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Seriously, I had a good one full of just tiny awesome things.  Thursday I worked all afternoon on the front yard, weeding and taking care of my flowers. It looks pretty fantasic now. Our Rasberry bush is starting to get berries as well as our blackberry bush. The blackberries taste fantastic! I'm hoping when we get more of them I can attempt baking with them...maybe. Depends on if I continue on my wanting to bake craving.
Friday all day I got the backyard in shape. Turned out VERY well and I am hoping further into summer we'll get some gorgous blooms. Our grapvines are already going pretty crazy. Our lime tree is about to bloom and our artichoke plant is going crazy. Things are looking very pretty. I just have to keep up with it. I am hoping to evenutally plant a rose bush out back in the future. Just need to get the time to get some roses. That evening, Max and I hit Rivera Supper Club with Mark, Ty, Capt'n, and Levy which was a BLAST. OMG, this place is fast becomnig one of my new favorite places since we moved. The whole restraunt looks like it came out of an episode of Mad Men.  And the cocktails are FABULOUS. Check out the website. LOVE this place!

Saturday I did a ton of Chatelaine duties which took up the majority of my day. May War approaches so I've been in crazy SCA mode most of my weeks. Still, all the new folks have been extremely sweet and enthused so that makes my job a lot easier. That night Max and I were pretty whiped so we stayed in. I ended up working on building my new doll house aka Cindy's summer cottage. I got a ton of it finished. Its pretty much all detail work from this point on. Then painting it, wall papering, and  then filling the dang thing up with tiny things. I have some progress pics I'll probably put up on Original Cin either tonight or tomorrow. Its been an adventure in gluing my fingers together!I have no idea where I'm going to put this house yet, Alas...I'll figure it out evetually. Max cooked up a tasty pork roast and we ate it in the backyard sitting around the fire pit and enjoying the evening. ...Oh and Lush Bath...awesome Lush Bath and a Desden Novel to cap off the evening.

Sunday was work, hanging for a bit  with the Iron Maiden peeps at the household meeting, then home to delivery pizza (Round Table NOOOOOOOM!), margaritas, and Game of Thrones. A very lovely relaxed evening. I passed right out to be shortly afterwards.

Not sure whats on the agenda tonight. Probably something involving dancing practice and left over pizza. We shall see.

Today's Hair Flowers are Jasmine!

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Haaaalf Day today!
Guess who has a half day today?

They switched my half days from Wednesdays to Thursdays. Essentually giving me 2 1/2 day weekends. Ooh thank you museum! I love you even more, now!
Fabulous, indeed.

So I plan to go home today and work in the yards. Max was an awesome hubby and went and weed wacked the back yard. So all I have to do is general clean up now. I'm going to weed and tidy a bit back there, then I'll do the same in the front. Gardening makes me feel zen. I'm excited to have a chance to do this finally.  Maybe afterwards I'll give myself a little girly tea break with my blooming tea set and a scone...Need to buy a scone though. Honestly I should just make scones soon. I want to learn.

Tomorrow is Cindy's day off so I plan to tidy the house a bit but mainly I want to get things done that I really want to work on, like painting that shelf and night stand for the guest room. Leelee and Mom are coming to visit after May War and I want the guestroom to look uber cute for them. So I'll be working on guestroom stuff as well as doing my usual daily cleaning tasks of doom.

My Fabulous things from yesterday and today...other than girly tea houses:
So yesterday instead of working on my dollhouse, I desided to go to Etheopian food with Max. We go to a place called Awash in University Hights. OH SO GOOD!!!! We have leftovers too...which will be in my belly as soon as I get home. OH YES! Such good food. And of course good company.

I found out through Capt'n that there is a monthly Steampunk party that happens in San Diego. O.o I believe I may have to attend this. If anything, it gives me an excuse to work on more Victorian garb...hehehehehe. Evil plotting is afoot!!

I'm finding that doing monthly mental health things like Fabulous month really does help with my morale quite a bit. So I figured it would be interesting at least to try and extend this through the summer. But maybe make each month a bit of a different theme. For example, June could be my Safari month, where I finally go visit some of those places in San Diego I always wanted to visit and take some photos. And July could be art month where I really try to concentrate on my art endevors, etc etc. Anything to keep my creative juices flowing through the summer and keep me from stressing out or falling into a routine or a rut. 
Just a thought. We'll see how it goes.

