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Miz Liz! aka [ profile] syrusb ! Your falls are done! Here they are! Pardon the crappy cell phone pic.

I'll send them out by the end of the week. I just need to pick up a box to send them in so they don't get smooshed.:)

Patrick: Almost done coloring your commissions in. I'm hoping they will be done by Friday at the latest. Working on the hair clips for you sisters tonight probably.

Tiggy: Starting the sketches of your first 3 right now!

And that's where things stand on the commission front as of now.

The Halloween front is looking pretty dang busy as of now. I have my costume and my sister just asked if I could make a devil costume for my newphew Danny and a matching vest for her Husband, Ryan. I cannot expressed how stoked I am to be making a Halloween costume for my nephew.  I'm already hunting down paterns MWAHAHAHAHAA!! I'll have to call her after work tonight for more details.
Of course this is only going to snowball into insanity since I'm also making my own costume...Luckily Max is opting for a Bed Sheet Ghost costume for Halloween this year so I'm off the hook for making him anything... SO tempted to detour over to Joann Fabric's after work. They're down the street from our house and a good place to look for novelty cottons that aren't over priced.

Project overload!...Kinda how I like my autums.

So currently on the list (So I don't forget):
Liz's hair falls - DONE
Patrick's Smut - In process
Patricks gift clips - Will start tonight
Tiggy's Sketches - Started
Other commission sketches - still in the cue
Kyshy's hair Fall - Still in the cue
Danny's Devil costume - Need details
Vest For Ryan - Need to find pattern and buy fabric
My Witch Costume - In development

Aaaand still plotting tea party with Colleen. Yeah..I be busy.
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Can it be sleepy time now?

Actually its my own fault since I stayed up late recording Ep 16 of Creepy Kitch then podering how to convert the file because I totally forgot how. Yeeaaah...I am not techno savvy. Anyone surprised by this?

Its been a while since I've typed in LJ really but then I really haven't felt the need. That and I have been so dang busy both at work and after work that I really didn't have much to say other than the usual "Works busy. Life is busy. I'm still a nerd. Talk to you later".
Personally and professionally life has been trucking along on a nice steady pace (BTW, my nephews are friggin' adorable. I need to post pics soon of my latest visit to the cute hellions). So I've been using LJ lately just to track my creative thoughts and what not. Writing about projects helps me keep them straight in my head instead of thinking "Oh! That's a great idea!" Then watching it fly out of my brain and out the window by the end of the day.... which has been par for the corse for me lately.

Halloween fast approach-eth! Which means I have sewing projects coming up of course. Our theme this year for our Halloween party is Old School/Traditional Halloween. Ace and I came up with that idea during one of our walks. I wanted to do something general enough for people to go nuts with or just do on a budget.  And I wanted to do a theme everyone could enjoy.

I was thinking of doing a witch costume but go in a 1950/60's Bewitched direction to it. I wanted to get some cute Halloween print and make a vintage style dress. Thinking of going with either this pattern or this pattern.  I'm thinking the one with the sleeves simply because I don't like my upper arms. I want to find a really great novelty print and then make (or find and decorate) a witch hat all cute. Wear it all with my striped stockings and some halloween-y jewelry and Viola!!

Also want to go pick up some Halloween decor at Michael's...eventually.

ALSO also need to get the dan backyard in order for tea party antics!

SO much to do. WHEEE!

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Actually there should be about 3 updates on there come tomorrow. I've been just screwing around in my costume blog about this and that and scheduling updates for different days.
I'm particularly proud of my Aphrodite headdress I made for LoJ. I recently bought some awesomely boarderline tacky fabric to make my Chiton for the costume. The chiton is pretty much done since all it really is is a tube of fabric. I just need to to the finishing work.
And then I make my waist cincher. I think its going to turn out really awesome. I'm glad I chose to do a dang dress that is so damn easy to put together.
Aaand...thats it.
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Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are.
Check out the persian coat I made for Estrella.:)
I also have links to a REALLY cool looking Exhibit I so want to see!...If I could get my bum up to SF in time for it.
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Not Dead!
Its just been a craaaaaaaazy week. Lots of busy craziness at work for both me AND Max. So yeah, working hard all day, then coming home and trying to get some of my projects done since I'm WAAAAAY behind on most of them. Gaslight Gathering is the first weekend in May so I've been trying to get my steampunk gear in order. Alas, I don't think I'll have time to put together my Victorian lady walking dress together for it. But then I doubt I'd actually be WEARING it since day 2 at the con I'll actually be bellydancing...O.o Yeah, I'm a bit nervous about that. So I'll be putting together my tribal dancewear instead and pratciting practicing practicing! The good part is the Regina Black costume all but finished. I just need to revamp the goggles and finish painting my gun.
Pictures to come hopefully. VERY pleased with it so far.
After that crazy is done, I need to get all the May War prep finished..Oye. SO much Prep. The big project for that one is I have to Make and paint walls for Ace, Ellyn, and Mark now their their devices are passed. Also have to get the loaner garb ready for war and a few other war related things that are slipping my mind at this moment. *headdesk*
And after that I need to get my AX stuff ready to go...Luckily I still have plenty of dolfie stock left over from last year so I probably won't bother maknig anymore. I want to offer some new things though. I just need to get the time to actually, you know, MAKE them. But I figured if I spend a couple hours a night in my studio I may start making progress.
I have too many damn hobbies.

