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Guess who went to the swap meet this weekend?
Guess who walked away with some kick ass tea stuff for the party?

Go on, Guess? MWA HAHAHA!
All that in the above photo? Cost $35 at the swap meet. Awww year. The tea party shenanigans shall comence! I especially love the tea set I got there iwth the pink blossoms. The whole shebang, plates cups saucers, creamer, sugar bowl, and tea pot call came to $20. And its freakin ADORABLE too!
So between me and Colleen, we are all set to serve tea.
We're going for an autum theme too. Already killing all the crabgrass in the backyard so I'm hoping all will be whipped into shape come September. Still so stoked to play tea time!

Awesome stuffage here:
Capt'n and Noelle picked up these awesome earrings for me at the last Crononauts. I couldn't make it since i had OMGLAUNDRY!!1! to catch up on. LOOOOOOVE! The cool part? They work. I tried them...Hee.

Also...I made this:

The necklace I mean. 
I kinda love how it turned out. The funny part is I made it to be bedroom decor. Usually I have this strand of beads hanging from my Morrocan lantern hanging by the bed. I had the urge to put it on as a necklace. Looks kinda spiffy actually.  I might make more like this. It's pretty much just made up of random beads I have in my stash.

I've been on a total crafty streak from hell, lately. I even think I'll be finishing up my regency dress soon! I put it off to the side for a whilve since the fit in the bust was pissing me off. I think I finally fixed it. Its a slightly clumsy fix, but to the naked eye it looks fine...hopefully.

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I know its only August...but Halloween stuff. Its coming out. O.o
I feel the sudden urge to buy Awesome Fall and Halloween decor. Fall is my favorite season. I'm kinda stoked its sneaking up on us. I do miss the color changes though. But hey, I still love fall anyways.

Yeah...still plotting. Looks like Colleen and I finally got ourselves a date for our first tea party. WOOT! I've been searching the interwebs for fun tea party tips and ideas. I found this nifty website which has fun tea party planning ideas as well as a source for reasonably priced Tea pots.

I do not own a teapot. I need to own a teapot if I do plan to have a tea party, don't I, huh?
I have my eye on these right now:
I think I might be in love with the blue toile one the most.

 Also thinking of hitting the swap meet with Colleen for cheepo nice tea cups as well. Totally up to a swap meet run! Going to plot more with Colleen about decor and food. We have a ton of friends who want to make and bring tea party foods so we seem to be set on the food front. Honestly, I may even try my hand at some yummy tea party goodies I found reciepes for.

So now I have to freakin get into my back yard and whip it into shape. Needs TONS of work since I let it go over the summer. Unfortunately its been too damn hot  to work in the yard or I've been too damn busy. Ugh..SO much work! Next paycheck I'll be purchasing some flowers and other yard stuff to whip it into shape and get some color back there again. Right now all we have is knee length crab grass >.<.  Also want to  clear out the weeds behind the deck and finally plant the Hibscus that Max and I have been wanting there since God knows when. Going to be Lots and LOTS of work. Suppose I should start the grand clearing of it all this weekend.
SO many ideas! I'm going to have to start writing them all down just to keep my mind straight on it all.
And of course, mass quanities of tea shall be purchased.

In other NON tea party related news:
I'm going to break ground on a few house projects I've been putting off and putting off. I want to put some finishing touches on the bedroom. Its ALMOST done. I can't afford runners for the side of the bed just yet but in time I'll be able to hit the swap meet and pick em up. I figure I'll get some before winter when the floor gets chilly. I also want to work on getting the living room whipped back into shape since its also kinda a mess.
Also want to work on the dollhouse I'm building. I started it in May then ended up getting OMFGBUSY!!1! and put it off to the side. So its sitting in my studio unfinished and looking sad. I'm ALMOST done assembling it so I shoud get crackin. After its assembled then the fun part of painting and wall papering begins! I'm hoping to slowly treat myself to furnishings for it as the years go by. I am wanting to decorate it in a sudo 1900's-1920's style and make it all look a bit vintage.

Also I am getting a massage! I am so stoked! I ended up getting a great deal for a 1 hour foot, body, and head massage from a new place on Stellar $21 for the whole shebang! So doing this tomorrow. I'll be calling up the place and making my appointment today.

