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Miz Liz! aka [ profile] syrusb ! Your falls are done! Here they are! Pardon the crappy cell phone pic.

I'll send them out by the end of the week. I just need to pick up a box to send them in so they don't get smooshed.:)

Patrick: Almost done coloring your commissions in. I'm hoping they will be done by Friday at the latest. Working on the hair clips for you sisters tonight probably.

Tiggy: Starting the sketches of your first 3 right now!

And that's where things stand on the commission front as of now.

The Halloween front is looking pretty dang busy as of now. I have my costume and my sister just asked if I could make a devil costume for my newphew Danny and a matching vest for her Husband, Ryan. I cannot expressed how stoked I am to be making a Halloween costume for my nephew.  I'm already hunting down paterns MWAHAHAHAHAA!! I'll have to call her after work tonight for more details.
Of course this is only going to snowball into insanity since I'm also making my own costume...Luckily Max is opting for a Bed Sheet Ghost costume for Halloween this year so I'm off the hook for making him anything... SO tempted to detour over to Joann Fabric's after work. They're down the street from our house and a good place to look for novelty cottons that aren't over priced.

Project overload!...Kinda how I like my autums.

So currently on the list (So I don't forget):
Liz's hair falls - DONE
Patrick's Smut - In process
Patricks gift clips - Will start tonight
Tiggy's Sketches - Started
Other commission sketches - still in the cue
Kyshy's hair Fall - Still in the cue
Danny's Devil costume - Need details
Vest For Ryan - Need to find pattern and buy fabric
My Witch Costume - In development

Aaaand still plotting tea party with Colleen. Yeah..I be busy.
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Can it be sleepy time now?

Actually its my own fault since I stayed up late recording Ep 16 of Creepy Kitch then podering how to convert the file because I totally forgot how. Yeeaaah...I am not techno savvy. Anyone surprised by this?

Its been a while since I've typed in LJ really but then I really haven't felt the need. That and I have been so dang busy both at work and after work that I really didn't have much to say other than the usual "Works busy. Life is busy. I'm still a nerd. Talk to you later".
Personally and professionally life has been trucking along on a nice steady pace (BTW, my nephews are friggin' adorable. I need to post pics soon of my latest visit to the cute hellions). So I've been using LJ lately just to track my creative thoughts and what not. Writing about projects helps me keep them straight in my head instead of thinking "Oh! That's a great idea!" Then watching it fly out of my brain and out the window by the end of the day.... which has been par for the corse for me lately.

Halloween fast approach-eth! Which means I have sewing projects coming up of course. Our theme this year for our Halloween party is Old School/Traditional Halloween. Ace and I came up with that idea during one of our walks. I wanted to do something general enough for people to go nuts with or just do on a budget.  And I wanted to do a theme everyone could enjoy.

I was thinking of doing a witch costume but go in a 1950/60's Bewitched direction to it. I wanted to get some cute Halloween print and make a vintage style dress. Thinking of going with either this pattern or this pattern.  I'm thinking the one with the sleeves simply because I don't like my upper arms. I want to find a really great novelty print and then make (or find and decorate) a witch hat all cute. Wear it all with my striped stockings and some halloween-y jewelry and Viola!!

Also want to go pick up some Halloween decor at Michael's...eventually.

ALSO also need to get the dan backyard in order for tea party antics!

SO much to do. WHEEE!

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Guess who went to the swap meet this weekend?
Guess who walked away with some kick ass tea stuff for the party?

Go on, Guess? MWA HAHAHA!
All that in the above photo? Cost $35 at the swap meet. Awww year. The tea party shenanigans shall comence! I especially love the tea set I got there iwth the pink blossoms. The whole shebang, plates cups saucers, creamer, sugar bowl, and tea pot call came to $20. And its freakin ADORABLE too!
So between me and Colleen, we are all set to serve tea.
We're going for an autum theme too. Already killing all the crabgrass in the backyard so I'm hoping all will be whipped into shape come September. Still so stoked to play tea time!

Awesome stuffage here:
Capt'n and Noelle picked up these awesome earrings for me at the last Crononauts. I couldn't make it since i had OMGLAUNDRY!!1! to catch up on. LOOOOOOVE! The cool part? They work. I tried them...Hee.

