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So this morning has been really weird believe it or not. And iIve been feeling off for the most part. I blame the weird dream I had that I was pregnant.   But I'm starting to equalize as the day goes on. Always a good thing.
No, I am not pregnant.
Max is making Meat pies for Pi day. Yay for cooking nerds!
And I have two half days this week so I may be able to attack the back yard this week. I definitely will be going geocaching with Ketill Thursday afternoon. See if I can get a few more caches under my belt since I have so very few. Its gonna be a full week I am sure. But when is it not these days?

Anyways,  I don't have a ton to go over that is very interesting so here's some pretty from the Weekend:

First bloom in my patch of wildflowers in the front yard. :)

It was Perisan night at the Cheateau de Nom Nom on Friday. Here was some of our awesome spread. SO MUCH CHEESE!

Some pretties from the Gyldenhold/Calafia Friendship Tourney up in Orange County. Long drive but a LOT of fun.

and...teh cutes.
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But I have to type because there is a kitty on my lap and she refuses to get up and let me move....Gotta kill time till she's bored and moves on.

Overall a productive day...even if I spent most of it in kinda a cranky mood. This is all due to wanting SO badly to sleep in and yet Scout telling me "No no no! 7:30am! LOVE ME TIME!". Ugh...I did roll out of bed late but it was completely out of spite for the cat. Had nothing to do with sleeping in.
Still have this weird cough thing. I'm not sure if its my asthma kicking in again or if I caught a cold. Either way, it kinda sucks because its hard to catch my breath sometimes and I've feeling run down. So I've been taking it easy more or less. Though today I did spend getting the studio in order. I picked up a cheap cabinet  at Wally world for all the misc. costuming crap I've had in boxes for the last few months and put together the table we got from Leelee. Also spray painted some shelves the previous owners of the house left behind white. I'll probably put those up tomorrow or Sunday. Need wood Screws. But that's were all the head pieces I've made over the years (which are slowly getting trashed in the boxes.) will live. The studio is looking great! Just need to vaccume up the crud and make some curtains...I've yanked one of the god awful ugly shades from the window and it looks MUCH better...gotta yank the other one down tomorrow.

Max came home and found I was tired and cranky and coughy so he drove me to Tokyo sushi which cheered me up considerably. Been a long while since we had sushi... OOOOh yeah.

Aaaand....that's it.
... Wonder if I should just carry the cat to bed?
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I'm getting back on the wagon with working out and such. I've been feeling flabby and when I realized my Persian coat fit me too tight at the last SCA event I was at I thought "Oh crap! better start watching it!" Of course I always choose to start "watching it" around the holidays...the most tempting time of all! AHH!
Anyways, trying to work in a 30 minutes work out at day when possible just to keep the blood flowing. Thank you WiiFit!

Thanksgiving was a total blast. It was our first in our house. And silly me did not really take photos since I was busy playing hostess..aka...I was stuffing turkey in my mouth for hours. But a good time was had with my SCA family! On Friday I ventured out with [ profile] wyngdlyon , [ profile] christalblu , and [ profile] rogue_78 aka Colleen, Christal, and Ty up to the LA fashion district for some serious fabric ventures! I think Christal won with best haul. (BTW, Christal makes fantastic hats and Colleen makes custom bears...just sayin'...for Christmas...just sayin'). I picked up some nice black brocade to make Doodle a doublet as a thank you gift. The guy has been busting his ass for me and Max and hasn't asked for anything in return. Its really the least I can do. I also picked up some pretty blue teal silk dupioni for myself. I plan to make a nice venitian or Florentine court gown when I have the chance. Here be the sexy fabrics!
The pictures don't do the colors justice.

(BTW, you can also check out [ profile] costumenonsense for my latest garb ventures...just sayin'). It was a great time.
Saturday? Saturday I sat on my bum all day. I was going to do some gardening but the glorious rainy weather...and I truly mean it...prevented me. So I locked myself away with some tea in my studio and worked on stuff. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have a studio? Because its awesome to have a studio.
I'll work on tending to the front yard on my upcoming half day.

This week proves to be adventurous! Max and I plan to pick up a Christmas Tree this week! WOOOO! So STOKED FOR THIS! Granted, it won't be our first tree but it will be our first tree in the new house. Winter Arts is this Saturday. I still don't really have much worth showing but eh, What have I got to loose huh? I also got my time off request and will be going up north to see the fam soon! WOO! Hey Dasha! We must plot!! the 21-27 I'll be home! =D
So yeah, life is grand. I even stood outside the house on Saturday watching the rain from my driveway and said so outloud to Max. 2009 was good to us. It has its rocky moments in the begining but overall, yeah, it was good to us.:)

And now Scout is demanding I wash up and come to bed so I best be on my way if I know what's good for me.

Kitteh Love.
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So Max managed to move pretty much all the furnature over while I was at work. I ran back to the apartment, packed more stuff then we did another run of boxes and tubs of stuff. We got almost all the clothes out. I still have some in the apartment closet, still have my shoes to bring over as well as some old cosplay stuff I am considering selling eventually when I get off my duff to do so.

We still have some kitchen items and misc. stuff that needs to go over. We're hoping we can get it all loaded up today and into the house but if worse comes to worse we still have Friday to get the last of it. There really isn't too much more to go. We still have the last of the closets, some bathroom stuff, some kitchen stuff, a TV, and our china to go and thats it. I think we can get it all out tonight. 

A huge HUGE thank you goes out to Ketill aka [info]jubeloh for coming over and busting his hump for us. We owe you a large margarita, sir!

We set up our war bed because its a comfy queen sized bed instead of the dinky double we've been sleeping on for years. It was great to stretch out! The neighborhood is extremely quiet in both the evening and the morning so what sleep I did get was pretty great...the only problem i had was the usual one of sleeping in a different place for the night. But It was pretty grand to sleep in our new place!

My main concern in getting my fish over. The large tank isn't ready to go yet (its my next project as soon as the doors are hung back up:)). So we'll be moving the small 10 gallon tank to the house while I work to get the 110 gallon tank up and running. Note to self: buy large filter at Fountains.  *rubs hands together as she plots her priate ship grave yard themed fish tank*.

Scout has been...tollerating. We pretty much have turned her little kitteh world upside down with the move. We moved her yesterday and I assure you for the first four hours in the house, she hated us. But she ended up exploring in the evening and then curling up with us in bed at night (after kneeding my boob with her needle sharp claws). This morning she was being much more adventurous and explored other rooms than the bathroom and the master bedroom. We have disrupted her Kitteh world but she is adapting. I think she is going to like the house and she's already starting to claim things as her own. We also met two other cats that like to hang out infront of our house. a somewhat stand-offish black and white one and a extremely affectionate calico who I've started calling "Tinkerbelle" because of the bell on her collar. Both cats look well fed, well groomed, and both are collared so I think they belong to someone in the neighborhood. the black and white one hangs out in the front yard while Tinkerbelle is in the back. It will be interresting to see Scout's reaction when she sees them through the windows. Scout is a house cat so she won't be joining them in their outdoor excursions.

Overall, things are gonig well! I'll feel completely at ease as soon as we have everything in the house. Luckily that will be soon.

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The day has gotten extremely I shall post pictures of my Cat.

Baby Kitteh!!

Max's first contact with the Kitteh!!!


Blanket Kitteh!


Okay I'm done...for now.

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