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Mmm tea. You always make me feel happy in the morning. Today its raspberry.

Oh and I don't care how old and cliche this is, this always makes me feel good when I read it. And honestly? I've been needing mental pick me ups lately. Still a bit in the dark place. But coming out of there more and more everyday!

I haven't been about lately. Thats because life has been crazy busy. Went to war. Came back with a  gross mung that is still sticking to me. Then my mom and sister came into town shortly after, which was fabulous. I got killer shoes that weekend! I tend to only go clothes shopping when I see my mom and sister so I took advantage of the time at the mall.

See? Killer SHOES!
I also spent the weekend teaching my mom how to use her Kindle. She seemed to take to it really fast (faster than her email for sure) and now she's DLing books like a fiend. *LOL* My poor dad and his credit card. But she now isn't afraid of her Kindle so I have done well.
All last week was spent just cleaning the house frantically. But the house is extremely clean now so thats a plus! Alas that was as productive as I got.
So this month, arts and crafts month, I'm forcing myself to work on projects for AX and my etsy store. Alas, due to being sick and the family visit, I am now 2 weeks behind on finishing my stuff for AX. ARG! So the plan is to lock myself in the studio after work for a few days and pound out some things. I'm inspired and really rarin' to go on this stuff! I also want to get my etsy store up asap. I need need NEEEEEED to get it up and running before AX. So I'm hoping this week I can work on some stock, next week I can take photos for the store and get things uploaded and ready to go. This is my plan. I hope I can stick to it.
 I've been finding it hard to keep myself focused lately. I have a ton of ideas of things I want to build, then once I get into my studio I sort of blank out and stare at my stuff in a stupor. My brain is too crowded lately. So I've been making myself lists to keep focused. Today I'll work on A. Tomorrow I will work on B, at work I will rough out sketches C and D. Its been helping. I just have to stay focused. It hasn't been easy since lately I've been ADD girl on a crafting rampage.AND I ordered offical looking business cards! I am REALLY over printing and cutting my own. TOTALLY over it. So I designed myself some new ones and ordered them from a printer. I'm very excited to see them!

Tonight I am hoping to update my art blog with a sketch I did for my sister as well as pics of some of the crafts I am working on. Still debating if I want to keep my blog strictly to art and costume or if I want to add addtional things to it, like photos of SCA tournies I go to, photo safari's I take, my work on my dollhouse, etc... Usually I reserve that stuff for here. I suppose I can find a way to double post, right? I definitely have no intentions of leaving LJ. I enjoy it FAR more than Facebook which honestly, gets really irritating to be on after a little while. So I'm trying to combind my LJ and my art blog together...but keep my personal thoughts here. Here I have people who I've known for years. I rather my LJ friends read my personal thoughts than my Facebook friends(though there IS cross over). There are a lot of people on FB I just rather not have delving into my personal life or locked entries.

I have a few photos of our backyard I need to post. We have it looking pretty good so far! We still have a long way to go but everyday it looks a little nicer and a little nicer.  When I have the cash, I need to pick up another one of those half wine barrels to transplant my strawberries into. The slugs keep getting to them, damnit. But surpisingly enough, the Columbines I planted when we first moved in..the ones I was convinced died a horrible death, have returned! They are gorgous and have a bunch of blooms on them. I'll have to take photos soon.
Its been a mild summer here in SD so far. This bodes well for my plants.

Oh, and of course, I'm obessively watching Game of Thrones on HBO. yeah, I read the books and I know whats coming but damnit, I am still loving it. The adaptation from book to show is incredible! And the costumes are delicious. I really want to try my hand at one someday. Caitlyn's possibly since she is one of my favorite females in the story. So my COPIUS spare time...oye. Well its a project in the back of my head. it might become so in a year or two...or three.

And to end this post, 7 things that make me smile:
1-Tea. LOVE tea.
2-Eating lunch outside at the Cafe on a gorgous sunny day (which I just did).
3-New killer shoes!
4-The idea of getting to go home and work in the studio.
5-Mr Max and how well he took care of me and my family this weekend.
6-My photo Safari Month and baking month I have sitting on the horizon.
7-Going to the County Fair in a couple weeks!
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It was totally the weekend of home improvement for me. My mom and Leelee are coming into town this weekend so I wanted to get the house in shape. And honestly, its been over two months since I did a really good cleaning on the house. So I did lots of scrubing, vaccuming, and moping.  Max helped me out with some smaller things I wanted to do in the house and never had the time. We hung some shelves and curtains. Just little things I wanted to do to finish up some rooms. Its not much and only I can see the difference but it made me feel really good to get some of that stuff taken care of.  Not to mention a clean house calms my mind. The guest room and our giant bathroom of doom looks realy nice and finished now. WOOT! And Max hung up this spiffy wall desk thing my mom won at a tupperware party back in the late 60's. its adorably retro and I LOVE it! I'm only planning on storing stationary in there and not really use it as a desk. But looks spiffy in the study and makes me smile.
And Saturday was a kick ass Max and Cindy day. Its been a while since the two of us had a whole day together. Granted, mostly what we did was run errands but they were fun errands. We picked up a new rug for the dining area at Kobey's Swap Meet (and I so wana go back to Kobey's to explore more) then we ran to the Baronial Keep so I could pick up loaner garb to wash up. After that we bought new fishies for the tank, three more tetras so they have a nice school to swim in, two beautiful golden Goramis, and three more crawfish since our other ones passed on into the great tank in the sky. It looks great! The next big step is picking up a aquarium light so we can light the sucker up at night. But that probably won't be for another couple paychecks down the road. They cost about $150 for a tank our size (ie: Friggin' HUGE).  After the errands we grabbed dinner at Outback and finally got to see Thor which was a LOT of fun. Not my favorite of the Avengers movies but still really entertaining. The night ended with Max and I snuggled on the couch drinking Honey Jack on the rocks and watching My Cat From Hell.
A great Saturday that I desparately needed. Big thanks to Max for really towing the line for me this weekend. The help with the house and all the attention on Saturday made me feel very special.:)
Now to accomplish yard work before the family comes in! I gotta lotta weed wackin, to do!

