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Art blog update ahoy!

Not much, just a couple pics from SDCC I found and a pic I finally managed to finish after staring at it for weeks. Oodles of commissions to do. Thank you guys for helping me out! That's definitely money we can put towards the bills! I'll be accepting commissions all through August. I'm almost full up for art commissions so if you're interested, contact me soon.
Still open to taking custom hair clip commissions though.

The week has been pretty busy overall. Summer season has FINALLY freakin' started at the museum so business has picked up. Tomorrow I'm working an extra long shift both in my location and then downtown. I won't knock the hours! And I also get to experience our TNT event which is pretty kick ass. So overall its not to shabby there. We just started a round of Call of Cthulhul this week. Made the characters and now I'm stoked to get started on the game itself! We've all been so damn busy that our tabletop group kinda dispersed for way too long. I'm happy to be getting back to gaming again once a week.:)

Project wise I am slowly starting to line things up. I decided now is as good a time as any to start slowly putting my Victorian atire together. I'll be starting with the bloomers and underwear first. Then work on the corset *EEP*.  I want ot TRY to have something to wear by Octoberish. We'll see.  Fingers crossed! I also want to get Max's court garb all ready to go by Calafian Anniversary. That is in November (...I think?) so I'm sure I can put together his coat and pants by then.  I want him to look spiffy!

Also got recruited to help build a wild west steampunk set for a seriously awesome Halloween party being planned in San Diego. I am SO stoked for this! Details to follow hopefully. A bunch of us were asked just this Monday so its all pretty new still. I won't pass up wild west steampunk. I DEFNITELY won't pass up putting Max in a cowboy costume *drool*.

Started working out again and my GOD I am SOOOORE! But its a good sore. And my energy has sky rocketted. Also the stress relief has been a big help since my anxiety has been peeking back into my life lately...stupid anxiety.  Ace and I started walking together once a week. Alas, I am in need of new walking shoes since mine have finally been walked into the ground. I'm off today after work to get some.

This for a while were a bit stressed out and crazy but lately things have really been looking up. I have some really fun projects lined up and I'm hoping to soon have time to get together with friends to put said projects together.
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So, as I said about a week ago. I Live!
For those who asked, I honestly have no idea how to archeive my LJ. Anyone know of any good programs for this? I really would like to save my LJ on a fash drive or something. Hell, I saw once that I could actually get a hard bound book of my LJ published somewhere if I sure If I want THAT really. But still, I wouldn't mind backing up all these memories I have.

Anyways, Recap more or less. ComicCon was Awesome! Had a total blast hanging with Seth, Sammy, Jen, Marina, Marta and tons of other people. The only thing that sucked was the mild food poisioning I had all weekend. Ugh. That was a drag. Seemed to have passed now and I'm feeling much more up to snuff. Alas, I didn't have time to take photos. But I ended up picking myself up a Cthulhul T-shirt from Steam Crow I love their artwork! I also picked up a T-shirt for Max from StupidPuppyHead like I do every year. I also managed to squeeze in seeing Batman: Year One which I LOVED. Though I'm pretty sure I was the only one in my group that loved it *LOL*. Otherwise I was pretty busy at con. Dan though managed to swing by the Lionsgate booth and snag me a Hunger Games movie Poster and a Mocking Jay Pin! I SO owe him!

Otherwise things have been mellow which is definitely what I've been needing. Work has been a bit stressful but thats because the summer season has finally begun here and we've been swamped. But thats to be expected. I've been a bit tired overall but I'm trying to change some diet and exercise habits to overcome that.

I desided to postpone my baking month and my photo month to fall. I have some other things going on I want to take care of in August. So instead of baking month, I'm making August my fitness month and getting myself back to working out and eating right again. Ace is currently my Weight Watchers buddy and we are planning on walking an hour every week together in Balboa park after work. I am SO looking forward to going back to walking! Especially in Balboa since I haven't been there in forever and a day.  I'm also working out on my own, going back to Belly Dancing DVDs (though I plan to find a class to try out in the fall/winter when I have cash), and Max and I discussed going back to our bike rides again. I miss those! We were considering trying Fridays after he gets off of work. Not sure when he wants to start yet though.  Yesterday I broke out one of my workout DVDs and did about 35 minutes or so. The stress relief was amazing. So I think I"m going to keep up with it. We shall see if it sticks. I'm giving myself a month to meet my challenge here. I'm hoping to squeeze my butt back into my more form fitting garb as well as eventually into a Poison Ivy costume for next comiccon. No point in waiting to start this.

