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First off, Colleen and I went to go get our nails done since we were both in desparate need.

Berry Red fingernails and goodbye zombie green toes!...though I did grow attatched to the zombie green toes.
We had a good time catching up on things and hopefully next time we'll have a chance to catch lunch afterwards.  But I wanted to get home to get the house tidied up for house guest time!
I truly had a wonderful weekend visiting with [ profile] shadowstarr  aka Kyshandra from Miniclan aka Erin! I had not seen this gal since Gathering 2000 (11 freakin YEARS!). It was SO much fun catching up with her again! She was in town for a conference and took a few days after it was done to come play. We did some tourist-y things and Max and I took her to some of our favorite eating type places. It was as if 11 years never passed and we totally picked up exactly where we left off... And I love going through Old Town San Diego with someone who loves the ktitchy shops as much as I do. Alas, I had to work her last full day in town but we all went to Sushi that night at Tokyo Sushi (NOM!) then watched Despicable Me on cable before crashing out for the night. Kyshy! I had so much fun this weekend! I really hope you can come back to visit again soon! I'll see if I can rope [ profile] karlyl into joining us next time.;)

Here are some random photos of our Old Town romp.
It was Stagecoach days in Old Town last weekend so the period costumes were in full force. There was period dancing happening in front of the Creole Cafe. Then they had little craft and culture stations set up in the main court yard.  We were total suckers for it and hung around this area for a while.

At the Saturday craft Fair, this guy made a guitar out of a suitcase. The drummer followed suit. I was highly amused. Good music too!

Preeeeeety Flowers!

The craft show had a pick cupcake truck selling gormet cupcakes. Why YES I indulged! This is my Lemoncello cupcake complete with lemon curd filling. OMG so insanely tart and delicious!!

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I am draaaaaaaaaging today.
I flew back from Montreal yesterday afternoon. Traveling really sucks the life out of me. The upside though is this is I get to sleep on on Thursday since I'm working the night shift that evening. So I can't complain. I"m looking forward to waking up late. I so need some sleep! I've been going like a bullet since October started...whoa. O.o

Regardless, I had so much fun going to Rob's wedding this weekend. I got to hang with Karine and Jen and much mischief was managed I assure you.  We surprised Rob by flying Jen up for the wedding. The look on his face...priceless. Completely priceless. I also got to meet his new wife Kristy and she is a hoot and a half lemme tell you. I liked her immediately and really can't think of anyone who would be better for him.  Also, the food and the booze was top notch so I went back to Karine's house after the wedding very sated.
Also got to touch base with some Canadian friends I haven't seen in years as well as meet a few new ones. Overall, a fantastic trip done with fantastic friends. Viva La Canada!
I have pics to post of both the wedding AND of GWW. Alas, last week i was so harried with getting ready to head out I forgot to post photos in general. I'll post some up this week. now that I have no major looming deadlines hovering over my head.

Oh yeah, and ITs meme monday isn't it?

Day 07 – Your best friend
So I really don't have just ONE best friend. I have several close friends. And each one is close to me in a differet way. I never really been the type to just have one. I suppose I like variety...which reminds me, I so want to buy myself a box of truffles this week.
Hey Max? Our aniversary is this you suddenly have the urge to buy me some truffles..hint *cough* hint.
ANYWAYS I'd have to say if I have to pinpoint people to call my best friends I would have to say my bridesmaids were the ladies I consider my closest gal pals. That would be Julie, Ty, Chelle, Jen, and my sister Lisa.  Each one represented a special part of my life actially. Julie is my oldest girlfriend. We met my freshman year of highschool and still remain close as sisters to this day. Ty is the first close girlfriend I ever had in San Diego. I latched onto her very quickly and she has been my partner and crime and shoulder to cry on since I met Max. Chelle was my college roomate and confidant during my time at SFSU. She was the one who helped me figure out exactly who I am and what I wanted in life. Jen of course is my friend from the Gargoyles Fandom. She was my refuge all through gradschool and gave me a lot of strength during a time I needed it most. And of course Lisa is my sister...and I always lack words to really describe how I feel about her. The word sister pretty much says it all when you get down to it.
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This is from [info]y2hecate "s LJ. Spread the word! Copy And Paste this if you think this is as much a crock as I do!

