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Mwah HAHAHA! I got to play dress up last night!
A bunch of us went to a Steam Powered Giraffe Concert in full Steampunk costume...well not full. I didn't want to wear my gun in a public place. Still! HEHEHEHEE!

More photos at my costume blog!

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Guess who has new sexy steampunk boots?
Go on. Guess...
 Why YES! It IS me!

I managed to win these puppies on ebay last week. pretty cheep too. They are slightly used but hardly any wear or tear on them at all.  And OMG they are MASIVELY comfy...I'm currently wearing them at work. These are going to be a part of the costume I'm making for the May gaslight convention in San Diego and the photoshoot in September. But that won't really stop me from occasionally wearing them in everyday life.
I'm just happy I found boots that are comfy AND super awesome sexy.

Just FYI I am still open to commissions!
My color slots are all filled but I still have five slots left for sketches. Let me know if you're interested.:) Help me get to Rob's wedding! Give generously and I shall sketch like the wiiiiind! ;)

Also on the art front. The ZOMGWTF!1? Studio gals have been busy lil bees...Well SHING has. Look what Shing and Kyt put up for us!
Now you can keep up with all of our antics. Granted, Shing and Kyt will be far busier on there than me. But its nice to be a part of something. HOORAY!

Been in a good mood this whole week which is a plus. I think it has everything to do with changing up the diet to include LESS junk and getting back on the exercise train again. Been also very inspired lately and sketching more often. Its nice considering I had such a dry period from 2008-2009. Already did a huge art dump on my Devart site. TONS of sketches from April and May. Still have a bunch more to scan too.
Granted, I haven't worked on anything costume wise for a while but I don't mind. I have been using this week to take a breather from the wacky crazy summer. So my evenings have consisted of massive vegatation.
The Regina costume is first on the list, then after than I'm going to make a new Viking for the Leif Erikson tourney which is...well a good ways away. Also need to give Ketill a poke to get fabric from him to make him some new viking tunics. Got some instructions on how to make some and I'm kinda itching to try it out.
Next week I'm heading up to No Cal for a quick weekend with the family. Then the weekend after that..huh..Donno. Probably nothing actually. I am currently contemplating if I want to spend one of my solo Fridays over at Balboa Park for my usual Summertime museum hopping and photo taking excursion. Not sure when I want to. But I know I want to. A wander through Balboa always recharges my batteries.

Overall, things have been good and mellow...which is what I need right now.
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So apparently for the last few days my body has been in some sort of rebelion against me... which is really infuriating considering I would like to wake up NOT in pain for once. But Alas, my shoulders and neck are giving me a great big FUCK YOOOOOU lately. I'm not sure why. Our matress is fine and I really shouldn't be stressed out so there's no reason for me to be sleeping tense..Meh. Stupid body.
I desided I'm going back on my work out routine tomorrow..maybe that will learn it some manners.

Though I did go to a kick ass wedding last night and had a blast. A friend from the SCA got married. The woman pretty much made every single thing which was impressive..and GORGOUS. She really should consider going into business with her mad skillz if she hasn't already. The food was great, the booze was plentiful, great friends, and GREAT music. All and all, a fantastic evening...which I forgot to bring my camera to..'natch.
Before that I worked in the front yard. Mowed the lawn, weeded and trimmed the herb garden. Still trying to kill all the clover I planted originally so I can put more herbs in the front yard. Once thats gone I'll rototil the bed and plant some more herbs and some flowers as well. I need to find me some good boarder flowers that are drought tolerant and easy to care for..I keep killing everything else...'natch.

The steampunk inspiration continues to poke me, [ profile] shroud1 , [ profile] rogue_78 , and [ profile] wyngdlyon continuously in the face. Apparently we're getting a group together for the con in May. It shall be epic...and probably hilarious as well. Capt'n is pretty inspired which is only working my imagination into a frenzy..which only means trouble.
Colleen and I are working to put together a photoshoot in September.Hee

Okay..I really have nothing more interesting to post at this moment so I"m going to stop babbling now.

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This entry is going to be on some epic crack here. Consider this a warning.

