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It was totally the weekend of home improvement for me. My mom and Leelee are coming into town this weekend so I wanted to get the house in shape. And honestly, its been over two months since I did a really good cleaning on the house. So I did lots of scrubing, vaccuming, and moping.  Max helped me out with some smaller things I wanted to do in the house and never had the time. We hung some shelves and curtains. Just little things I wanted to do to finish up some rooms. Its not much and only I can see the difference but it made me feel really good to get some of that stuff taken care of.  Not to mention a clean house calms my mind. The guest room and our giant bathroom of doom looks realy nice and finished now. WOOT! And Max hung up this spiffy wall desk thing my mom won at a tupperware party back in the late 60's. its adorably retro and I LOVE it! I'm only planning on storing stationary in there and not really use it as a desk. But looks spiffy in the study and makes me smile.
And Saturday was a kick ass Max and Cindy day. Its been a while since the two of us had a whole day together. Granted, mostly what we did was run errands but they were fun errands. We picked up a new rug for the dining area at Kobey's Swap Meet (and I so wana go back to Kobey's to explore more) then we ran to the Baronial Keep so I could pick up loaner garb to wash up. After that we bought new fishies for the tank, three more tetras so they have a nice school to swim in, two beautiful golden Goramis, and three more crawfish since our other ones passed on into the great tank in the sky. It looks great! The next big step is picking up a aquarium light so we can light the sucker up at night. But that probably won't be for another couple paychecks down the road. They cost about $150 for a tank our size (ie: Friggin' HUGE).  After the errands we grabbed dinner at Outback and finally got to see Thor which was a LOT of fun. Not my favorite of the Avengers movies but still really entertaining. The night ended with Max and I snuggled on the couch drinking Honey Jack on the rocks and watching My Cat From Hell.
A great Saturday that I desparately needed. Big thanks to Max for really towing the line for me this weekend. The help with the house and all the attention on Saturday made me feel very special.:)
Now to accomplish yard work before the family comes in! I gotta lotta weed wackin, to do!

Still slowly pulling myself out of the funk I was in last month. I'm ALMOST there! Pretty much I just need to put away some feelings that are not doing me any good and power forward. I'm finding that my art helps a lot. Also, as silly as this sounds, thinking about pretty things has been motivating me out of the funk.  Yeah, It sounds weird and shallow but seriously, it has helped. I think about lovely things like the flowers in my garden, the beautiful view on the other side of my work, a cute dress I saw, and other things that sound pretty frivilous. But it has been doing the trick which is...weird. But hey, I won't knock it and it makes me feel better.
I'm also heading back onto weight watchers as well as working in my daily Belly Dancing practice. I need a new DVD though. I'm almost memorized the one I'm currently using. I found two I want to pick up. Maybe next paycheck.
Middle Eastern Guild is tonight. Wondering if I can convince some peeps to do some dancing.
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Okay who am I kidding? I am so not awake. But its not for lack of trying! I think I finally am fully recovered from my cold... Only to get stricken by alleries. Damn you sinuses! *Shakes fist*. Regardless, at least I'm feeling semi human again, though the cold has knocked be behind about... oh...a month. ARG!
Trying not to think about that.
Anyways, I managed to get back up north for a very quick visit home last weekend. My nephews are growing like weeds and everyone is doing well. My Uncle Mike especially. While he still has cancer, his cancer has shrunk significantly due to the chemo. This gives him and lot of extra time on life. I am extremely grateful to the powers that be for this news. Its the first good news we got since he was diagnosed.:)
Alas, I had to be home for work on Easter. But Max prepared quite the Easter feast on Sunday which was amazing. Then it was Game of Thrones Ep 2 time. We've been doing viewing parties for this every week which usually involves a feast of some sort.
My ass is getting so fat.
Trying to get back into dance practice. Ty comes over once a week now so we can practice with my DVDs. I'm improving, not sure how performance ready I am but I'll just do the age old trick of smiling and pretending I know what I'm doing. If you can't dazzle them with style, baffle them with bullshit, as my father always says.
On an up note, I have been doing a lot of sketching and as soon as I have two friggin seconds to myself, I'll start scanning things. I even was asked to do the Gate Flyer cover for May War. So if you go to May War this year? That be my cover. WOO! I'll scan it eventually. Its not a bad piece. Also, Barroness Bri had me do a ton of illustrations for her article on what to and what not to wear in the SCA. I'm really proud of those and when the article goes live I'll post a link. ALSO also, my sketch commission I offered up at the arts auction at St Artemas went for a good penny too! I think I'll offer up another commission for the May War Arts Auction and see how that Fares.
And on May 21st I'm going to a workshop on how to make a good pattern for a fitted Gothic dress. Its something Ellyn and I have been JONESIN' to learn. The workshop is in Corona and she's willing to drive so I'm willing to go! Just need some Linen, safty pins, and a buddy to drape it to me. Always wanted a fitted Gothic dress so this should be a blast!

Otherwise, life is trucking along. The sunshine is back (for now) which has really lifted my spirits. I hope it remains for a little bit. It makes my lunch breaks so much more enjoyable. After I get the backyard weeded and cleane up again I plan to lounge out there with a book and a margarita.
I may get me some nice windchimes for the back yard too. Just for the hell of it.
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Is it completely dorky of me to be excited over getting a new lawn mower?
...wait, don't answer that question. I already know.

Regardless, We got a new lawn mower and I'll I'm thinking is "Oooh! I am so going to mow the SHIT out of that lawn today!!"
Yes folks. THIS is what I have been reduced to. Remember when my life was exciting...ish?

Still, I have a half day today and I plan to do some yard work. I'm actually very stoked to work on the yard since the rain has kept me from doing anything for about a month now. Its either been raining on any free day I have to work on the yard, or I've been too busy to work there lately.  So today IS the day!
I miss my garden of herbs and insanity! It needs my love!

My gerainiums are blooming and finally showing up over the flower boxes. Looks VERY pretty. Lots of beautiful pinks and reds. My English Primrose has surprisingly survived the wacky weather too. Two of them actually have beautiful blooms. I'm in desparate need to pruning and shaping them and our herbs though. Starting to get a little narly out there. I'm wondering how much steam I'm going to have today to work in the yard. I wonder if I can sneak a little back yard work in too. Next paycheck I'm going to go pick up some flowers and plants for the back yard. I really want to get things cleaned up and colorful for the summer. DYING to have my Regency Tea back there in a lovely yard. Or just be able to sit in the back yard with a book on my day off and enjoy the colors.
Plans...I haz them.
We'll see if I fulfill them.