Also...I made this:

The necklace I mean. 
I kinda love how it turned out. The funny part is I made it to be bedroom decor. Usually I have this strand of beads hanging from my Morrocan lantern hanging by the bed. I had the urge to put it on as a necklace. Looks kinda spiffy actually.  I might make more like this. It's pretty much just made up of random beads I have in my stash.

I've been on a total crafty streak from hell, lately. I even think I'll be finishing up my regency dress soon! I put it off to the side for a whilve since the fit in the bust was pissing me off. I think I finally fixed it. Its a slightly clumsy fix, but to the naked eye it looks fine...hopefully.

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Art blog update ahoy!

Not much, just a couple pics from SDCC I found and a pic I finally managed to finish after staring at it for weeks. Oodles of commissions to do. Thank you guys for helping me out! That's definitely money we can put towards the bills! I'll be accepting commissions all through August. I'm almost full up for art commissions so if you're interested, contact me soon.
Still open to taking custom hair clip commissions though.

The week has been pretty busy overall. Summer season has FINALLY freakin' started at the museum so business has picked up. Tomorrow I'm working an extra long shift both in my location and then downtown. I won't knock the hours! And I also get to experience our TNT event which is pretty kick ass. So overall its not to shabby there. We just started a round of Call of Cthulhul this week. Made the characters and now I'm stoked to get started on the game itself! We've all been so damn busy that our tabletop group kinda dispersed for way too long. I'm happy to be getting back to gaming again once a week.:)

Project wise I am slowly starting to line things up. I decided now is as good a time as any to start slowly putting my Victorian atire together. I'll be starting with the bloomers and underwear first. Then work on the corset *EEP*.  I want ot TRY to have something to wear by Octoberish. We'll see.  Fingers crossed! I also want to get Max's court garb all ready to go by Calafian Anniversary. That is in November (...I think?) so I'm sure I can put together his coat and pants by then.  I want him to look spiffy!

Also got recruited to help build a wild west steampunk set for a seriously awesome Halloween party being planned in San Diego. I am SO stoked for this! Details to follow hopefully. A bunch of us were asked just this Monday so its all pretty new still. I won't pass up wild west steampunk. I DEFNITELY won't pass up putting Max in a cowboy costume *drool*.

Started working out again and my GOD I am SOOOORE! But its a good sore. And my energy has sky rocketted. Also the stress relief has been a big help since my anxiety has been peeking back into my life lately...stupid anxiety.  Ace and I started walking together once a week. Alas, I am in need of new walking shoes since mine have finally been walked into the ground. I'm off today after work to get some.

This for a while were a bit stressed out and crazy but lately things have really been looking up. I have some really fun projects lined up and I'm hoping to soon have time to get together with friends to put said projects together.
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Hey Guys!
In the shadow of having a $2000 car repair bill (headdesk) I am opening up the flood gates for commissions!
Both art and hair fall/clip commissions too!
Here's my prices

Full color Marker comission up to 3 characters $25
Black and White Ink up to 3 characters $15
Pencil Sketch up the 3 characters $10

My hair clips that have been premade (Which are going to be flooding etsy in the next day or two) Run anywhere from $10 to $25 depending on how intricate they are. So keep an eye out on etsy if you want a specific one I made. Here's a preview pic of what I did. If you want one from the preview pics,  Say so. I'll give you a price quote.
If you want something specific in color or flower? Say so. I can make it.

There have been a few tweaks to these clips. For example, the small flower clips now have teeny butterflies on them. I will be putting current photos up on etsy soon but for now, you guys get first dibs!... I also have a TON more than these.
If you want something VERY specific for your clip I can do a custom one. Just let me know!

The hairfalls with the feathers are $20. The butterfly pairs are $15, The Flower clips are $10. Thats the general price. The Butterfly pairs did get slightly damaged so I'm willing to price up a bit to $10.
Keep an eye on my etsy store too for dolffie stuff as well.

I take paypal.


If you're interested, let me know here or drop me a line at edengarg (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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Updaaaaaaate! Photos of our AX tables and photos of LoJ. I'll probably post more LoJ photos on here later when I get a chance to upload them.

Well Actually, I did the update a few days ago, I was kinda pooped to put it up on LJ yesterday. I've been a bad bad blogger on here lately. Mainly because I haven't been up to any personal rambling lately. Not much to say for one. And not much to report that's worth reporting for two.
I was thinking of making July my photo Safari month but I'm considering making it my "OMG I need to REST" month instead and moving photo safari month over to September. Its been busy with AX prep, wanting to get my etsy store off the ground, upcoming ComicCon, and then work and wanting to get back into Belly dance practice.  My mind has been whirling with activity lately which is a good thing. I like being inspired. It keeps me cheerful. When I'm not inspired I fall into anxiety and depression. And an unhappy Cindy is a sad thing indeed...well to me it is. Donno about to anyone else.