So I changed my mind on what my LoJ costume is going to be this year, thanks to Ace planting ideas in my head. We wanted to team up this year and we were looknig at doing something along greek mythology. I introduced her to the wonderful world of Alphonse Mucha and now it looks like we're going to be Art Nouveau goddesses...I somehow was asigned Aphrodite. O.o I was considering just using my old LoJ costume when I went as the female version of Baccus but I think I'm just going to use some other fabric I have floating around.

In Other News...
Instead of buckling down on costume work, Max and I desided to get the yards in order again. The rain made everything a bit...umm..knee high.  So we desided to get work done while the sun lasted. Lawn mowed, Backyard weedwacked, Blackberry and raspberry bushes are planted, and everything has been Weeded!...and I am friggin SORE! But things are looking good and we're getting a game plan for the rest of the back yard.
Max picked up a half barrel to plan his squash in. Since Out backyard was seeded with bermuda grass, we're moving our veggies and such out of the ground and into planters. It looks really nice and I'm hoping to pick up a couple more to put in the empty spot along the deck. Put in some Stawberries, Herbs and flowers there.  Max is also planning on building some planter boxes along side my studio so we can have tomatoes. So totally stoked for tomatoes! I miss them so. Not sure when he'll get that up. Probably in time for next year.
Overall, it promises to be a beautiful and colorful time at the Chateau de Nom Nom.

So to come...eventually.
I needs a nap!
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Working on my regency morning gown. Come check out the progress at the new blog!
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Dear Cold,
I hate you. I hate you with every fiber of my being. With every breath I can possibly take that doesn't involve mucus.
Seriously, ALL I'm asking for is one night ONE NIGHT of uninterrupted sleep! Why can you at LEAST give me that? HUH?! I got a total of 3 hours a night lately because you feel the need to make me cough my guts out once I finally drift off.
I would tell you to die in a fire, but unfortunately since you are residing in my body than means I'd have to as well. But at this point, if it means I'll be getting a good night's sleep? I wouldn't completely negate the option.
Hate You!

So the voice saga continues. I'm operating around 70% now.  So I'm able to talk and communicate ad a level above a whisper but still slightly below average volume. I squeek when I laugh or get excited and exclaim something...and pretty much I have a husky voice of either a drag queen or a phone sex operator.
Go me.

I was actually feeling pretty decent the last two days. Then BAM nastiness ALL over again! I'm congested and coughinng and Blah blah blah. Screw it. I'm calling the doctor and making an appointment next week. I can't stand letting this grow. It just feels like its getting worse at this point.

In other news that doesn't involve my hostility...
I made progress on the regency gown bodice so far. I got a pretty decent fit on it and have the sleeves on it. Now I just have to do the Stomacher and stick the skirt on. Granted, I have NO idea what I'm going to do with this when its done. Right now its just considered good practice. I'm thinking about changing my mind for my LoJ costume this year and trying a regency look...not sure yet though.
And thats the only news worth talking about because I'm too grumpy about this cold to say much more.
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Voice is about 50% back...and compared to the 0% it was at yesterday? I'm sure as hell ain't complaining! I tried a ton of home remedies last night and while most of them were disgusting, they worked. But my God, gargling the horrible combo of Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayanne pepper, and honey is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever had to gargle. UUUGH! It worked mind you but...UUUUGH! I'm still shuddering from the taste of that lil cocktail of horror.
Also, swallowing a Tablespoon of Honey mixed with Cayanne? REALLY clears the throat...and everything else imaginable.
I opted to gargle with salt water this morning instead so I didn't DIE.