I'm starting to regret wearing the shoes I did today. Why WHY did I deside to wear these shoes? Cute yes, but they are killing my toes. I have never been one to ever sarcifice my comfort for fashion. Because everytime I do, I end up regreting it about 5 minutes into the day. I donno how people like my sister does it. I cannot wear uncomfortable shoes no matter how adorable they may be. Maybe I should have tortured myself at a younger age so I would be used to this? All through highschool and a good chunk of college I pretty much lived in my docs and converse sneakers. I didn't graduate to the big girl boots until I was well into gradschool. And that was mostly because I had to look presentable for various presentations through out the day. Sad part is, I love to look at sexy cute shoes. I just can't wear them. This is why my horde of shoes is far smaller than a lot of women's out there.
Thank god I packed my flip flops in my bag, anticipating the toe torture.
Oh are a cruel bitch.

...God I need a hair cut.  I think I slammed my hair in the car door today. Long long hair works for SCA..but this long is a pain for everyday life.

Seriously. My mind is whirling a mile a minute. I think it has to do with the first good night of sleep I've had in months...and not waking up with my shoulder in pain for a change.  The last few weeks I jacked up my shoulder while sleeping, On Tuesday it was the worst. But 4 glasses of wine, 2 advil, 1 aleve, and a night of sleeping on my back later I'm feeling MUCH better.
The muscle twitch in my right upper arm though...that is still there. O.o

Went into the studio yesterday and got my fabulous Max shelves all organized. Put up my books and got my action figures out of the box and up on the shelves again.  I came to the crashing conclusion that, Damn...I got a lot of action figures? It currently looks like my costume books are being overrun by leprechans. But I still loves thems! Had to do some minor repairs on a few. There were a few casualties amongst my minature army of evil, but nothing some hot glue couldn't fix. Eh, I figured I don't plan on selling most of these buggers so I don't mind reparing them with hot glue. Poor Marv lost an arm..his gun arm. But I did find it!
I tink I"m going to paint my studio doors green, to finish off that whole area. After that will come the curtains for the windows.

Hauled out my half finished steampunk coat from the closet. And I have more ideas to spruce it up some more. I think I am going to pop off the cheese looking cog buttons I made and put something else there. I also need to destress the crap out of that fabric. Coming next, corset (FINALLY) and the belt..then I need to make new goggles since my old ones are about to bite the dust.

Okay umm...I think I'm done...Wow. Darjeeling Tea packs a punch! Gotta get more of this stuff. O.o
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PSA: Cinimon Rolls taste REALLY good with Earl Grey tea...Seriously. Learn more at your local library.

Now that July is more or less done, and the insanity of Con-Month o' Rama is over, I actually have things I plan to do that doesn't involve people sleeping over at my house!
Seriously though, the last two months have been awesome. I have been blessed with great friends. Seriously. And I had so much fun seeing them this summer. Hopefully next summer it can continue.:)

And Max finished my studio bookshelves. SQUEE! I can put up my action figures now!!

So..List of crap I need to work on over the next couple of months:
  • Buy curtain rods for studio and big bathroom. I'm going to make me some curtains for mah house.
  • Get passport stuff done. I'm just paying the extra bucks and having it rushed. I need that damn thing!
  • Get steampunk costume finished for photoshoot that me and [ profile] wyngdlyon are plotting in September.
  • Attempt to buy some more fish for tank.
  • Organize new studio shelves and clean up studio. Looks like a bomb went off in there.
  • Open commissions up again. Patrick? Kysh? I emailed you your sketches last night. Lauran? I'm finishing the color on yours!:)
  • Paint some furniture blue for guest room..because I might as well coordinate in there.
  • Set up Etsy store this weekend.
  • Sleep In
  • Record Creepy Kitch Ep 6 this weekend hopefully.
  • Start friggin' Working out again. SO SLACKIN'!
  • Finish tearing out the clover in the front yard and start planting herbs.
  • See Inception FINALLY.
  • Play with doll house..its been too long.
  • Visit family in two weeks...Visit again in September to see the new nephew and spoil the first one.
I be always.
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I went to yet ANOTHER yoga class. Addicted? Well yes, a tad.
Honestly, it takes a lot for me to come home feeling relaxed and blissed out. I'm a high strung person. So anything that really chills me out makes me a happy lassy.
So I tried out another yoga class and stretched out all the pain in my legs from my first yoga class. While I liked the class I didn't like doing a class on Friday night (since I usually do stuff...sometimes...Okay not all the time. I'm hardly a social butterfly) But the same style class is offered Monday night. This could work better for me. I'm considering taking the early morning class tomorrow at 8am...we'll see if I get up since that early morning exercise idea crashed and burned pretty hard. But I'm gonna try!
Went to Thai food shortly after class with Mr Max and now I'm very blissed and buzzed off some curry and is good.
Tomorrow Max and I head over to La Jolla so I can meet his God parents. Beach Par-tay!!
When we get home I plan to finish coloring some AX artist alley stuff then start coloring some commission pieces in...Then maybe Sunday get some Dollfie stuff put together finally. We'll see.
I also would like to get crackin on my LoJ Costume idea. I want to make a steampunk fairy...Need to start sketching out my wing idea.