I'm hoping when I get home to take a few more photos of some stock for ye olde etsy store. I have a LOT of things to put up. I've also been conspiring with Colleen about craft shows in the area. I really want to try and get my stuff out to sell. I donno why. I don't want to be a full time artist or leave my museum job to be a merchant. But I really love making and selling things. The extra money is nice. The seeing people enjoy what I have created is better. I always feel better when making stuff. I feel more centered, in control, confident...Its just who I am.

Already putting my list o' Stuff I want to work on. I'm kinda wanting to start NOW so I can take my time with everything. The good part is, I'll be getting a lot of sewing practice under my belt!
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Art Blog Update!

I managed to slam one out last night before I left! Have costume links, new artwork, and a link to my etsy store up now. Yup The etsy stor is finally FINALLY FREAKIN UP! Granted, there is not a lot on there now. But I plan to fill it up with left over AX stock as soon as I get home. I'm almost positive I'll have left over stock to sell.
I'll also be opening up custom hair fall orders when I get home too so I'll put more details up about that later.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. The new website format has really been motivaiting me to keep updating regularly. I'm really happy I went the blog route. It just fits my style so much better. And its so awesome to go sell at a con and show people updated and relavant content.
I feel like such an adult.

Anyways, I'll be heading up to Trish's place later this afternoon. I got a ton done but alas, my printer ran out of ink so I couldn't get prints of Lolita Cthuhlu done. Damnit. So I need to run to a copy place to get a few prints. I only need five. I doubt I'll sell more than that. Also need to get money to make change, pick up a stylish from Colleen because she is awesome and is lending me one of hers, and finish packing my crap into the car. So close!

I will report back soon with AX antics!

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I'm the Hell here!
Yeah...sorry about the radio silence over the last few days. I've been crazy busy with prep work for AX. The good part now is pretty much all I have left to do is print up a few prints (Gothic Lolita Chthulhul is done) and pack my crap up and head out tomorrow. Its the first time I've been actually like, READY for AX. As in, not frantically gluing shit together the night before.
Also plan to take some photos after work and pop a couple things up on my Etsy store, JUST to say it has stuff on there. I promised myself I would have a few things up before con. And any stock I don't sell at AX will be going up there when I get back. BTW, If anyone wants a custom Fall or clip, let me know! I will be taking custom orders after AX. My Falls run anywhere from $15 to $25 depending on how ornate you want em.
Last weekend was pretty epic which involved an awesome girls nite in, cocktail tasters party, A victorian anniversary party (and putting together a "victorian" outfit in 5 minutes from crap in my closet), movie double feature, and a trip the the county fair. I kinda that. BTW, frog legs? Pretty damn good. Its like fishy chicken...Chicken of the swamp. Regardless, I liked em and I'll eat em again, damnit!

So tonights Adgenda:
pick up a storage box from Joanne's
Pack for con
Get stock packed for con
Post a couple items up on etsy store
Post an update on my Blog
Print out the last few prints I want to offer

Stuff to pack for con:
Hair Clips
Dollfie Merch
Business Cards and holder
Square Reader
Duct Tape
Price Tags
Sketch Pad
Cthulhul hat (I am WEARING it, Damnit!)

Okay I think that's it.
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And ALMOST so little time to do it in.
I'm keeping up with the work load surprisingly well though!  I managed to build my displays for the bazillion hairclips I made. It looks kinda cute actually. I'm trying to build UP instead out OUT since we're all cramming into three tables...and there are four of us...well that and i like how Shing was able to hide behind her display so I'm taking a cue from her. So if a creeper comes sniffing around I can duck behind a wall of hairfalls. ;D
I don't have a lit of new art at all to offer this con but honestly I don't care. My prints never really sell well anyways so Meh. I'll just try selling what I already have printed. I have one sailor moon sketch I did which is kinda cute and almost completely colored in. I may finish that one and call it. I honestly don't want to stress myself out over something that probably won't sell anyways.
Oh! And my business cards came in and they are Faaaaabulous! So happy with how they came out! And so happy I won't be sitting on Trish's couch the night before con frantically trying to exacto knife cards out for the next day. Because that always ends in finger cuts and shame. Aaaand my square reader should be coming in soon! SO excited! I will now be able to accept credit and debit cards! WOOO! Look at me! Being all grown up n crap!
Honestly, the thing I'm looking forward to the most is hanging out with Trish, Shing, and Kyt. I need me some crazy artist time! I'm sure the crack will ensue as soon as all four of us are it always does. And it ALWAYS does.