Anyways, other than the whole sickness BS? I'm doing VERY well lately. Hilarity yesterday working the desk with no voice. Even more hilarity with being turned into a mime when I got home from work because I had no voice. Saturday was a MUCH better day. I had to go take my car in for some work so Max and I desided to spend the day together. We were planning on catching Sucker Punch but we ended up getting distracted by everything else (including a very long stint in Barnes and Noble...). Max also totally spoiled me and got me a new laptop! EEEEE!!!! The laptop I was on was dying a horrible death and maybe had 6 more months left in it if we were lucky. We were at Fry's getting printer ink and I saw a really nice HP laptop. I mentioned to him that when we were ready to replace the laptop that's probably the one I'd want. His response was 'Why wait?" He picked up the box with the laptop and bought it for me....My husband rules. So now I have a spiffy and powerful laptop that runs great and I'm not in fear of losing all my stuff. WOOT! Eees so Preeeeety.
I absolutely love it and I've been petting it nightly. I named it Honey understand what that means, go to Youtube and search Honey Badger is nasty. You'll get the joke.
Anyways, that was super awesome sauce for me.

Been plowing through season 4 of The Tudors. I have 2 eps left. So far pretty decent! Though its hard to beat season 2 and the awesome that was Anne Bolynn. Still, The Katherine Howard era was really great, the revisit  Anne of Cleaves who I love ...and Katherine Parr is very under used..which was a shame because i've always been facinated by her. She's the only damn queen that out lived Henry VIII AS queen.
All the while I've been sewing on my Regency dress experiment. Its coming along but I'm not sure i"m happy with the sleeves. They look a little...sad. So I'm going to probably take them apart and try to perk them up a bit.
I REALLY need to get rolling on my Victorian dress for Gaslight though. *headdesk* SO behind. I'll probably just order my pattern this Friday on payday and dive into it...and hope for the best . I lack a corset but I have my Mary widow from my wedding..I MIGHT be able to use that as a bastardised version of a corset. We'll see how it goes. The good part is my old west gear is ALMOST done. I just need to finish destressing the coat and vest, make the damn belt finally, Repair my goggles (or Remake them if time), and hopefully make my hand piece which requires me to pick up an archery glove....I really should start working on that crap. Behind as usual. Thats my middle name lately.
I have a SLEW of projects to slam through in April which is kinda daunting. But I'm hoping I can motivate myself by taking photos and doing blog posts on some of the pure insanity I am planning. We shall see. Sometimes i get so wrapped up in what I'm doing I forget to document.
Ah well.

Anyways...thats all she wrote today.
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I had a pretty fantastic weekend and week. I credit this mostly to me working in the garden uninterrupted for 2 days straight. OH so Zen.  The backyard looks faaaaaabulous! I am VERY proud of all the work I did back there on Thursday and Friday. Proud enough to even take photos! I'll post them tomorrow when I get them off my camera. It looks like an honest to God backyard now and not some trashy back lot. Granted, there are still parts of the yard that look like Hell. But those arent quite AS visable so it doesn't bother me TOO much. And those areas I'll be needing Max's help to clean up since it will involve hauling out trash ( STILL left over by the previous owners. OYE! SLOBS!). But its nothing too horrible since most of it we cleared out last year.  I planted some Jasmine which I totally love. The smell is fantastic in the back yard! I'm currently trying to train it to crawl up the trellis that was sitting empty for a long while. I finally figured out what to do with that patch of blank soil infront of the deck. I'm slowly turning it into a my own little herb/flower garden. We have an herb garden out front which is cool, but most of the herbs are Max's. Out back I'm chosing the herbs I want to plant. I chose most of them mostly for the visual appeal but I'm also trying to keep in mind the usefulness for Mr. Max and his cooking.  So far I have lemon thyme, Cinnimon basil (this exsists!), Thai basil, and Texas terrigon planted there. I also have English Lavender as well as strawberries. I'm interspersing the herbs with flowers for color. Since that area gets OMGSUN! I'm finding some beautiful flowers that need over 8 hours of sunlight at day to put there. So far so good. I'm slowly working my way across the patch and soon it will look how I want it. I also dug up a small patch of yard and put some pretty ground covering flowers there in bright orange. WOO! Funny enough I ended up digging up two buckets worth of river rock the previous owners burried O.o. That stuff is EXPENSIVE! So I dug it all up and put it aside to use later. I was thinking of using some rock soon for some yard projects so hey, saved myself probably $75 to $100 there! Slowly but surely, we're getting our crazy Mediterranian style garden in order.  Then... Tea party. Aaaaawww yeah.