Still slowly pulling myself out of the funk I was in last month. I'm ALMOST there! Pretty much I just need to put away some feelings that are not doing me any good and power forward. I'm finding that my art helps a lot. Also, as silly as this sounds, thinking about pretty things has been motivating me out of the funk.  Yeah, It sounds weird and shallow but seriously, it has helped. I think about lovely things like the flowers in my garden, the beautiful view on the other side of my work, a cute dress I saw, and other things that sound pretty frivilous. But it has been doing the trick which is...weird. But hey, I won't knock it and it makes me feel better.
I'm also heading back onto weight watchers as well as working in my daily Belly Dancing practice. I need a new DVD though. I'm almost memorized the one I'm currently using. I found two I want to pick up. Maybe next paycheck.
Middle Eastern Guild is tonight. Wondering if I can convince some peeps to do some dancing.
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Haaaalf Day today!
Guess who has a half day today?

They switched my half days from Wednesdays to Thursdays. Essentually giving me 2 1/2 day weekends. Ooh thank you museum! I love you even more, now!
Fabulous, indeed.

So I plan to go home today and work in the yards. Max was an awesome hubby and went and weed wacked the back yard. So all I have to do is general clean up now. I'm going to weed and tidy a bit back there, then I'll do the same in the front. Gardening makes me feel zen. I'm excited to have a chance to do this finally.  Maybe afterwards I'll give myself a little girly tea break with my blooming tea set and a scone...Need to buy a scone though. Honestly I should just make scones soon. I want to learn.

Tomorrow is Cindy's day off so I plan to tidy the house a bit but mainly I want to get things done that I really want to work on, like painting that shelf and night stand for the guest room. Leelee and Mom are coming to visit after May War and I want the guestroom to look uber cute for them. So I'll be working on guestroom stuff as well as doing my usual daily cleaning tasks of doom.

My Fabulous things from yesterday and today...other than girly tea houses:
So yesterday instead of working on my dollhouse, I desided to go to Etheopian food with Max. We go to a place called Awash in University Hights. OH SO GOOD!!!! We have leftovers too...which will be in my belly as soon as I get home. OH YES! Such good food. And of course good company.

I found out through Capt'n that there is a monthly Steampunk party that happens in San Diego. O.o I believe I may have to attend this. If anything, it gives me an excuse to work on more Victorian garb...hehehehehe. Evil plotting is afoot!!

I'm finding that doing monthly mental health things like Fabulous month really does help with my morale quite a bit. So I figured it would be interesting at least to try and extend this through the summer. But maybe make each month a bit of a different theme. For example, June could be my Safari month, where I finally go visit some of those places in San Diego I always wanted to visit and take some photos. And July could be art month where I really try to concentrate on my art endevors, etc etc. Anything to keep my creative juices flowing through the summer and keep me from stressing out or falling into a routine or a rut. 
Just a thought. We'll see how it goes.

August should be baking month...because I really do want to get back into baking again.

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Not Dead!
Its just been a craaaaaaaazy week. Lots of busy craziness at work for both me AND Max. So yeah, working hard all day, then coming home and trying to get some of my projects done since I'm WAAAAAY behind on most of them. Gaslight Gathering is the first weekend in May so I've been trying to get my steampunk gear in order. Alas, I don't think I'll have time to put together my Victorian lady walking dress together for it. But then I doubt I'd actually be WEARING it since day 2 at the con I'll actually be bellydancing...O.o Yeah, I'm a bit nervous about that. So I'll be putting together my tribal dancewear instead and pratciting practicing practicing! The good part is the Regina Black costume all but finished. I just need to revamp the goggles and finish painting my gun.
Pictures to come hopefully. VERY pleased with it so far.
After that crazy is done, I need to get all the May War prep finished..Oye. SO much Prep. The big project for that one is I have to Make and paint walls for Ace, Ellyn, and Mark now their their devices are passed. Also have to get the loaner garb ready for war and a few other war related things that are slipping my mind at this moment. *headdesk*
And after that I need to get my AX stuff ready to go...Luckily I still have plenty of dolfie stock left over from last year so I probably won't bother maknig anymore. I want to offer some new things though. I just need to get the time to actually, you know, MAKE them. But I figured if I spend a couple hours a night in my studio I may start making progress.
I have too many damn hobbies.

So I changed my mind on what my LoJ costume is going to be this year, thanks to Ace planting ideas in my head. We wanted to team up this year and we were looknig at doing something along greek mythology. I introduced her to the wonderful world of Alphonse Mucha and now it looks like we're going to be Art Nouveau goddesses...I somehow was asigned Aphrodite. O.o I was considering just using my old LoJ costume when I went as the female version of Baccus but I think I'm just going to use some other fabric I have floating around.

