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Dear Cold,
I hate you. I hate you with every fiber of my being. With every breath I can possibly take that doesn't involve mucus.
Seriously, ALL I'm asking for is one night ONE NIGHT of uninterrupted sleep! Why can you at LEAST give me that? HUH?! I got a total of 3 hours a night lately because you feel the need to make me cough my guts out once I finally drift off.
I would tell you to die in a fire, but unfortunately since you are residing in my body than means I'd have to as well. But at this point, if it means I'll be getting a good night's sleep? I wouldn't completely negate the option.
Hate You!

So the voice saga continues. I'm operating around 70% now.  So I'm able to talk and communicate ad a level above a whisper but still slightly below average volume. I squeek when I laugh or get excited and exclaim something...and pretty much I have a husky voice of either a drag queen or a phone sex operator.
Go me.

I was actually feeling pretty decent the last two days. Then BAM nastiness ALL over again! I'm congested and coughinng and Blah blah blah. Screw it. I'm calling the doctor and making an appointment next week. I can't stand letting this grow. It just feels like its getting worse at this point.

In other news that doesn't involve my hostility...
I made progress on the regency gown bodice so far. I got a pretty decent fit on it and have the sleeves on it. Now I just have to do the Stomacher and stick the skirt on. Granted, I have NO idea what I'm going to do with this when its done. Right now its just considered good practice. I'm thinking about changing my mind for my LoJ costume this year and trying a regency look...not sure yet though.
And thats the only news worth talking about because I'm too grumpy about this cold to say much more.
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Voice is about 50% back...and compared to the 0% it was at yesterday? I'm sure as hell ain't complaining! I tried a ton of home remedies last night and while most of them were disgusting, they worked. But my God, gargling the horrible combo of Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayanne pepper, and honey is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever had to gargle. UUUGH! It worked mind you but...UUUUGH! I'm still shuddering from the taste of that lil cocktail of horror.
Also, swallowing a Tablespoon of Honey mixed with Cayanne? REALLY clears the throat...and everything else imaginable.
I opted to gargle with salt water this morning instead so I didn't DIE.

Anyways, other than the whole sickness BS? I'm doing VERY well lately. Hilarity yesterday working the desk with no voice. Even more hilarity with being turned into a mime when I got home from work because I had no voice. Saturday was a MUCH better day. I had to go take my car in for some work so Max and I desided to spend the day together. We were planning on catching Sucker Punch but we ended up getting distracted by everything else (including a very long stint in Barnes and Noble...). Max also totally spoiled me and got me a new laptop! EEEEE!!!! The laptop I was on was dying a horrible death and maybe had 6 more months left in it if we were lucky. We were at Fry's getting printer ink and I saw a really nice HP laptop. I mentioned to him that when we were ready to replace the laptop that's probably the one I'd want. His response was 'Why wait?" He picked up the box with the laptop and bought it for me....My husband rules. So now I have a spiffy and powerful laptop that runs great and I'm not in fear of losing all my stuff. WOOT! Eees so Preeeeety.
I absolutely love it and I've been petting it nightly. I named it Honey understand what that means, go to Youtube and search Honey Badger is nasty. You'll get the joke.
Anyways, that was super awesome sauce for me.