The weekend was spent half doing SCA stuff and half hanging with friends. Rebok came into town to play. Friday night, me, her and Ty all grabbed some dindin at Hoolies then went to see Red Riding Hood which was HILARIOUSLY cheesy. But I will say, the art direction and the costuming was very pretty. Yesterday I ran to a May war meeting, ran home, then ran to St. Isadore Anniversary Masked Ball which was more fun than I even expected. I need to hunt down some photos of the night if possible. I'm half tempted to start going to the period dancing guild meetings now to learn more. Though I probably won't go to this month's since its tomorrow and frankly, I rather just come home after work and crash. I'm gonna need it. I'll see how I feel tomorrow though. I may change my mind randomly.
Speaking of dancing, I am still Belly Dancing to my DVDs .And I am still plotting to check out that one class available in La Jolla. Its 2 minutes from work so I figured  what the heck? I can try it out, and if I don't like it I don't have to go back. I really have been wanting to learn more and get better at dancing. This seems like a good oportunity to try.
Geeze, look at me getting all dancer-ish. WTF?

Oh...and I moved Costumed Nonsense to Blogspot! I pretty much just copy/pasted the whole dang journal there. Not sure if I'm going to keep updating it there AND on LJ or just on there. I guess I'll figure it out when I get another entry posted. Anyways, if you want to follow it, feel free. I'll probably be doing most of my garb entries on there since it will force me to put up nice photos of my work as opposed to shitty camera phone photos. ;D I'm also hoping to start putting up any of my crafty style projects on there. So it will be a lil bit of everything there probably.

ZOMGWTF!? Studios will be attending Anime Expo for the 3rd time this year!...Or is it 4th? I can't remember.
We're getting our crap together ahead of time so we actually can get an excellent showing this year.  I need to knock heads with Trish and see what her plan is for displays. I am thinking I may just bring one Doll to use for display since Trish will be bringing her gorgous sculpts to show off. I rather hers be showcased than mine. *LOL*
 This year, I'll be bringing my left over Dollfie Stock to see if I can move it. I had a good chunk of leftovers this year. I also was thinking of making full sized versions of my Dragon Horns to sell, as well as maybe some pretty hair clips/falls that I sometimes make for Belly Dancing garb. People last year seemed to look for items they can wear on themselves instead of their dolls.  I might do a couple sets and see how well them move, then go from there. I'll also be putting up any leftover prints for cheap so I can move them out. I'm slowly moving away from selling art there and go more for craft since I enjoy that aspsect a bit more.
I need to make a list, damnit.

So yeah. That's been life so far. Garden pics tomorrow when I can upload the suckers.
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I'm currently debating if I want to move my costume journal [ profile] costumenonsense from LJ to Blogspot.

Having it here on LJ make it convienient yes,  but I like how blogspot is laid out. Not to mention I think I might get a few more followers and such over there.  The main reason I want to move it on over is I would like to start linking my costume work to facebook. But frankly, I don't want most people I have on facebook to find my LJ.
Anyone who does separate blogs, is there a way maybe to Feed any posts I do from Blogtspot onto LJ? Or vice versa?

Any input is appreciated!:)
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Yeah...I'm about %95 positive that my mood issues were related to the BC. I have been off it two days now and I'm already feeling back to normal.
Crazy. O.o
Either way, I'm happy to feel like myself again, or at least almost there. The anxiety and crushing depression is all pretty much gone. I caught myself grinding my teeth a few times today but not to the point where I give myself a headache doing it. Slowly but surely, I'm equalizing. Huzzah.
Going to keep monitoring myself and see where it goes. As of now though? I feel normal or at least next to normal which I'm not knocking.

Thank you guys, for all your concern and your well wishes on this wackiness. It really helped to know you were out there. :)

In other far more AWESOME news...

Estrella War is a go! WOOO!  My boss gave me a call and said that it was worked out and I deserved a vacation anyways so go ahead with the plans. Once again, the Museum rules and comes through for me. So I can go forward with my plans. Working on another short persian coat for War. Since it can get OMG MUDDY there, I need some garb that won't drag on the ground. So I'm going to make another short coat and probably another chemise if I get a chance. Already got fabric for it.  YAAAY! I get my vacation in two weeks!