So overall things are good. :)
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Updaaaaaaate! Photos of our AX tables and photos of LoJ. I'll probably post more LoJ photos on here later when I get a chance to upload them.

Well Actually, I did the update a few days ago, I was kinda pooped to put it up on LJ yesterday. I've been a bad bad blogger on here lately. Mainly because I haven't been up to any personal rambling lately. Not much to say for one. And not much to report that's worth reporting for two.
I was thinking of making July my photo Safari month but I'm considering making it my "OMG I need to REST" month instead and moving photo safari month over to September. Its been busy with AX prep, wanting to get my etsy store off the ground, upcoming ComicCon, and then work and wanting to get back into Belly dance practice.  My mind has been whirling with activity lately which is a good thing. I like being inspired. It keeps me cheerful. When I'm not inspired I fall into anxiety and depression. And an unhappy Cindy is a sad thing indeed...well to me it is. Donno about to anyone else.

I'm hoping when I get home to take a few more photos of some stock for ye olde etsy store. I have a LOT of things to put up. I've also been conspiring with Colleen about craft shows in the area. I really want to try and get my stuff out to sell. I donno why. I don't want to be a full time artist or leave my museum job to be a merchant. But I really love making and selling things. The extra money is nice. The seeing people enjoy what I have created is better. I always feel better when making stuff. I feel more centered, in control, confident...Its just who I am.

Already putting my list o' Stuff I want to work on. I'm kinda wanting to start NOW so I can take my time with everything. The good part is, I'll be getting a lot of sewing practice under my belt!
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Art Blog Update!

I managed to slam one out last night before I left! Have costume links, new artwork, and a link to my etsy store up now. Yup The etsy stor is finally FINALLY FREAKIN UP! Granted, there is not a lot on there now. But I plan to fill it up with left over AX stock as soon as I get home. I'm almost positive I'll have left over stock to sell.
I'll also be opening up custom hair fall orders when I get home too so I'll put more details up about that later.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. The new website format has really been motivaiting me to keep updating regularly. I'm really happy I went the blog route. It just fits my style so much better. And its so awesome to go sell at a con and show people updated and relavant content.
I feel like such an adult.

Anyways, I'll be heading up to Trish's place later this afternoon. I got a ton done but alas, my printer ran out of ink so I couldn't get prints of Lolita Cthuhlu done. Damnit. So I need to run to a copy place to get a few prints. I only need five. I doubt I'll sell more than that. Also need to get money to make change, pick up a stylish from Colleen because she is awesome and is lending me one of hers, and finish packing my crap into the car. So close!

I will report back soon with AX antics!

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I'm the Hell here!
Yeah...sorry about the radio silence over the last few days. I've been crazy busy with prep work for AX. The good part now is pretty much all I have left to do is print up a few prints (Gothic Lolita Chthulhul is done) and pack my crap up and head out tomorrow. Its the first time I've been actually like, READY for AX. As in, not frantically gluing shit together the night before.
Also plan to take some photos after work and pop a couple things up on my Etsy store, JUST to say it has stuff on there. I promised myself I would have a few things up before con. And any stock I don't sell at AX will be going up there when I get back. BTW, If anyone wants a custom Fall or clip, let me know! I will be taking custom orders after AX. My Falls run anywhere from $15 to $25 depending on how ornate you want em.
Last weekend was pretty epic which involved an awesome girls nite in, cocktail tasters party, A victorian anniversary party (and putting together a "victorian" outfit in 5 minutes from crap in my closet), movie double feature, and a trip the the county fair. I kinda that. BTW, frog legs? Pretty damn good. Its like fishy chicken...Chicken of the swamp. Regardless, I liked em and I'll eat em again, damnit!

So tonights Adgenda:
pick up a storage box from Joanne's
Pack for con
Get stock packed for con
Post a couple items up on etsy store
Post an update on my Blog
Print out the last few prints I want to offer

Stuff to pack for con:
Hair Clips
Dollfie Merch
Business Cards and holder
Square Reader
Duct Tape
Price Tags
Sketch Pad
Cthulhul hat (I am WEARING it, Damnit!)

