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Its up!
Creepy Kitch Episode 7: WTF!!
This episode we discuss the strangest freakin' movies ever made The Sinful Dwarf and Equinox!
We also talk about why we love romance novels, why Gone with the Wind rules/sucks, as well as the weekly Fuck Off.
We also want to ONCE AGAIN thank our Gare-Bear for editing this episode yet again. All Hail the Gare-Bear!
This a banner episode.

Listen Up!

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At Long Last!
Creepy Kitch Episode 6: Cult Movies!
This Episode we discuss the movies Peeping Tom and Spider Baby. We also touch on the usual weekly fuck off as well as discuss other...weird...girl crap.
Special thanks to Gary to editing this episode. Bow down to him! You can actually HEAR us this episode!

Listen Up! WOOO!

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We Back Bitches!
Sorry about the long Hiatus. But Episode 5 is finally in the can!...or computer..or whatever.
ANYWAYS it's listener's choice this episode! We discuss our thoughts on City of the Living Dead (Our FIRST Fulci film!) and Flight of the Living Dead.
And as usual, our weekly fuck off as well as horror crush of the week. well as rambling about nothing. Like we do.
Unfortunately our last few seconds were cut off, but the reviews are intact.

Listen Here!

Bonus Material: EQUINOX!!
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Don't look now! Its Episode 3!
On this episode Stacy and I discuss House of the Devil and The Changeling! We also discuss personal ghost stories from our pasts.
And we talk people with neck beards and shitty parenting in the weekly Fuck Off Segment..because sometimes you just gotta tell them to fuck off.
Check it out!
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I'm a little late here on this, but Creepy Kitch Podcast Episode 2: Horror Comedies is up! We talk about three unsung horror comedies; The Fearless Vampire Killers, Vampires Annonymous, and Undead.
Unfortunately the last five minutes of the Podcast were cut off. Not sure why but we'll be sure to make sure it doesn't happen next ep. ;D

You can find the episode here!
OOOOOOR you can now find us on the iTunes store and subscribe! You can search for us as Creepy Kitch.

Episode 3 is in the works. Next topic, Haunted Houses! We'll be talking about the movies House of the Devil as well as The Changeling. We're also going to share some personal ghost stories.
Stay Tuned!

For those of you not into horror films, I also work on Sassycast! Chris and Roy's Super Adventure Fun Time!
We discuss random things like films, theater, and general slice of life. It also follows Roy's and Chris's adventures through Texas. So check that out when you can as well! You can find Sassycast! in the iTunes Store AND on Facebook. :)

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Guess ,what, Its finally LIVE!
Creepy Kitch Podcast - Episode 1: Children in Peril!

Our Sound Quality still needs work but its only our first ep and we're working towards getting it better so please stay tuned!
You can find the first ep here!
We're also working on getting our podcatcher set up. We'll be on iTunes soon. If anyone knows about podcatchers (Looking at YOU Roy) please contact me and lemme know how to get one working.:)
Hope you like!

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