My LoJ Costume is almost finished. The Chiton was so dang easy to put together. All I have to do is hem it and finish the belt. BOOM! Done! Huzzah! Oh the fabric I chose... Its awesomely tacky! pink faux silk with gold sequins flowers sewn onto it. Awesomely cracktastic! I will be a puff of glitter I tells ya!

I'm really stoked for the upcoming weekend. I think its going to be an utter blast.:)

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Wow, I was true to my word and actually did update!

There is only one sketch up. One I did for my sister of my adorable and incredibly handsome nephews. But I have a bunch of photos up of the hair falls/clips I've built last night. It was a mega productive evening! I still need to attach the clips to the back of most of these.  I'm especially happy with the buterfly ones I built. I was feeling particularly inspired. I'm thinking of swinging my Micheal's again later to see if I can find any other butterflies, dragonflies, or lady bugs to build more. Seriously, these were FUN! I hope they actually sell!
Here's a pic of the batch I worked on last night.

PS- Thank you everyone for the baking recomendations! I'm all stoked to check out recepies! Karine? If you wanna ship me reubarb, I'm sure I can find a use for it!

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Mmm tea. You always make me feel happy in the morning. Today its raspberry.

Oh and I don't care how old and cliche this is, this always makes me feel good when I read it. And honestly? I've been needing mental pick me ups lately. Still a bit in the dark place. But coming out of there more and more everyday!

I haven't been about lately. Thats because life has been crazy busy. Went to war. Came back with a  gross mung that is still sticking to me. Then my mom and sister came into town shortly after, which was fabulous. I got killer shoes that weekend! I tend to only go clothes shopping when I see my mom and sister so I took advantage of the time at the mall.

See? Killer SHOES!
I also spent the weekend teaching my mom how to use her Kindle. She seemed to take to it really fast (faster than her email for sure) and now she's DLing books like a fiend. *LOL* My poor dad and his credit card. But she now isn't afraid of her Kindle so I have done well.
All last week was spent just cleaning the house frantically. But the house is extremely clean now so thats a plus! Alas that was as productive as I got.
So this month, arts and crafts month, I'm forcing myself to work on projects for AX and my etsy store. Alas, due to being sick and the family visit, I am now 2 weeks behind on finishing my stuff for AX. ARG! So the plan is to lock myself in the studio after work for a few days and pound out some things. I'm inspired and really rarin' to go on this stuff! I also want to get my etsy store up asap. I need need NEEEEEED to get it up and running before AX. So I'm hoping this week I can work on some stock, next week I can take photos for the store and get things uploaded and ready to go. This is my plan. I hope I can stick to it.
 I've been finding it hard to keep myself focused lately. I have a ton of ideas of things I want to build, then once I get into my studio I sort of blank out and stare at my stuff in a stupor. My brain is too crowded lately. So I've been making myself lists to keep focused. Today I'll work on A. Tomorrow I will work on B, at work I will rough out sketches C and D. Its been helping. I just have to stay focused. It hasn't been easy since lately I've been ADD girl on a crafting rampage.AND I ordered offical looking business cards! I am REALLY over printing and cutting my own. TOTALLY over it. So I designed myself some new ones and ordered them from a printer. I'm very excited to see them!

Tonight I am hoping to update my art blog with a sketch I did for my sister as well as pics of some of the crafts I am working on. Still debating if I want to keep my blog strictly to art and costume or if I want to add addtional things to it, like photos of SCA tournies I go to, photo safari's I take, my work on my dollhouse, etc... Usually I reserve that stuff for here. I suppose I can find a way to double post, right? I definitely have no intentions of leaving LJ. I enjoy it FAR more than Facebook which honestly, gets really irritating to be on after a little while. So I'm trying to combind my LJ and my art blog together...but keep my personal thoughts here. Here I have people who I've known for years. I rather my LJ friends read my personal thoughts than my Facebook friends(though there IS cross over). There are a lot of people on FB I just rather not have delving into my personal life or locked entries.