The working out has been very productive. I haven't lost a pound yet BUT I have been leaning out considerably aka my ass stopped jiggling when I walk now. I think I like this better than the weight loss.  I'm going to keep at my walking and my toning workouts and hope for the best. Actually SEEING results after two week is extremely encouraging. I may even feel gusty enough to buy that Sugar Skulls dress from . SO want to buy that dress for the tea party! EEEE!
God I'm such a girl sometimes.

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Achievement Unlocked: Studio cleaned and ready for business yet again!

Well, almost. I need to run a vaccume in there. but overall everything is tidied up. I rearanged some things as well just because I could. Eventually I plan to go through all mt craft drawers to organize them a bit better. right now all I do is toss things into drawers randomly. Eh, I have been planning on painting that old dresser a bright green aways so I might as well empty out the drawers.  Maybe I'll make that my August project.
Plans...I has them.

Been working out steadily for a week now. I have no clue yet if I've lost weight but I have noticed a distinct change in my body. I'm looking a bit more toned now which is good. Honesly I rather have that more than the weight loss so here's hoping I stay on track with that.  Overall I'm proud of myself for starting it and happy I'm seeing results! Maybe I'll be able to squeeze into that Poison Ivy costume I've been wanting to make finally.

More tea party planning madness in the works. This time it looks like its going to be a sure thing sometime in either Sept or Oct. Not sure yet. most of my and Colleen's Saturdays are clogged with SCA events. So we're considering doing a Twilight Tea (as in time of day, not as in sparkly vampires). Either a Friday night or a Sunday evening. Not %100 sure as of yet. Our first tea is going to be at my house probably in the back yard.
The period dress tea is going to be in December. And we're going to go to an actual tea house for that one. SO need to get crankin on my victorian dress!
So yes, lots of plotting plotting plotting happening for our teas. and lots of gals wanting to help with the food too for tea party number one. Stoooooooked! Just need to find a freakin day! >.<


Jul. 28th, 2011 11:03 am
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I jsut haven't been posting since I really haven't been in a bloging mood. But I am reporting in saying that I haven't left LJ despite the...wahtever you call them...attacks. I honestly perfer LJ over Facebook and rather stick around here. Too many people on Facebook and not enough space to play with like on here. Not that I don't read facebook, I just don't like posting there as much. I'm old fashioned and attatched to my LJ. I'll admit it.
Though I do plan on going and archiving the damn thing. entries all the way back from 2001? Holy shit!
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This either is therapy... or I need therapy.

Eitherway,  This hasn't stopped.

And I'm running out of paper.

... *tiwtches*
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Kyshy brought me the lucky stars kit when she came to visit. Now I am folding like my life depended on it .
Its like a sickness I tell you!!!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these damn little stars. I was thinking of maybe finding a cute jar and filling it with them for the guestroom.
Until then..I am drowning in paper stars.
Someone help me!!!

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Which is keeping me busy while I'm on a slow day at the desk. I wanna bake this August...I have no clue what. My plot is to do some baking every week in August. Granted, this also means my ass is going to get rather fatty fatty fat fat...Because damnit I am EATING what I bake!
Anyways, so far I want to make the following:
Key Lime Pie (I have no choice. This is a requirement of Max)
A Tart of some sort
Cobbler of some sort

Aaaand..donno about the rest. Any recomendations from my more kitchen savvy friends out there? I like pastries..though I donno if I have the skills to do a pastry.
And to local friends, you WILL come help me eat this damn stuff, right?
Don't make me get Fat all alone here, people!!

I need a cupcake icon.
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So I got it in my head, YET AGAIN to so a regency/victorian tea.  Only this time Colleen suggested we have a small group get together and go to a tea house, then do a costume photoshoot afterwards. Because honestly, as much as I love my backyard, I know it will be a pain to organize it there.
Hells yes, that sounded like a great idea!...AFTER war of course. WAY after war.
So this just lead me to start researching into Tea Rooms in San Diego. Did I ever mention that I'm a sucker for tea rooms?
Anyways, I found these and they are making my overies want to visit:

Tea Upon Chatsworth Okay...TOTALLY want to visit here. The room is beautiful and the food sounds awesome.
The AubreyRose Tea Room Totally uber girly. But once sounds awesome.