BTW my good friend [ profile] chellmer is an inspiration. The reason I say this is because ever since the day I met her she has been a fearless person and does things that I dream of doing. Even if its as simple as going to the park to hula hoop. Chelle, I love you. You're an amazing person and everyday I want to be an adventurous soul like you.
I'm going to attempt doing ONE thing a week that is something I've always thought I would do but never had the time or guts to do so. Yoga was the first. I'm geared for a second. That is the fabulous thing for the day.

Anyways, I'm off to put the jammies on and lay in bed with a good book. I have a large pile of summer reading to get thorough.

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I have proof of the dinner I cooked.
BEHOLD! Food that tasted good!

Yes, I'm milking this. I'm not a cook.

In other news. I started working on illumination painting once a week at Lady A's place. This is the current scroll I'm working on.

After the images are painted, they'll go to the calligrapher.
Here's a detail shot of the S.

Its slow going because of all the detail but SO much fun! I can't wait to do more!

Also, Steampunk progress on my costume LJ [ profile] costumenonsense! Go Look go look go look!
Sneak Peak!
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So other than Liam Nieson completely destroying me last night, I'm feeling pretty good!
Sometimes I need to watch a devistating film to get the PMS nasties out of my system. I cried for five freakin' minutes at the end of that movie! But I feel better today.:) eyes are puffy as hell though.
Hotel Rawanda is another one that does it to me.

ANYWAYS, things in the Cindyland are trekin' along as usual.

-Possibly more house hunting this week. Its been fun! We still haven't found anything...correction...we HAVE found a few but they get snatched up before we get to them. But luckily there are always more out there to look at.

-I cooked dinner last Friday.
...let me repeat that.
>I< cooked dinner and didn't set the entire place on fire AND it tasted good.
I suppose I should count myself lucky that the cooking gene runs in my family. Granted, it wasn't anything spectacular but it WAS good! I may have to attempt cooking again Friday. While its not my favorite pastime, I did enjoy it last week.

-I revised my steampunk coat and it looks pretty good so far! pictures to come soon if anyone is interrested.

-I'm finding that as the summer months roll in I am horribly lacking in summer work clothes. I'm considering making myself a couple of basic summer dresses to wear to work. I'm kinda getting sick of wearing the name 3 pairs of slacks and three dresses everday. I never was much of a clothes horse.

-MAY WAR! MAY WAR MAY WAR MAY WAR!!!!...anyone need garb?

-Need to pick up Labyrinth Ball tickets, Gathering Reg, And AX reg in the next few weeks. I'll have to spread it out over the few paycheck coming.

-Need to figure out if I'm actually going to make the green fairy costume for Labby ball or If I'm going to chicken out thinking my arms are too fat for it.

I'm hungry.
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So I'm working on revamping my Steampunk gear. I kinda over viewed my ideas on my costume blog [ profile] costumenonsense. So far so good! Its actually a lot of fun to drag out an old costume and revise it to be more like what I saw in my head.
Hopefully I can corner [ profile] wyngdlyon for a crash course in corset making.

Apparently I've infected Max because he just picked up two Nerf guns to steam punk mod out...honestly I think he just likes shooting the darts at my butt.

Its been a nice laid back weekend. I got lots of stuff done around the house.
Going to a new pizza place tonight. Mmmmm Piiiiiiiiza.
Then I'll be watching Grey Gardens on HBO tonight.
An exciting life I lead!

Still need to sketch for the day. *L* I've been keeping up with April Drawing! I've just been a lazy scanner.
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That Belt WILL be mine OH YES. It will be mine.
I want to use that belt for garb. I don't care if its period or not. Its freakin AWESOME!

Still want a Damsel in this Dress corset. LOVE that Victorian set she has up and that pirate bodice?! OOH! LUST!!!
Damnit. I hate being broke.
Ah well.
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I loved the wedding. I adored the honeymoon.

For the mildly curious here's just a few pics I stole from Ty.