In Other News:
Last night, Max and I headed over to Mark and Ty's place. We had a sudo Fat Tuesday dinner celebration. Ty made Jambalya which was OMFGINCREDIBLE! Max picked up some Collar Greens and a sweet potato pie as well. It was an excellent dinner with excellent people!

This weekend is Gyldenholt Friendship tourney. What to wear what to wear *ponder ponder*. Oh yes, my usual SCA dilema.

Thinking of picking up a swimsuit from pinupgirl. I'm currently debating between This one and This one. I am way over due for a swim suit. Mine are ancient and don't fit very well. And honestly, I don't mind spending the extra money on a swimsuit that flatters me.
Also... Want, Want, and WANT.
If only I had the money for all of em.

Hmm..I wonder if I have some bucks for mock up fabric to start my regency dress today....hmmm...
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Despite me starting out 2011 with the plague, it has proven to have a good vibe to it so far. But I'm staying optimistic and just living one day/week/month at a time.  I'm back at work after spending most of the day yesterday sick in bed. I put myself into a Nyquil coma when I got home on Sunday, then slept until 11am the next day... Then laid in bed all day after that. I considered rolling out of bed and puttering about but as soon as I did my body said "Ummm....No" and I hauled myself back under the blankets with the cat.
I watched a marathon of Tabitha's Salon Takeover...God I love that white haired bitch.
Around 3ish I managed to pull myself out of bed for a shower and some food, got dressed... then went back into bed again. Max rolled through the door around 5ish. We had a little dinner and then we had Middle Eastern Guild. I was sick, Capt'n was sick, Max was recovering from being sick but we didn't want to cancel since it would have been so last minute. It was a small but strong turnout. No dancers so Ace was off the hook from teaching (and gladly rested her paining ankles) so we just planned out our future classes then all the drummers got together in my studio and did a lesson/jammed until 9pm. Everyone had a blast. I'm tempted next meeting to try and lure people over with the promise of hummus, pita, and other middle eastern munchies. Afterwards I put myself into another Nyquil coma and slept like the dead. I needed that. Today I'm feeling better. Not %100 but more on my feet. The Dayquil helps, I'll admit that.
Max has desided that since everyone feels like crap, he's going to try to make Pho. Have I ever mentioned how awesome it is to have a husband who cooks as amazing as Max? Because its friggin' awesome. Seriously. I hate hate HATE cooking (baking though I enjoy on occasion). He has saved me from a life of eating taco shop burritos and TV dinners. So I'm looking forward to trying out some homemade Pho tonight.
Despite me being sick, I think I'm going to attempt (the key word here being ATTEMPT) to put together a doublet for Max for 12th Night which is this Saturday. I have all the fabric, I just need to get off my duff and DO it. The man needs more than one piece of court garb, that's for sure. I'll rip the pattern off his old doublet and hope for the best from there. I'm also jonesin' to take my doll house kit out of the box and start putting it together. Just need to pick up some good wood glue and find Max's clamps. Kinda stoked to start this project.
I also need to scan the sketches I did over Christmas as well as finish up the last two commissions I had.
But first things first. Gotta shake this damn mung.
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So, I'm home!
Or at work at the very least.
I have pictures but not too many and not very good ones since I stupidly left my good camera at home. I did have my camera phone though so I used that. But they didn't turn out all that great. Ah well, what can ya do?
Christmas, overall, was pretty wonderful. I was very happy to see my family again and spend time with them. I've missed them a lot. Uncle Mike looked really great despite him having been on chemo for the last two weeks. He was weak obviously and thin but in great spirits and really was happy to be with the family. My aunt broke down a couple times. Not that I blame her at all. But after a little while she managed to perk herself up and play with the boys and have a good time. I'm so glad Uncle Mike was feeling up to spending Christmas with us. For a little while we were worried he'd be too sick to make it. But he spent not only Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us, he also dropped in on the 23rd for an impromptu family gathering we had out of no where. It brightened my spirits up a lot.
He said "As soon as I'm more on my feet, Aunt Lorraine and I are coming San Diego to see your house". I don't think that will really be doable but it made me feel good to hear him say that.
The boys made out like bandits. We pretty much spoiled the Hell out of them both. Tommy got mostly clothes. He's only 3 months old so really we felt it best to get him things he needed. I don't think he was hoping for a car considering he's still trying to figure out what his fingers are. Danny on the other hand was in toy heaven. He finally is old enough to grasp the concept of Christmas presents and Santa Claus. Needless to say he was a spun up little hyper ball of cute and screams. It was kinda hilarious.
Even though Christmas was a little lean for the grownups, we still got some lovely things. Aunt Lorrain bought Max and I some really cool Victorian style lamps for the bedroom and a tapestry to hang in the livingroom. and mom got me some much needed clothes (new sweater!). Max of course got me something awesome. I've been wanting a Kindle for while now and he totally surprised me with that. Of course he created this wacky series of notes and boxes for me to GET to the Kindle...but then my husband likes it when I work for a gift apparently. I have been playing with the Kindle for the last 24 hours *LOL*.
The handmade gifts went over REALLY well. Mom, Leelee, and Aunt Lorraine really liked the cross stitched towels I made them and the illuminated letters I painted were a HUGE hit. Aunt Lorraine opened theirs on Christmas Eve and as soon as mom and Leelee saw it they asked if I could paint one up for them. Luckily, it was already done. I think I'll do a big D and a K for Max and I to put in the livingroom around the Tapestry we just got. Or do our SCA Initals (O and R). I'll see how I feel.
I also got to visit with Chelle, Julie, Dasha, Jeffery, Bansha and Kyffin which super ruled! I miss my bay area friends.
Max was super excited when Dad took him to my Grandpa's old shop and let him pick out any tools he wanted to take home. My Grandpa's wood working tools are awesome so he was super stoked. We packed them up in the truck and even managed to find some chairs in great shape that belonged to mom and dad to take home. WOO! No more camp chairs when we have guests! Well, for the most part!
So yeah, it was really a good Christmas. I'm a bit bummed to have left my family but I am happy to be back home.
I'll try to take Christmas Swag photos when I think about it. Chances are I'll never think about it *L*

New Years this year is at Burke and Beth's place. Looking forward to that!
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Normal though is a relative in my life.;)

Had a WHIRLWIND weekend! Max and I treked up to Las Vegas to watch Doodle and Kelly tie the knot. It was my first Vegas wedding to witness so it was quite the event. I ended up Twittering the entire trip. Under the cut are the twitter pics I took of the weekend.  I wish we had the money/time off to stay one more day. Alas, We is broke! It was still a fantastic time. I love Vegas. And I especially love visiting Vegas with friends!
We got home yesterday around 5ish where I locked myself in my studio a feverishly worked away on the illuminated letters I'm painting for my sister mom and aunt for Christmas (photos to come!). I painted until my eyes were crossing then passed out. GREAT night sleep. Christmas time is the time when I feel the most motivated creatively. Its nice to channel all of this energy into making Christmas gifts this year. It makes me feel fulfilled.:)

Anyways, Vegas Pics!