If you've ever been a fan of Disney's Gargoyles animated series and comics, pay attention.

I.. don't even know where to begin with this. I guess I'll link the article.

So.. Disney's trying to make a new Gargoyles. A movie even. But oh, it's not the Gargoyles we know and love. No. They just want to use the name.. create a mythology.. make them the heroes.. and put it in modern times.

Why would Disney do this without bringing in Greg at all? I mean.. way to try and KILL the old, awesome Gargoyles property. We all saw what happened with season 3 when they tried doing their own thing with it.

Ugh. Something needs to be done. Stinks need to be made. Original Gargoyles fans need to be made aware, and get loud and excited again about the 1994 cartoon series that brought us all together and made us who we are!

If Disney is going to make a Gargoyles movie.. it needs to be the REAL Gargoyles! Come on.

Spread the word, peoples. All over. Be loud. Things get done when we're loud.
There's already a facebook for it. Go crazy!
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My co-worker just dumped a ton of awesome embroidery how-to books at my desk. They are mine for the keeping.
SCORE!! They're all pretty great too. I'll be experiementing with these at many an SCA event for sure...and  making some Christmas towels for mom for Christmas.  I really do have hobby ADD sometimes. Im just glad most of the stuff I come across is said books. Still, Very excited to try some of this out.  WOOT.

Slamming some last minute AX merchandise together this week. Overall I think I have a good amount to last me the weekend, we'll see how it goes. I'm really excited to hang out with Shing, Kyt, and Trish. I always enjoy sitting in on Artists Alley and I love my gals so..its gonna be a good weekend.
Then after that, LoJ...crap I need to get started on my costume stuff for that. SO BEHIND! I'll be camping out over at Colleen's next week for corset education 101 crash course...its going to be hilarious if anything.

Another photo dump. Random photos of the Epic Weekend of Epicness!

The Mini Gathering in my Livingroom OR When Geek Worlds Collide!

More Epicness! )

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Today is the last day of Cindy's Epic week.
Its been a trip lemme tell ya! [ profile] karine and her hubby Adam came to visit, followed by [ profile] patrickat , [ profile] crzydemona and two of her brood, [ profile] kythera , [ profile] shingkhor , and [ profile] irc_goliath . Max and I discovered we can fit nine people in our house overnight. Rock on! So it was a mini Gathering of sorts, sprinkled with Iron Maiden folks here and there.  I won't really post a blow by blow since I took photos, and believe me the photos pretty much say it all.  Everyone but Karine and Adam have headed home. They fly out tomorrow night.
It was amazingly awesome to have some of my oldest friends all together...with out the presure of running a con. It was also great to see how well my fandom friends mesh with my SCA friends...well i'm not surpsied since we're all big nerds. Nerds attract nerds. I really have some amazing friends though and I'm a damn lucky lady, lemme tell ya.

The only downside (other than seeing my friends off) is that I believe all the weight I lost before war I gained back...WAY too much good food. Bah. Chubby Cindy is Chubby. Back on to the weighwatchers and Wii Fit I go again!
Small price to pay for getting to see my awesome Gargie peeps for a week. :)

Pictures to come probably tomorrow-ish.

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Have a little quiet time before we open. Yesterday we were SWAMPED. And today we will probably be swamped too but being swamped means the museum gets money...which means we'll stay open...which means I keep a job I love. So I am not complaining one bit.