Trust me...I have a LOT more I've been swiping from people. I'll put up more later more than likely along with Honeymoon madness pictures.
Max and I spent Saturday and Sunday opening gifts and trying to find places to put them. Suprisingly enough, we managed to find storage for all of our gifts IN our place. Who knew? Granted, it took some creative thinking. But we did it. I think my favorite new addition to the apartment decor is the beautiful wooden chest that Lady A and Master Robert used for us. It has a cooler inside so we can use it for wars and tournies. It also makes a fabulous piece of furnature.

People also gave us money...LOTS of it! Thank you to all you peeps online who sent us gift cards and money orders. They were VERY appreciated!!! I will be sending out thank you notes a plenty this week! We had plenty of cash for our honeymoon and lots to put into savings as well as some to help with after wedding bills. Thank you so much all!! I'm really lucky to have such generous friends.:)

But Honestly? I am SO glad its all over now. For one, I get my free time back. Max and I are getting back to rapier practice and back to bike riding again (which we had put on hold for about two months).
And now that my free time is back, I'm getting back onto my sewing horse. WOOO!
I desided to start work on my first Italian Ren. I drafted the bodice pattern yesterday and cut out the mock-up. Going to fit it tonight, tweak, then cut it out of the actual fabric if I have the energy. So excited to get back to sewing again! If this first Italian Ren. comes out, I'll finally work on the orange and blue one I've had been planning for at least a year.

I also want to get fabric shopping for my steampunk costume. Ty and I were batting the idea of hitting the swapmeet this coming Saturday to see what fabrics we can find for steampunk/garb fun. By then I'll have money soooo...

Also, I have NOT forgotten that I mentioned perhaps doing a steampunk photoshoot in Old Town San Diego. Who would be interrested in doing this? Old Town is a perfect place to do the whole Wild "Weird" West style steampunk.

I followed Ian's advice and started my costuming blog. I figured what the heck? It actually might motivate me to keep sewing and working on things. So feel free to watch!
[ profile] costumenonsense
There's nothing on there at the moment. I will probably post pics of my Italian Ren, in progress in the next couple of days.

Can you tell I've been on a sewing kick?

Halloween unfortunately is going to the wayside since I have no time to put together a decent costume and Max is working graveyard shift that day. So for the Maiden Halloween party I'm putting on one of my dresses I wear to work, carrying around a manilla folder with the Stark Industries Logo on it and going as Pepper from Iron Man...because its easy and I won't have to buy anything.

In OTHER news.
Our museum store has finally gone online. WOOO!
I love the stuff in our store. There are tons of awesome gifts in there and what is online is only a fraction of what's available...but they put some really clever stuff online.
Here are some highlights:
Walking timebomb tie:
Kick Ass Jewelry (I have been wanting one of those porcelain key necklaces since I started here):
Anthropomorphic bacon:

Okay, this post is getting WAY long.
More photos to come. And more Reports on the last few events. have been warned!!!
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Oh lord...I am so beat.
Luckily today is my last day at work before I'm off for wedding stuff. And luckily today is busy so it will probably zip on by.

Discovered the glory that is Hulu. I watched Starship troopers AND Xanadu last night...because I'm a masochist. If I could only combind the two into something completely insane...oh wait..That would be The Apple.

Quick Note:
OMG! TIGS! You insane woman! You completely spoiled Max and I! We got your gifts last night. And you spent too much money on us. And you almost made me cry I felt so touched that you did that. You're an awesome person. Thank you Thank you thank you! *super big time hugs!!* I'll see you this weekend! =D

Just to get off the subject of wedding...
Would anyone be interrested in doing a Steampunk costume photoshoot down in SD? I haven't figured out a when and where (Balboa Park? Whaley House? Old Town?) but I think it might be fun. Would anyone want to play? I was thinking to do this around March-ish.