Been plowing through season 4 of The Tudors. I have 2 eps left. So far pretty decent! Though its hard to beat season 2 and the awesome that was Anne Bolynn. Still, The Katherine Howard era was really great, the revisit  Anne of Cleaves who I love ...and Katherine Parr is very under used..which was a shame because i've always been facinated by her. She's the only damn queen that out lived Henry VIII AS queen.
All the while I've been sewing on my Regency dress experiment. Its coming along but I'm not sure i"m happy with the sleeves. They look a little...sad. So I'm going to probably take them apart and try to perk them up a bit.
I REALLY need to get rolling on my Victorian dress for Gaslight though. *headdesk* SO behind. I'll probably just order my pattern this Friday on payday and dive into it...and hope for the best . I lack a corset but I have my Mary widow from my wedding..I MIGHT be able to use that as a bastardised version of a corset. We'll see how it goes. The good part is my old west gear is ALMOST done. I just need to finish destressing the coat and vest, make the damn belt finally, Repair my goggles (or Remake them if time), and hopefully make my hand piece which requires me to pick up an archery glove....I really should start working on that crap. Behind as usual. Thats my middle name lately.
I have a SLEW of projects to slam through in April which is kinda daunting. But I'm hoping I can motivate myself by taking photos and doing blog posts on some of the pure insanity I am planning. We shall see. Sometimes i get so wrapped up in what I'm doing I forget to document.
Ah well.

Anyways...thats all she wrote today.
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So I've been sick for the last two days which sucks. I hate being sick. But the good part is, I'm feeling FAR better today than I was yesterday and the day before. The last two days I ached so bad I didn't even want the blankets touching me when I slept. Now..well that's gone now and I'm just all coughy and sniffly.  Still a TOUCH achy in my ankles and lower back of all places. But not even half as bad as Tuesday.
So for the last two days I've planted myself on the couch with my laptop, chatting on G-chat and marathon-ing various movies to keep me entertained. The Ring, Lord of Illusions, Big Trouble in Little China, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Valmont, From Hell, Anaconda...Yeah it was running that gamut there of film styles. Right now I'm feeling the whole Frockumentry style of movies so I may turn on a few more period dramas. Hooray for Netflix streaming! So yeah, movies and cross stitching today. That's the plan.
Oh and Tea. Lots of tea. Luckily I have quite the variety of Tea.

If I feel a bit more up to snuff tomorrow I may lock myself in the Studio and work on some things. I actually have nothing happening this weekend for a change. And even if I did I'd probably cancel it so I could recover.  So I figure maybe I"ll play a bit with some things. I'm way behind on projects alas. I also have things I want to take photos of for my Blog. Since I moved it, I've been itching to put more content up on there.

Ahh..Amadeus is now streaming and Max is home.  Off I go!
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So yeah...UTI?
Kidney Infection.


Seriously, it spread THAT fast. Even before I got to a doctor...not like was expecting it to sit around and wait until I went to a doctor.
I desided to go to urgent care yesterday after work and get looked at. My back was starting to hurt and I didn't want to take any chances. And my regular doctor was booked up and can't see me until the 8th. Not waiting that long. And urgent care is covered
So I went to urgent care at UCSD medical..damn they were good!
So Now I'm on some antibiotics and some pain pills. The pain pills...yeah they work for shit. The antibiotics work better. I'm already feeling a bit more like myself after starting them. Hopefully in 2-3 days I'll be back on my feet. If not...back to urgent care I go.

So yeah, suckage...but at least I'm on the mend.

Trying to be cheerful at work  while it feels like someone is punching you in the kidneys?
Yeah..not easy.
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This is from [info]y2hecate "s LJ. Spread the word! Copy And Paste this if you think this is as much a crock as I do!

If you've ever been a fan of Disney's Gargoyles animated series and comics, pay attention.

I.. don't even know where to begin with this. I guess I'll link the article.

So.. Disney's trying to make a new Gargoyles. A movie even. But oh, it's not the Gargoyles we know and love. No. They just want to use the name.. create a mythology.. make them the heroes.. and put it in modern times.

Why would Disney do this without bringing in Greg at all? I mean.. way to try and KILL the old, awesome Gargoyles property. We all saw what happened with season 3 when they tried doing their own thing with it.

Ugh. Something needs to be done. Stinks need to be made. Original Gargoyles fans need to be made aware, and get loud and excited again about the 1994 cartoon series that brought us all together and made us who we are!

If Disney is going to make a Gargoyles movie.. it needs to be the REAL Gargoyles! Come on.

