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SO needed Saturday.

It helped with my crankiness in epic proportions. I helped Colleen with her moving in the morning. I wish I could have done a bit more but we managed to make a big dent in her garage and in her livingroom. Thats a plus!
After that I went to my first San Deigo Dr. Sketchy's session. OMG so much fun!!! Booze and life drawing. AWESOME!  Ace, Jen, Dan, and I all went down to Hillcrest and sat through the whole session. Everyone was really nice, the drinks were fantastic, and it felt great to sketch from life again. Its been so damn long! I'll post a few of my favorite sketches on my art blog update tomorrow. We're all stoked about heading back but Next month might be tricky since its May War coming up and all. We'll probably have to wait until June to rejoin the session.
Afterwards we headed off to Dan's for dinner and he cooked up some awesome chicken cacciatore (which I stuffed into my face) and we played with his dogs and catuch up with his wife Kelly. I would have stayed longer but damn, I was pooped. I went home and crashed out HARD around 9:40. I'm glad I did. I REALLY needed the sleep sicne my allergies have been kicking my ass big time.

Also desided to (once again) Get back on WW and know..STAY on it? My jeans yesterday were mucho tight. Not so tight that they couldn't get zipped but tight enough to be uncomfortable. So I'm going to do something about it. Since I've been really good about being active but not so good about my eating habits, I need to retrain myself. I really want to look a bit more fit for July (Comiccon and LoJ). I figured meh..what the Hell? Whats the worst that could happen?

Hoping to schedule a date night with Mr Max. Both of us have been so damn busy we haven't had a chance to head out for a full day. Though we did have dinner together on Wednesday which was nice..even though both of us were dead dog tired. I think i may have a free day coming up in a couple weekends...I hope *Fingers crossed!*

Still battling Anxiety a bit. That panic attach last month slapped me upside the head hard and I'm still trying to get back on my feet. But I'm doing MUCH better. It was so long since I had one it threw me for a loop. Slowly I'm getting back on my feet and feeling like myself again. Pretty much the key for me is keeping busy with things I enjoy to keep me up and perky. Its working more or less. Just gotta keep my chin up!
Aaaaand keep active and moving.

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