August should be baking month...because I really do want to get back into baking again.

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So I got it in my head, YET AGAIN to so a regency/victorian tea.  Only this time Colleen suggested we have a small group get together and go to a tea house, then do a costume photoshoot afterwards. Because honestly, as much as I love my backyard, I know it will be a pain to organize it there.
Hells yes, that sounded like a great idea!...AFTER war of course. WAY after war.
So this just lead me to start researching into Tea Rooms in San Diego. Did I ever mention that I'm a sucker for tea rooms?
Anyways, I found these and they are making my overies want to visit:

Tea Upon Chatsworth Okay...TOTALLY want to visit here. The room is beautiful and the food sounds awesome.
The AubreyRose Tea Room Totally uber girly. But once sounds awesome.

I think we're going to go with Tea Upon Chatsworth. But we're definitely going to have to carpool if that's the case. Crappy parking in that area I was told.
God I'm such a sucker to high tea and tea parties. I have been since I was 13 and went to High Tea in London. I've been sold ever since. I really need to eventually get myself a full tea set and do a tea on my own. But for a costume tea? I definitely would love to hit one of these tea rooms.

...I have the sudden urge to do something horrendously girly tonight. Maybe I'll spruce up my dollhouse while I play on SoulfireMU* tonight.

...Now I'm craving scones.


WANT! Peacock Feathers!!
WAAAAAAAANT! Reminds me of my grandmother and mom!
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Fabulous #1 Costume Nonsense is updated with Steampunk Photos.

I really seem to be finding my nitch with Belly dancing. I need to actually take a CLASS class instead of just using DVDs soon but that's probably not going to happen at least until after the summer. Still, the more I learn the more I love it. Not sure if I can be considered GOOD at it yet but I really enjoy the movement and the music...and the costumes.

I have to admit, going to Gaslight and performing has really perked me up and rejuvinated me for some reason. Not sure why, but I have been in a really good mood since Saturday. WOOT! So it has been making Fabulous month go a bit easier. Nice to nto struggle against bad moods. But that's what Fabulous month is for, right? To push past the crappy moods and feel good.
Anyways, things have been pretty mellow since Saturday. And I still keep finding kick ass photos of me and the rest of the group online which is pretty bitchin. Still hoping to find photos of the actual performance we did in the evening. I'm still plotting fun costume ideas. And I REALLY can't wait to get started on making my own Victorian gown.
But now that its over, its time to focus on May War. Because I don't have enough crazy projects in my life.  But luckily I have no garb due for war. But I DO have some walls to make. Honestly though, I can whip those up pretty quick.

Fabulous #2
Dude, I look HOOOOT today. Seriously. I am working the Mad Men sex kitten look.  And I have kick ass tights on. How kick ass you ask?

THIS kick ass.
Not a bad buy from Target, eh? I figured I need me some fun pieces in my wardrobe lately. I was starting to fall into a Uniform. Never fun.


ALSO also, my Lush order came in! Squeeeeee! You know how long its been since I've ordered Lush? TOO DAMN LONG!!  I ended up getting the perfume sampler set and I am in love with some of the new sents, mainly Lust, Breath of God, and Imogene Rose. VERY Sexy fabulous. I also got some new Bath Bombs, face cleaner, and FINALLY got me some Shnuggle. OMG it smells so GOOD! I'm in Lavander heaven! I think that might be the reason I slept so damn good last night.
I may have to order another in the future.

Tonight i go home and force feed Ty some Margaritas..Aaaawwwwww yeah.;)

So Progressing? Progressing FABULOUSLY!

