Apr. 10th, 2012 11:17 am
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Its been interesting the last few days. Not BAD mind you, just...interesting and slightly flustering since I've been overwhelmed with commitments.

Lets see, first off, the further adventures of the Minion. He pulled the great escape on Friday and somehow managed to get out of the house at night. It was right before I went to bed so I didn't really notice he wasn't about. Usually if he's not in my bedroom when I get to bed he is curled up in the study. So I assumed he was in there. Nope. The next morning I noticed he wasn't asleep on my feet like he usually is. So I roamed the house calling for him. That's when I heard his pathedic little meow come from the front yard. My poor little guy hid in our rosemary bush most of the night until he heard my voice. So the morning began with a dirty, sticky cat that smelled like Rosemary. We are also asuming he might have gotten into a fight with one of the local kitteh's in the neighborhood because when petting him I found scabs here and there on his body and on his lower lip.  Otherwise he's fine and not tramatized. Actually, I think Minion believes he's a cougar now because of his little outdoor adventure. Though he doesn't seem as eager to venture to the Big room with no ceailing lately...which is good.
Scout actually seemed to show concern for him when he returned...then promptly got pissed because other noticed this.

So that was an adventure.

Also, I seem to be getting my war rash early. I'm starting to believe this rash is caused by some sort of polien in the air. I usually get it when I go to Wars. But now I'm getting it while at home. NO clue why my face is all bumpy right now but it is, and its ANNOYING. Luckily my makeup covers it so at least I don't like like the plague in public. I'm going to pick up some LUSH face wash soon to see if that soothes it. Usually LUSH does the trick. It feels better than it did last night, Thats for sure.
I have a TON of sewing projects I need to slam out. Gashligh Gathering is approaching and I promised Dan a western Duster and I want to make a new Gwahzee to wear when we perform at the Safari Tea.  Luckily both garments are pretty  easy to slam out.

Work is busy as usual, and I'm kinda tired and cranky about it this week. Either I've been in a foul mood (VERY logical) or everyone has been a jerk coming into work (Not as logical). I think I'm just cranky. The exercise has been helping with my mood luckily.  Lots of things I need to accomplish before Thursday which is making my head spin.

But I'll eventually get through it all...with the help of Wine.

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