do our SCA Initals (O and R). I'll see how I feel.
I also got to visit with Chelle, Julie, Dasha, Jeffery, Bansha and Kyffin which super ruled! I miss my bay area friends.
Max was super excited when Dad took him to my Grandpa's old shop and let him pick out any tools he wanted to take home. My Grandpa's wood working tools are awesome so he was super stoked. We packed them up in the truck and even managed to find some chairs in great shape that belonged to mom and dad to take home. WOO! No more camp chairs when we have guests! Well, for the most part!
So yeah, it was really a good Christmas. I'm a bit bummed to have left my family but I am happy to be back home.
I'll try to take Christmas Swag photos when I think about it. Chances are I'll never think about it *L*

New Years this year is at Burke and Beth's place. Looking forward to that!
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I didn't get much time to post to a Merry Christmas post before I left since things were so busy. So here I am, in my room at my parents house typing this up via my Droid... Damn I love this phone.
So a big Merry Christmas to all my friends out there! I lover you guys and I hope today is wonderful.

More details when I'm home and on a larger keyboard. Until then, behold my parents pretty tree.

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Wow, I have a lot of catch up on don't I?
I feel remotely bad because frankly I just haven't had the gumption to really write any entries at all. I've been wanting more to keep my hands busy in other ways. Which means that I've been making a lot of hand made Christmas gifts lately.
I will be updating the costume blog soon. Started yet ANOTHER project. Want to get some in progress shots. I think its going to turn out really lovely....Kinda going nutzo on the details.

Anyways, to Recap!

Thanksgiving = Win and awesome!

I gorged myself. Seriously. It was not a healthy thing to do. I'm STILL bloated too. OYE! This is what happens when all the great cooks of the Iron Maiden get together for a feast. I end up immoble on the couch.
Totally worth it though.
It was the Pie-pocolypse for me. I made four pies; two key lime and two pumpkin. The pumpkin was pretty much devourored. The keylime is ALMOST devoured. I'm pretty proud of my pie prowess. Thank you [ profile] banshea AGAIN for the pumpkin Pie Receipe!
[ profile] crzydemona  spent the holiday weekend with us. I had SUCH a blast. We hung out, eat too much, caught a showing of Harry Potter 7 (which was OMG AWESOME IN SO MANY WAYS!), and generally did some fun girly bonding.
And Max is the king of the mighty fine Ham.

Christmas is fast approaching. I'm happy for it in a melencholy way. Its going to be a very odd Christmas for the Kinnard clan this year. This is mostly due to the fact that my Uncle Mike has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I've known for a while now but honestly I just haven't felt like mentioning it much online. He's fighting it though for as long as he can and generally being Uncle Mike, which means he is reaminng upbeat with a smile. And honestly right now he looks and sounds great. The chemo hasn't started yet though so I'm sure that will probably change. Though right now all we're doing is keeping positive and planning on enjoying what little time we have left with him. So this Christmas is going to be bitter sweet for all of us. Trying to not dwell on the bad and just feel blessed that whatever powers that may be desided to grant us some extra time with him. Feeling very grateful for that. So this Christmas is going to be both special and sad for me. If I seem a bit overly sentimental and sensitive this year about the holidays, please try and understand what is going on in my head. :)

On an upbeat note, I plan to spoil my newphews rotten this year the best I can. I'm hoping to do a cross stitch bib for little Tommy that says baby's first Christmas on it. I've been zooming on the cross stitch so I think I can slam it out. I also need to pick up some hotwheels for Danny, then plot with Max on what awesome nerd gift we're going to pick up for Shawn. He's old enough to appreciate the nerd-ity.  Max and I are probably going to pick up a tree next week. We're helpnig Burke and Beth out by taking over the Iron Maiden Yule party this year. Still don't have a ton of decorations but eh, I can improvise. I also need to plot with [ profile] tigrise and [ profile] brooklynx  over our anunal gathering of the holiday gargoyles at Macaroni Grill. Last year was epic *LOL*.

In non Holiday news:
-Sewing sewing sewing AGAIN! I have gotten bit by the creativity bug HARD this week. Winter Arts is this Saturday and I'd like to have at least ONE thing to show. We'll see if I accomplish this. Regardless on if I have or don't, I've been having a blast getting my hands dirty again.

-Planning on picking up a pencil again soon and sketching. its been OMG a MONTH since my last sketch. But I"m shaking off the emo artist mood and desided to get back on the horse...yes this also means SCANING the commissions I have sitting in my book. I suck, I know.