I still need to transfer my photos of Christmas onto the laptop when I get home (Yup, the Mac is ded. *sad face* BUT Trish may be able to retrieve my photos off it!). I didn't take too many photos other than my parents tree, my presents from Max, the cemetary, and MANY photos of my adorable and incredibly handsome nephew. I cannot believe how big he's gotten in the six months I haven't been home. My God...he is cute. He also loved the Mickey Mouse Keyboard and the Bowling for Monsters game Max and I got him.  I can't go that long anymore in between visits. I miss too much.
Dad and I did a lot of bonding this trip. I got home and the next day we spent at the maul getting gifts for mom. Its really my favorite Christmas activity simply because dad and I have so much fun catching up. My parents have been married for almost 50 years (its sneaking up on them) and my dad is still deeply in love with my mom. I can tell by just the little things he says about her when we're out doing this. He's hardly a gusher but you can tell. And it makes me happy. Sappy but true. We decorated my mom and dad's tree that night with lil' Danny in tow...who was far more interrested in playing with his trucks but did like playing with the garland. And in traditional fashion my mom said "and THIS is the prettiest tree we EVER had!"...she says this every year.
The next day was more Daddy/Daughter time when we went up to the cemetary to set up the tree for grandma Rose and Grandpa Angelo (my mom's parents), Timmy, and Grandpa Luther and Grandma Kate (my dad's parents). The only down side was dad accidently backed his truck into a ditch and got stuck. Luckily, a very nice older gentleman got us some help and we got the truck out in no time. Also I got to hit my old favorite burger place, Nations afterwards....Oh my God...its been years since I had a Nation's burger...and I've forgotten its nomnom goodness. *drool*. 
Then the usual Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's with delicious Italian Deli food. [ profile] chellmer and Julie came over and much girly fun was had. Jules made me two adorable knit caps and a blanket for the house. And Chelle gifted Max and I with the gift...of booze. Which is always the right size and color. Christmas was at my aunt's place which was nice and mellow eating yummy ravioli...and spent watching Yo Gaba Gaba with Danny...that show is cracktastic. 
[ profile] tigrise organized a sort of mini gathering for Christmas this year which consisted of me, Max, Jeff, [ profile] shingkhor , Jason, [ profile] kythera , [ profile] banshea , Kyffin, and  [ profile] brooklynx  at the Maccaroni Grill. INSANELY fun time! Thanks Dasha, for organizing it all. I had a BLAST...and drank a lot of wine.;) We decided to call it a con because it had an art show with all of us sketching on our place mats. We're dorks. But we're FUN dorks. Banshea also gave me a large bag full of home made mashmellows of different flavors...Bailey's Marshmellows WTF! I plan to make cocoa soon and dump a few in. *more drooling*

Also, Max as usual, surprised and delighted me with his Christmas gift. This year I really didn't ask for anything in particular. We're pretty strapped for cash since we bought the house and honestly, there was nothing I wanted specifically...except maybe a new Mac but that will come AFTER our couch is paid off.  And it wasn't so much the gift (which is BEAUTIFUL) as much as all the planning he did going into it (apparently since October). Max commissioned the extremely talented [ profile] christalblu to make me two gorgeous...and I mean GORGEOUS victorian hats for me. Now keep in mind, I've been wanting a hat from Christal since I met the woman and saw her work.  But its one of those luxuries I never could afford myself, especially after buying the house. So I've been drooling over her stuff from afar for...well however long I've known Christal. I mentioned this to Max apparently some time earlier this year. And that little bugger kept it in the back of his head all this time. I understand why Christal kept asking me oppinions on colors that day in LA.
...Oh are good.
...Sneaky and good.

He comissioned two orange and blue silk hats for me. One a lovely top hat and the other a small little victorian that I am DETERMINED to make an outfit to go with. I love them. SO MUCH! I have no place to wear them so I wear them around the house. I plan to put them on display somewhere in the house where the Scout can't get to them. I already caught her once trying to Nom Nom on one of the feathers. O.O. Both are currently locked in my cat proof studio until I can find a proper place to display them. I need to find some spiffy looking hat stands!