In Other News...
Instead of buckling down on costume work, Max and I desided to get the yards in order again. The rain made everything a bit...umm..knee high.  So we desided to get work done while the sun lasted. Lawn mowed, Backyard weedwacked, Blackberry and raspberry bushes are planted, and everything has been Weeded!...and I am friggin SORE! But things are looking good and we're getting a game plan for the rest of the back yard.
Max picked up a half barrel to plan his squash in. Since Out backyard was seeded with bermuda grass, we're moving our veggies and such out of the ground and into planters. It looks really nice and I'm hoping to pick up a couple more to put in the empty spot along the deck. Put in some Stawberries, Herbs and flowers there.  Max is also planning on building some planter boxes along side my studio so we can have tomatoes. So totally stoked for tomatoes! I miss them so. Not sure when he'll get that up. Probably in time for next year.
Overall, it promises to be a beautiful and colorful time at the Chateau de Nom Nom.

So to come...eventually.
I needs a nap!
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Ahh...The picturesque gardens of the Chateau de Nom Nom.

Ah Dids Some Gardenings! Come Look! )

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I had a pretty fantastic weekend and week. I credit this mostly to me working in the garden uninterrupted for 2 days straight. OH so Zen.  The backyard looks faaaaaabulous! I am VERY proud of all the work I did back there on Thursday and Friday. Proud enough to even take photos! I'll post them tomorrow when I get them off my camera. It looks like an honest to God backyard now and not some trashy back lot. Granted, there are still parts of the yard that look like Hell. But those arent quite AS visable so it doesn't bother me TOO much. And those areas I'll be needing Max's help to clean up since it will involve hauling out trash ( STILL left over by the previous owners. OYE! SLOBS!). But its nothing too horrible since most of it we cleared out last year.  I planted some Jasmine which I totally love. The smell is fantastic in the back yard! I'm currently trying to train it to crawl up the trellis that was sitting empty for a long while. I finally figured out what to do with that patch of blank soil infront of the deck. I'm slowly turning it into a my own little herb/flower garden. We have an herb garden out front which is cool, but most of the herbs are Max's. Out back I'm chosing the herbs I want to plant. I chose most of them mostly for the visual appeal but I'm also trying to keep in mind the usefulness for Mr. Max and his cooking.  So far I have lemon thyme, Cinnimon basil (this exsists!), Thai basil, and Texas terrigon planted there. I also have English Lavender as well as strawberries. I'm interspersing the herbs with flowers for color. Since that area gets OMGSUN! I'm finding some beautiful flowers that need over 8 hours of sunlight at day to put there. So far so good. I'm slowly working my way across the patch and soon it will look how I want it. I also dug up a small patch of yard and put some pretty ground covering flowers there in bright orange. WOO! Funny enough I ended up digging up two buckets worth of river rock the previous owners burried O.o. That stuff is EXPENSIVE! So I dug it all up and put it aside to use later. I was thinking of using some rock soon for some yard projects so hey, saved myself probably $75 to $100 there! Slowly but surely, we're getting our crazy Mediterranian style garden in order.  Then... Tea party. Aaaaawww yeah.

The weekend was spent half doing SCA stuff and half hanging with friends. Rebok came into town to play. Friday night, me, her and Ty all grabbed some dindin at Hoolies then went to see Red Riding Hood which was HILARIOUSLY cheesy. But I will say, the art direction and the costuming was very pretty. Yesterday I ran to a May war meeting, ran home, then ran to St. Isadore Anniversary Masked Ball which was more fun than I even expected. I need to hunt down some photos of the night if possible. I'm half tempted to start going to the period dancing guild meetings now to learn more. Though I probably won't go to this month's since its tomorrow and frankly, I rather just come home after work and crash. I'm gonna need it. I'll see how I feel tomorrow though. I may change my mind randomly.
Speaking of dancing, I am still Belly Dancing to my DVDs .And I am still plotting to check out that one class available in La Jolla. Its 2 minutes from work so I figured  what the heck? I can try it out, and if I don't like it I don't have to go back. I really have been wanting to learn more and get better at dancing. This seems like a good oportunity to try.
Geeze, look at me getting all dancer-ish. WTF?

Oh...and I moved Costumed Nonsense to Blogspot! I pretty much just copy/pasted the whole dang journal there. Not sure if I'm going to keep updating it there AND on LJ or just on there. I guess I'll figure it out when I get another entry posted. Anyways, if you want to follow it, feel free. I'll probably be doing most of my garb entries on there since it will force me to put up nice photos of my work as opposed to shitty camera phone photos. ;D I'm also hoping to start putting up any of my crafty style projects on there. So it will be a lil bit of everything there probably.

ZOMGWTF!? Studios will be attending Anime Expo for the 3rd time this year!...Or is it 4th? I can't remember.
We're getting our crap together ahead of time so we actually can get an excellent showing this year.  I need to knock heads with Trish and see what her plan is for displays. I am thinking I may just bring one Doll to use for display since Trish will be bringing her gorgous sculpts to show off. I rather hers be showcased than mine. *LOL*
 This year, I'll be bringing my left over Dollfie Stock to see if I can move it. I had a good chunk of leftovers this year. I also was thinking of making full sized versions of my Dragon Horns to sell, as well as maybe some pretty hair clips/falls that I sometimes make for Belly Dancing garb. People last year seemed to look for items they can wear on themselves instead of their dolls.  I might do a couple sets and see how well them move, then go from there. I'll also be putting up any leftover prints for cheap so I can move them out. I'm slowly moving away from selling art there and go more for craft since I enjoy that aspsect a bit more.
I need to make a list, damnit.