I think we're going to go with Tea Upon Chatsworth. But we're definitely going to have to carpool if that's the case. Crappy parking in that area I was told.
God I'm such a sucker to high tea and tea parties. I have been since I was 13 and went to High Tea in London. I've been sold ever since. I really need to eventually get myself a full tea set and do a tea on my own. But for a costume tea? I definitely would love to hit one of these tea rooms.

...I have the sudden urge to do something horrendously girly tonight. Maybe I'll spruce up my dollhouse while I play on SoulfireMU* tonight.

...Now I'm craving scones.


WANT! Peacock Feathers!!
WAAAAAAAANT! Reminds me of my grandmother and mom!
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My God, I am TIRED.
Seriously, I have been crashing hard and early at night every chance I get. Its a shame too because I really have a lot on my plate right now. The good news is that I think I am finally...FINALLY over this damn cold! Thank Friggin GOD! I was really getting over being sick. MEH!

Julie has been in town for the last few days and we've been having a blast. Luckily it has been a mellow blast as well. We've both been mainly chillin' around San Diego. Friday we went shopping then out to Lidos for a belated birthday dinner. We also got our nails done. I haven't had a Mani/Pedi since...oh..I think 2009. My toenails...I kid you not...are neon green. I call the color radioactive zombie green. My fingernails are an awesome pinup girl Hollywood red.
 Behold! Proof!


Julie told me about this new polish called Shelack I should try since I'm so hard on my nails. Usually they chip about 2 minutes after I get them done. So far? Not a chip or smear. Julie says for her the manicure lasted almost a month. I'm starting to believe her. It was a little bit extra but hell, with how hard I am on my nails, its worth it for me!
 Then on Saturday we went to the St. Artemas tourney so Jules could see what this whole SCA thingy was about. She enjoyed it! Enough that she was considering looking into it up in No Cal. Max came in 2nd place at the rapier Tourney so I am very proud of my guy. I also put up some sketch commissions for the arts auction. No clue who won it but I'm sure I'll find out on Wednesday at council. We had to leave the tourney early though because Max slightly tweaked his knee. It was bugging him enough that I wanted him to go home and elevate it for a while.
 I'm very happy we've had such a fun relaxing weekend. Hell, most of the day after St. Aretmas was spent sitting on the couch. Max played Xbox, Julie cross stitched, and I got some much needed to do sketching done. Then it ended with hot tub and wine and happily falling into bed into a nice deeeep sleep.
I needed that so much.

Almost done with my rehaul of Original Cin. I really what it up in the next week or two. I'm actually very excited about the sketch blog format and I think I'll be taknig advantage of it. Already It has inspired me to sketch again. And while I'm not drawing every single day this april, I am drawing. Actualyl what I'm doing is drawing and FINISHING pieces which I haven't done in forever. I'm proud of myself.

So it is definite and for sure. I will be belly dancing at the Gaslight Gathering. So if you wanna see shake my toosh..and laugh as well, Come to the con!  Info on the con is here:)
I'm actually very excited to go. Still need to pick up a pass for Friday though. Since I'm "entertainment" on Saturday, I'm comp-ed.
Need to get my steampunk dance gear in order. here's a WON'T be skimpy if you've seen my ass lately. O.o Nervous as Hell that I'm going to look REALLY bad out there. I'll just smile and wave my arms around a lot. That always worked on stage.
Still tired alas, but my only plans tonight are to go home, put on the PJs, watch the Game of Thrones series premiere on HBO (OMGOMGOMG!!!!!), eat Julie's chocolate rum cake, drink some wine, then crash.
My life is so glamorous.

And I leave you with my wonderful felty Cthulhul courtesy of [ profile] wyngdlyon  AKA,  Colleen.

Lurve heeeeeeem!!

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Okay...The following T-shirts need to be mine.
And This.

In XL...just sayin...

That is all. You may return to your lives.
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If you need to get me a gift or always wondered what my taste is?
Yeah, this site right here.
And This one here.
That about sums it all up.

I kinda wanna own everything on BOTH of those sites. O.o
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Maw HAHAHA! Let the girly madness begin!!
I ordered it back in November. It was only $30 on with free shipping. So what the heck? I wanted to learn how to put one together anyways. I figured I'll pop this baby open after the holidays and attempt putting it together. I know Greenleaf is known for its filmsy wood but eh, I figured it would be a good way to get my feet wet cheaply to see if I like this hobby.
I'll probably blog my process if anyone is interested in watching me glue together a tiny little house.
I have a feeling I'm the only one to be facinated by this.