Spread the word, peoples. All over. Be loud. Things get done when we're loud.
There's already a facebook for it. Go crazy!
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Feeling SO much better today.
Not %100 by any means but my face is not close to exploding today and I can breathe out of at least one nostril.
This is progress.
Its obviously moving into my lungs though so I'm using decongestants and lots of Vitamin C to try and lessen the blow to my poor respertory system. Tea=Win and Awesome. Yup, Tea, Water, Juice, and Soup...its like a liquid diet..only I stuffed my face with left over Carne Asada from the improtu superbowl party Max has on Sunday.  Yeeeeah...that whole losing weight thing? Not going too hot right now. Not my fault! All these people keep FORCING me to eat all this delicious Foooood!
....yeah I'm a loser dork.
But a loser dork who eats well!
I also slept for 11+ hours last night after passing out around 9pm and staying asleep the whole time. Blissful beautiful sleep how I adore thee. I may to do the same tonight.
So my fabulous thing I did yesterday was sleep for 11+ hours. Hush you, it was glorious. GLORIOUS!!!...and I wore one of my cookie rings to work even though it really didn't go with the outfit.

So I'm hoping I can remain concious enough tonight to actually, you know, work on stuff I've been chomping at the bit to work on lately. Seems there's always SOMETHING in my way in the way of house work, sickness, guests, cat, etc. But we'll see. Might be another early one for me. I especially want to take photos of the house since so much as changed since the holidays like getting furnature and fish. But rest should come first.
Still, its making me restless.

...I wanna play with stuff, damnit!

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I feel like ass!
Colds suck and I think my face is going to explode.

...that is all.
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The cold has escalated into the plague.
I don't think its a flu because I don't feel as knocked out as I would with the flu. Feels more like a really bad cold. Either way it kinda sucks. Home from work today. Going to spend my day on the couch wrapped in blankets drinking tea and dripping.
If I don't feel up to snuff by Saturday, off to the doctors with me!
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My usual 30 minute commute to work took...oh...2 hours today.
*head desk*
It was insanely chaotic on the road. First an accident on the 94. Then while stuck on the 94 going to the 5 I hear on the radio the 5 was backed/closed up because there was a jumper on the overpass who was up there since 1 am this morning. O.o
I think the weirdest/saddest/surrealist moment was driving on the 5. The north side was only slightly detoured while the south side was completely detoured. On my way around said overpass I saw said jumper just standing there on the chainlink protection fence with the police near by and some gawkers on the other overpass just watching. Probably waiting to see if she'd actually jump.
Thaaaat pretty much has put me in a weird place this morning. O.o
So yeah. I'm feeling really weird right now.
NOT a good day to leave one's tea at home.


Oct. 1st, 2009 01:32 pm
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Official news, with permission to cross post:

"It is with deep regret and much sorrow that after getting permission from Sven, I pass on that Duchess Kolfinna will lose her brave fight with H1N1 today, Oct 1, 2009. We all feel a great loss but Kolfinna's family asks that her friends refrain from coming up to the hospital. There will be a memorial at Great Western War and there will be more information on that and final arrangements posted on the website later -- Thank you. Viscountess Lorissa"

I didn't know Kolfinna personally. I only knew her from the times she popped in the Iron Maiden Camp, and from the time she fought along sinde Max at Estrella. But I really admired her and held her in high reguard. To me, she was what an SCA woman could be and embodied the whole spirit of the SCA with everything she did. She was a wonderful Queen.
And I'm extremely sad to see her go.
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Do NOT Watch Schindler's List while PMSing...again.
I'm a wreck...

What an incredible movie though.
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I still feel poo-ish.
Not as bad as yesterday but still poo-ish and achey.
I'm staying home one more day from work just to be on the safe side. I don't want to flu. I SOOOOOO don't want the flu!
I still feel guilty though for staying home. I always do. I have never been good at calling in sick for work or class or anything. I'm wacky that way.
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Long Day....
EXTREMELY long day.