Okay I think that's it.
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And ALMOST so little time to do it in.
I'm keeping up with the work load surprisingly well though!  I managed to build my displays for the bazillion hairclips I made. It looks kinda cute actually. I'm trying to build UP instead out OUT since we're all cramming into three tables...and there are four of us...well that and i like how Shing was able to hide behind her display so I'm taking a cue from her. So if a creeper comes sniffing around I can duck behind a wall of hairfalls. ;D
I don't have a lit of new art at all to offer this con but honestly I don't care. My prints never really sell well anyways so Meh. I'll just try selling what I already have printed. I have one sailor moon sketch I did which is kinda cute and almost completely colored in. I may finish that one and call it. I honestly don't want to stress myself out over something that probably won't sell anyways.
Oh! And my business cards came in and they are Faaaaabulous! So happy with how they came out! And so happy I won't be sitting on Trish's couch the night before con frantically trying to exacto knife cards out for the next day. Because that always ends in finger cuts and shame. Aaaand my square reader should be coming in soon! SO excited! I will now be able to accept credit and debit cards! WOOO! Look at me! Being all grown up n crap!
Honestly, the thing I'm looking forward to the most is hanging out with Trish, Shing, and Kyt. I need me some crazy artist time! I'm sure the crack will ensue as soon as all four of us are it always does. And it ALWAYS does.


My LoJ Costume is almost finished. The Chiton was so dang easy to put together. All I have to do is hem it and finish the belt. BOOM! Done! Huzzah! Oh the fabric I chose... Its awesomely tacky! pink faux silk with gold sequins flowers sewn onto it. Awesomely cracktastic! I will be a puff of glitter I tells ya!

I'm really stoked for the upcoming weekend. I think its going to be an utter blast.:)

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Wow, I was true to my word and actually did update!

There is only one sketch up. One I did for my sister of my adorable and incredibly handsome nephews. But I have a bunch of photos up of the hair falls/clips I've built last night. It was a mega productive evening! I still need to attach the clips to the back of most of these.  I'm especially happy with the buterfly ones I built. I was feeling particularly inspired. I'm thinking of swinging my Micheal's again later to see if I can find any other butterflies, dragonflies, or lady bugs to build more. Seriously, these were FUN! I hope they actually sell!
Here's a pic of the batch I worked on last night.

PS- Thank you everyone for the baking recomendations! I'm all stoked to check out recepies! Karine? If you wanna ship me reubarb, I'm sure I can find a use for it!

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Fabulous #1 Costume Nonsense is updated with Steampunk Photos.

I really seem to be finding my nitch with Belly dancing. I need to actually take a CLASS class instead of just using DVDs soon but that's probably not going to happen at least until after the summer. Still, the more I learn the more I love it. Not sure if I can be considered GOOD at it yet but I really enjoy the movement and the music...and the costumes.

I have to admit, going to Gaslight and performing has really perked me up and rejuvinated me for some reason. Not sure why, but I have been in a really good mood since Saturday. WOOT! So it has been making Fabulous month go a bit easier. Nice to nto struggle against bad moods. But that's what Fabulous month is for, right? To push past the crappy moods and feel good.
Anyways, things have been pretty mellow since Saturday. And I still keep finding kick ass photos of me and the rest of the group online which is pretty bitchin. Still hoping to find photos of the actual performance we did in the evening. I'm still plotting fun costume ideas. And I REALLY can't wait to get started on making my own Victorian gown.
But now that its over, its time to focus on May War. Because I don't have enough crazy projects in my life.  But luckily I have no garb due for war. But I DO have some walls to make. Honestly though, I can whip those up pretty quick.

Fabulous #2
Dude, I look HOOOOT today. Seriously. I am working the Mad Men sex kitten look.  And I have kick ass tights on. How kick ass you ask?

THIS kick ass.
Not a bad buy from Target, eh? I figured I need me some fun pieces in my wardrobe lately. I was starting to fall into a Uniform. Never fun.


