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I haven't been posting much this week. Mostly because I have been exhausted beyond all reason.
There's really no reason for me to be this tired too. I have been getting plenty of sleep, started exercising again, been trying to eat right when possible...I think maybe its some sort of cold I have coming on.
Great, just in time for the Mother In Law visit!
No, I am NOT pregnant. Stop asking. ;D

So I am planning on crashing hard after work today, then baronial council, then crashing again..then somewhere in between that getting some housework done. Then night shift tomorrow at the desk (Luckily this means sleeping in tomorrow!) then Friday I clean up best i can before the Mom In Law comes in for an overnight trip...then I donno past that.  Probably more sleep if I have my way.


Some awesome things:
Calafian Anniversary was full of win and awesome. Max organized a fantastic feast, Mark and Ty got their Cresents (A VERY dserved award), and I ended up getting my Serpent's Flame for costuming...which shocked the Hell out of me. Still reeling about that one.

Starting a new Vampire game on Tuesdays. Old World of Darkness. Playing a Malcavian. Oh THIS is going to be interesting.

Finally considering diving into that beautiful blue silk I bought over a year ago to make another Italian Ren..because I'm bored.

Sister's Birthday coming up. The big 4-0. I want to get her something cool. Was considering sending her a dozen chocolate dipped straberries. She used to love those.

Dan and Kelly's wedding on Dec 11th in Vegas! WOO! We're going for a very quick weekend.

I'm finally joining the 21st century and getting myself a smartphone. Getting my Droid in the mail hopefully today. WOO!

Cindy needs a nap. A LOOOOOOONG nap.

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I haven't been posting much here this week because everything I've been doing is wedding related and I'm sure its starting to get extremely dull and annoying to you all.
But yesterday was awesome because the people at worth threw a small wedding shower for me which made me feel really appreciated. They ordered me cupcakes decorated like white roses which were both tastey and beautiful! I wish I had pictures.
My bosses rock. Have I mentioned that lately?

Today there is a lot on my plate. Need to run to the invite people to check out proofs for stuff, then my final dress fitting tonight with Ty, then Mark and Ty are coming over to our disaster of a apartment for dinner.
I'm going to appologize now for the complete wreck our place is. The carpets haven't been vaccumed for a while guys, please don't look down at the floor...or the couch...or the dead ant carasses that somehow got stuck to one of our mirrors...O.o
Oh yes! I am classy!!!

ANYWAYS, life has been great. I've been spending most of my nights organizing wedding stuff, trying to sketch (to no avail), and kinda dabbling back on an old RPG MUSH haunt, Fort Bloodshed which I thought was dead but made a mircaulous recovery and is doing well with active characters and plots again. Who knew? Anyone like old Historical Western RP? Check it out. .
I need to get back to Hogwarts Express but its been crazy and hard to get the time to get back into the plots there since my connection times lately are sporadic. I miss my HE Buds! After the wedding I actually be able to pop on regularly and do some damage..I mean RP.

Anyways, Thats life in a nutshell.

I wouldn't mind another nappy poo though...

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