So yeah. That's been life so far. Garden pics tomorrow when I can upload the suckers.
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So I did indeed mow the shit out of that lawn yesterday. And it looks great. The mower isn't self powered, and its all metal which makes it much heavier than our old one. But DANG does it do a good job!
Of course now I am sore head to toe from the mowing, the weeding, then pruning, and them the extra 20 minutes I took to catch up on my Belly dancing practice. So yeah. my body is kinda sorta screaming at me to go back to bed. Alas, I cannot...for I am working overtime today.
But the front yard looks Faaaabulous! Very happy and proud of the work I did.:)
I should take some photos.
Yes, I know I always say this and I never do. This time I mean it! Spring is here and there's a lot of amazing color popping up everywhere.
The backyard shall be my next target. Next Friday I shall get some flowers and start project "get the Damn Backyard looking colorful".
...and eventually we will get some patio furnature too.

I ended up finding a belly dancing class about 2 minutes away from work. I think I may give it a whirl and see if its good. I've been looking for an actual class to participate in. I love my DVDs but I really want some hands on work with an instructor so I don't end up hurting myself by doing a move wrong. I usually get intimidated going to dance classes, especially in La Jolla where skinny bitches are pretty much the norm. But I really do want to learn this skill. So I may just bite the bullet and go for it. Worst that can happen is I end up not liking the class and I just don't bother going back.

Weekly pretty:

Tree outside of my work. I'm hoping to get a blossoming fruit tree in our backyard someday. I love them so. :)
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Is it completely dorky of me to be excited over getting a new lawn mower?
...wait, don't answer that question. I already know.

Regardless, We got a new lawn mower and I'll I'm thinking is "Oooh! I am so going to mow the SHIT out of that lawn today!!"
Yes folks. THIS is what I have been reduced to. Remember when my life was exciting...ish?

Still, I have a half day today and I plan to do some yard work. I'm actually very stoked to work on the yard since the rain has kept me from doing anything for about a month now. Its either been raining on any free day I have to work on the yard, or I've been too busy to work there lately.  So today IS the day!
I miss my garden of herbs and insanity! It needs my love!

My gerainiums are blooming and finally showing up over the flower boxes. Looks VERY pretty. Lots of beautiful pinks and reds. My English Primrose has surprisingly survived the wacky weather too. Two of them actually have beautiful blooms. I'm in desparate need to pruning and shaping them and our herbs though. Starting to get a little narly out there. I'm wondering how much steam I'm going to have today to work in the yard. I wonder if I can sneak a little back yard work in too. Next paycheck I'm going to go pick up some flowers and plants for the back yard. I really want to get things cleaned up and colorful for the summer. DYING to have my Regency Tea back there in a lovely yard. Or just be able to sit in the back yard with a book on my day off and enjoy the colors.
Plans...I haz them.
We'll see if I fulfill them.

In Other News:
Last night, Max and I headed over to Mark and Ty's place. We had a sudo Fat Tuesday dinner celebration. Ty made Jambalya which was OMFGINCREDIBLE! Max picked up some Collar Greens and a sweet potato pie as well. It was an excellent dinner with excellent people!

This weekend is Gyldenholt Friendship tourney. What to wear what to wear *ponder ponder*. Oh yes, my usual SCA dilema.

Thinking of picking up a swimsuit from pinupgirl. I'm currently debating between This one and This one. I am way over due for a swim suit. Mine are ancient and don't fit very well. And honestly, I don't mind spending the extra money on a swimsuit that flatters me.
Also... Want, Want, and WANT.
If only I had the money for all of em.

Hmm..I wonder if I have some bucks for mock up fabric to start my regency dress today....hmmm...
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Things have been CRAZY busy.
 That's a better term for it.

Still shaking off the last bit of the wackiness the bad BC threw at me. Though honestly I am feeling FAR better than I have the last two months. LEAPS and BOUNDS better. Probably another week and I will have shaken off the hormones from Hell completely. This week has been nonstop alas. Something constantly happening after work...which has made it a bit tricky trying to get my ass ready to fly home for Mom's B-day. Oye. Cindy! You fill a day too easily! Otherwise I'm very stoked to go home and surprise mom. She has absolutely NO clue I'm coming home tomorrow. Its going to be awesome.

Next weekend...swear to GOD...I am doing jack all. I need a day to do nothing.  Just play in the garden, play in my studio, or maybe drive over to Balboa Park to catch the Zandra Rhodes exhibit at the Mengi Museum. SO want to see that! I don't THINK anything is happening next Saturday...seems to be my famous last words these days.  We shall see how next week pans out for me. 
Estrella is creeping closer...we have not started any prep. So I have a feeling we will be doing the SCA mad dash dance pretty soon. The good part is neither of us have anything huge we have to do before hand. I still need to make my short persian but if I don't get to it, eh, I won't be heart broken. We mostly just need to pack the stuff up and get it ready to load in the truck.  I so need this vacation. SO EXCITED TO GO!

