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Well the good news is I managed to hold the cold at bay for the weekend! Horray!
The bad news is the cold is slapping me upside the head now. Boooo.
But luckily its nothing that NyQuill,DayQuill,Vitamin C, and lots of rests can't cure. I managed to get to the museum and not have any problems. Luckily we're closed so most of my guest interaction will be nill for the next few weeks while I recover.

On to my faboo weekend!
Thursday I hit the town with my gay boyfriend Travis. Travis and I used to work together at Theater in Old Town way back in the day. He was the soul reason I stuck around there for as long as I did. After he moved on I moved on and we've been keeping in touch via facebook. The last time I saw him was at Max and my wedding so its been a long while. Travis scored some free tickets to Aurelia's Oratorio which was part dance show, part Cirque Du Soleil, and VERY French. Overall is was a really fun show and cleverly done. There were some moments of  "Look how AVANT GARDE we are!" which made me roll my eyes but overall it was worth the night out. If you like dance or clowning or even mime I recommend it.

Friday I hit the road to Moorpark to visit Jen. We got to see The Pee Wee Herman show which was AWESOME. Now I wasn't a huge Pee Wee fan as a kid but grew to like him as an adult (And I ALWAYS loved Pee Wee's Big Adventure). Jen managed to  score free tickets to see him tour his original show he did for HBO back in 1981. Its still pretty damn funny even after all these years. Afterwards Jen and I got to meet up with Phill LaMarr who is playing Coyboy Curtis. We got to hang with him a while and he managed to get us in to hear the Q and A with Paul Rubens before he headed off for his second show and Jen and I headed off to colapse. We grabed some burgers then Jen and I sat up and talked WAAAAY too late into the night about...umm...everything. I had SO much fun hanging with Jen again!

Today Max is having the fellas over for Superbowl. Since I'm not a football fan and I'm feeling somewhat crappy I plan to either work on my dollhouse, work in my studio, or sit in bed and read. I just picked up Stephan King's Under the Dome off a podcast recommendation and I'm kinda stoked to get more into it. So far its pretty damn interresting. SO yes..the next few days will be filled with small fabulous things while I shake this cold.

OH! And Max and Capt'n surprised me this weekend by putting some beautiful goldfish into the tank to finish cycling it. So the tank is almost up and running. after a week I'll add my three mollies from the small tank then I shall go fish shopping to start my community! SO EXCITED!

So yeah, despite the cold things are pretty dang good.:)
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Theres another baby molly in the tank!
Must be a new born too because he was itty bitty. I ran to get my camera, but by the time I got back, he went back into hiding. babies are having babies.
Sweet God in heaven, it starts!

I need to work on getting a bigger tank.

On a nerdy note, my pelco reminds me of the Cloverfield Monster. I started calling him Clovie....
I'm not obsessed...

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