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Aw Hell. Left my purse at home. Which means I left my wallet and my phone at home too. Here's hoping I don't get pulled over on the way home... Oh Yay, and my tea bag ruptured in my cup. *grump grump grump*
Shake it off Cindy. Shake it off.
Damn, I'm tired.

Anyways...Its December now, isn't it? Wow.
I'm hoping I can convince Max that we should get our tree this weekend. I'm wanting to decorate hard core so it starts feeling a bit more like the Holidays around the Chateau de Nom Nom. Got a bit wanting for the holidays after chatting with mom and Leelee on the phone yesterday. My life has been a complete blurr since August and I really want to try and slow down and just ENJOY the season for a while. Its working...kinda. Eh, I've just been dead on my feet the last couple months. I kinda need a break. Looking forward to visiting home for that break. REALLY looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.
The next two weekends are pretty booked. Winter Arts this Saturday then next weekend is Dan's wedding. I think the weekend after is one I have free. I'm kinda guarding it with my life at the moment. I would like to have one weekend to myself to sit in my PJs and do nothing of any great importance. We shall see...WE SHALL SEEEEEEE.

Almost done with the Italian Ren I've been puttering with this week. Just have the hand sewing left on it.  I'd like to do more details on it if possible. We shall see if time allows. I'll try and take more photos tomorrow. I also may try to slam one other project out tomorrow depending on my laziness upon the morrow.  If what I finish on my Italian is something I like, I will probably put it up for view at Winter Arts on Saturday. If it looks like crap, I'll put it in the closet. *L* The important think here is I am getting practice and getting more conifdent with my work.

And this site makes me drool. . Seriously, it makes me want to go home immediately and sew.

And this site makes me laugh my butt off I am in no way a period nazi for SCA, that's for damn sure. But even I have to blink at some of the stuff of the interwebs vendors consider period. The Nitpicky stuff about films on the site I don't completely agree with. Because costuming designing for historical reenactment and costuming designing for a film/play I feel are two very different animals. Sometimes a costume designer has to fudge period a bit just to get their point across.  And some of the nitpicky things about people's garb makes me shrug. Honestly, If you're new to SCA all I care about is you cover your boobies and bits and at least attempt at looking somewhat period. Costume knowledge comes with time.
 But those posts about ebay? Hilarity! PURE HILARITY!
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Wow, I have a lot of catch up on don't I?
I feel remotely bad because frankly I just haven't had the gumption to really write any entries at all. I've been wanting more to keep my hands busy in other ways. Which means that I've been making a lot of hand made Christmas gifts lately.
I will be updating the costume blog soon. Started yet ANOTHER project. Want to get some in progress shots. I think its going to turn out really lovely....Kinda going nutzo on the details.

Anyways, to Recap!

Thanksgiving = Win and awesome!

I gorged myself. Seriously. It was not a healthy thing to do. I'm STILL bloated too. OYE! This is what happens when all the great cooks of the Iron Maiden get together for a feast. I end up immoble on the couch.
Totally worth it though.
It was the Pie-pocolypse for me. I made four pies; two key lime and two pumpkin. The pumpkin was pretty much devourored. The keylime is ALMOST devoured. I'm pretty proud of my pie prowess. Thank you [ profile] banshea AGAIN for the pumpkin Pie Receipe!
[ profile] crzydemona  spent the holiday weekend with us. I had SUCH a blast. We hung out, eat too much, caught a showing of Harry Potter 7 (which was OMG AWESOME IN SO MANY WAYS!), and generally did some fun girly bonding.
And Max is the king of the mighty fine Ham.

Christmas is fast approaching. I'm happy for it in a melencholy way. Its going to be a very odd Christmas for the Kinnard clan this year. This is mostly due to the fact that my Uncle Mike has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I've known for a while now but honestly I just haven't felt like mentioning it much online. He's fighting it though for as long as he can and generally being Uncle Mike, which means he is reaminng upbeat with a smile. And honestly right now he looks and sounds great. The chemo hasn't started yet though so I'm sure that will probably change. Though right now all we're doing is keeping positive and planning on enjoying what little time we have left with him. So this Christmas is going to be bitter sweet for all of us. Trying to not dwell on the bad and just feel blessed that whatever powers that may be desided to grant us some extra time with him. Feeling very grateful for that. So this Christmas is going to be both special and sad for me. If I seem a bit overly sentimental and sensitive this year about the holidays, please try and understand what is going on in my head. :)

On an upbeat note, I plan to spoil my newphews rotten this year the best I can. I'm hoping to do a cross stitch bib for little Tommy that says baby's first Christmas on it. I've been zooming on the cross stitch so I think I can slam it out. I also need to pick up some hotwheels for Danny, then plot with Max on what awesome nerd gift we're going to pick up for Shawn. He's old enough to appreciate the nerd-ity.  Max and I are probably going to pick up a tree next week. We're helpnig Burke and Beth out by taking over the Iron Maiden Yule party this year. Still don't have a ton of decorations but eh, I can improvise. I also need to plot with [ profile] tigrise and [ profile] brooklynx  over our anunal gathering of the holiday gargoyles at Macaroni Grill. Last year was epic *LOL*.

In non Holiday news:
-Sewing sewing sewing AGAIN! I have gotten bit by the creativity bug HARD this week. Winter Arts is this Saturday and I'd like to have at least ONE thing to show. We'll see if I accomplish this. Regardless on if I have or don't, I've been having a blast getting my hands dirty again.