In other non traveling news:
Sassycast is in its 100th did this happen? For those who don't know, Sassycast is a podcast that my friend Roy and his partner Chris do. I guest host once a week when I can. It really has been a blast but I can't believe we've cranked out THAT many eps!...Okay well THEY cranked out that many eps. I think of the 100 eps I am in about..oh..85 of them...maybe? Eitherway I'm really proud of being a part of something that has developed a following of some very awesome people..some who I've met on LJ (HI KEITH!) and some who have become Facebook and Twitter pals.  It really is awesome.:)
Creepy Kitch is still going strong. We only have 10 eps so far but they are good eps at least!

And now, your weekly pretty:

   Tea and Kindle keep me sane at work.

 English Primrose in our front yard and my autum mums that are making quite the comback. I need to take a pic with my real camera to do the colors justice

 My first wildflower bloom of the new year. Always seems to be a red flower too. :)
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I thought I was going to have to work on Saturday, luckily I wasn't needed so my plans to take control over the backyard were still in effect...and i am still sore as Hell.

We've entered Phase 1 of backyard take over. That was pretty much get all the grass and weeds that cropped up during the crazy rains gone and under control. Needless to say it was funtime with the weedwacker for several hours. All paid off though because now the backyard looks nice, green and manicured..well the parts that we worked on look manacured. I plan to venture out there again this week and work on getting the landscaping cloth and mulch down were we don't plan to plant anything. Then, hopefully soon I can head to the local nursery and pick up a Jasmine bush and a rose bush. I really want to plant those in the backyard to keep with that Mediterranian feel we're sorta going for.
The front yard is doing good. Max said he'll mow the lawn while I'm at work so HUZZAH! The jungle shall be gone soon! My English Primrose is doing really well in the front. Well enough for me to consider picking up some more to put here and there. And my Kangaroo's foot appears to be surviving though it almost ended up getting too dried out earlier. I'm hoping it makes a full comback soon.  And now we're growing Orange Bellpepers in the front yard which will look FABULOUS!
Also, I figured out that blueberries should work in the Flower Bed of No Return. So I'll hopefully find a bush to plant there along with maybe some Azalias or Daffodills. I heard all of those love sunlight and slightly acidic soil that the pine needles drop in there.

In other news:
I managed to get some Geocaching in this weekend as well. Ketill and I hit Old Town and managed to find some fun cache's there. We walked for OMG forever and had a blast, ending our trip at Creole Cafe. YUM! I love Old Town. I really need to hop on the Trolly soon, head down there, and just do some fun window shopping around the area...and have lunch at Creole of course. The area makes me smile...even if they did close down my favorite tea shop in San Diego.
On Saturday, before the Backyard takeover, Max and I grabbed lunch at Lidos and had amazing meatball sandwhiches. Then paid a visit to his Brother Jeff, then headed to Home Depot to pick up a few things. Max is currently clearing out the garage to set up his woodworking shop. So far he has cleaned that garage pretty damn good. We finally got rid of all the crap the pervious owners left in the garage plus all the old moving boxes that ended up burried in there when we first moved in. He already built a work bench in the back and just build another one to put my grandpa's lathe on. Looks fan-freakin-tastic! All we have to do now is get the war stuff organized in there and VIOLA! Also, he said he also will be building me a shelf over my washer/dryer so I have a place to put all the wash stuff. TOTALLY excited for that.

So yeah, things have been active at the Chateau de Nom Nom. The sun has come out and I've been feeling far more human than I have in the past couple of weeks. I already man lining up the projects. Estrella is currently up in the air so I'm going to focus on some other things like my Victorian and my LoJ costume which I have epic plans for. I also want to hide away and finally start my dollhouse kit. far so good.

I leave you with some pretty I found while geocaching:

A beautiful tiny garden at the Lemon Grove Historical Society. A gorgous tree in bloom at Presido Park and my favorite tree outside the Creole Cafe.

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So things are back on the upswing from the other day. Just overall feeling better and more positive. I think I just needed a venting session and some wine with Mr. Max. I came home after my Cranky McCrankerson day and Max got me a glass of wine as well as dinner ready for me (RED MEAT! RWAAAAWWR!). We also watched the Hangover and I laughed my ass off which helped BIG time. I'm feeling more like myself finally...still sick though...crap.
Yesterday was my half day. It was a georgous day so after I grabbed some lunch, I went to Home Depot to scout out some new flowers for the front yard. I picked up some English primrose since they where only a buck a piece as well as a plant called a Red Kangaroo Foot...I kinda love it. Its supposed to be drought tollerant so I picked it up. It needs a lot of sun so I'm hoping front and center in the front yard will help it out. Went home and finally tore out all the "interesting" things that have popped up since the rain started. And by interesting I mean grass...LOTS of grass...Seriously, I was tearing out blocks of sod where it shouldn't be. It took a few hours but I managed to get the herb garden and flower beds in the front yard cleaned up nicely. Planted my primrose and waiting a bit on my kangaroo's foot since I want to make sure I have it in a good place.  Ite lawn needs to be OMGMOOOOOWED! but alas, out lawn mower broke. So I'm kinda screwed. I'll probably be borrowing our neighbor's mower just so I can tame the beast that is our front lawn. I've been considering picking up a cheepo push mower. But our lawn is kinda huge...yeeeaaah.
Also going to try to clean up the Flower Bed of No Return. We had our tomatoes in there at one point but they all died. This has to do partly with the pine tree in our neighbors yard than sheds needles into it..well at least half of it. The other half of the bed seems fine since every thing in the world desided to grow there after the rain..Yikes. So I'm going to find some hardy plants to put off to the side there. I found out that Hydrengias, Azalias, Daffodils and Tulips work really well in acidic soil that comes around pine trees. So I'll probably try some of those. Right now I know i can pick up some Daffodil bulbs at Home Depot. I just need to learn how to plant them.
I love rain but I'm happy to have the sun again so I can work in the yards...