But at least Heroes was a really good Episode.
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OMG CrAmPs sUcK!!!

The suck SO HARD!!!
The espcially such when you're having a busy day at work. take my mind off of things....umm...Stuff...umm..random stuff...cosplay stuff? Okay. Cosplay stuff.

Garg people:
So at Gathering I'd like to make a costume of course. Because I make one every year...because I'm insane like that.
So here are my options.

Titania again (Titania 3.0)
The old costume has been retired. It is a questionable fit now and my skill has gotten a LOT better so I could do a much better job these days. I was thinking of taking the old costume apart and selvage the still workable pieces (Mainly the fabric from the skirt and cape.) I think it would be fun to make the armor pieces actually LOOK like armor using the same technique I did for my Suki cosplay.

Banshee again (Banshee 2.0)
My Banshee costume did not come out the way I originally wanted it to because of time constraints. I really wanted to so something more gauze-y and with more paint detail/destressing to it. since this is such a simple costume to build I know I could go crazy with the detail work on this and make it look really fantastic.

Fox in her Pack costume
Mainly because I know how to do armor now I think I could make this look kick ass. The only thing that is stopping me is I think I'll look like a whale in that strapless boostiae she wears. O.o The one advantage to this? No body paint.


In other news...
My Dark Candles order has shipped! WOOT!

Yay! Closing time!
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I do not feel good at ALL today....
This makes me rather nervous considering what is happening in the next two weeks.

I had a bit of a tickle in my throat last night but didn't think too much of it. I drank some emergency and made sure I got a good night's rest last night.

On my way to work today I started getting that cough-y, congested feeling in my chest. Then I started to feel really worn down, achey, and tired out of no where.

This concerns me quite a bit.
I'm hoping that its mostly dehydration. I didn't drink my usual amount of water yesterday and ate a LOT of salty food. Usually when that happens I start feeling really run down. So I'm drinking up the liquids and staying away from the cafine for a while. I may pick up one of those Dr. Robeck's Smoothies on my way home from work since they're loaded with Vitamin C. Going to turn in early as well. I am SO not getting sick. I refuse to.

In other news:
Ty went shopping with me yesterday to pick up the bridesmaids gifts. I got the ladies some fabulous goodies. HEEE! Also, she helped me find a fantastic and sexy LBD for my honeymoon. I have been searching forever for a nice cocktail dress to wear on our honeymoon but everything I found either made me look top heavy or pregnant. Joy. We managed to find a fantastic backless dress at Bebe of all places. Most of the time I can't my left toe into a Bebe dress. But its fabulous and I feel great in it! Now I just need to buy shoes for it and I'm set.
The rest of the night, Max and I sat on the couch and watched the second season of Dexter together. The second season was AWESOME! I can't wait to watch the third now! Hurry up Showtime!!

Wedding stuff os rolling along. My To Do list seems to be getting longer and longer every day, but most of the time I'm able to get it all done. Getting very excited about the wedding and very excited about the week long vacation in Vegas afterwards.
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I was off of birth control for about two months because of insurence and doctor issues going on when I was hired at the museum.
So my body went into total shock being off BC for two months after being on it for about five years.
But the doctor thing is all settled now.
Last month my body FINALLY got used to being off BC and my moods evened out during PMS time.
So I thought to myself...Uh Oh...Because I just got a new perscription for BC.
So Now I'm back on the BC which is great. But now my body is screaming "Oh COME ON! I just got used to NOT having this crap in me!!!" And my hormones are rebeling.
So its been an up and down down week with my every five minutes up and down...
The moodiness forces me to be VERY exhuberant at work for customers so I'm sure every guest we had today thinks I'm on lithium.

I've been feeling REALLY manic. On the outside I've been totally even keel totally average Cins with no sign of anything unusual. On the INSIDE I've been
teetering between laughing hysterically or crying hysterically...every five minutes.

So THIS is what it feels like to be Britney Spears. Huh.