5 Days. O.o
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Kinda on a slight coffee high.
One of the SSRs went and got me a latte and I DOWNED that sucker in record time. Now I am awake...REALLY awake.
Last night was pretty cool overall. They did manage to let me free for a little while so I was able to snap some photos of the event which was fun. The only things that kinda sucked were a-Getting chained to the front desk and having to sit and do nothing for a LOOOOOONG while (hence the LJ post made while at a black tie event. Which only shows that I'm kinda trashy. O.o) and b- the complete lack of comunication and organizations for us VSRs/Volunteers. For example; I should have been moved to another area half way through the front desk shift but the coordinators completely forgot I was there. At least I was inside. One of our girls was stuck outside in the wind, sick as a dog, and wearing a tiny cocktail dress. They remembered her about 30 minutes before the end of the night. Unfortunately though that was the nature of the beast since they were EXTREMELY short handed this year for volunteers.
I am seriously considering talking to the events people about getting a volunteer coordinator for the event. Someone who strictly deals and communicates with the volunteers, fills them in on their jobs, and is the go to person for them. Its such a HUGE event that all the supervisors (Membership, Events, Accounting, etc...) are so busy trying to get everything going smooth on their end that they forget that the lower people on the totem pole haven't been in on the months of planning they have been. I'm also willing to take this job on. Hopefully it will be a positive response when I bring it up. I really think having a volunteer go to person will be a BIG help to keep the night running smoothly.
But our staff is smart and have have great poker faces. The guests had no clue about some of the chaos behind the scenes (credit card machines busting, Volunteers completely lost, misplaced...everything) I am really proud to be part of a staff that just knows how to handle crisis in a calm, quick, and controlled manner. They ran a beautiful event that everyone enjoyed, even us VSRs who were kinda clueless. We made our own fun and I had a blast chatting to some of the high mucky mucks, wandering about....oh and I got a lot of desert...that makes any night pretty awesome.

Working Down Town today. BTW, anyone who is in SD or is visiting SD in the next few months, DEFINITELY come see the exhibit in our Downtown location: Human/Nature: Artists Respond to a Changing Planet. I had an opportunity to check it out today. Its really beautiful and extremely facinating. We haven't been getting a lot of attendance for our Down Town locations lately so I'm really trying to get people to see this. I think its worth the ticket price, especially if you come during a free tour time.
Also..ages 25 and Under get into the museum for*hint hint young people and families*
Of course this exhibit has one room dedicated to sounds of the jungle/rainforest/wildlife...and its so relaxing I find myself completely zoning out. O.o

My bridal shower my mom and leelee are throwing for me is this Saturday. WOO! I'll be heading up to No. Cal on Thursday and staying the whole weekend (Coming home on Sunday). I'm so stoked! And I need to find something to wear that fits and doesn't look like a cat slept on it.

I really want to get started on putting together some steampunk stuff. I was inspired by these boots I bought myself:
These boots...are teh sex. They're really fabulous and very comfy. I also found out they come in brown so I may need to order a brown pair in the future. So now I have one piece to build off of. I'm using the boots as a jumping point for costume ideas. I have a few. The thing I lack is time and energy. Well hopefully soon.
Oooh..I should put together an outfit for my shower that goes with those boots...*muses*

Photo dump to come soon hopefully.
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Not much happening other than the usual wedding madness. I'm doing my best to keep myself from stressing out. So far I haven't gone over the deep end. ;)
Invites are here and addressed! Now to just stick the damn stamp on them all and get them in the mail. I think I can have them sent out by tomorrow *crosses fingers*.
And Sept War is this coming weekend. O.o
I really haven't given that a moment of thought unfortunately. And unfortunately its going to be a very quick stop at war for me since I can't get the time off (Going up Thursday night. Leaving Saturday Afternoon. Missing the Saturday girls night again...Sad Cindy.:( .
Trying desparetely to get the house clean before I go. Max is being an angel and cleaning up the kitchen and taking down the recycling today while I'm at work. Today I can hopefully get the laundry started, clean the cat box, clean out the fish tanks, and work on Rebekkah's garb. I think I can do this. The garb will only take a little while so that I can zip through...its the OTHER stuff that's time consuming.

Max, Ty, Mark, and I went on yet another cake tasting adventure. Unfortunately the original cake people backed out of their deal with the Hilton so we had to go with the new company the Hilton struck a deal with. They're good! I think Max doesn't like them as much since he was in love with the original cake company but I like these guys and they do really beautiful visuals on cakes. I think if anything, we'll have a very pretty cake. And tastey too!

I did get a chance to mellow out this week over at [ profile] wyngdlyon's place at her firepit Friday. I pigged out on Chicken Mole and smores...not all together though.

And thank you to those who are interrested in taking my $5 sketch special. I appreciate it! I'll be doing this until...well..probably sometime in mid September. :)

Joined a few LJ Stempunk communities. Yes...the obession continues.
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Here's another corset I REALLY love. And I could wear this one to work since its more modern.:)

There were no measurements listed so I messaged the person to see what they were. I REALLY like this one too.