ALSO also, my Lush order came in! Squeeeeee! You know how long its been since I've ordered Lush? TOO DAMN LONG!!  I ended up getting the perfume sampler set and I am in love with some of the new sents, mainly Lust, Breath of God, and Imogene Rose. VERY Sexy fabulous. I also got some new Bath Bombs, face cleaner, and FINALLY got me some Shnuggle. OMG it smells so GOOD! I'm in Lavander heaven! I think that might be the reason I slept so damn good last night.
I may have to order another in the future.

Tonight i go home and force feed Ty some Margaritas..Aaaawwwwww yeah.;)

So Progressing? Progressing FABULOUSLY!

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Gaslight Gathering was AWESOME. Like completely and utterly AWESOME! Definitely one of the most fun cons I ever attended and I'm hoping against hope they do it again because we're totally open to drumming and dancing for them again. We didn't do much roaming street performing but our pre-show performance before the concert was freakin' EPIC. We got some wonderful compliments from the constaff and the audiance. We were even asked to stick around to do another performance. But by then it was getting close to 10pm and all of us were completely beat. So instead we all went home and Max and I crashed BIG time.
The whole dance crew wants to come back next year to perform. And I'm considering putting a steampunk/Victorian style dancing outfit together. We're all considering doing a Victorian Turkish theme for all of us next year if we do it again. I was pretty happy with what I put together out of my SCA garb though. I had a obscene amount of stuff in my hair. About six feathered hair sticks and the two hair falls I made for LoJ last year. By the end of the day I dubbed my head "Sex chicken"...Don't look at me like that, I was REALLY tired.
And sex chicken doesn't give a shit.

Alas, I didn't get many photos of my revamped Steampunk costume I've been working on for years. The two I have are a bit fuzzy. But I'm scowering the internet for some. I know a couple people snapped my photos somewhere. If not, Colleen and I are thinking of putting together a photoshoot after May war so she can get some good photos of her vests and I can get some decent shots of my costume. I was amused I got more photos snapped of me with sex chicken in my hair than I did wearing goggles. OH amusement!
Colleen kicked much ass as well in the Vendor's Hall. I even bought one of her fantastic victorian vests for Max to wear during Saturday. Never thought he would look good in orange. I stand corrected. We put together a kinda hilarious Morracco Mole looking costume for him in about...oh...5 minutes. Just looking at him made me giggle. That's my Max.

Photos of our daytime outdoor performance on my website!

And An extra, because this picture of Max and I tickles me.

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So I was going to update yesterday. But I got busy, then distracted, then ended up flailing with my arms in the air screaming ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!1!  while I assessed damage control. Controled the damage, and now everything appears to be back to normal again.
Long story not worth getting into or even that relevant to everyday life, to be honest. No bus loads of children exploded and the world did not end.  But I will say my rage factor went through the roof and both Max and the Capt'n had to talk me out of showing up at someone's door step with an ice pick in one hand and a bottle of Vic's VaporRub in the other. For a moment, the Italian side fully took over....Damn, I am a scary Italian. O.o
Need to take my own advice and take a deep breath next time this happens. Calm Blue Ocean, Cindy. Calm Blue Ocean.
I am not proud of my rage...but I am damn good at it.

Anyways, all is happy and bright again in the world of Cindy.
Yesterday we had a drumming and dancing jam for Middle Eastern Guild and it was ROCKIN! Seriously. We had a ton of people show up which was totally surprising. Usually we get about four to five people a meeting including me and Max. This time? 10 to 13. WOW! And almost all of them showing up to learn how to belly dance. And guess who was teaching the class? Yup. Me. O.o. I'm still a beginner myself but I managed to slam out a good basics class to the ladies and we had a great time just dancing to the music and getting used to being relaxed infront of a crowd. I think we danced for about 2 hours straight. And everyone had a blast!...and I ran out of food because I was only expecting a handful of people there. The cool part is everyone had so much fun that a good chunk of them plan to return for the June meeting. WOO! That was fabulous indeed.