Oh the fun and joy of it all!!

I should snap into equalibrium in about a week-ish.

I need a nappy poo.
Oooh..and chocolate...I would love some of that!
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I didn't sleep too terribly well last night for some reason. I think it was a combo of the heat, cat, and nervous energy I currently am harboring.

It has been a bizarrely busy Tuesday at work. Mainly because I'm both Lead VSR and Supervisor right now with my boss out of town. So yeah, a bit...okay...a LOT tired.
But I was like super woman today and got almost ALL my tasks done! Go me! There are only a few not finished since I'm waiting on other people for answers.
Just got sprung on me that I have an end of Fiscal Year review. 0.0!
Reviews make me insanely nervous because I tend to be OMGWORKETHIC!!1!! girl all the time. Hopefully it will still be as positive as my last review was or close to it.

Last night Max bought a mountain bike. He's been wanting a bike for a long while now. And currently he's on a "we need to exercise more and eat healthier" kick (totally fine with me) so he wants to go back to bike riding. So now we have a mountain bike in the middle of our living room. O.o. Luckily we have a bike cage in the garage but we have to go to HOA to get a spot in now its in our living room. O.o.... Oh boy. Mountain Bike in the living room...O.o Reguardless, I'm really happy to see Max wanting to get more active and excited to get out and move around.
I'm planning on buying a pair of roller blades so the two of us can go to Balboa park and wheel around on the weekends. Currently I can't afford my own bike and I've been itching for a pair of roller blades for a while now. I love me some roller blades.

I have TONS of Tanwyour Aniversary pictures I need to post. I thought if today was slow, I'd post them today. No beans on that one. I'll post them tomorrow perhaps...besides It gives me time to steal pictures from other people who posted pics of the pictures Ty took and I shamelessly snagged for myself MAW HAHAHA!

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Well....that was mildly disturbing.

I had a bizarre dream that I got a message from the ASPCA saying my dog was being neglected. That she was sick and covered in sores and they had to come claim her if I didn't do anything.
So I paniced and though "How could I forget I had a dog?! What kind of person am I!?" And started to rush around to get to my dog. But I couldn't figure out where the dog was. Once I figured out where the dog was I couldn't GET to the dog because the doors were locked.
Then I realized I was asleep and attempted to force myself awake to get to my dog to help her.
Then I woke up and realized....I don't have a dog.
That I haven't had a dog since 1996 and she she passed on peacefully and well loved and cared for.
Besides, there is no place to PUT a dog in our little place so I desided to not get a dog and got a cat instead.
And the cat was happily sleeping on my foot while I woke up.

It took me a few minutes to process these thoughts so I was a bit boggled for a while.

So I hugged Scout and went back to sleep.

WTF brain?!
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I am competely drained. Today kinda kicked my ass.
It wasn't a bad day. Just a busy one.
I'm so freakin busy these days! I really miss sitting and vegging out infront of the TV.

I wanna nap....a 12 hour nap.
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We had two days of hot humid weather here in SD. So of course with the moisture in the air comes THE COUNTLESS AMOUNT OF BUGS!!

The museum has been surrounded by extremely large stink beetles and other things with a bazillion legs. I'm not kidding. They crawl on the ground, they fly through the air, the FALL FROM THE CEALING!
Yesterday they were sneaking into the lobby through a door we leave ajar for staff members. Security, facilities, and myself were chasing the little bastards around with kleenexes all day. Oh yeah, and they thought it would be fun to catch a ride on my back a few times. OH FUN! YAY! I'M A BUS!

We had someone spray yesterday right before closing.
So this morning I come in to DEAD BEELTES EVERYWHERE! AAHH!
And the ones that weren't dead dragged their twitching carcasses into the lobby and proceeded to croak infront of me, their little legs spazaming in insect death throws!


...Ever since Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom...I have not liked bugs.
Ugh. I need a shower... and a bee keeper suit.
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