I have a few photos of our backyard I need to post. We have it looking pretty good so far! We still have a long way to go but everyday it looks a little nicer and a little nicer.  When I have the cash, I need to pick up another one of those half wine barrels to transplant my strawberries into. The slugs keep getting to them, damnit. But surpisingly enough, the Columbines I planted when we first moved in..the ones I was convinced died a horrible death, have returned! They are gorgous and have a bunch of blooms on them. I'll have to take photos soon.
Its been a mild summer here in SD so far. This bodes well for my plants.

Oh, and of course, I'm obessively watching Game of Thrones on HBO. yeah, I read the books and I know whats coming but damnit, I am still loving it. The adaptation from book to show is incredible! And the costumes are delicious. I really want to try my hand at one someday. Caitlyn's possibly since she is one of my favorite females in the story. So my COPIUS spare time...oye. Well its a project in the back of my head. it might become so in a year or two...or three.

And to end this post, 7 things that make me smile:
1-Tea. LOVE tea.
2-Eating lunch outside at the Cafe on a gorgous sunny day (which I just did).
3-New killer shoes!
4-The idea of getting to go home and work in the studio.
5-Mr Max and how well he took care of me and my family this weekend.
6-My photo Safari Month and baking month I have sitting on the horizon.
7-Going to the County Fair in a couple weeks!

So Tired...

Jun. 2nd, 2011 12:17 pm
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I wouldn't be tired if I wasn't waking up every few hours coughing up a lung. Stupid Potrero cough. I really think I'm allergic to being outside. Seriously. My body HATES NATURE!!!
Anyways, I plan to go home this afternoon since it's a half day and take a nappy poo. Then tomorrow I have off so I can rest off this cough of DOOOOOOOM.

Before I head home I plan to stop by Michael's to pick up some more material to make my hair clips/falls for AX. Honestly, I have NO idea if these things will even sell. Probably not. But damnit, I have WAY too much fun making them so I'm making them. If anything, I can offer them up on my Esty store...which WILL BE Open this month, damnit!
I'm really geared up to start working on arts and crafts. I already have a ton of prints available to sell for AX (Most of them probably won't move though since None of them are Anime related *L*). I do have a sailor Moon piece to finish. And I want to so that series of Cthulhul in embarassing outfits still.

I'm considering selling the following:
My Hair Falls/Clips
My surplus Dollfie stuff (Tweaking some things here and there to resell)
Some funny zombie cross stitch stuff if I can cross stitch fast enough.

Umm...thats all I can think of for now.
We'll see how it goes!
SO TIRED! *Falls Over*
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Wow, two updates on my Blog this weekend! I am an arting fiend lately I tells ya!
Go Looksee!

Very proud of myself for keeping up with my blog so regularly. Actually, now that my SCA barony as discovered that I can draw, I have been bomarded with requests for art to use for gate flyers and auctions. My art will be gracing this May War's gate flyer and Great Western War just asked me to do the art for their Moonlight Madness fliers as well as their advertisement art work. I'll be working on that after War. Its been exciting to get handed all these projects and sketch topics that really have been inspiring. If there is ONE thing I can draw, its period clothing! Thank you Graduate's degree!

Alas, I have been in a crapy place mentally and physically lately. I've been doing my best to push through the bad moods but last week most of it came to a head and I had anxiety up the ying yang. Never fun. I seem to be in a far better mental state now that I had myself a little cry on Saturday night. Sometimes thats just something you need. I feel better after getting the tension out. I think what really has been harboring the mood is the fact that I have been in some major physical pain over the week. I did something horrendous to my lower back, probably while gardening the week before. And the stress has just made the knots worse and worse. I"m pretty sure its a muscle thing and not a slipped disk or pinched nerve.  Capt'n managed to massage most of the mess into submission last night which was VERY welcomed. I feel better than I did yesterday for sure. But I'm still in pain. Slight pain though is better than MASSIVE pain though so I will take it.