Oh...and I totally did NOT get roses at work. A Co-worker did. But I really like standing next to them. Oh yes. I am "teh secks".

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Capt'n and I carpool to the museum on Sundays. On the way home last night I ran past him the idea of starting up a drumming and dancing class at our place. So one coversation lead to another, then another, then another...
Now it looks like the two of us will be starting the Middle Eastern Guild back up again.  We'll be starting in the new year mainly with organizing dance and drum practice once a month in the studio. Then we'll start doing actual academic classes after we get a bit established.
I'm kinda stoked for this.
I'm also amused how I constantly get myself into these situations. O.o
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Okay...I am shedding glitter.
I'm wearing a semi sparkly gold shirt that has been spitting out sequins since this morning. I am leaving trails all over the museum today. Its on my chair, on my desk, on the floor of the galleries... its on my damn butt.
Ah Glitter...the herpes of the craft world.

And I would like to take a moment to pick a bone with [ profile] shinga here. God Damnit woman, you kept talking about the Dreden Files books and Jim Butcher and yada yada hey hey hey then BAM, I start reading and now I'm addicted. VERY addicted. EXTREMELY ADDICTED! this is all your fault.  Spanking time, Shinga...Spanking time.

So need a shower...looking a bit like ass today. Ass with bad hair...Ass covered in glitter.

I am in need of a nap and a glass of wine...and to put on my PJs and drink said wine. I wish I had a teleporter so I could avoid driving today.

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This entry is going to be on some epic crack here. Consider this a warning.

I'm starting to regret wearing the shoes I did today. Why WHY did I deside to wear these shoes? Cute yes, but they are killing my toes. I have never been one to ever sarcifice my comfort for fashion. Because everytime I do, I end up regreting it about 5 minutes into the day. I donno how people like my sister does it. I cannot wear uncomfortable shoes no matter how adorable they may be. Maybe I should have tortured myself at a younger age so I would be used to this? All through highschool and a good chunk of college I pretty much lived in my docs and converse sneakers. I didn't graduate to the big girl boots until I was well into gradschool. And that was mostly because I had to look presentable for various presentations through out the day. Sad part is, I love to look at sexy cute shoes. I just can't wear them. This is why my horde of shoes is far smaller than a lot of women's out there.
Thank god I packed my flip flops in my bag, anticipating the toe torture.
Oh are a cruel bitch.

...God I need a hair cut.  I think I slammed my hair in the car door today. Long long hair works for SCA..but this long is a pain for everyday life.

Seriously. My mind is whirling a mile a minute. I think it has to do with the first good night of sleep I've had in months...and not waking up with my shoulder in pain for a change.  The last few weeks I jacked up my shoulder while sleeping, On Tuesday it was the worst. But 4 glasses of wine, 2 advil, 1 aleve, and a night of sleeping on my back later I'm feeling MUCH better.
The muscle twitch in my right upper arm though...that is still there. O.o

Went into the studio yesterday and got my fabulous Max shelves all organized. Put up my books and got my action figures out of the box and up on the shelves again.  I came to the crashing conclusion that, Damn...I got a lot of action figures? It currently looks like my costume books are being overrun by leprechans. But I still loves thems! Had to do some minor repairs on a few. There were a few casualties amongst my minature army of evil, but nothing some hot glue couldn't fix. Eh, I figured I don't plan on selling most of these buggers so I don't mind reparing them with hot glue. Poor Marv lost an arm..his gun arm. But I did find it!
I tink I"m going to paint my studio doors green, to finish off that whole area. After that will come the curtains for the windows.

Hauled out my half finished steampunk coat from the closet. And I have more ideas to spruce it up some more. I think I am going to pop off the cheese looking cog buttons I made and put something else there. I also need to destress the crap out of that fabric. Coming next, corset (FINALLY) and the belt..then I need to make new goggles since my old ones are about to bite the dust.

Okay umm...I think I'm done...Wow. Darjeeling Tea packs a punch! Gotta get more of this stuff. O.o
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As is typical of me.

