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[Error: unknown template qotd]I usually don't write on 9/11 mainly becuse I get angry at so many Damn extremists left and right using the tragedy for their own agendas. It should be a time to just honor the memories of those who have fallen. But that's neither here nor there.
I was only living in San Diego for about 2 months. It was a school day and I was living with my sister at the time. We shared a room and usually fell asleep with the tv on. I woke up mega early to an episode of law and order then passed back out. About and hour later I woke up again to a news report of the first plane hitting. I was half asleep and thought I was watching another tv show on rerun. After I shook myself awake I realised I was watching real life. I woke Lisa up immediately and we sat on our beds staring at the tv.

We watched the second tower fall live on tv. After what felt like forever, we ended up getting dressed and getting to campus. I went to lab and Lisa went to class. Lab was deathly quiet. We listened to the news and barely worked. I did a bit just to try to keep my mind from going crazy. About 30 minutes later we got news that all Cal State schools were to be closed and evacuated. The entire campus was filed out off campus. Thousands of students, no one spoke.

I got to my car but the mass panic of everyone trying to leave got me trapped in the parking structures. I sat in my car for over an hour listening to the radio and trying to make calls to my friends in NY to make sure they were alive. After a while I started getting antsy so I just abandoned my car and walked off campus to a Jack In The Box. I called my sister who never made it onto campus and asked her to come get me. I sat in the Jack In The Box with a couple students who were from NYC. They were crushed. I was numb. Lisa and Ryan picked me up after 40 minutes or so and we went home after watching the news for hours we decided to put on a movie to try and no go crazy. To this day, I still hate the Charlie's Angels movies.

I stayed up late and chatted online with Jen and Karine. Then around 11 pm. Lisa and I went to get my car. The streets were completely empty. The rest of the night was a blur. I just remember not sleeping that night or the night after.
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Mine has always been and unfortunately always WILL be failure. I've had a fear of failure since...oh hell I don't even remember when.  And it really is a fear I brought completely upon myself. No parent preasure or expectations I was forced to live up to. I just for some reason took it upon myself to be the overachiever which in turn made me completely nurotic about falling flat on my face. I'm hardly a genius or even that talented for that matter. But I am a perfectionist which does sometimes become a huge hassle in life.
Overall I think I've managed to covercome the fear. I mean its just a fact of life that at sometime you WILL fail at something or something won't go according to your great master plan. Its taken me MANY years to really grasp that concept.  The trick to failure isn't so much about the colossal blunder but how you pick yourself up and recover from it. I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason. And if something crumbles then there really is a reason why it happened wether it was because that wasn't the path you were supposed to take or simply just to learn from the mistake and better yourself. Doesn't mean that I don't have a freak out when I do fail at something. But having that belief helps me cope with it, pick myself up, and slap a few bandaids on my ego while I set things straight again.

...oh and centepides freak me out too...ew.
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Giovanna Ricci. And the only reason I'd be feared is because I sail with the Iron Maiden...and almost killed a guy with a lantern...and another guy with my tankard.
...self defense....just sayin.
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I seriously believe I am one of the only people in the world that is completely indifferent about Twilight. And I get a lot of shit about it from both sides. Granted, I won't pass up making a joke or two about it. But then I really don't pass up making a joke or two about a lot of pop culture things out there. Sometimes its just too easy.
I'v only seen the movies. I haven't read the books..strike that...I ready the first three chapters of the first book then ended up getting distracted and picking up something else. Frankly,  vampire romance thing isn't really my cup of tea. It never was. I only read one vampire romance novel before and it was full of awesome hot sex. so minus the sex, its not really my thing.  I'm a fan of the bloody thirsty scary vampires (Like in Near Dark, my favorite vampire film ever. Severen is scary, sexy, and a friggin' bad ass). I didn't even really dig Anne Rice's vamps too much...they were kind of pussies, really. So the concept of Twilight its a bit of a hard sell for me. The whole thing is more or less a retelling of Romeo and Juliet...well okay it has teens as stupid as Romeo and Juliet in it. Its a story that has been told thousands of times. Its hardly the fall of western civiliation...THAT privilage is reserved for Rock Of Love of VH1.
But hey, if you wanna hate it, feel free. The ranting is EPIC to read!
The only thing that bothers me about Twilight are the fans. Both how they are treated and the batshit crazy ones. As I tend to tell lots of my friends about Twilight  "Don't hate the player, hate the game". Not every fan of it is a raving lunitic. Hell, just because I love Harry Potter doesn't mean I run around on a broom stick thinking I can fly. The majority of my friends who are fans to Twilight aren't raving, desparate, insecure, women. They're fantastic, strong, opinionated, and smart ladies who just happens to like the romance aspect. Don't tell them they suck just because they like it.  Every fandom has their crazies...Trust me. I still think the Harry Potter fandom has far worse ones than Twilight.
 But in turn, hey crazy fangirls? Seriously, Twilight isn't the end all be all of romances. Go to a book store and look up some Jane Austin or Bronte. Hell, if you want a sexy brooding Gothic hero and a plain woman romance, go buy a copy of Jane Eyre. No vampires or werewolves...but a lot of batshit crazy Victorians.  Also, as much fun as it is to pretend that the dark brooding handsome outsider loves you and  ONLY YOU can bring him redemption...yeah brooding outsiders suck as boyfriends. Seriously. They are pains in the ass that will only give you a headache as you try to please them. Life is too short to waste on a 'Fixer Upper". So unless they have a 10 inch penis, go find yourself a nice secure geek  that makes you laugh and treats you like gold, instead. Or better yet, don't friggin worry about getting into a relationship. I didn't have a boyfriend at all in highschool. I think I turned out pretty damn cool.  Hell, i'd probably be single right now if Max didn't happen to show up and never leave.
I actually have full intentions of checking the series out but probably not for a while. I have a lot of other books on my plate...mostly involving zombies. (And I really think I'd be more interested in Twilight if there were zombies. Even if they sparkled). 

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