Otherwise? I'm good. I am. Fabulous month has been successful, ending with Potrero War. I will bring my camera, promise:)
Next month will be arts and crafts month while I finish my stock for AX and put up my etsy store.  
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Small update, but an update! 
The update is mainly a couple progress photos of my doll house as well as an update in costumed nonsense. I'm hoping this weekend to scan some line art I have done just as a neak preview of some of the prints I'll have up at AX. Maybe some pics of the hair falls I've been slowly creating. I hope they sell, they're so much fun to make.
I actually have really been enjoying my new website format. I'm making it less of a portfolio and more of a blog about my crazy artistic endevors. I really don't have a goal with the blog, just wanted a place to shove my art and talk about it with people off of LJ. Also gives my family and old friends an oportunity to see what I spend my time doing...without them prying into my LJ which is far more personal than I would like them to read. Overall, its been encouraging me to update and show new material.
And I agree with Shing...Wordpress is pretty damn awesome.
I'm thinking of screwing around with my costume blog  to look closer to my website theme, just so they look more related....probably when I get home after SCA council tonight.
War approaches. And I feel too tired and lazy to get off my duff to work on things. I need to get my belt favors cut out for war. Alas, I won't have time or money this year to build the three new walls. No one seems to upset about it though. Next year I WILL be doing them though, Damnit! But until then, I need to make some Black Seal favors for our winners of the worst rum Ever award at War.
Hilarity will enuse.


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Hey Guys! The art site has been updated with a sketch and some info on costumes and junk. Go check it out!

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Yup! Finally got the update up! Its a Miracle!
Actually, its Wordpress. They made it easy. Please go check it out when you get a chance. I'm really happy with how it looks.

I'm really happy! I finally feel like my domain name is directing to something relevant. Though I still have my old webpage still up at artchicks. No heart to take it down. I'll need a new FTP program to use so I can start uploading there again.

The etsy store is next. Oh yes I WILL get that up in another week or two. I am feeling FRISKY!!
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So I'm thinking of rehauling my website. This is because Original Cin is  EXTRMELY outdated. I mean REALLY outdated. I think the last time I updated that site it was 2004 or 2005. Yikes.
 And I'll be honest, my design and html was wonky at best when I did that.

Since then so much as changed. I really don't need a porfolio website anymore since I'm not designing these days. Most of my older artwork can be found on devart.  And my costume work can all be found on my costume blog, now that I'm going back and revisiting old costumes and shows I did over the years.

I pretty much was thinking of going the sketch blog route like [ profile] karlyl  did with So I'm playing around with wordpress to see what happens. Blogging has been a form that works for me so much better than updating a website. I still plan to use my webspace at artchicks to upload my images because its damn reliable and free. But I figured I'd make a sketchblog front and web portal to my Devart site, my costume blog, and my esty site (which WILL be up before Anime Expo Damnit!). And use the new blog form to upload new sketches and update people on what I'm up to creatively and if I plan to be at other cons selling my stuff (Other cons...In my copious spare time..Shyeah...)

The fact is, I have a domain name I spend money on and its leading to a site that is vastly out of date and doesn't even touch on any of the new things I'm working on. And frankly, I just don't have the time or ambition these days to do a full portfolio site like I used to when I was younger. I really don't want to get rid of the domain name since its quicker to hand out than trying to spell out my devart and blogger sites to people.
And now that a certain baroness is going out of her way to get people in my local SCA populace to covet my artwork? Yeah, I kind of want something to show off that's not deviantart.

I'll still keep my LJ since LJ is used more for personal stuff than artwork. And my podcasts will be separate from all this since I want to to just focus on my art work.
Anyways...thats my plan for now.
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I had a pretty fantastic weekend and week. I credit this mostly to me working in the garden uninterrupted for 2 days straight. OH so Zen.  The backyard looks faaaaaabulous! I am VERY proud of all the work I did back there on Thursday and Friday. Proud enough to even take photos! I'll post them tomorrow when I get them off my camera. It looks like an honest to God backyard now and not some trashy back lot. Granted, there are still parts of the yard that look like Hell. But those arent quite AS visable so it doesn't bother me TOO much. And those areas I'll be needing Max's help to clean up since it will involve hauling out trash ( STILL left over by the previous owners. OYE! SLOBS!). But its nothing too horrible since most of it we cleared out last year.  I planted some Jasmine which I totally love. The smell is fantastic in the back yard! I'm currently trying to train it to crawl up the trellis that was sitting empty for a long while. I finally figured out what to do with that patch of blank soil infront of the deck. I'm slowly turning it into a my own little herb/flower garden. We have an herb garden out front which is cool, but most of the herbs are Max's. Out back I'm chosing the herbs I want to plant. I chose most of them mostly for the visual appeal but I'm also trying to keep in mind the usefulness for Mr. Max and his cooking.  So far I have lemon thyme, Cinnimon basil (this exsists!), Thai basil, and Texas terrigon planted there. I also have English Lavender as well as strawberries. I'm interspersing the herbs with flowers for color. Since that area gets OMGSUN! I'm finding some beautiful flowers that need over 8 hours of sunlight at day to put there. So far so good. I'm slowly working my way across the patch and soon it will look how I want it. I also dug up a small patch of yard and put some pretty ground covering flowers there in bright orange. WOO! Funny enough I ended up digging up two buckets worth of river rock the previous owners burried O.o. That stuff is EXPENSIVE! So I dug it all up and put it aside to use later. I was thinking of using some rock soon for some yard projects so hey, saved myself probably $75 to $100 there! Slowly but surely, we're getting our crazy Mediterranian style garden in order.  Then... Tea party. Aaaaawww yeah.