-Learned blackwork and more cross stitching. This has been an awesome way to keep my hands busy during down time at the desk.

-I think I may have enough cash to pick up some green paint to FINALLY paint my studio doors. Very stoked for this. Also thinking of making a new Ironing Board cover in the colors of my studio just to keep with the look. Need to find an Ironing board cover pattern though.

-Going to be working with Capt'n soon on the new charter for Middle Eastern Guild. We need to present it on Saturday.

-Etsy store is still not up. I am aware of this. I'm working on it! I've just had other projects in my way. >.<

And that.


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A Day behind on the meme. Ah well I'll either double post today or I'll just post when I"m able to post.:)

Day 03 - Your Parents
Get comfy...this is a long one.
Meet The Parents )

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Ketill took me geocaching for the first time on Friday and I have to say that it was WAY more fun than I expected! I took a couple random photos of the caches we found but alas, they are still on my camera. I'll toss them up sometime this week. So Ketill is stuck with me as a partner it looks like. We're already planning out caches to hunt down when both of us get back from our trips.
New obsession? Quite possibly. I even found a GPS on Amazon made specifically for Geocaching on Amazon that 's running about $70. Not too shabby. I may pick one up when I get the extra spending cash so I can go hunting around my own neighborhood on my after work walks. There's a ton around my area in public places where I'll feel safe heading on my own.
Still, more fun with a buddy...which is why Ketill is stuck with me.;)

The weekend so far has been pretty fabulous and busy. Thursday my new newphew Tommy David was born. According to Leelee, he's a great big readed boy who really loves to sleep. Kinda the polar opposet of my aborable and incredibly handsome newphew Danny. Since Tommy is the youngest and is also a redhead I have desided I will make him my minion. oh YES! Tommy shall soon be my minon in all that is nerdy. *rubs hands together evily* I fly out on Wednesday to see the boys. Let the spoiling commence!

Friday I geocached then went to Tink and Noelle's with Mark and Ty for some dindin (yay pasta and chicken boobies!). Then on Saturday I headed up to Angels Aniversary with Max to pull some court and guard duty. It was freakin' hot out there but the event overall was pretty nice...lots of nice garb to drool over. I ended up playing lady in waiting for Baroness Kate while she judged the period desert contest happening...which means I ALSO got to partake in the tasting...hehehe. Just letting you all know, stawberry soup? REALLY fantastic. I'm glad I was able to jump on that desert grenade in the name of Calafia.;) Trish and Kyt also managed to head over to Angels so we had a great time hanging out and enjoying the tourney. It was Trish's first tourney so she was having a blast watching all the tournament style fighting.
We ended the day by going to dinner at Sizzler (CLASSY!) then after a 3 hour drive home, Max and I passed out for the night.
At work right now and so far the day has been lovely...thats not sarcasm.

Some fabulous thigs that have happened:
  • Had fun at Angels Aniversary. Wore my Bodice gown which tends to make the "Gals" look VERY nice Alas no photos.;)
  • Geocaching is now the new obsession! Can't wait to find more!
  • Worked on my steampunk costume and updated [ profile] costumenonsense finally. Hopefully more photos for there to come.:)
  • Got MAJORLY inspired by one of the merchants at Angels and I'm going to make myself a period persian coat  and chamise with the help of Ty's pattern.:)
  • The fall weather is creeping in over here in San Diego which means chillier nights. Hooray Fall!  I've been breaking out the Anything Ghost podcast in honor of my favorite season.
  • Started back on weightwatchers and started my walking back up. I already lost 2 pounds. WOO!
House meeting after work. Then hopefully a little moment of peace and perhaps some puttering around in the studio. I'm feeling creative.
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I'm an auntie again!!
My new newphew Tommy David was born today only an hour ago.
8 pounds 10 ounces
21 inches long.
Friggin adorable!!

I'll upload the photo when I get home.EEEEE!

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So due to a work scheduling SNAFU...TOTALLY on my part, not on work's...I moved my weekend home to next weekend. The only thing that kinda sucks about that is I was planning on hitting Crown Tourney that Saturday. But eh, what can ya do? It not like there isn't going to be another Crown in six months again.
So that means I have this weekend kinda free. I plan to do both creative stuff and house stuff if possible. Maybe paint up some old furniture for the guest room or FINALLY buy some curtain rods and make curtains for the bathroom and the studio...