But then I was pretty much up in the SCA demo most of the weekend so I didn't really go to any pannels or wander to much. I find though that I always have more fun at a con when I'm doing something like helping with the demo or doing artists alley or what have you. I've never been much for panels and I tend to get bored wandering around after a while. So helping out with SCA was a blast.
Besides, all I had to do was show some clevage and talk to people about how fun the SCA is...I do that when I'm dunk so it really wasn't that far of a step for me. Heh..I was an SCA booth babe.
But overall ComicCon was a BLAST. This is because not only did I get to hang with my old friends (Jen, Seth, Sammy, Marina, Scott, Kyt, Mooj, Peter) but I also got to touch base with some people I haven't seen in AGES (Jarrod, Jeanie, Steve) AND I made new friends this year (Nomi, Marta, that guy from Orkney, Haftan..who I met but never offically really talked to). It was definitely a social con for me. And I, being a social person, had a fantastic time!
Also, I was interviews by about the garb. Not sure where, when, or how it will be aired but I found it amusing and kinda fun. The interviewer and the camera crew were really awesome guys who apparently thought I was hilarious. I don't care if that sounds ego driven or not. I made that damn camera man laugh more than once. And apparently, my orange persian coat attracts a lot of attention because people were stopping me for photos...huh. Well if anyone sees a pic of me in my orange coat from ComicCon, send 'em my way?

I made only a few purchases. I bought a "Trust me I'm a pirate" shirt for me and for Max from They have some awesome cute shirts for gamers and various nerds. Check em out!  Jen and Kyt also picked me up a copy of "Float Out" The Firefly comic about Wash AAAAAND season 3 of Jerricho which I just found out was made into comic form to try and tie things up. REALLY  excited to read that!
I tried to get my Zombie CSU book signed by Johnathan Maberry but he couldn't make it to con due to a family emergency. Maybe next year. I wanted to thank him for visiting Creepy Kitch those couple of times.
Next year I'm hoping to make some flyers for both Creepy Kitch and Sassycast Podcasts and slap em out on the freebee table. I figured it couldn't hurt!

Oh...and I bought a Cthulhu hat. Because I really felt I needed one.
This is my Friday Night Gaming Hat now.
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So I've been feeling kinda ragged, blah, and frumpy lately. So I am declaring yet another Fabulous Month for August.
August 1st I will be doing one fabulous thing a day (small or large)and posting it on LJ. It should be a trip as usual.
Anyone care to join in again?

Also, I'm going to be taking commissions again in August. Which means the three people who have outstanding commissions? You'll have yours by Monday. Yes, even you Patrick.;)
I'm really trying to raise some money right now so I can make it to Rob's wedding in Canada without breaking the bank. I'm also open to doing costume pieces, garb, and such. Any bone you can throw would be appreciated. :)
...And the etsy store will be opening soon. Unfortunately I haven't had two seconds lately to take photos of my stock and put it up. Ugh! July! You're KILLIN' me with your wacky craziness!

ANYWAYS... The actual meat of the post, LoJ Pictures!

Enter the Wackiness HERE! )

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We Back Bitches!
Sorry about the long Hiatus. But Episode 5 is finally in the can!...or computer..or whatever.
ANYWAYS it's listener's choice this episode! We discuss our thoughts on City of the Living Dead (Our FIRST Fulci film!) and Flight of the Living Dead.
And as usual, our weekly fuck off as well as horror crush of the week. well as rambling about nothing. Like we do.
Unfortunately our last few seconds were cut off, but the reviews are intact.

Listen Here!

Bonus Material: EQUINOX!!
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Last night Max and I dropped into Mysterious Galaxy, a scifi/fantasy bookstore in San Diego. Why you asked? Because friggin' George R.R. Martin was there, damnit!
He made an appearance, read the prologue to Dance with Dragons (which was friggin awesome), and then did a book signing. He was extremely charming and very nice to everyone which was really great to see. I've heard horror stories about other writers being kinda bitchy to their fans. I ended up giving him a stack of fan art. Hell, I've been sketching those pictures since 2006 and they were just collecting dust. I figured they should go to the guy who inspired them. He seemed to really dig them and really likes the sketch of Shae I did. Score one for Cindy, aw yeah.
He signed our hard copy of A Game of Thrones, thanked us, and we went home.
And I've been fangirling ever since.
Hee..he liked my art.

And before anyone asks me AGAIN, no I did not ask when the book would be done NOR did I ask him why it wasn't done, or why he wasn't writing it right now. I was too busy getting excited over how he liked my art work.

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