My family was very generous to us this year. They gave us a ton of fun stuff for the house (wall art, clocks, much needed Christmas ornaments) AND they gave us enough old furnature to fill our entire house. Stuff that reminds me off home like my mother's hope chest, dressers that belonged to my grandma and grandpa, old chairs I used to sit in when I was a kid, and my old DOLL HOUSE! Max flipped when he saw the desk my grandpa and great Uncle Bamaio made for my mom and aunt when they were children in the 50's. That thing is build like a TANK. The only real tell tale sign of its age is the finish is pretty roughed up. He took that for the game room and now he has a work space to paint his mini's. So many awesome things that bring back so many great memories. I know Max thinks I'm a total spaz for getting so excited for getting all of this but it's like having a piece of my family home with me even if they're still up in Nor Cal. It makes me happy and it makes the chateau truly feel like home.
So the chateau is looking less like a college rental and more like an actual house now. Its exciting! Photos to come as soon as I clean! 

This week I got my hald day tomorrow which will be spent doing decorating stuff...because I'm having too much fun...and then Burke and Beth's New Years Eve party. Things are going good.:) 
Hopefully photos tonight or tomorrow!
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Hey  Gargoyles folks! [profile] jade_griffin has an LJ! You should add her!...Just sayin.;)
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Back from Gathering! And Sick as a dog!
Luckily the 14 hours of sleep I just had helped me out a touch. Still..yellow stuff coming out of the nose...never good.
I'll be doing a con report either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks to Trish who stole my camera most of the weekend, I have pictures!

Beware. I may become sappy during my recap but damnit. The Gargoyles fandom, or I should say the Gathering Goers, were and still are something special. Yeah, we're all a little quirky but I feel almost as close to them as I do my SCA household. And thaqts something.
Thanks you guys for the wonderful memories and amazing friendships. We WILL keep in touch, OH YES!

But now, I have to go blow my nose repeatedly and attempt to clean the house a bit before I pass out.
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And I'm off!

Well After a few errands and eating lunch, I'm off!

Hope to see some of ya'll there!


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Okay. Check cleared and home insurance bought. All that's left at this point is the screaming...I mean the final loan paperwork.
So if all goes on schedule, the keys will be in our hands by the end of the day on Thursday. And Max goes in to be Mr fix-it and spruce some things up while I'm at Gathering.

To Do List on House BIG stuff (immediate):
Fix some wiring
scrape off popcorn cealing from common areas
Re-finish cealing in common areas
Tear out carpeting
Paint rooms
Put in new flooring
Get some appliances
drive up north to pick up furnature hand me downs
Move our crap

To Do on House LITTLE stuff (Over time):
Re-grout parts of the tub
Get some new (non 70's chic) light fixtures
Get Ginormous fish tank cycled and ready to go for the Mollies.
Mow the freakin lawn finally!...its been driving me a bit crazy.
Get the herb garden and vegatable garden started
Watch and snicker as Max becomes a snail rancher...don't ask.

We're planning on keeping the common rooms (living room/dinning room and game room) nutral in color and doing the decor in a a sudo victorian/steampunk style...obviously this will come with time. *L*
The bedroom I'm doing in all India inspired colors with dark blue walls. Blue and orange...maw hahaha....but more than just blue and orange probably.
The office is Max's other domain so he'll probably go victorian/steampunk in there as well with dark green walls.
The guestroom and my studio are mine mine mine! My studio space is going to eventually be a cross between Midcentury Mod and BoHo Chic.
The guest room? Eh no clue. It'll come to me eventually.
The Kitchen is whatever Max wants.

This is mostly us chatting and fantasizing about what we're going to do with the place. Granted, this will all be a work in progress for a very long time but Its still fun to come up with some sort of game plan.
We already are planning to have Thanksgiving as well as the HouseHold Halloween party at our place this year. MAW HAHAHAHA! Halloween Decorations!!!!

Am I excited?
Oh...a wee bit.

In OTHER news:

-Gathering is this week! I'll be taking off to LA on Thursday to meet with the rest of the staff for last minute hooha. I'm pretty much ready to go with the exception of a couple little things. I also will have all new art in the show so...if you want to buy...I won't stop ya...just sayin'.
But I am looking forward to seeing friends I haven't seen in ages since I was AWOL for 07 and 08 due to saving up for the wedding. If you're going to Gathering drop by the art room for a hello! Tigs? Shaun? You have no choice in the matter.;)
Alas, this year will be my first year that I go without a costume. I just didn't have the cash/time for cosplay this year. But I'm considering putting on my LBD and painting a fox over my eye and go as "cocktail hour Fox" or something. *LOL* Not sure yet. Anyone wanna go as "cocktail hour" Xanatos with me?
Come to my Panels!
I'll be doing Costuming 101 and focusing on how to make armor out of craft foam and felt!
Project Rungarg is going to be Hilarious! Please participate and make costumes out of house hold objects! The winner gets a shiney ribbon!

