Apr. 19th, 2012 11:55 am
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I've been busy. WAAAAAY too busy. I think that's what been making me cranky lately. A classic case of 'I want to do stuff that I want to do but I can't because everyone else has been running around instead'. Typical of my April May months *L*
So tonight I don't plan to really do anything of any importance to anyone else other than myself.
I have my half day today (thank you GOD!) so i'm going to head home, do some gardening in the afternoon, then sew into the evening on some projects I've been tossing to the way-side for too long.

I've been really disenchanted with work lately but I think that just has to do with asshole people coming into the museum the last couple of months. Seriously. Its been the asshole parade! This morning I was a victim of "Shoot the messenger" syndrome when I told an appointment so and so was running late. To which the lady rolled her eyes, sighed angrily then snapped "Well WHY didn't she call me?!!". Lady, I don't know. I"m not her personal assistant. Sorry you have to wait a fulll 5 more minutes.  Yesterday I apparently ruined four separate trips to La Jolla because we were closed..and told so "You RUINIED our Trip to La Jolla!!". And frankly I could give a shit. Combind that with assholes on the phone, people yelling at me because its not supposed to rain in San Diego (Yeah, I'll get right on that), bitches who have told me repeatedly how useless I am to them because I won't let them sneak upstairs to the directors office without an appointment, oh..and accused of theft because some old bag forgot to leave something at the front desk...long story. I was proven right and she looked like a dick hole.
Is there something in the air right now?! Should I be more worried about the asshole appocolypse than the zombie uprising these days.

Eh Its mostly PMS talking to be honest.  Its made me miss Grumpy gus.

Anyways, I'm looking for a day that I can just go and turn off my brain soon..Damnit I'm too booked! Maybe something in June? *L*

In other news, the kitteh's are doing well. I'm going to call for an appt. for Minion to finally get snipped soon.

I'm working on some really kick ass aweomse costuming stuff!..Well awesome to me really. To others its probably not as awesome. *L* Regardless, I'm stoked to work on said projects. I REALLY need to update my costume blog soon.

I've been very good about doing April Drawing this month. VERY happy with that! GO ME!

I am also in desparate need of a haircut. I'm getting tres shaggy!
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