The back to need a machette, a bull whip and two Himilayan Sherpas to get through that mess though.
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 More Christmas Glee at the Chateau de Nom Nom.... because now I have a phone on my camera that works.
And that is a dangerous thing indeed!

The stockings are hung...yet again.  Mext year I'm going to make us Pirate themed stockings I think. I have some good prints for that.


Our decked out  fireplace. We added the garland and the lights this year.  I felt the need to make the fish festive as well. The old tree garland from when we were in the apartment works well. The mistletoe ornament came from the museum shop. Its extremely cute. I'll have to take a closer shot later.

A bowl of Pointsetias I put together from the dollar store and my old nativity scene mom gave me when I moved to SD on the DVD shelf. And we have the beginings of the Wall 'o Christmas Cards! These are all from years gone by. At the end there are almost all the cards that Kess has given me since 2004 (and one from a family friend). I love her photography and I really want to put them in a montage frame.

And we'll end this with a less blurry shot of our tree.

My grandpa's manger scene is down there. I think it dates back to the 40's.
Yup...I'm a picture taking fiend! Thank you, Android!

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I have amazing friends.
I truly do.

As I'm sure you could tell, I was Grumpy McCrankyPants yesterday. I realized its because PMS has come upon me (counted the BC pills. Yup. Offically in PMS week). No WONDER I've been bitchy and tired!

But it all turned around having Mark, Ty, and the Capt'n over last night. Actually mostly Ty because she is awesome and cures what ales me. Mark and Capt'n came over for Max's Warhammer night. Still happy to have them regardless. We had a build your own taco dinner (TACO MEAAAAAT!) then Ty helped me put up the Christmas tree which was a lot of fun. 
We even took crappy pics with my cellphone!

Behond! Tree Transformation! I'll probably take pictures with the good camera later. We also have the fireplace mantel and other things trimmed up for the holidays.

Max was forced to hang up his Jack Sparrow ornament.

And Scout is chargin' her Holiday Lazorz!
The evening improved my mood 10 fold which was needed. Max also picked up a bag of Godiva chocolates for me to make me smile...and do you know that someone out there makes chocolate wine? CHOCOLATE WINE?!?! Seriously, that stuff MADE my night. Two great tastes that go great together!
I still have some in the fridge. I will be bringing it over to game tonight.
So yes, feeling far more up to snuff today.
Today is also a half day. Going to go home and get some gift projects started I've been slacking on.
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My Belly dancing DVDs have arrived! WOOOOO!

I'm going to give them a whirl this week and see if they're any good. If they are, going to ask some of the gals if they want to come over to a dance night in the studio. I managed to get the place cleaned up enough that we could dance in there if we wanted. If ALL goes well maybe I can ask Jackie (one of the better dancers in the barrony) to come over and teach a class once or twice a month. I'm sure I can con Capt'n and Max into drumming for us.  That will be a project for the future though. No time to organize that at this moment. Maybe in the new year.
Started working out again this weekend. And despite some sore muscles I have from not working out for so dang long, I feel pretty great. More energy, not as cranky...amazing what being active can do for a person's mind set. Going to try and keep up the weekend work outs as long as I possibly can.

Went to Colleen's aka [ profile] wyngdlyon 's birthday bash at San Diego Deserts last night. Much fun was had, much food was eaten, and much wine was drank. an EXCELLENT night of hanging with great people. And I"m not sure HOW its humanly possible, but Colleen's kids seem to get cuter every time I see them. 

Calafian Anniversary is coming up on Saturday, where I will be offically stepping up as Chatalaine. Also, Max will be cooking the feast for that so that will be an epic evening. Today he's prepping for the feast...I'm sure I'll be vaccuming up flour for days and days.  I'm slowly putting together a new chamise to go under my blue Italian Ren I bought at GWW. I'm hoping to maybe do some sudo blackwork on the sleeves..Yeah I'm being way ambicious here... But eh, I figured if I don't finish it, you won't see it since its alll an undergarment anyways. Using some really lovely gauze weight linen for the chamise. If anything, its gonna be light weight.

I've been in decorator mode the last couple of days. Not sure why. Guess I just want to get some projects done I've had on the back burner since the last few months have been so busy. I'm kinda determined to stencil the closet doors in the bedroom soon. And I still want to buy some green paint to paint my studio doors finally. Maybe next paycheck I'll have enough to pick up a can. Hmmm...
Also really need to work on getting the front yard in shape. alas I broke our lawn mower *headslap* Good part is, Colleen can loan us hers. I'll have to swing by soon to pick it up. If I have the energy, I may come home and just weedwack the hell out of it to at least make it look someone presentable. I have SUCH an OCD thing about having an overgrown lawn....Honestly I just want to get rid of the damn lawn or at least cut it down to a 1/4 of the size it is when we get some money we may do that. The kitchen remodel will be first though. And we won't be able to do that one for another 4 years or so. *laughs*
Though I will admit, I am happy my geraniums are finally getting large enough that you can see them over to flower boxes...sorta. They're getting there! Looking forward to pruning and shaping the herb garden and making it look pretty again. huh...Maybe I'll do that after work today too. I currently have a ton of energy to expell....might also be the coffee's fault.