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Gaslight Gathering was AWESOME. Like completely and utterly AWESOME! Definitely one of the most fun cons I ever attended and I'm hoping against hope they do it again because we're totally open to drumming and dancing for them again. We didn't do much roaming street performing but our pre-show performance before the concert was freakin' EPIC. We got some wonderful compliments from the constaff and the audiance. We were even asked to stick around to do another performance. But by then it was getting close to 10pm and all of us were completely beat. So instead we all went home and Max and I crashed BIG time.
The whole dance crew wants to come back next year to perform. And I'm considering putting a steampunk/Victorian style dancing outfit together. We're all considering doing a Victorian Turkish theme for all of us next year if we do it again. I was pretty happy with what I put together out of my SCA garb though. I had a obscene amount of stuff in my hair. About six feathered hair sticks and the two hair falls I made for LoJ last year. By the end of the day I dubbed my head "Sex chicken"...Don't look at me like that, I was REALLY tired.
And sex chicken doesn't give a shit.

Alas, I didn't get many photos of my revamped Steampunk costume I've been working on for years. The two I have are a bit fuzzy. But I'm scowering the internet for some. I know a couple people snapped my photos somewhere. If not, Colleen and I are thinking of putting together a photoshoot after May war so she can get some good photos of her vests and I can get some decent shots of my costume. I was amused I got more photos snapped of me with sex chicken in my hair than I did wearing goggles. OH amusement!
Colleen kicked much ass as well in the Vendor's Hall. I even bought one of her fantastic victorian vests for Max to wear during Saturday. Never thought he would look good in orange. I stand corrected. We put together a kinda hilarious Morracco Mole looking costume for him in about...oh...5 minutes. Just looking at him made me giggle. That's my Max.

Photos of our daytime outdoor performance on my website!

And An extra, because this picture of Max and I tickles me.

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So I was going to update yesterday. But I got busy, then distracted, then ended up flailing with my arms in the air screaming ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!1!  while I assessed damage control. Controled the damage, and now everything appears to be back to normal again.
Long story not worth getting into or even that relevant to everyday life, to be honest. No bus loads of children exploded and the world did not end.  But I will say my rage factor went through the roof and both Max and the Capt'n had to talk me out of showing up at someone's door step with an ice pick in one hand and a bottle of Vic's VaporRub in the other. For a moment, the Italian side fully took over....Damn, I am a scary Italian. O.o
Need to take my own advice and take a deep breath next time this happens. Calm Blue Ocean, Cindy. Calm Blue Ocean.
I am not proud of my rage...but I am damn good at it.

Anyways, all is happy and bright again in the world of Cindy.
Yesterday we had a drumming and dancing jam for Middle Eastern Guild and it was ROCKIN! Seriously. We had a ton of people show up which was totally surprising. Usually we get about four to five people a meeting including me and Max. This time? 10 to 13. WOW! And almost all of them showing up to learn how to belly dance. And guess who was teaching the class? Yup. Me. O.o. I'm still a beginner myself but I managed to slam out a good basics class to the ladies and we had a great time just dancing to the music and getting used to being relaxed infront of a crowd. I think we danced for about 2 hours straight. And everyone had a blast!...and I ran out of food because I was only expecting a handful of people there. The cool part is everyone had so much fun that a good chunk of them plan to return for the June meeting. WOO! That was fabulous indeed.

Max is away on a business trip so its been me and Scout flyin' solo for the week. And while I miss my awesomesauce hubby I have to admit its kinda nice being alone for a bit at night. Gives me a little meditation time...and a chance to vaccume in the dead of night without waking Max up...because I am insane and I do that sort of thing. Tonight I'm going to chill at home in my studio and work on making some more things for AX selling and finish coloring in some art. I've been working on making some hairclips/tribal hair falls and they have so far turned out really nice. I have absolutely NO idea if they are going to sell at all but I figured I'll have a few  there and see how they do. Thinking of doing a couple of Betty Paige style hair clips as well. We'll see. Time as usual, is a factor.
Trying to gear up for the Gaslight Gathering this Saturday. Nervous about dancing infront of Non SCA folk so we'll see how this goes.  Gonna smile and look like I know what I'm doing..and do that for many hours on end. WHEEEE!

Going to make myself  scan some artwork and get it posted on my art blog tonight. I have a ton of things to show. Some are done some are not but eh, I figured I should put some stuff up. I have a lot of drawings that I've been working on but a lack of time and motivation to put them on the interwebs. Going to have to get my new business cards printed up as well.

Today's Hair flower is..Orchids!