Max is away on a business trip so its been me and Scout flyin' solo for the week. And while I miss my awesomesauce hubby I have to admit its kinda nice being alone for a bit at night. Gives me a little meditation time...and a chance to vaccume in the dead of night without waking Max up...because I am insane and I do that sort of thing. Tonight I'm going to chill at home in my studio and work on making some more things for AX selling and finish coloring in some art. I've been working on making some hairclips/tribal hair falls and they have so far turned out really nice. I have absolutely NO idea if they are going to sell at all but I figured I'll have a few  there and see how they do. Thinking of doing a couple of Betty Paige style hair clips as well. We'll see. Time as usual, is a factor.
Trying to gear up for the Gaslight Gathering this Saturday. Nervous about dancing infront of Non SCA folk so we'll see how this goes.  Gonna smile and look like I know what I'm doing..and do that for many hours on end. WHEEEE!

Going to make myself  scan some artwork and get it posted on my art blog tonight. I have a ton of things to show. Some are done some are not but eh, I figured I should put some stuff up. I have a lot of drawings that I've been working on but a lack of time and motivation to put them on the interwebs. Going to have to get my new business cards printed up as well.

Today's Hair flower is..Orchids!

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As is typical of me.

But then I was pretty much up in the SCA demo most of the weekend so I didn't really go to any pannels or wander to much. I find though that I always have more fun at a con when I'm doing something like helping with the demo or doing artists alley or what have you. I've never been much for panels and I tend to get bored wandering around after a while. So helping out with SCA was a blast.
Besides, all I had to do was show some clevage and talk to people about how fun the SCA is...I do that when I'm dunk so it really wasn't that far of a step for me. Heh..I was an SCA booth babe.
But overall ComicCon was a BLAST. This is because not only did I get to hang with my old friends (Jen, Seth, Sammy, Marina, Scott, Kyt, Mooj, Peter) but I also got to touch base with some people I haven't seen in AGES (Jarrod, Jeanie, Steve) AND I made new friends this year (Nomi, Marta, that guy from Orkney, Haftan..who I met but never offically really talked to). It was definitely a social con for me. And I, being a social person, had a fantastic time!
Also, I was interviews by about the garb. Not sure where, when, or how it will be aired but I found it amusing and kinda fun. The interviewer and the camera crew were really awesome guys who apparently thought I was hilarious. I don't care if that sounds ego driven or not. I made that damn camera man laugh more than once. And apparently, my orange persian coat attracts a lot of attention because people were stopping me for photos...huh. Well if anyone sees a pic of me in my orange coat from ComicCon, send 'em my way?

I made only a few purchases. I bought a "Trust me I'm a pirate" shirt for me and for Max from They have some awesome cute shirts for gamers and various nerds. Check em out!  Jen and Kyt also picked me up a copy of "Float Out" The Firefly comic about Wash AAAAAND season 3 of Jerricho which I just found out was made into comic form to try and tie things up. REALLY  excited to read that!
I tried to get my Zombie CSU book signed by Johnathan Maberry but he couldn't make it to con due to a family emergency. Maybe next year. I wanted to thank him for visiting Creepy Kitch those couple of times.
Next year I'm hoping to make some flyers for both Creepy Kitch and Sassycast Podcasts and slap em out on the freebee table. I figured it couldn't hurt!

Oh...and I bought a Cthulhu hat. Because I really felt I needed one.
This is my Friday Night Gaming Hat now.
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So the ComicCon maddness has begun here in SD. I haven't ventured downtown so I haven't gotten to see the insanity yet. I plan to head over tomorrow to pick up my SCA badge so I can help out with the booth and such. I was going to pick it up last night at Fighter Practice but I was so freakin exhausted after work yesterday that I couldn't get myself out of my chair. Max felt the same way. So we both slipped into comas until the guests came back home.
Jen is crashing with us this year as well as my old cosplay buddy Jarrod (only a couple days probably). Overall its pretty quiet over at the Chateau for nerd prom. Next year we'll probably be housing Karine as well if she can make it. :)

If anyone wants to come hunt me down to say hi hi, I'll be at the SCA booth or the SCA demo (in garb...looking fabulous) On Friday and Saturday...though I am hoping to catch Johnathan Mabrey's pannel on Saturday and get him to sign my copy of Patient Zero. We'll see if that's in the cards.

Its gonna be a mellow ComicCon.
And here's a random picture of flowers I took.