Halloween is over alas, but The Walking Dead has just begun (WOOO!) and I'm still watchin' my horror films as always. Thanksgiving fast approaches and it looks like Max and I will be doing another potluck Thanksgiving Holiday at the Chateau de Nom Nom. Looking forward to that. But then, when do I NOT look forward to eating turkey?
Sunday nights have been Awesome TV night for me and Max. We watch Boardwalk Empire then Walking Dead. Great way to unwind.  I don't watch a lot of TV these days. Usually i just pick up the series on DVD later on and watch it in one big chunk...which reminds me, I really need to pick up The Tudors Season 4 so I can see how they wrap it all up....and I need to eventually get off my duff and make a Tudor gown. That will be my project AFTER the Victorian gown, the next Italian Ren, and the German gown I'd like to try and make...damn I got a lot of projects. O.o

Also like to say that Max really has been super husband this last month. Seriously. Everyday I come home that man brightens my day and makes me smile. I'm really lucky I found that crazy bastard.

So as usual, Cindy is hangin' in there. Not everything is sunshine and roses but the good part is I have lots of little things to make me smile regardless. Despite things, I'm still very blessed. I won't be over looking that anytime soon.
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You asked for it! You got it!
Okay...none of you asked for it. But I'm putting a pick up anyways.

This was the Gaming area before the shelves.

And here are the shelves afterwards!

As you can see, Max is slowly organizing his wee lil' army of evil on there there. Eventually, he's going to build shelves going up the wall there in the corner to formally house his Warhammer armies.

  I sketched out the Cthulhu head for him free hand on the side board and he carved it in. Then she stained and shalaqued the holy jeebus out of every piece before he installed it all. The pictures really don't do the wood justice.
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So I did it.

I went into my backyard today and CONQUORED that damn thing! CONQUORED it like Red Frickin' Sonia, Booyah!!

I got the whole place weedwacked and cleaned up. It looks great! I was planning on doing some more planting as well but Home Depot didn't really have anything I liked. I was looking for Cosmos and Chamomile to put in the backyard. Alas. None was to be found so I'm going to wait until I they're in stock.  Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the backyard and it's already a place I want to go hang out in....I'm tempted to go out tomorrow and do some reading back there if I have time but honestly. I think I'll be working on the front yard tomorrow.


So above is a pic of the Primrose that is blooming wild in our backyard. Max isn't too fond of it since its in his vegetable garden area but I love it. Honestly, its growing in a place that really isn't ideal to put any veggies so I'm hoping it sticks around for a while.

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So due to a work scheduling SNAFU...TOTALLY on my part, not on work's...I moved my weekend home to next weekend. The only thing that kinda sucks about that is I was planning on hitting Crown Tourney that Saturday. But eh, what can ya do? It not like there isn't going to be another Crown in six months again.
So that means I have this weekend kinda free. I plan to do both creative stuff and house stuff if possible. Maybe paint up some old furniture for the guest room or FINALLY buy some curtain rods and make curtains for the bathroom and the studio...

But I think the main thing I may do is work in the back yard and get things cleaned up back there. Its looking a lil messy/white trashy back there and its driving me a wee bit nuts. I really want to attempt to have a decent looking back yard by spring if possible. I am STILL Jonesin' to do a Victorian/Recency/Period/ Whatev' tea party, dangit!  We just have a lot of weeds and junk to clear out still. its kinda daunting which is why I've been so slow going with it. But damnit, I really want to have a back yard I LIKE to sit out in..because right now, I'm not enjoying it unless its dark and I can't see it. So I need to just get my ass out there and start rototilling.
Yes, I am fully aware how obnoxiously OCD that is.
Yes, I can sometimes be obnoxiously OCD.
...I'm trying to get better at this.
..also considering having a dinner and movie night with Max and FINALLY see Inception on Saturday.

But on an up note on house projects, Max finished my studio shelves and built shelves/counters in the gaming room to put his Warhammer army and gaming books on. It looks pretty damn cool. I sketched out a Cthulhlu head for him on the side of the shelf and he carved it into the wood. Looks VERY cool. He worked his little behind off on those shelves and they really look fantastic. My man is super handy and his wood working gets better and better the more he does it. ..shut up Roy.
I'm proud of his skill.:)
 Pics to come soon, after I clean up that whole area. Hooray for buying a Vaccume!

So I think I may be in need of a fabulous month again soon. I was going to start one up in August but it slipped my mind. So I think I will do a Month of Fabulousness again in September.  It always perks me up and makes me feel good. Feel free to join me.

 I was a bit bummed out a couple days ago due to PMS more than likely. I managed to shake it and the last couple of days have been far better. Back on the creative train again and working on my commissions and other things. Considering putting that Viking garb together in the next couple of weeks...just because I can. I got bitten by the creative demons HARD this week. I need to create like crazy. Luckily the commissions can give me my fix at work.
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Seriously...This is so awesome looking.