Going home next weekend to visit mom for her birthday. That worked out as well thank God. So I'm flying out and surprising her. Dad's going to pick me up after his class and we'll be picking up an ice cream cake on the way home...just incase I'm not enough.;) I am very excited to see my family, even if its just for a quick trip.

ALMOST had the day off today. I was scheduled to work the box office for a lecture but it was canceled. So at first they said "Don't come in!" But now they want someone here to tell people the lecture is canceled so the called again and said "Come in!" So I got to sleep in this morning and had a half day. I'm currently sitting at the desk and chilling. Its probably going to be quiet so I brought things to work on and my kindle.

Started working out yesterday. Trying to get some bellydancing practice in again since its been AGES. I am WAY out of practice. Those DVDs I bought ROCK. They give great step by step tutorials as well as combinations to try out....I'm still in the step by step tutorial stage. Lots of moves I've seen by never tried before...and I am in PAIN.
Also did some aerobics this morning..I am going to sleep like the dead tonight.

Yeah..I'm feeling better again.:)


Jan. 24th, 2011 02:21 pm
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Tiiiired...and shoulder is all screwed. I slept wrong. ARG! Going to bave to bug Capt'n to pop my shoulder blade back in place.
OTHER than that? I had a fantastic weekend with Trish, Shing, Jen, Ty, and Kyt. We had hardcore Uber craft/Art day which was pretty productive for most of us. We also took a trip to Creole Cafe to celebrate Trish's birthday....and we bought her a very tacky cake. VERY tacky cake. It was a fantastic weekend! I love my awesome friends!

Yes Trish, I WILL be getting my Etsy store up soon.

Must project ramble and get it out of my system!

Project Rambling:
I started distressing work on my Steampunk duster. Just the first coat of paint on it right now. It already looks pretty beat to Hell with just the prelim. Going to do some splatter on it including a little red here and there to look like blood splatters. Also want to find a way to make the coat look a bit dusty as well. I'll figure it out. Its been fun trying! Going to do a little work on the vest later. Just a bit to give it character, but not as much of a beating as the duster is getting. My shirt was a thrif find so it already looks pretty worn. May do a little dirt around the collar. Haven't desided yet.  After all that then I finaly start work on the "gun" belt and the goggles redux. Slowly my Regina costume is getting the overhall I wanted to give it. Pictures eventually, when I get off my butt.  Also I'll need to knock heads with Dan on us building a Chainsaw for the costume. He told me he's really wanting to help me build it.
Also started putting together my new dollhouse or as I've been calling it my "Victorian summer home". Its a slow process but its been a lot of fun. I'll try to take photos of this as well but there isn't much at the moment to take photos of. Probably next time I pick up the project I'll snap a fiew...the sash windows are so teeny and adorable!

Just bought myself a pattern for a Regency morning dress from Reconstructing History. Always had good luck with that pattern company. Months and months and MONTHS ago Colleen and Ty bought me some beautiful light orange taffeta with yellow enbroidered flowers on it. I LOVE and felt it would make a fabulous Regency gown. I have absolutely no idea where I plan to wear a regency gown..Maybe LoJ someday? I donno. But damnit, I'm making one since I've been wanting to make onefor the last two years. I'm making one out of sheer principal!

Sometimes I get excited about these type of projects then I end up discouraging myself from making them simply because I think "What am I going to do with that?!" But I have to remind myself that I want to create these things because the creating  process brings me a lot of joy and accomplishment more than wearing them somewhere. Finding a place to wear them is more of an excuse.
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Eh, I'm cranky...and this cheered me up. Persian coat progress!

More info and photos on [ profile] costumenonsense 

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Another piece of court garb is in the barn! Check out the finished dress and some future project rambling at [ profile] costumenonsense 
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This is a purse...
I totally want one.
Or at least I want to try and make one. I wonder if I can figure it out.
Anyways, more info on my favorite blog T-Lo.