In other news, I bought me a sexy brown vest and some faboo shirts. WOO!
I need brown slacks for work. I'm kinda sick of wearing black all the time.

Now I'm dead tired and wanting to veg on the sofa with mah man...I should art a bit or something.

Wedding shower tomorrow! EEEEEE!!!!
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Well I was going to go in for my wedding dress fitting tonight but my seamstress called and is very sick. So Ty and I will be reschedualing for Monday.
Bummer! I wanted to put my dress on again. *L*
Ah Well.
Instead I'm heading down to kinkos to print up a few engagement photos for a guestbook thingy I'm making.
I'll probably do a few other misc. things wedding wise too.

And Trish's LJ entry reminded me that my Bridal shower is OMGNEXT SATURDAY?! Really? Ty, am I wrong? Holy crap! Anyways, very excited for that.:)

I put in my "touching base" emails and phonecalls with all my vendors. I haven't heard back from anyone except the hotel but the Week be still young!..Sorta.

Still on my steampunk obsession. I'm thinking of giving a whirl some clothing, see it it suits me or what I can make that will amuse me...or if I'll look like a 32 year old retard. Eh, I'm still young and I still got a nice bod so I should do it while I can, right?
Am I acting like a retard?
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I want. I WANT!!!

My dang bust is way to big for this but I am SO lusting over this piece!

I also want dis

un dis

un dis

un especially dis

I am in love with that Priate cuff. I'm VERY tempted to splurge on it.
Is it sad that I'm sitting here contemplating how to work Steampunk into my everyday wardrobe without being to horribly obvious?
Of course if it was up to me, I'd wear goggles everyday.

Also wanting to buy myself a corset for my honeymoon. I always wanted one and I think it would be fun to wear one in Vegas.


Jul. 24th, 2008 07:42 am
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Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Gadgeteer

11% Elegant, 73% Technological, 20% Historical, 44% Adventurous and 38% Playful!

You are the Gadgeteer, the embodiment of steampunk technology. Ironically, many of the things that most define your style are probably too large to easily carry about, but given the opportunity you would prefer to be seen surrounded by boiler engines, gear-driven calculators, and incredible

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Well it was a productive weekend at least. Pretty productive for staying home the entire time.
Wedding stuff accomplished!
Booked Quartet - CHECK!
Got Invites to the printer - CHECK!
Emailed Video Guy back - CHECK!
Got Gigantoid box of favors in - CHECK!
Picked up Veil - CHECK!

So I am on track. I feel a little weight lifted off my shoulders. Not a huge ton but enough that I can breathe again. I still have a ton left to do but its all the little detail stuff that I ENJOY doing.

Also got started...and restarted...twice...the project of doom that Jen suckered me into for comiccon. *L* Eh, it'll be fun. And I
I'm looking forward to seeing the gals, Seth, and Sammy at comiccon this week. Granted, I'm not off work at all this week but at least I get Friday and Saturday free to mess around with everyone. And if any friend going to Comic Con ends up in La Jolla On Thurs or Sun and wants to come see the museum, say hi to the slightly frazled looking red head at the front desk!

Been devling even deeper into the realms of steampunk. Now I want/need to go to any local flea market, buy old watches, and take them apart for costuming purposes. I ended up sketching and inking out my design for the OMGINSANITY!!!1! steampunk costume I want to make. I got Max so excited than now he wants in and wants to help me with this. He also came up with a really cool Steampunk "frogman" idea that I need to put on paper. This will include building a diving bell helmet for him. And I need to work with Ty and get her ideas for her time traveler costume sketched out...and I need to plot with Colleen as well....this is getting insane. I've created a monster!!!
But at least I get to wear goggles so its all good.
Any excuse to wear goggles for me.
....hmm..maybe I should wear my steampunk goggles to ComicCon.

Speaking of Comic Con again..
Still debating if I want to wear my Eowyn costume one of the days I'm there. I worked so freakin' hard on that sucker, I really should show it off more. The only thing holding me back is feeling weird being the only person in my group in costume (Full wigged costume at that). And if I'm going to be comfy walking around in a wig and gown...of course I can always change when I get annoyed with it.
*L* Ah well, I'll figure it out when I get there.

Anyways, Looking REALLY forward to going home, and taking a very nice long lush bath and turning my brain off.
Its been a crazy busy Sunday today.
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