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So I've been feeling kinda ragged, blah, and frumpy lately. So I am declaring yet another Fabulous Month for August.
August 1st I will be doing one fabulous thing a day (small or large)and posting it on LJ. It should be a trip as usual.
Anyone care to join in again?

Also, I'm going to be taking commissions again in August. Which means the three people who have outstanding commissions? You'll have yours by Monday. Yes, even you Patrick.;)
I'm really trying to raise some money right now so I can make it to Rob's wedding in Canada without breaking the bank. I'm also open to doing costume pieces, garb, and such. Any bone you can throw would be appreciated. :)
...And the etsy store will be opening soon. Unfortunately I haven't had two seconds lately to take photos of my stock and put it up. Ugh! July! You're KILLIN' me with your wacky craziness!

ANYWAYS... The actual meat of the post, LoJ Pictures!

Enter the Wackiness HERE! )

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It was a good day, Tater.
Actually, it was a fantastic weekend. We headed up to CP Prize on Saturday and all of us had a BLAST at the tourney. It was a pretty big kingdom eveng so I got to hang with Kyt which was awesome. The weather was nice and cool for fighting so Max and Ty were out there all day. I had fun oogling the raffle stuff and staring at the silk I do...I really need to learn silk painting. I want to start making banners.
Anyone out there who can teach me?
I also got to hang out with Colleen and her sweet baby girl Melody a good chunk of the day...and feeding my face at the potluck...and oogling more garb as usual. Even Capt'n came out!
It was definitely a good day for the Iron Maiden. Ty walked off winning the Rapier Coin challenge and Ellyn became CP Prize Rapier champion. I ended up winning the CP Prize art contest for color art. WOO! I won it by one freakin vote. Who knew? My work is going to be published on the cover of our kingdom's newsletter. Not sure when but I need to renew my membership so I can get a copy.
I have a few photos, but alas my camera's batteries died half way through the tourney. Hopefully I can snag a few photos from friends. It was a pretty tourney.:)
Yesterday was our house meeting...unfortunately I was kinda cranky because of slight dehydration and hunger. So if I was bitchy to any of you? Sorry! I'll make it up to you somehow!

Currently making a corset for LoJ...what have I gotten myself into? Seriously? I think I might be able to finish it tonight. Its going to be interesting. I currently have Colleen on speed dial incase I sew myself to something.  So i'll be sewing and cursing most of this week. I'll post pictures if I make something that doesn't piss me off.

Until then, here are some photos that Trish took and AX. Not many but full of LOLs.

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Aaaand we're back!
And we're at work...which isn't bad but I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning...simply because I was comfy, warm, and curled up against a Max. But the time and a half I'm making right now is going to be a big help.
AX was a total blast! I love hanging with my ZOMG gals. This year it was me, Trish, Shing, and Kyt.  While I didn't attract the amount of sales I was hoping for, I still made some decent money and got my name out there. Because of this, the etsy store will be going up this week with all my surplus stuff I made or at last a good chunk of it.A surprising amount of people wanted my Cthulhu as Sailor Moon print this year...weird. I won't knock it though! Maybe next year I'll do a different Cthulhu sketch. 

And apparently I'm a magnet for old men. Seriously. Trish attracts the crackheads, Shing attracts the young fanboys, Kyt attracts the D&D set...and I attract the old men who want to take me to Knott's Berry Farm. I'm not kidding. I was asked to Knotts Berry farm TWICE by two older gentlemen, probably in the late 70's. I told them I was married. I really should use this to my advantage next year. Seriously. I'm going to wear a corset, hike up the gals, and sell some pin-up art if my base right now is the nursing home set. If anything I may get a free ticket to Knott's.
Damn, my tits are powerful.

The only thing that's getting a bit tiring is since we're at the tables all day, we don't get a chance to really enjoy the con like we used to.  Trish and I eventually want the opportunity to go out, check out the video rooms again and maybe do another round of cosplaying. But unfortunately the tables don't man themselves. We're considering eventually hiring a sherpah so one day we can take off from the tables and wander the con. Something for future planning. Kyt, Shing, Trish, and I are starting to consider getting ZOMGWTF out and about more often, which will consist of a web portal page to our sites as well as a facebook page promoting where our next venues will be. This will mostly come in handy for Shing and Kyt since they do more regular gigs than Trish and I. But Trish and I are trying to spread out wings a bit and start exploring other gigs as well. Shing hopefully will give us some pointers on where to start.
Its the begining of an adventure, lemme tell ya.