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And even though my weekend was shortened to a day, I have been in really good spirits lately.  Which is nice since I've been feeling really stressed through most of April. I stepped in to cover a shift for a co-worker who lost her voice. Considering I was in the same boat before, I wanted to spare her that special kind of suck. The awesome part about stepping in for Saturday is that I opted to take Thursday off instead of taking the overtime. Overtime nice. But Day AAAAAALLLL to myself? BETTER. So I get a three day weekend this week. SCORE ME! Just in time for Gaslight Gathering. Of course I won't be at Gaslight on Thursday but I will have that day to just chill, work on some stuff, and have a little me time. This makes me extremely happy.
Max is out of town for the week. He's flying up to San Jose for some classes to take for work. So I will be working on keeping myself entertained (and fed) for the week. Considering the hefty amount of projects I have looming over me, This shouldn't be a problem. I'm hoping to lock myself up in the Studio a few nights to play. I have some things I want to experiment with.

So as promised, Fabulous Month starts today.  I have been in desparate need of one too since the last few months have been a bit stressful and I've really been neglecting myself and my own mental health in the process.  So I'm putting a nix on that and taking a moment everyday to do something for myself that makes me feel good. It helps...a lot. And I could use it.


So to start of Fabulous Month..I kinda started putting a bunch of flowers in my hair.


There was a wedding at the museum on Friday night and all of the flowers were left behind. ALL of them. So I helped myself to some and wore them in my hair all day.  I love putting flowers in my hair. Makes me feel pretty.:) No one came to pick up the arrangements so I took a couple home and dropped off a few to Colleen. I love flowers!

I'm hoping today after work I'll have enough energy to get a little gardening in the backyard done. We shall see how the day unfolds! My fabulous thing for the evening is to kick back, color in some art, have a cocktail, and finish the laundry.  .Mmmm...Cocktails....

EDIT- One of the regular highschool kids who comes thorugh walked through today and gave me a flower. Aww I feel special!:)
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I am WAAAAAAY Overdue for a Month of Fabulousness.

I believe May looks to be a fabulous month.

Anyone in with me?
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Ketill took me geocaching for the first time on Friday and I have to say that it was WAY more fun than I expected! I took a couple random photos of the caches we found but alas, they are still on my camera. I'll toss them up sometime this week. So Ketill is stuck with me as a partner it looks like. We're already planning out caches to hunt down when both of us get back from our trips.
New obsession? Quite possibly. I even found a GPS on Amazon made specifically for Geocaching on Amazon that 's running about $70. Not too shabby. I may pick one up when I get the extra spending cash so I can go hunting around my own neighborhood on my after work walks. There's a ton around my area in public places where I'll feel safe heading on my own.
Still, more fun with a buddy...which is why Ketill is stuck with me.;)

The weekend so far has been pretty fabulous and busy. Thursday my new newphew Tommy David was born. According to Leelee, he's a great big readed boy who really loves to sleep. Kinda the polar opposet of my aborable and incredibly handsome newphew Danny. Since Tommy is the youngest and is also a redhead I have desided I will make him my minion. oh YES! Tommy shall soon be my minon in all that is nerdy. *rubs hands together evily* I fly out on Wednesday to see the boys. Let the spoiling commence!

Friday I geocached then went to Tink and Noelle's with Mark and Ty for some dindin (yay pasta and chicken boobies!). Then on Saturday I headed up to Angels Aniversary with Max to pull some court and guard duty. It was freakin' hot out there but the event overall was pretty nice...lots of nice garb to drool over. I ended up playing lady in waiting for Baroness Kate while she judged the period desert contest happening...which means I ALSO got to partake in the tasting...hehehe. Just letting you all know, stawberry soup? REALLY fantastic. I'm glad I was able to jump on that desert grenade in the name of Calafia.;) Trish and Kyt also managed to head over to Angels so we had a great time hanging out and enjoying the tourney. It was Trish's first tourney so she was having a blast watching all the tournament style fighting.
We ended the day by going to dinner at Sizzler (CLASSY!) then after a 3 hour drive home, Max and I passed out for the night.
At work right now and so far the day has been lovely...thats not sarcasm.