-Planning on picking up a pencil again soon and sketching. its been OMG a MONTH since my last sketch. But I"m shaking off the emo artist mood and desided to get back on the horse...yes this also means SCANING the commissions I have sitting in my book. I suck, I know.

-Learned blackwork and more cross stitching. This has been an awesome way to keep my hands busy during down time at the desk.

-I think I may have enough cash to pick up some green paint to FINALLY paint my studio doors. Very stoked for this. Also thinking of making a new Ironing Board cover in the colors of my studio just to keep with the look. Need to find an Ironing board cover pattern though.

-Going to be working with Capt'n soon on the new charter for Middle Eastern Guild. We need to present it on Saturday.

-Etsy store is still not up. I am aware of this. I'm working on it! I've just had other projects in my way. >.<

And that.


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My Belly dancing DVDs have arrived! WOOOOO!

I'm going to give them a whirl this week and see if they're any good. If they are, going to ask some of the gals if they want to come over to a dance night in the studio. I managed to get the place cleaned up enough that we could dance in there if we wanted. If ALL goes well maybe I can ask Jackie (one of the better dancers in the barrony) to come over and teach a class once or twice a month. I'm sure I can con Capt'n and Max into drumming for us.  That will be a project for the future though. No time to organize that at this moment. Maybe in the new year.
Started working out again this weekend. And despite some sore muscles I have from not working out for so dang long, I feel pretty great. More energy, not as cranky...amazing what being active can do for a person's mind set. Going to try and keep up the weekend work outs as long as I possibly can.

Went to Colleen's aka [ profile] wyngdlyon 's birthday bash at San Diego Deserts last night. Much fun was had, much food was eaten, and much wine was drank. an EXCELLENT night of hanging with great people. And I"m not sure HOW its humanly possible, but Colleen's kids seem to get cuter every time I see them. 

Calafian Anniversary is coming up on Saturday, where I will be offically stepping up as Chatalaine. Also, Max will be cooking the feast for that so that will be an epic evening. Today he's prepping for the feast...I'm sure I'll be vaccuming up flour for days and days.  I'm slowly putting together a new chamise to go under my blue Italian Ren I bought at GWW. I'm hoping to maybe do some sudo blackwork on the sleeves..Yeah I'm being way ambicious here... But eh, I figured if I don't finish it, you won't see it since its alll an undergarment anyways. Using some really lovely gauze weight linen for the chamise. If anything, its gonna be light weight.

I've been in decorator mode the last couple of days. Not sure why. Guess I just want to get some projects done I've had on the back burner since the last few months have been so busy. I'm kinda determined to stencil the closet doors in the bedroom soon. And I still want to buy some green paint to paint my studio doors finally. Maybe next paycheck I'll have enough to pick up a can. Hmmm...
Also really need to work on getting the front yard in shape. alas I broke our lawn mower *headslap* Good part is, Colleen can loan us hers. I'll have to swing by soon to pick it up. If I have the energy, I may come home and just weedwack the hell out of it to at least make it look someone presentable. I have SUCH an OCD thing about having an overgrown lawn....Honestly I just want to get rid of the damn lawn or at least cut it down to a 1/4 of the size it is when we get some money we may do that. The kitchen remodel will be first though. And we won't be able to do that one for another 4 years or so. *laughs*
Though I will admit, I am happy my geraniums are finally getting large enough that you can see them over to flower boxes...sorta. They're getting there! Looking forward to pruning and shaping the herb garden and making it look pretty again. huh...Maybe I'll do that after work today too. I currently have a ton of energy to expell....might also be the coffee's fault.

Halloween is over alas, but The Walking Dead has just begun (WOOO!) and I'm still watchin' my horror films as always. Thanksgiving fast approaches and it looks like Max and I will be doing another potluck Thanksgiving Holiday at the Chateau de Nom Nom. Looking forward to that. But then, when do I NOT look forward to eating turkey?
Sunday nights have been Awesome TV night for me and Max. We watch Boardwalk Empire then Walking Dead. Great way to unwind.  I don't watch a lot of TV these days. Usually i just pick up the series on DVD later on and watch it in one big chunk...which reminds me, I really need to pick up The Tudors Season 4 so I can see how they wrap it all up....and I need to eventually get off my duff and make a Tudor gown. That will be my project AFTER the Victorian gown, the next Italian Ren, and the German gown I'd like to try and make...damn I got a lot of projects. O.o

Also like to say that Max really has been super husband this last month. Seriously. Everyday I come home that man brightens my day and makes me smile. I'm really lucky I found that crazy bastard.

So as usual, Cindy is hangin' in there. Not everything is sunshine and roses but the good part is I have lots of little things to make me smile regardless. Despite things, I'm still very blessed. I won't be over looking that anytime soon.
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To all those who are going to complain that this is a sappy entry...Suck it, Trebek.

This week has been very stressful due to some family emergencies happening that I'm not wanting to go into right now. Also, work catch up and general exhaustion from the last two weeks of GO GO GO! So when our anniversary rolled around yesterday I pretty much knew both Max and I were going to be too tired and drained to really do anything. Didn't bother me much at all. I figured it would be a nice relaxing night sitting on the couch watching TV, which is really all I was focusing on while work was widing down.
Max and I chat online while at work. Nothing major just  "Whats up?" "How's Work?" "What do you want to do for dinner tonight?" The usual.
Since I was stressed Max asked me what I wanted him to cook tonight. He told me to name it and he'd cook it up. I wanted comfort food. So he gave me a long list of things that we consider comfort food...and then included Midget Surprise.
When I asked him what exactly what Midget Surprise was he replied "Well its a Midget...with a SURPRISE!"
Yeah, I opted for tomato soup and grilled cheese. His creamy tomato soup is amazing. It is  my favorite comfort food in the whole wide world. Hands down. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $100.
He said sure then we both got back to work.

The day finally ended after several tourists yelling at me because it was raining. I had a murderous commute (seriously...I almost followed a douche bag off the freeway so I could find him and punch him...I didn't of course) then made it home in the pouring rain more or less looking like a washed cat.

Max was finishing up the sandwhiches when I walked through the door. He had our song playing and I realized he put our wedding music CD on the PS3. He had cleared the gaming table off and set it up for a candle lit dinner. He even took out the good china for it. And he bought a bottle of wine that was on our wedding year (2008) and had it set out on the table. 
And I cried like a friggin' baby.
And his response was to just smile in that Max way and say 'Yeah...I'm full of surprises.".