Forgot my camera though. Hopefully I can snag what little photos we took from Trish. year Trish and I will be dressing as Old-litas...and Shing will be our young-lita with a cattle prod.
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A mini cranberry scone and Earl Grey tea in the morning. time I have this I'll be sitting in my reading nook with a book and not at my work desk *L*.

Still, the sickness is going away finally, slowly but surely and I'm starting to feel like myself again. I missed breathing through my nose and having a voice! I'm still not 100% yet  but I should be there by the end of the week. Overall, this has put me in a good mood.

And for those of you going to Anime Expo this weekend:

I will at AX this weekend in Artists Alley! Me, [info]karlyl , [info]shingkhor , and [info]kythera  will be at AX selling, sketches, art, monsters, and dollfie accessories. You can find us as ZOMGWTF!?1! Studios and Sawdust Bear Makes Things. 
Block D. Tables 28 and 29! Come by and say hi! =D

Okay, done pimpin'. But seriously, I hope a few of you guys come over and say howdy if you get the time. :)

I have a pretty good sized stock compared to last year. Last year was just a trial run to see how well the doll stuff would sell. This year will be the bigger test to see if I can sustain a weekend selling just doll stuff. After AX anything left over will go onto the Etsy store. Wish me luck.

After Ax is finally over, I'm going back to getting the yards in order. My snap dragons are finally on their way out. That's no surprise since they're anuals. So I'm going to replace them with some geraniums. They come in a few different colors so I'll be mixing and matching a bit to give the front yard a little extra color. I also am considering tearing out the clover patch in the front yard come fall. Its just becoming too overwhemling to care for..that and I rather have some color there. I'm thinking of putting a flower bed in that area instead. OR maybe I'll plant some more herbs there too. I just have to make sure it can be walked on or around so we can get to the herb garden...Maybe I'll put a few stepping stones in there. Hmmm...
My half of the backyard needs some work as well.  My strawberries are doing great. The Thai Basil has comeback with a vengence and my Spanish Lavender is starting to thrive! I just need to get some more color out there along the deck. I also plan to tear out some more of the weeds and dead lawn along the grape vine side of the yard soon and plant a few flowers and ground cover.
Still need to get that broken fountain out of the corner...I'm almost tempted to move it around a bit and use it as a planter if Christal and Trid don't want it. But hey, if they do, I have no qualms about it!Just Making backup plans.;)
Also, Karine pointed out to me that what we thought were accidental potatoes, are actually accidental pumpkins! So we have these beautiful pumpkin plants growing beside the BBQ right now..and we already have about 5 pumpkins out..more on the way. The Corn is huge, the cucumbers have already given us a fe, and our tomatoes, while small, are so dang sweet its amazing

...hmm..maybe I'll have a salad for dinner tonight.
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I'm totally rockin' the whole sudo 60's Mad Men look today.
TOTALLY rockin' it.
Seriously... Joan Holloway is now my personal fashion hero/icon atm. I need to figure out how to get my hair to do that..yes that IS Saffron from Firefly. Yes, I want to be her. Awww yeah.

Anyways, life has still been a whirwind since I got back from war. Karine and Patrick are coming into town to visit and I'm really stoked to see them again! But that also means I need the house to get out of disaster territory. Almost. done.  Just a few more things to finish up before Wednesday.
Going to attempt (the key word is ATTEMPT) to lock myself in the studio and play a little game of catch up on AX stuff the next couple of nights. I am way behind on my merch for AX and at the rate I'm at, I'll only have enough for one day of sales. ACK! O.o so I need to really start slamming things together. I also want to work on my steampunk gear for LoJ. Colleen is taking pitty on me and is going to help me put together my first corset. That's going to be an adventure.

My mind lately has been a whirl of I really need to sit my ass down and get it all out.
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Back from Gathering! And Sick as a dog!
Luckily the 14 hours of sleep I just had helped me out a touch. Still..yellow stuff coming out of the nose...never good.
I'll be doing a con report either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks to Trish who stole my camera most of the weekend, I have pictures!