Some fabulous thigs that have happened:
  • Had fun at Angels Aniversary. Wore my Bodice gown which tends to make the "Gals" look VERY nice Alas no photos.;)
  • Geocaching is now the new obsession! Can't wait to find more!
  • Worked on my steampunk costume and updated [ profile] costumenonsense finally. Hopefully more photos for there to come.:)
  • Got MAJORLY inspired by one of the merchants at Angels and I'm going to make myself a period persian coat  and chamise with the help of Ty's pattern.:)
  • The fall weather is creeping in over here in San Diego which means chillier nights. Hooray Fall!  I've been breaking out the Anything Ghost podcast in honor of my favorite season.
  • Started back on weightwatchers and started my walking back up. I already lost 2 pounds. WOO!
House meeting after work. Then hopefully a little moment of peace and perhaps some puttering around in the studio. I'm feeling creative.
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I'm going to delcare today Day 1 since I desided to spring fabulous month on myself yesterday.

So today I did the following which made be feel fabulous:
TOTALLY rocking the sudo 60's Mod look today. Really. This is the first time in weeks where I felt I looked fantastic. Got my black and white mod print blouse on, my red head band, my black pants, big hoop earrings and even did my eyes up a bit heavier than usual just to follow through on the look. WOO!  I'll try to take a photo.
After work today I'm going to start my evening walking around the new neighborhood. Looking forward to plugging in my iPod and tuning out for a while. I'm hoping to get at least an hour of walking in.
Stuck to my weightwatchers plan beautifully two days in a row so far, and its made me feel great.

Its small stuff, but stuff that still made me feel good.

Tomorrow I have a half day so I'm going to pick up a cute keepsake gift for my newphew to be, Tommy (Going to be born on the 9th!) then maybe play in the back yard a bit and garden.
Totally have a bug up my butt to sew too. Thursday night is sewing night soo...yay.:)

And the fabulous link of the day:
Awesome Places is currently being spotlighted in the LJ communities. Its a bit addicting if you like photos of gorgous and unusual buildings. LOVE IT!

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I was thinking of waiting another month until October but you know what? Fuck it. I need a fabulous month NOW. I have been in a funk for almost a week and I need to shake it off. These months always seem to help me out a bit.


Okay, for those who don't know the drill, I will be doing one fabulous thing a day, big or small, for 30 days. This can be as big as taking a awesome trip somewhere to as small as putting on some great pairs of shoes in the morning. Whatever makes you feel gorgous a fabulous for a day is the goal. So don't worry if you don't think its magnificent enough.
Feel free to join along with me for the next 30 days in your LJ.

So far today I have accomplished:
I took extra care with my makeup and put on some really sexy smelling perfume
Wearing my custard ring I picked up from the Lolita chicks at AX's artists alley. They were sitting behind us. TRES girly.

What I hope to do in the next 30 days:
Going to attempt to take nice long meditative walks around my new neighborhood after work and get to know the area better.
Going to Geocache for the first time if Ketill lets me tag along (I lack GPS and navigation skills to go it alone!).
Going to get one of my steampunk costumes finished.
Going to make (or start) a Victorian walking dress...WITH bustle and proper under pinnings.
Workin out with Ace. Awww yeah.
Plan a KILLER Halloween party!
Play with my doll house.
Make curtains.
Paint my studio doors green.
Buy Gone With The Wind on BluRay, DAMNIT!

And probably more, but thats off the top of my head.
Still, I need motivation and I need to feel awesome. I'm REALLY sick of being in a funk.  I'll be documenting as usual and hopefully will be including pics as well. I also hope to start updating [ profile] costumenonsense  again on a regular basis. I have really dropped the ball on my poor costuming blog.

So there...

Also, input to all my horror film fan friends! I got a $20 gift certificate to fright-rags and I'm trying to figure out what I want! Right now there is a sale so I have a chance to choose some fun t-shirts:
There's this one from Ghostbusters
This one from Lost Boys
And this one isn't on sale but I have been in love with Peter Vincent and Fright Night since I was a child (AND its a girl's T) so I'm heavily leaning towards it.
The other two are only on sale for another day I believe so I need to act fast...If I can make up my mind.
Anyways...Just wanted to share.

So here's hoping for a swift work day and a nice CALM evening.

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