-After Max and I are moved in and settled in the house I plan to get back into my Illumination lessons and my garb making adventures. I want to get back into the groove of creative things again since this summer was so crazy it. I do want to make another Italian Ren, this time in green. I also want to EVENTUALLY try my hands at an Elizabethan. THAT I assure you will be a long on going project instead of the usual couple day ones. When I do get started, progress will of course be on [ profile] costumenonsense . Though right now my poor blog is playing dormant since I really have nothing worth showing.

-I decided that I'm going to learn how to embroider. I suddenly got the bug up my butt to learn. Anyone know of any good books for me to check out about begining embroidery? I honestly have no clue where to start with this and I've been really eager to learn...yet never have time for classes. DOH!

Aaaand...thats all I have to say at the moment. CHEERS!
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I've been pretty stressed out the last couple of weeks. Honestly its all of my own doing because my brain is stubborn and dumb. So I've been trying my best to keep it all under control.
Going back to Yoga next week. I've been away too long since July was insanely busy. NEED that moment of destressing and meditation back!
Anyways, going to talk about some small but cool things that perk me up a bit.

1-I actually DREW stuff for Gathering! granted I only have three pieces and not a damn one is finished but I DID start them. I'm particularly proud of my Dense Macabre Demona picture (google Dense Macabre so you know what I'm talking about;)). I made do another one of Hudson. I'm having WAY too much fun with the style.

2-My 2 year performance review at work was aces. Pretty much a perfect score all across the board. WOOT! I also found out my membership sales were past the $1000 almost every month. Damn, that's a lot of memberships! O.o Anyways, the good review stroked my ego and made me feel better. Wow, 2 years went by already?

3-Saturday is girls day by the pool with the Iron Maiden madiens over at Beth's place. I need a day to unwind so I am REALLY looking forward to this.

4-Gathering in two weeks! Woot! It will be a bit like our wedding since a good chunk of the con also came to that too. I need to get some stuffs in order for the art show then we are off like a herd of turtles.

5-Mr Max made the best Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes EVAR in the history of EVAR!!!!!! Hooray comfort food!

And now I feel happy. Woot.
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Hey guys. Another art auction as gone up and this one contains a very special piece.
Karine Charlebois was extremely generous and has offered up an original panel from the Slave Labor Graphic's Gargoyles spin off comic Bad Guys!
Seriously folks, this thing is great. I have the copy of it at home and its beautiful!
And Rare too! We're not talking a print but an actual original page hand drawn for the comic!!

We also have another great ATC up by CK Russel as well as a print by Moi.

You can see our auctions here:

All proceeds go to support Gathering of the Gargoyles:
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Hey Guys...
I just go inspired thanks to Shing.

Gimme a list of magical items used in the series Gargoyles. I have the urge to sculpt.
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So I'll have a panel up in the Gathering Art show...and I have NO idea what to put up!
Seriously, I'm drawing blanks here.

So I'm asking you, oh fellow fans who will be at Gathering (or won't. I'm not picky). What would you like to see from me?
Comedy pieces? Movie Parody Posters? 3D stuff? Character stuff? Original characters?
Not asking what will sell, just asking what you think would be fun to see from me.
If anything I can use this as a spring board to get my creative juices flowing.

And on the same note....
I'll be once again hosting the Costuming 101 panel this year. It will probably be the same ol same ol.
So another question. If you come to my panel would you like to hear all about the basics as usual or would you rather I do something completely different? What would you like to hear about? Want to make it a mini workshop? Bring your masquarade costume and we make it a con Stitch n Bitch?