But I think the main thing I may do is work in the back yard and get things cleaned up back there. Its looking a lil messy/white trashy back there and its driving me a wee bit nuts. I really want to attempt to have a decent looking back yard by spring if possible. I am STILL Jonesin' to do a Victorian/Recency/Period/ Whatev' tea party, dangit!  We just have a lot of weeds and junk to clear out still. its kinda daunting which is why I've been so slow going with it. But damnit, I really want to have a back yard I LIKE to sit out in..because right now, I'm not enjoying it unless its dark and I can't see it. So I need to just get my ass out there and start rototilling.
Yes, I am fully aware how obnoxiously OCD that is.
Yes, I can sometimes be obnoxiously OCD.
...I'm trying to get better at this.
..also considering having a dinner and movie night with Max and FINALLY see Inception on Saturday.

But on an up note on house projects, Max finished my studio shelves and built shelves/counters in the gaming room to put his Warhammer army and gaming books on. It looks pretty damn cool. I sketched out a Cthulhlu head for him on the side of the shelf and he carved it into the wood. Looks VERY cool. He worked his little behind off on those shelves and they really look fantastic. My man is super handy and his wood working gets better and better the more he does it. ..shut up Roy.
I'm proud of his skill.:)
 Pics to come soon, after I clean up that whole area. Hooray for buying a Vaccume!

So I think I may be in need of a fabulous month again soon. I was going to start one up in August but it slipped my mind. So I think I will do a Month of Fabulousness again in September.  It always perks me up and makes me feel good. Feel free to join me.

 I was a bit bummed out a couple days ago due to PMS more than likely. I managed to shake it and the last couple of days have been far better. Back on the creative train again and working on my commissions and other things. Considering putting that Viking garb together in the next couple of weeks...just because I can. I got bitten by the creative demons HARD this week. I need to create like crazy. Luckily the commissions can give me my fix at work.
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Guess who has new sexy steampunk boots?
Go on. Guess...
 Why YES! It IS me!

I managed to win these puppies on ebay last week. pretty cheep too. They are slightly used but hardly any wear or tear on them at all.  And OMG they are MASIVELY comfy...I'm currently wearing them at work. These are going to be a part of the costume I'm making for the May gaslight convention in San Diego and the photoshoot in September. But that won't really stop me from occasionally wearing them in everyday life.
I'm just happy I found boots that are comfy AND super awesome sexy.

Just FYI I am still open to commissions!
My color slots are all filled but I still have five slots left for sketches. Let me know if you're interested.:) Help me get to Rob's wedding! Give generously and I shall sketch like the wiiiiind! ;)

Also on the art front. The ZOMGWTF!1? Studio gals have been busy lil bees...Well SHING has. Look what Shing and Kyt put up for us!
Now you can keep up with all of our antics. Granted, Shing and Kyt will be far busier on there than me. But its nice to be a part of something. HOORAY!

Been in a good mood this whole week which is a plus. I think it has everything to do with changing up the diet to include LESS junk and getting back on the exercise train again. Been also very inspired lately and sketching more often. Its nice considering I had such a dry period from 2008-2009. Already did a huge art dump on my Devart site. TONS of sketches from April and May. Still have a bunch more to scan too.
Granted, I haven't worked on anything costume wise for a while but I don't mind. I have been using this week to take a breather from the wacky crazy summer. So my evenings have consisted of massive vegatation.
The Regina costume is first on the list, then after than I'm going to make a new Viking for the Leif Erikson tourney which is...well a good ways away. Also need to give Ketill a poke to get fabric from him to make him some new viking tunics. Got some instructions on how to make some and I'm kinda itching to try it out.
Next week I'm heading up to No Cal for a quick weekend with the family. Then the weekend after that..huh..Donno. Probably nothing actually. I am currently contemplating if I want to spend one of my solo Fridays over at Balboa Park for my usual Summertime museum hopping and photo taking excursion. Not sure when I want to. But I know I want to. A wander through Balboa always recharges my batteries.

Overall, things have been good and mellow...which is what I need right now.
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PSA: Cinimon Rolls taste REALLY good with Earl Grey tea...Seriously. Learn more at your local library.

Now that July is more or less done, and the insanity of Con-Month o' Rama is over, I actually have things I plan to do that doesn't involve people sleeping over at my house!
Seriously though, the last two months have been awesome. I have been blessed with great friends. Seriously. And I had so much fun seeing them this summer. Hopefully next summer it can continue.:)

And Max finished my studio bookshelves. SQUEE! I can put up my action figures now!!

