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I am indeed NOT DEAD!
But I am pretty tired lately.
And I do plan to post a con Journal as soon as I have a moment to do so. We got the keys to the house and just about every waking moment spent not at work has been spent at the house working on it. We got a LOT done. We're hoping to have the paint on the walls come this weekend. WOOT!
We had a tiny bit of trouble with the daughter of the previous owner of the house who came over to tell us she's here to pick up the hot tub.
Ummm...No. It was on our MLS and  if you wanted to take it you had four months to do so before we closed. We're moving in and its ours. Sorry Charlie.  We we politely told her this she said that she "didn't know that the sale closed" and that she "Didn't know we were even in Escrow!"
So she just walked off without another word.
Though Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she broke into our back yard and took it. Luckily we're insured AND we know where this woman lives. And by law whatever was left in the house after the sale is closed is ours. Granted half the crap left in the house I don't even want. I was hoping she'd claim the broken crap left in the gargage, back yard, and bedrooms. If we're the victims of grand left, I shall let you know! ;D

Anyways, many busy days ahead. Many nights of hard core sleeping ahead as well!
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OMG! I cannot believe how funny this story is. This can't be true, can it? I mean seriously? The complete rediculousness of it...and that it gets more and more rediculous as the article goes on?! 
Pretending to be circus midgets?
This is insane! 
I LOLed.
 Its insane enough for me to use LOL as a verb!

A story of a 13 Year Old, A Credit Card, Halo, And Two Hookers.

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I usually don't post this type of stuff but...

...don't you just want to punch them in the face?

See, THIS is why I dislike Paris Hilton and her ilk and there influence on young women.
But then again, stupidity and Ego have been around for quite sometime.
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Any artist who takes commissions knows this feels.
And make sure to read the comments about the guy who was told 'Your time isn't worth much!"
I have to admit, I've run into these types at cons before. It never ceases to amaze and confuse the hell out of me!

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