And just to pimp, I'm going to be hosting the cracked out competition "Project Rungarg" as well this year. Think of it as Iron Artist but with costumes. (I think some anime cons do this and call it Iron Cosplay).  I'll be providing some wacky cheep materials and the attendees will be separated into teams. They then have to create a cannon character costume in 30-45 minutes using said materials and do a runway show.. A good time will be had by all!
I'm really hoping to make this panel a lot of fun so please come attend it if you're going to Gathering. If anything, it will be a good laugh.  I'll post the time and date soon...because I'm totally blanking right now.
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Going to interrupt my picture dump to say the Gathering art auctions are still happening!


We still have a couple days left on a Xmen Magneto ATC by CK Russel and a gorgeous original gargoyles character print by Mary Caldera.
We ALSO have a commission spot offered by Karine Charlebois. She very rarely offers commissions these days so this is a treat! Only 2 days left!

In addition to those three we have just put up two new auctions. A beautiful hand colored print by Trishana Prater aka [info]karlyl.
And an original drawing by the Fandom's own Jade Griffin!

The bidding starts at $5.
You can see our auctions here:

All proceeds go to support Gathering of the Gargoyles:

Happy Bidding!!

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We have more auctions up folks!

Two prints by me Through the Looking Glass and Original Prankster. !

Another sexy Print from [ profile] hawkstone !

And [ profile] shingkhor 's specimen is still up for a few more hours!

Please visit our eBay page and place your bids!

All proceeds go to Gathering of the Gargoyles Convention!

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Hey Folks! two more auctions have gone up!

A print of my piece "Through the Looking Glass" is up for auction. Its one of my favorites I've done for Gathering.:)
And [ profile] shingkhor 's adorable sculpture from her Specimen7 shop is also up...and its dead cute!!

[ profile] hawkstone 's print and and the ATC by CK Russel are still up for bidding as well!

Please visit our eBay page and place your bids!

All proceeds go to Gathering of the Gargoyles Convention!

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Hey folks!
You have three moe hours to bid on [ profile] karine 's awesome Elisagoyle print!
Also, We put up a sexy pinup done by [ profile] hawkstone  and a fantastic X-men trading card by CK Russel!
Please visit our eBay page and place your bids!

All proceeds go to Gathering of the Gargoyles Convention!

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If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Pardon me while I become a sentimental Sap...

To the Gargoyles fandom - You guys shaped me who I am today. Seriously. All of you. The fandom was my first nitch where i felt like I belonged and wasn't so alone during a pretty strange, sometimes dark, transition period of my life. You folks from the miniclanners, to the Valkyrie clanners, to the Gathering staffers made me who I am. You helped me become a stronger woman and become my own person.
To the Hades Ladies - You KNOW who you are! Two of you are notorious in my book. you BOTH know who you are;) Thank you for being awesome no holds barred chicks who helped me cut loose, be silly, be sexy, and be completely off the wall crazy.  To my two notorious hadies ladies, thank you for coming down to visit during that nasty time of anxiety and stress years and years ago. You two coming down to stay with me is one of the brightest memories I have.

The The Iron Maiden - You guys are my second family. Seriously. There are not a lot of people I say that about and really mean it. I don't get sentimental with you guys because you're not the sentimental types. But you guys are the reason I have no desires to move back up to northern California.

to my crazy cosplay friends, artist friends, theater friends, and friends from my "sorted past" ;D - Keep fightin' the good fight! Love you guys for your passions and the creativity you share with me. Even if I'm not really in the cosplay or theater scene much, its awesome to see you guys prospering.:)

to Max-I love you. lets get all squidbillies on eachother! ;D

Wow, I'm just full of the love lately...*L* I'll try to be more cynical eventually. ;D
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Hey Folks! You only have 4 hours left to bid on [ profile] y2hecate 's really awesome Artist Trading cards! If you want them NOW is the time to get them!
[ profile] karine 's beautiful Elisagoyle print is still up for three days. Have a looksee!
Please visit our eBay page and place your bids!

All proceeds go to Gathering of the Gargoyles Convention!

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