So..List of crap I need to work on over the next couple of months:
  • Buy curtain rods for studio and big bathroom. I'm going to make me some curtains for mah house.
  • Get passport stuff done. I'm just paying the extra bucks and having it rushed. I need that damn thing!
  • Get steampunk costume finished for photoshoot that me and [ profile] wyngdlyon are plotting in September.
  • Attempt to buy some more fish for tank.
  • Organize new studio shelves and clean up studio. Looks like a bomb went off in there.
  • Open commissions up again. Patrick? Kysh? I emailed you your sketches last night. Lauran? I'm finishing the color on yours!:)
  • Paint some furniture blue for guest room..because I might as well coordinate in there.
  • Set up Etsy store this weekend.
  • Sleep In
  • Record Creepy Kitch Ep 6 this weekend hopefully.
  • Start friggin' Working out again. SO SLACKIN'!
  • Finish tearing out the clover in the front yard and start planting herbs.
  • See Inception FINALLY.
  • Play with doll house..its been too long.
  • Visit family in two weeks...Visit again in September to see the new nephew and spoil the first one.
I be always.
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So Leelee came into town and we had a BLAST hanging out!  It was really fun to spend time with her considering we haven't done sister bonding stuff in a long while. Having a two year old will do that.
It was a really short weekend, she was only in from Thursday night to Saturday afternoon. But we spent all of Friday doing fun stuff like shopping and going to Balboa Park. I managed to get a few photos of the weekend.
Never were there such adoring sisters.

A few pics )
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...So I am finally free to say it.

My sister is gonna have another baby!

WOOOOOO! I'm gonna be Auntie Cindy again!! =D
She's only 3 months so we don't have a gender yet. She's due in September. :D

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I really don't know how Max managed to top himself from the awesome one from last year. But the lil bugger did.

Also, thank you everyone for the LJ birthday wishes! Its really appreciated! Sorry I couldn't respond in all your LJs. Got overwhemled with all the parent visiting stuffage:)

Well first off my mom and dad came in on Thursday to finally see the house and visit for my birthday. They were both stunned with how huge the place is and how much work we managed to get finished in only a few months.  My dad kept telling us about the great potential we had with the house. Apparently he was please we got such a great deal. He gave us some great advice on getting our veggie garden ready for the spring.
Max cooked dinner for us two nights in a row. Steak and veggies one night, Pasta with pesto and shrimp the next. All yummy.. YUMMY! Mom and I went shopping a bit on Friday and Saturday. We picked up a couple things needed for the house like bathmats and mirrors and then on Saturday she bought me a couple shirts for work which I do need...I tend to never go clothes shopping for myself.
On my birthday on Saturday, Max had a huge surprise for me when I got home. He invited Jen and Kyt down to visit for my B-day AND ne bought me a flat screen TV and BlueRay player for my Studio! He built a nice shelving unit into the studio wall so I can watch TV from just about every corner in the studio! WOO! Now I can watch movies while I work!
We all then went to Creole Cafe for dinner where I had the perfect crawfish ettoufe...and of course in tradtional Cindy manner, I completely forgot my camera. >.<. But eh, I'll take some photos of the cool new TV and some of the birthday aftermath.

This was definitely a birthday to remember. I got to spend it with friends AND family and Max as usual surprises the holy Hell out of me with something super awesome.
 Life be good.
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Oh Sweet Lord...I am so damn TIRED.
I spend most of last night cleaning the house for my parent's visit and I wore myself out. Woops!
The good news though is mom and pop are coming into town! WOOO! going to pick them up right after work!
The bad news is I can feel the bags forming under my eyes so I'm sure I'll look stellar when i see them...
The good new though is at least I'm dressed uber cute so I got that much going for me!

Anyways, its gonna be a good birthday weekend.:)
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Oh poop my LJ account expired. Gonna have to wait until Pay day to renew.
In other news, I actually had time to work on some stuff for my etsy store. Hopefully I can get some listings up this weekend.

In other OTHER news, my parents come to visit in two weeks and there's a chance Leelee will come to visit in April! So stoked to have sister time!

Also, the study is now cleaned up and organized. Heh..we have antlers on the wall.  I just need to do a couple things to the guest room and we'll pretty much be a house that doesn't look like box central!
I'm considering locking myself in the studio tonight to play..but I keep getting distracted by things like...sleep. Either that or I'm going to go play with my dollhouse. I have some more little things I want to make.
Also Also, Max is the best husband that ever walked the earth..yes I'm biased.
He rules.:)
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