 I smacked him for making me cry*. Then kissed him, then smacked him again for good measure*, then told him how happy he made me and cried some more and hugged him until my stomache started to growl.
So we had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on the good china with wine and it was the best meal in the freakin' world.

Best Anniversary Evar.

* Please note that the smacking was not a hard smacking but a light delicate smacking of love.
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Holy Crap its been 2 years!? ALREADY? Yup, 2 years already. It still feels like I first met you.

Happy Anniversary Max.
I love you more than I could ever promise.

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I have been really shitty keeping up on LJ this week haven't I?
Well things got both busy and boring at the same time...if that is at all possible. Trust me, it is.
The weekend though was FABULOUS which made me smile lots. On Friday [ profile] wyngdlyon  aka Colleen and I went out to troll for fabric...which actually just turned into us wandering around Old Town San Diego looking at girlish things. We had lunch and Creole with  Ty then went to the Temecula Olive Oil Company (picked up some Roasted Garlic Olive Oil for Mr Max and some olive oil/lavander lotion for myself.) and found a cute fabric shop and bead shop in the area. We also found an adorable girly store called Bodytreats in that area. I picked up some of their handmade soap and I have to admit, I'm impressed with it. I think I'll go back someday and pick up some other bars of theirs. The day ended with us hitting Yardage Town in National City and contemplating both steampunk costumes and Halloween costumes. I picked up some awesomely obnoxious plaid fabric for my March Hare costume. It shall make a magnificent vest ...and an eye sore. WOO! I'll snap some photos of it later. I did find the perfect fabric for when I get started on my victorian gown. A beautiful bluish grey taffeta with bees embrodiered on it. But I didn't snag it yet since we think we can find it cheaper up in LA. So I have to be patient.  Eh, my patterns aren't even in yet so I want to wait until I get the right yardage number.  After Colleen went home I put together my Viking garb for the Leif Erickson tourney this Saturday. It turned out pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. pics to come. I still have to finish the decorative stitching on the apron dress seams.
Saturday was date day for me and Max. We haven't really gone out for one months or so? Its been a busy year for us. We slept in until 10am which was glorious then grabbed some lunch at our favorite noodle house Chopsticks...which we haven't been to in almost a year now. OOOH such good Ramen! We then caught a showing of Machette which I must say was full of WIN AND AWESOME! Holy crap that movie was funny as Hell! And my lvoe for Danny Trejo still is alive and well. Afterwards we hit Creole (yes again..I love Creole Cafe) just to get some bread pudding and coffee. I managed to drag Max to the Oilve Oil place so I could get him to taste some of their oils and vinegars.  SUCH good stuff! We went home with some Pomegranate Vinegar. I'm looking forward to max cooking with it. Its extremely tasty. We wandered old town, checked out the cigar shop for him, found out my favorite tea shop has closed (SADNESS!), then found a small wine tasting room where we chilled out for a while. Max treated me to wine tasting that night and bought us some chardonnay and Red Zin...SO GOOD! We meandered home finally and chilled on the couch watching Reign of Fire on HBO.
...Incidently I had a dream that night that I was IN  Reign of Fire and was Christian Bale's character's sister. I did a lot of fleeing for my life in that dream.

Sunday = Work then Boardwalk Empire in the evening...which is my new obsession on TV right now. SO GOOD! If you have not seen this, SEE IT! Steve Buscemi is awesome in it.

So overall, things have been pretty spiffy for me. This Weekend I have Leif Erickson to go to, then Max and I start preping for Great Western War. We're only hitting GWW for a weekend so it won't take as much prep as Estrella or May War does. And we're sharing Mark and Ty's Pavilion so we don't have to worry about packing the yurt so that makes life a LOT easier.  Just toileties, Garb and Max's fighting gear if he plans on suiting up over the weekend.

And Halloween Fast Approaches! Which means Horror movies on TCM and AMC! WOOOOOO! It also means pumpkin lattes and costuming fun! SO STOKED!! My favorite time of year is about to kick off!
And also, Max and my 2nd year aniversary fast approaches...seriously? Its two years already?

And yes, Fully aware I still have a Meme. I'll just continue at my own pace with it.

Day 04-Your Music
Showtunes are my life blood, I'll admit that. Its all I listened to in high school mainly because its the only thing that ever appealed to me at that time. Not a huge fan of New country or rap/R&B ...some techno is okay. I like rock mostly and I like things with a good melody that doesn't drive me insane.
I don't really have much of a niche in music. I just sorta like what I like. This ranges from classical, to bluegrass, to rock, to showtunes..etc etc...But I am definitely a sucker to anything I can sing along to. I am a world class champion car singer. I can be found of some bubblegum pop and I will get myself hooked on some songs that are fluffy. 
Pretty much, if the song moves me. I'll like it, regardless of the genre.
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First off:

Happy Birthday to the best husband in the world and the man who MASTERED the deer caught in headlights expression, Max.
No actually...I don't own one good snapshot of him. I have one great photo of him from our wedding. That's it.

So As you can probably tell, Fabulous Month is now on hold due to the TONS of stuff I have been up to. But I plan to reboot it in October, which honestly has some fantastic things instore for me (Great Western War, Rob's Wedding, Our 2nd Wedding Aniversary, Halloween..etc etc).
So Yeah..on hold right now.

My visit with the fam went awesome. And I have some pictures I plan to put up soon. I forgot my camera in typical Cindy fashion. But luckily, Leelee took a ton of photos and sent them to me via ye olde email. I really can't get over how big Danny gets everytime I see him. He now is at the age where he knows who I am. Lisa asks him "Where's Auntie Cindy?" And he points right at me and laughs.  I bonded with my first minion a lot this trip. We played with the hotwheels I bought him as well as the cute kid's calculator I bought him. Yes I am spoiling the Hell out of my boys. It's an aunt's duty. Little Tommie is an extremely mellow Baby. He just sits and chills most of the day and is hardly ever fussy. Tommie is the spitting image of my sister, red hair and all. He shall be Auntie Cindy's Minion #2 soon, OH YES.
I love my boys.:)

Anyways...onwards with the Meme.