Beware. I may become sappy during my recap but damnit. The Gargoyles fandom, or I should say the Gathering Goers, were and still are something special. Yeah, we're all a little quirky but I feel almost as close to them as I do my SCA household. And thaqts something.
Thanks you guys for the wonderful memories and amazing friendships. We WILL keep in touch, OH YES!

But now, I have to go blow my nose repeatedly and attempt to clean the house a bit before I pass out.
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And I'm off!

Well After a few errands and eating lunch, I'm off!

Hope to see some of ya'll there!


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Okay. Check cleared and home insurance bought. All that's left at this point is the screaming...I mean the final loan paperwork.
So if all goes on schedule, the keys will be in our hands by the end of the day on Thursday. And Max goes in to be Mr fix-it and spruce some things up while I'm at Gathering.

To Do List on House BIG stuff (immediate):
Fix some wiring
scrape off popcorn cealing from common areas
Re-finish cealing in common areas
Tear out carpeting
Paint rooms
Put in new flooring
Get some appliances
drive up north to pick up furnature hand me downs
Move our crap

To Do on House LITTLE stuff (Over time):
Re-grout parts of the tub
Get some new (non 70's chic) light fixtures
Get Ginormous fish tank cycled and ready to go for the Mollies.
Mow the freakin lawn finally!...its been driving me a bit crazy.
Get the herb garden and vegatable garden started
Watch and snicker as Max becomes a snail rancher...don't ask.

We're planning on keeping the common rooms (living room/dinning room and game room) nutral in color and doing the decor in a a sudo victorian/steampunk style...obviously this will come with time. *L*
The bedroom I'm doing in all India inspired colors with dark blue walls. Blue and orange...maw hahaha....but more than just blue and orange probably.
The office is Max's other domain so he'll probably go victorian/steampunk in there as well with dark green walls.
The guestroom and my studio are mine mine mine! My studio space is going to eventually be a cross between Midcentury Mod and BoHo Chic.
The guest room? Eh no clue. It'll come to me eventually.
The Kitchen is whatever Max wants.

This is mostly us chatting and fantasizing about what we're going to do with the place. Granted, this will all be a work in progress for a very long time but Its still fun to come up with some sort of game plan.
We already are planning to have Thanksgiving as well as the HouseHold Halloween party at our place this year. MAW HAHAHAHA! Halloween Decorations!!!!

Am I excited?
Oh...a wee bit.

In OTHER news:

-Gathering is this week! I'll be taking off to LA on Thursday to meet with the rest of the staff for last minute hooha. I'm pretty much ready to go with the exception of a couple little things. I also will have all new art in the show so...if you want to buy...I won't stop ya...just sayin'.
But I am looking forward to seeing friends I haven't seen in ages since I was AWOL for 07 and 08 due to saving up for the wedding. If you're going to Gathering drop by the art room for a hello! Tigs? Shaun? You have no choice in the matter.;)
Alas, this year will be my first year that I go without a costume. I just didn't have the cash/time for cosplay this year. But I'm considering putting on my LBD and painting a fox over my eye and go as "cocktail hour Fox" or something. *LOL* Not sure yet. Anyone wanna go as "cocktail hour" Xanatos with me?
Come to my Panels!
I'll be doing Costuming 101 and focusing on how to make armor out of craft foam and felt!
Project Rungarg is going to be Hilarious! Please participate and make costumes out of house hold objects! The winner gets a shiney ribbon!

-After Max and I are moved in and settled in the house I plan to get back into my Illumination lessons and my garb making adventures. I want to get back into the groove of creative things again since this summer was so crazy it. I do want to make another Italian Ren, this time in green. I also want to EVENTUALLY try my hands at an Elizabethan. THAT I assure you will be a long on going project instead of the usual couple day ones. When I do get started, progress will of course be on [ profile] costumenonsense . Though right now my poor blog is playing dormant since I really have nothing worth showing.

-I decided that I'm going to learn how to embroider. I suddenly got the bug up my butt to learn. Anyone know of any good books for me to check out about begining embroidery? I honestly have no clue where to start with this and I've been really eager to learn...yet never have time for classes. DOH!

Aaaand...thats all I have to say at the moment. CHEERS!
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