I want to make my guest room feel like this..only more color and not QUITE as much frou-frou. I already have a bit of a cream and blue thing going on in there..wonder how I can work this...hmmm..*rubs hands together devilishly)

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A mini cranberry scone and Earl Grey tea in the morning. time I have this I'll be sitting in my reading nook with a book and not at my work desk *L*.

Still, the sickness is going away finally, slowly but surely and I'm starting to feel like myself again. I missed breathing through my nose and having a voice! I'm still not 100% yet  but I should be there by the end of the week. Overall, this has put me in a good mood.

And for those of you going to Anime Expo this weekend:

I will at AX this weekend in Artists Alley! Me, [info]karlyl , [info]shingkhor , and [info]kythera  will be at AX selling, sketches, art, monsters, and dollfie accessories. You can find us as ZOMGWTF!?1! Studios and Sawdust Bear Makes Things. 
Block D. Tables 28 and 29! Come by and say hi! =D

Okay, done pimpin'. But seriously, I hope a few of you guys come over and say howdy if you get the time. :)

I have a pretty good sized stock compared to last year. Last year was just a trial run to see how well the doll stuff would sell. This year will be the bigger test to see if I can sustain a weekend selling just doll stuff. After AX anything left over will go onto the Etsy store. Wish me luck.

After Ax is finally over, I'm going back to getting the yards in order. My snap dragons are finally on their way out. That's no surprise since they're anuals. So I'm going to replace them with some geraniums. They come in a few different colors so I'll be mixing and matching a bit to give the front yard a little extra color. I also am considering tearing out the clover patch in the front yard come fall. Its just becoming too overwhemling to care for..that and I rather have some color there. I'm thinking of putting a flower bed in that area instead. OR maybe I'll plant some more herbs there too. I just have to make sure it can be walked on or around so we can get to the herb garden...Maybe I'll put a few stepping stones in there. Hmmm...
My half of the backyard needs some work as well.  My strawberries are doing great. The Thai Basil has comeback with a vengence and my Spanish Lavender is starting to thrive! I just need to get some more color out there along the deck. I also plan to tear out some more of the weeds and dead lawn along the grape vine side of the yard soon and plant a few flowers and ground cover.
Still need to get that broken fountain out of the corner...I'm almost tempted to move it around a bit and use it as a planter if Christal and Trid don't want it. But hey, if they do, I have no qualms about it!Just Making backup plans.;)
Also, Karine pointed out to me that what we thought were accidental potatoes, are actually accidental pumpkins! So we have these beautiful pumpkin plants growing beside the BBQ right now..and we already have about 5 pumpkins out..more on the way. The Corn is huge, the cucumbers have already given us a fe, and our tomatoes, while small, are so dang sweet its amazing

...hmm..maybe I'll have a salad for dinner tonight.
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So I'm not dead.
And I haven't Abandoned LJ for greener pastures.
I've just been busy as all get out as well as well as completely dead dog tired lately...that and I really haven't had much to write about so I've been quiet.
Oh, And I have a ton of  non comission things to scan but I've been lazy..
Well, lazy and frantically making pants for the men in the household for War. War is RIGHT around the corner and I'm trying to make sure our guys have pants to wear instead of sweats...or matter how hilarious those knickers may be.


So, the great sum up..

  • STILL TAKING COMMISSIONS! I have 2 slots left as of now. If you signed up for a slot already please email at edengarg (at) hotmail (dot) com to discuss payment and what you want sketched.  Details HERE! I'm on a sketching ROLL lately so feel free to sign up! If I don't have a slot open now, I'll probably open more slots next month.:)
  • I taught my first Costumer's Guild class last Monday and it went EXTREMELY well. I taught the ladies how to pattern a quick and period looking Italian Ren. bodice for a gown. I was expecting about 5 to 10 people to show up...I ended up with 20. O.o. But we all had a great time and hopefully they'll ask me back. I'd love to do a class on how to make a quick French Hood, since I just learned how to do that.
  • War is around the corner. Ketill and I are the Logisitics Autocrats which will be an adventure lemme tell ya. I never was an autocrat before so...yeah. I'm just glad its me and Ketill and not me all by my lonesome. Also got roped into being the volunteer raffel autocrat. Not sure what that completely entails but if anything, I'll have fun chatting with the merchants and asking for donations for the raffle.
  • Speaking of War, I SOOOO NEEEEEEED WAAAR! Max and I really haven't taken time off in while. Vegas I think was the last leasure trip we took. Granted, we went home for Christmas but it was a pretty busy time. I'm really looking forward to heading up the mountain, turning the phone off and unplugging for a week.
  • Got Rebok's tunics done and a pair of pants for Doodle done. Just need to do one more pair for him and the garb IOUs are pretty much done for war. Then I need to put together Ty's Wall and make a few more belt favors for the new waisters coming into the ship. I may need help with the wall if anyone wants to pound some grommets for me.
  • Podcasting so far has been really successful for me! I am currently doing two podcasts. Creepy Kitch of course and Sassycast with Roy. Both have been really fun but Sassycast has really been a treat since I've been playing catch up with Roy every week. Its like old Ooooooold times. TOTAL blast.
  • planted more stuff in the back yard and the front yard. Slowly but surely we're getting it all whipped into shape. This summer its going to look pretty good.  When we get our rototiller back I'm going to plan some wildflowers as well as maybe some foxglove along some of the dead space in our backyard.
Aaaand that's pretty much it..Hopefully next entry will have pics attached to it.:)

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