Day 02 – Your first love

Huh...this is an interesting question.
So if you want to talk about my first CRUSH I would say that privilage (or curse, depending on how you percieve me)  belongs to a gentleman named Ben. Ben was the first guy I ever had a crush on and the first guy that probably developed my preference for the nerdy types. Ben was a tall gangly guy with glasses I Met when I was in the 6th grade. He was older than me by two years and hilariously funny. He always had messy curly brown hair and wore round thin rimmed glasses. I think it was the glasses thing that did it for me. Anyways, we became friends during our time in Pinole Young Actors Workshop. We both were in a show together. Then we parted ways. About two years later, right before I was going to start highschool I bumped into him at church (yes, there was a time I went to church weekly. Shocking, I know). My parents used to wait for...well a LONG time after church while Ben and I stood and talked. Honestly, the reason I WENT to church regularly was because I had the chance to sit and talk with Ben. I like to think God understood the brain of a 15 year old girl.
Anyways, it never went much further than that between us. Actually, Ben and I are still friends to this day. We went through high school together, and college too (both of us went to SFSU). I was even one of the first people to meet his wife when she was only his date for the night (Jackie is pretty dang awesome). We still keep in touch and hopefully we'll be meeting up this Christmas again to play catch up. Ben has always been a good guy in my life. We were what I liked to call "break up buddies". As in whenever either of us had a nasty break-up we were there for the other one, usually watching horror films and eating large amounts of pizza togehter while we bitched. It was definitely a two way street for the two of us on that front. I really couldn't have asked for a better guy to be my first crush/boyfriend.

If you want to talk about Love as in head over heels I hear birds singing Love...and I really don't care if this sounds like a cop out,...the answer to that is Max. Seriously. I have liked guys before, and loved them. But I never was IN love before I met Max. I feel head over heels for that hilarious bastard even though I was fighting it...fighting it hard. I think what won me over other than his excessive nerdiness and sense of humor was how patient he was. I was quite the wounded bird when he met me and was reluctant to open up to anyone at the time. But Max was very patient and just waited for me to get through all that crap. He was the first one to say I love you believe it or not. In the past it was always me.
 I think the very moment when I realized I was done for with him was a few months after we started dating. He was sleeping over at my place one night both of us on the sofa bed since all I had before he moved in was a dinky twin bed. We were watching Adult Swim and both of us were starting to doze off. I had just clicked off the TV for the night and settled down for the evening. I said goodnight and was about to doze off when he rolled over, wrapped an arm around my waist, and said in a sleepy voice "You know, I think I'm falling for you."...then he fell asleep. That was the moment. Though honestly, I doubt Max remembers even saying that.
Max was definitely the first man I met who made me feel like I was truly in love with someone.

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You asked for it! You got it!
Okay...none of you asked for it. But I'm putting a pick up anyways.

This was the Gaming area before the shelves.

And here are the shelves afterwards!

As you can see, Max is slowly organizing his wee lil' army of evil on there there. Eventually, he's going to build shelves going up the wall there in the corner to formally house his Warhammer armies.

  I sketched out the Cthulhu head for him free hand on the side board and he carved it in. Then she stained and shalaqued the holy jeebus out of every piece before he installed it all. The pictures really don't do the wood justice.
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My co-worker just dumped a ton of awesome embroidery how-to books at my desk. They are mine for the keeping.
SCORE!! They're all pretty great too. I'll be experiementing with these at many an SCA event for sure...and  making some Christmas towels for mom for Christmas.  I really do have hobby ADD sometimes. Im just glad most of the stuff I come across is said books. Still, Very excited to try some of this out.  WOOT.

Slamming some last minute AX merchandise together this week. Overall I think I have a good amount to last me the weekend, we'll see how it goes. I'm really excited to hang out with Shing, Kyt, and Trish. I always enjoy sitting in on Artists Alley and I love my gals so..its gonna be a good weekend.
Then after that, LoJ...crap I need to get started on my costume stuff for that. SO BEHIND! I'll be camping out over at Colleen's next week for corset education 101 crash course...its going to be hilarious if anything.

Another photo dump. Random photos of the Epic Weekend of Epicness!

The Mini Gathering in my Livingroom OR When Geek Worlds Collide!

More Epicness! )

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Before I forget...again...I want to say that I SUCK for not posting a BIG happy birthday to one of my oldest  online friends outside the Gargoyles Fandom [ profile] hossblacksilver . I hope you had a good one hon!! =D

Good Weekend!!
Friday I was kinda lazy. I did a bit of house work and laundry but then just desided to take a nice walk down to the JoAnns on the corner to pick up some trim (need to salvage my currnet Italian Ren). I picked up some trim, and some fish tacos on the walk back home then chilled in the studio working on stuff until Max got home. Then we took a quick trip to Home Depot.  We desided that every paycheck we'll pick up a plant or two for the back yard and a slate stone to complete the stone path we're putting together that leads to the deck. This trip I picked up some Spanish Lavender, Columbine, and some yellow Dasies as well as two more slate stones. The lawn around the deck is ALMOST dead so as soon as the round up gets it killed we'll be digging up the remains, rototilling,  and my plants will start going in.  Next paycheck we'll be picking up some Rosemary, strawberries, and maybe sage...and fertilizer. Max is saving up to buy some Grape vines so we can have a mini-MINI vinyard along the back fence. He REALLY wants to make wine...heh..Chateau de Nom Nom Cabernet. But before that we'll be putting in our veggie garden. He's been getting a lot of veggies up from seed. As soon as the soil is ready on that side (Die lawn DIE!) the veggies will be going in as well. The Pomogrante and Blood Orange tree we planted in the back are thriving. Pics to come!
I've been having a lot of fun working on the yard. And I think Max has too..despite himself. ;) The front yard I have to admit is looking pretty fantastic. Sping has definitely Sprung and the Chateau and the Snapdragons are going crazy as well as the herbs and wild flowers. SO much color! I'll be posting pics of the front soon as well.

So its a slow going process overall. But there's a decent chance that come summer we'll have the back yard under control. As soon as we have a handle on things back there I am SO having a tea and Champagine afternoon in the backyard. That will be a little while though.
Later that evening we had our D&D game with Mark, Ty, Tink, Noelle, and Capt'n which was a good time. Unfortunately I started to get really sleepy near the end of the night so I don't remember much about what my undead halfling sorcceress was doing. Still, it was a good time and I'm glad to be back gaming again. Its been a long time.