The weekend was spent half doing SCA stuff and half hanging with friends. Rebok came into town to play. Friday night, me, her and Ty all grabbed some dindin at Hoolies then went to see Red Riding Hood which was HILARIOUSLY cheesy. But I will say, the art direction and the costuming was very pretty. Yesterday I ran to a May war meeting, ran home, then ran to St. Isadore Anniversary Masked Ball which was more fun than I even expected. I need to hunt down some photos of the night if possible. I'm half tempted to start going to the period dancing guild meetings now to learn more. Though I probably won't go to this month's since its tomorrow and frankly, I rather just come home after work and crash. I'm gonna need it. I'll see how I feel tomorrow though. I may change my mind randomly.
Speaking of dancing, I am still Belly Dancing to my DVDs .And I am still plotting to check out that one class available in La Jolla. Its 2 minutes from work so I figured  what the heck? I can try it out, and if I don't like it I don't have to go back. I really have been wanting to learn more and get better at dancing. This seems like a good oportunity to try.
Geeze, look at me getting all dancer-ish. WTF?

Oh...and I moved Costumed Nonsense to Blogspot! I pretty much just copy/pasted the whole dang journal there. Not sure if I'm going to keep updating it there AND on LJ or just on there. I guess I'll figure it out when I get another entry posted. Anyways, if you want to follow it, feel free. I'll probably be doing most of my garb entries on there since it will force me to put up nice photos of my work as opposed to shitty camera phone photos. ;D I'm also hoping to start putting up any of my crafty style projects on there. So it will be a lil bit of everything there probably.

ZOMGWTF!? Studios will be attending Anime Expo for the 3rd time this year!...Or is it 4th? I can't remember.
We're getting our crap together ahead of time so we actually can get an excellent showing this year.  I need to knock heads with Trish and see what her plan is for displays. I am thinking I may just bring one Doll to use for display since Trish will be bringing her gorgous sculpts to show off. I rather hers be showcased than mine. *LOL*
 This year, I'll be bringing my left over Dollfie Stock to see if I can move it. I had a good chunk of leftovers this year. I also was thinking of making full sized versions of my Dragon Horns to sell, as well as maybe some pretty hair clips/falls that I sometimes make for Belly Dancing garb. People last year seemed to look for items they can wear on themselves instead of their dolls.  I might do a couple sets and see how well them move, then go from there. I'll also be putting up any leftover prints for cheap so I can move them out. I'm slowly moving away from selling art there and go more for craft since I enjoy that aspsect a bit more.
I need to make a list, damnit.

So yeah. That's been life so far. Garden pics tomorrow when I can upload the suckers.
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Dear Tazo,
You invented a tea that had both green AND darjeeling in it? It is my fondest wish.
I love you. Lets have tea babies together. Horray for Om Green Tea.
Sincerely - Me.

Heading out of town today to go up North and see the new nephew! VERY excited to see him! My suitcase is already packed with gifts for Tommie and Danny. I assure you, this Christmas shall be epic for the boys.

So I've been in a pretty darn good mood over the last couple of days. Tired as Holy Hell lately but overall in a much better mood than the previous weeks. I think I've been climbing out of my funk with ease. Granted, I've been a little slow with fabulous month because of being so tired but I figured I'll just extend it until Halloween so I can fit in as many things as I can. I am STILL determined to paint my studio doors green before the Holidays.