Anyways, I'm kinda Cranky mcCrankerson today. The the awesome purses of doom cheered me up.
Going to decorate our tree today. That will brighten my evening.  Will post pictures soon. Promise!
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Man, I HAVE to share this because this stuff is AMAZING

My Favorite fashion gays on the T Lo blog have pictures up of the show from Chinese Couturier Guo Pei.  I like fashion okay. Not much for trends and lets face it, I'm a jeans and t-shirt gal.
But stuff like THIS is amazing. Pure ART. I love it when people can make fabric do incredible things.  This woman doesn't just make clothes out of fabric, she makes sculpture.  Beautiful costume-y sculpture. These aren't clothes you wear out. These are clothes you put in a museum. Dude, check it out!
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Aw Hell. Left my purse at home. Which means I left my wallet and my phone at home too. Here's hoping I don't get pulled over on the way home... Oh Yay, and my tea bag ruptured in my cup. *grump grump grump*
Shake it off Cindy. Shake it off.
Damn, I'm tired.

Anyways...Its December now, isn't it? Wow.
I'm hoping I can convince Max that we should get our tree this weekend. I'm wanting to decorate hard core so it starts feeling a bit more like the Holidays around the Chateau de Nom Nom. Got a bit wanting for the holidays after chatting with mom and Leelee on the phone yesterday. My life has been a complete blurr since August and I really want to try and slow down and just ENJOY the season for a while. Its working...kinda. Eh, I've just been dead on my feet the last couple months. I kinda need a break. Looking forward to visiting home for that break. REALLY looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.
The next two weekends are pretty booked. Winter Arts this Saturday then next weekend is Dan's wedding. I think the weekend after is one I have free. I'm kinda guarding it with my life at the moment. I would like to have one weekend to myself to sit in my PJs and do nothing of any great importance. We shall see...WE SHALL SEEEEEEE.

Almost done with the Italian Ren I've been puttering with this week. Just have the hand sewing left on it.  I'd like to do more details on it if possible. We shall see if time allows. I'll try and take more photos tomorrow. I also may try to slam one other project out tomorrow depending on my laziness upon the morrow.  If what I finish on my Italian is something I like, I will probably put it up for view at Winter Arts on Saturday. If it looks like crap, I'll put it in the closet. *L* The important think here is I am getting practice and getting more conifdent with my work.

And this site makes me drool. . Seriously, it makes me want to go home immediately and sew.

And this site makes me laugh my butt off I am in no way a period nazi for SCA, that's for damn sure. But even I have to blink at some of the stuff of the interwebs vendors consider period. The Nitpicky stuff about films on the site I don't completely agree with. Because costuming designing for historical reenactment and costuming designing for a film/play I feel are two very different animals. Sometimes a costume designer has to fudge period a bit just to get their point across.  And some of the nitpicky things about people's garb makes me shrug. Honestly, If you're new to SCA all I care about is you cover your boobies and bits and at least attempt at looking somewhat period. Costume knowledge comes with time.
 But those posts about ebay? Hilarity! PURE HILARITY!
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Its a small update, but its an update. Who Knew?! 
 [ profile] costumenonsense  Has a new entry.

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I haven't been posting much this week. Mostly because I have been exhausted beyond all reason.
There's really no reason for me to be this tired too. I have been getting plenty of sleep, started exercising again, been trying to eat right when possible...I think maybe its some sort of cold I have coming on.
Great, just in time for the Mother In Law visit!
No, I am NOT pregnant. Stop asking. ;D

So I am planning on crashing hard after work today, then baronial council, then crashing again..then somewhere in between that getting some housework done. Then night shift tomorrow at the desk (Luckily this means sleeping in tomorrow!) then Friday I clean up best i can before the Mom In Law comes in for an overnight trip...then I donno past that.  Probably more sleep if I have my way.


Some awesome things:
Calafian Anniversary was full of win and awesome. Max organized a fantastic feast, Mark and Ty got their Cresents (A VERY dserved award), and I ended up getting my Serpent's Flame for costuming...which shocked the Hell out of me. Still reeling about that one.

Starting a new Vampire game on Tuesdays. Old World of Darkness. Playing a Malcavian. Oh THIS is going to be interesting.

Finally considering diving into that beautiful blue silk I bought over a year ago to make another Italian Ren..because I'm bored.

Sister's Birthday coming up. The big 4-0. I want to get her something cool. Was considering sending her a dozen chocolate dipped straberries. She used to love those.

Dan and Kelly's wedding on Dec 11th in Vegas! WOO! We're going for a very quick weekend.

I'm finally joining the 21st century and getting myself a smartphone. Getting my Droid in the mail hopefully today. WOO!

Cindy needs a nap. A LOOOOOOONG nap.

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Put a full shot of my costume up on [ profile] costumenonsense  if anyone wants to check it out.
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