Saturday Max and I got up early and hit Kobey's swap meet. He's never been before so I had to introduce him to the awesomeness that is Kobey's. We picked up a huge persian rug for the game room for mega cheap as well as a tiny cat tree for Scout. We did see a gorgous painting of two pirate ships in battle but unfortunately we didn't have enough cash to pick it up. Probably next trip we'll see if its still there and get it...beause it would look kick ass in our livingroom.
We planned to go to [ profile] wyngdlyon 's aka Colleen's place for a cook night but Max starting a coughing again (still trying to shake the cold he caught last week) and I started to feel kinda run down myself so we desided to stay home. We chilled a while, Max got some stuff crossed off his list of To Do. I played in the Studio, then we sat down to a great dinner of veggie pasta. [ profile] shroud1 and [ profile] jubeloh aka Capt'n and Ketill dropped by later in the evening for some wine and hookah. I ended up retiring early since I was dead dog tired while the guys stayed up late BSing.

So yeah, fantastic lazy weekend...well not super lazy but lazy for us.  Work is a bit slow today so I'm currently looking forward to going home and vegging for a while.

In other news, Spring has sprung in San Diego.


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I gotta admit, I'm proud of myself today. I got my ass up a half hour earlier than usual and worked out for 30 minutes. I know, an hour would be better but I don't think I can roll out of bed earlier than 6:00am. This actually may work for me. By the time I get home from work I'm either too worn out to want to work out or I want to use my home time to do other things like watch a movie, sew,  garden, poke Max with a stick, etc. etc..
Going to try to do this every day before work. Wish me luck.

Max and I went to the Gyldenhold Friendship tourney Saturday. Never been. Had a blast! I met some new people and saw some awesome garb which "forced" me to buy trim from [ profile] abbybob to make more garb for myself. BTW, Abby sells great trim for great prices and sometimes has linen for sale at great prices. Last I heard she had some good deals going for pants, fellas. Check out her LJ if you're interrested!
Max fought and died for my honor on the rapier field. It was nice to see him back out on the field and fighting. Unfortunately during the battle for the Iron Cresent he rolled his wrist pretty bad. We left early from the tourney to ice it up and rest it. He's feeling better today luckily. Still going to bug him to ice it though. He looks like he's gearing to get back to practice again and I'm excited for him. I'm going make him another fighting coat in the upcoming  months... Gotta go buy fabric for that eventually.
As usual, I go to an event, get inspired, and get the bug up my butt to make garb. So when I got home that night I started working on yet another Italian Ren dress. I almost finished my one orange one but ended up screwing up the closures...I hate gromits, have I mentioned that before? I can definitely salvage it but I'll need to pick up some more trim to cover the large gaping holes that are now in the sides. Feh. But the one I'm doing now is showing promise. Its a pretty mustard yellow with hints of green, orange, and brown in the bodice and trim. Hopefully this one will turn out without gromit malfunctions.  photos to come when I have some more progress on it. I make way too much garb, I know....
After that is done I need to have a "pants party" to make sure all the guys in the house hold are properly atired from the waist down....Roy, Patrick, you may commence with the "party in my pants" jokes... now.

I also am hoping to finally get a doublet for Max finished before May War. Though I'm sure thats a bit ambitious. We'll see how the next month or so goes time wise.
Oh shit...I forgot I'm teaching costumers guild in May...O.o Well if anyone wants to come watch me tap dance around for an hour or so on May 10th, come by Allied Gardens! details to soon as I figure out the lesson plan. I suppose I should go to a guild meeting to see how it works before I teach. Nervous? Eh, a touch.

In non SCA related news:
I desided that I want to dress up the corner in the livingroom by my reading nook  The room needs a splash of color anyways so I was thinking of putting up some colorful prints in that area just to wake things up a bit. Right now I'm loving the vintage travel posters I've been finding online. These are the ones I'm really digging right now.
San Francisco 1 
San Francisco 2
Pacific Coast
Las Vegas
Travel By Air
New York
Palm Beach
Most of the above posters I can get pretty cheap and a decent size. A couple nice cheapo frames from walmart and Viola! Gonna see if I can swing it this coming paycheck or maybe the next. No hurry.

And some pretties for the day.
This is yet another sculpture we have at the museum. Three Cairns by Andy Goldsworthy. Click the link to read more about the artist. I'm slowly learning about him and I'm really starting to enjoy his work. Still need to watch the film on him though. Goldsworthy works with organic materials like stone, branches, mud, rocks, water, icicles, etc etc. He creates these beautiful structures then lets the environment slowly destroy them. The one piece we do have is one of the few "permanent" pieces he's done. IE: was made to not erode quickly with time.
On my way back to the car one day I noticed all this greenery begining to sprout between the cracks of the bricks on the back of the Cairn. It seemed really appropreate considering what type of artist he is. I doubt that our museum will remove the plants anytime soon if ever since his work is ment to not be touched up.  I think it's quite beautiful and for some reason, seeing it everyday makes me smile.


Damn, I love working for a museum.

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I really don't know how Max managed to top himself from the awesome one from last year. But the lil bugger did.

Also, thank you everyone for the LJ birthday wishes! Its really appreciated! Sorry I couldn't respond in all your LJs. Got overwhemled with all the parent visiting stuffage:)

Well first off my mom and dad came in on Thursday to finally see the house and visit for my birthday. They were both stunned with how huge the place is and how much work we managed to get finished in only a few months.  My dad kept telling us about the great potential we had with the house. Apparently he was please we got such a great deal. He gave us some great advice on getting our veggie garden ready for the spring.
Max cooked dinner for us two nights in a row. Steak and veggies one night, Pasta with pesto and shrimp the next. All yummy.. YUMMY! Mom and I went shopping a bit on Friday and Saturday. We picked up a couple things needed for the house like bathmats and mirrors and then on Saturday she bought me a couple shirts for work which I do need...I tend to never go clothes shopping for myself.
On my birthday on Saturday, Max had a huge surprise for me when I got home. He invited Jen and Kyt down to visit for my B-day AND ne bought me a flat screen TV and BlueRay player for my Studio! He built a nice shelving unit into the studio wall so I can watch TV from just about every corner in the studio! WOO! Now I can watch movies while I work!
We all then went to Creole Cafe for dinner where I had the perfect crawfish ettoufe...and of course in tradtional Cindy manner, I completely forgot my camera. >.<. But eh, I'll take some photos of the cool new TV and some of the birthday aftermath.