So yes, things have been on a steady upswing in the mood department. I managed to have an evening to myself a few days ago which really worked wonders for me. I locked myself up in the studio and cut out a period Persian coat (which I have had on the back burner for who knows how long) while watching Marie Anonette..aka costume porn. The coat is not a vital project but one I wanted to work on. Next week I'm going to cut out my Viking Apron so I have some spiffy new duds for Leif Erikson. I usually don't try to make new garb every event, only when the want strikes me. Currently, the want is striking hard.

I'm back on weightwatchers and started walking again. I've managed to fit in my walks in my days which has helped both with my mood and with my weight. . I already dropped some poundage and my jeans no longer are strangling the life out of me. Thank god for this. My only option is losing the weight because I realyl don't have the money to buy new pants. *L* Eh, its good as motivation as any.

Halloween Party Planning!!
I need to get my Halloween costume stuff squared away. Our theme for this year's party is Alice in Wonderland/Steampunk. Why yes I DO plan on having a field day. Why do you ask? Max wants to go as the Catipillar so I want to make him a Victorian/persian/smoking jacket  type of look...I need to get him a fez. I want to go as my favorite character, the March Hare but I honestly still have no idea how I want to do the costume. So I'll be sketching out some ideas soon. I also need a Hatter of some sort to pair up with. I really think this might be the first Alice party I go to that won't have fiftybazillion Mad Hatters. *L*. Not like I care, really. I'm expect most of my friends to show up with a playing card taped to their forehead as their costume. It always ends up degenerating to lots of people in the hot tub anyways so there ya go.
I'm going to attempt to put stations around the house that are themed. So we'd have a Catipillar louging area with the hooka and some pillows looking all middle eastern(thinking of putting that on the deck near the hot tub), the tea party area where all the booze is going to go (note to self, pick up a PLASTIC tea set for this. PLASTIC) an eat me/drink me table for food...etc etc. I really do want to go all out for this year. I may even buy some lights or paper lanterns to hang up across the backyard if I can figure out how to do so.
Anyone wanna come help me party plan? It will be on a budget of course but I tend to do pretty good with pulling things out of thin air from my drawers o' random crap.

I'm a wee bit stoked, can you tell?

I'll be offline for the next few days while I spoil my nephews rotten.  For those who have the info, please feel free to call or Txt me if you need me.:)

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Guess who has new sexy steampunk boots?
Go on. Guess...
 Why YES! It IS me!

I managed to win these puppies on ebay last week. pretty cheep too. They are slightly used but hardly any wear or tear on them at all.  And OMG they are MASIVELY comfy...I'm currently wearing them at work. These are going to be a part of the costume I'm making for the May gaslight convention in San Diego and the photoshoot in September. But that won't really stop me from occasionally wearing them in everyday life.
I'm just happy I found boots that are comfy AND super awesome sexy.

Just FYI I am still open to commissions!
My color slots are all filled but I still have five slots left for sketches. Let me know if you're interested.:) Help me get to Rob's wedding! Give generously and I shall sketch like the wiiiiind! ;)

Also on the art front. The ZOMGWTF!1? Studio gals have been busy lil bees...Well SHING has. Look what Shing and Kyt put up for us!
Now you can keep up with all of our antics. Granted, Shing and Kyt will be far busier on there than me. But its nice to be a part of something. HOORAY!

Been in a good mood this whole week which is a plus. I think it has everything to do with changing up the diet to include LESS junk and getting back on the exercise train again. Been also very inspired lately and sketching more often. Its nice considering I had such a dry period from 2008-2009. Already did a huge art dump on my Devart site. TONS of sketches from April and May. Still have a bunch more to scan too.
Granted, I haven't worked on anything costume wise for a while but I don't mind. I have been using this week to take a breather from the wacky crazy summer. So my evenings have consisted of massive vegatation.
The Regina costume is first on the list, then after than I'm going to make a new Viking for the Leif Erikson tourney which is...well a good ways away. Also need to give Ketill a poke to get fabric from him to make him some new viking tunics. Got some instructions on how to make some and I'm kinda itching to try it out.
Next week I'm heading up to No Cal for a quick weekend with the family. Then the weekend after that..huh..Donno. Probably nothing actually. I am currently contemplating if I want to spend one of my solo Fridays over at Balboa Park for my usual Summertime museum hopping and photo taking excursion. Not sure when I want to. But I know I want to. A wander through Balboa always recharges my batteries.

Overall, things have been good and mellow...which is what I need right now.
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