This was definitely a birthday to remember. I got to spend it with friends AND family and Max as usual surprises the holy Hell out of me with something super awesome.
 Life be good.
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Oh poop my LJ account expired. Gonna have to wait until Pay day to renew.
In other news, I actually had time to work on some stuff for my etsy store. Hopefully I can get some listings up this weekend.

In other OTHER news, my parents come to visit in two weeks and there's a chance Leelee will come to visit in April! So stoked to have sister time!

Also, the study is now cleaned up and organized. Heh..we have antlers on the wall.  I just need to do a couple things to the guest room and we'll pretty much be a house that doesn't look like box central!
I'm considering locking myself in the studio tonight to play..but I keep getting distracted by things like...sleep. Either that or I'm going to go play with my dollhouse. I have some more little things I want to make.
Also Also, Max is the best husband that ever walked the earth..yes I'm biased.
He rules.:)
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Have a little quiet time before we open. Yesterday we were SWAMPED. And today we will probably be swamped too but being swamped means the museum gets money...which means we'll stay open...which means I keep a job I love. So I am not complaining one bit.

I still need to transfer my photos of Christmas onto the laptop when I get home (Yup, the Mac is ded. *sad face* BUT Trish may be able to retrieve my photos off it!). I didn't take too many photos other than my parents tree, my presents from Max, the cemetary, and MANY photos of my adorable and incredibly handsome nephew. I cannot believe how big he's gotten in the six months I haven't been home. My God...he is cute. He also loved the Mickey Mouse Keyboard and the Bowling for Monsters game Max and I got him.  I can't go that long anymore in between visits. I miss too much.
Dad and I did a lot of bonding this trip. I got home and the next day we spent at the maul getting gifts for mom. Its really my favorite Christmas activity simply because dad and I have so much fun catching up. My parents have been married for almost 50 years (its sneaking up on them) and my dad is still deeply in love with my mom. I can tell by just the little things he says about her when we're out doing this. He's hardly a gusher but you can tell. And it makes me happy. Sappy but true. We decorated my mom and dad's tree that night with lil' Danny in tow...who was far more interrested in playing with his trucks but did like playing with the garland. And in traditional fashion my mom said "and THIS is the prettiest tree we EVER had!"...she says this every year.
The next day was more Daddy/Daughter time when we went up to the cemetary to set up the tree for grandma Rose and Grandpa Angelo (my mom's parents), Timmy, and Grandpa Luther and Grandma Kate (my dad's parents). The only down side was dad accidently backed his truck into a ditch and got stuck. Luckily, a very nice older gentleman got us some help and we got the truck out in no time. Also I got to hit my old favorite burger place, Nations afterwards....Oh my God...its been years since I had a Nation's burger...and I've forgotten its nomnom goodness. *drool*. 
Then the usual Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's with delicious Italian Deli food. [ profile] chellmer and Julie came over and much girly fun was had. Jules made me two adorable knit caps and a blanket for the house. And Chelle gifted Max and I with the gift...of booze. Which is always the right size and color. Christmas was at my aunt's place which was nice and mellow eating yummy ravioli...and spent watching Yo Gaba Gaba with Danny...that show is cracktastic. 
[ profile] tigrise organized a sort of mini gathering for Christmas this year which consisted of me, Max, Jeff, [ profile] shingkhor , Jason, [ profile] kythera , [ profile] banshea , Kyffin, and  [ profile] brooklynx  at the Maccaroni Grill. INSANELY fun time! Thanks Dasha, for organizing it all. I had a BLAST...and drank a lot of wine.;) We decided to call it a con because it had an art show with all of us sketching on our place mats. We're dorks. But we're FUN dorks. Banshea also gave me a large bag full of home made mashmellows of different flavors...Bailey's Marshmellows WTF! I plan to make cocoa soon and dump a few in. *more drooling*

Also, Max as usual, surprised and delighted me with his Christmas gift. This year I really didn't ask for anything in particular. We're pretty strapped for cash since we bought the house and honestly, there was nothing I wanted specifically...except maybe a new Mac but that will come AFTER our couch is paid off.  And it wasn't so much the gift (which is BEAUTIFUL) as much as all the planning he did going into it (apparently since October). Max commissioned the extremely talented [ profile] christalblu to make me two gorgeous...and I mean GORGEOUS victorian hats for me. Now keep in mind, I've been wanting a hat from Christal since I met the woman and saw her work.  But its one of those luxuries I never could afford myself, especially after buying the house. So I've been drooling over her stuff from afar for...well however long I've known Christal. I mentioned this to Max apparently some time earlier this year. And that little bugger kept it in the back of his head all this time. I understand why Christal kept asking me oppinions on colors that day in LA.
...Oh are good.
...Sneaky and good.

He comissioned two orange and blue silk hats for me. One a lovely top hat and the other a small little victorian that I am DETERMINED to make an outfit to go with. I love them. SO MUCH! I have no place to wear them so I wear them around the house. I plan to put them on display somewhere in the house where the Scout can't get to them. I already caught her once trying to Nom Nom on one of the feathers. O.O. Both are currently locked in my cat proof studio until I can find a proper place to display them. I need to find some spiffy looking hat stands!

My family was very generous to us this year. They gave us a ton of fun stuff for the house (wall art, clocks, much needed Christmas ornaments) AND they gave us enough old furnature to fill our entire house. Stuff that reminds me off home like my mother's hope chest, dressers that belonged to my grandma and grandpa, old chairs I used to sit in when I was a kid, and my old DOLL HOUSE! Max flipped when he saw the desk my grandpa and great Uncle Bamaio made for my mom and aunt when they were children in the 50's. That thing is build like a TANK. The only real tell tale sign of its age is the finish is pretty roughed up. He took that for the game room and now he has a work space to paint his mini's. So many awesome things that bring back so many great memories. I know Max thinks I'm a total spaz for getting so excited for getting all of this but it's like having a piece of my family home with me even if they're still up in Nor Cal. It makes me happy and it makes the chateau truly feel like home.
So the chateau is looking less like a college rental and more like an actual house now. Its exciting! Photos to come as soon as I clean! 

This week I got my hald day tomorrow which will be spent doing decorating stuff...because I'm having too much fun...and then Burke and Beth's New Years Eve party. Things are going good.:) 
Hopefully photos tonight or tomorrow!
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