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Mmm tea. You always make me feel happy in the morning. Today its raspberry.

Oh and I don't care how old and cliche this is, this always makes me feel good when I read it. And honestly? I've been needing mental pick me ups lately. Still a bit in the dark place. But coming out of there more and more everyday!

I haven't been about lately. Thats because life has been crazy busy. Went to war. Came back with a  gross mung that is still sticking to me. Then my mom and sister came into town shortly after, which was fabulous. I got killer shoes that weekend! I tend to only go clothes shopping when I see my mom and sister so I took advantage of the time at the mall.

See? Killer SHOES!
I also spent the weekend teaching my mom how to use her Kindle. She seemed to take to it really fast (faster than her email for sure) and now she's DLing books like a fiend. *LOL* My poor dad and his credit card. But she now isn't afraid of her Kindle so I have done well.
All last week was spent just cleaning the house frantically. But the house is extremely clean now so thats a plus! Alas that was as productive as I got.
So this month, arts and crafts month, I'm forcing myself to work on projects for AX and my etsy store. Alas, due to being sick and the family visit, I am now 2 weeks behind on finishing my stuff for AX. ARG! So the plan is to lock myself in the studio after work for a few days and pound out some things. I'm inspired and really rarin' to go on this stuff! I also want to get my etsy store up asap. I need need NEEEEEED to get it up and running before AX. So I'm hoping this week I can work on some stock, next week I can take photos for the store and get things uploaded and ready to go. This is my plan. I hope I can stick to it.
 I've been finding it hard to keep myself focused lately. I have a ton of ideas of things I want to build, then once I get into my studio I sort of blank out and stare at my stuff in a stupor. My brain is too crowded lately. So I've been making myself lists to keep focused. Today I'll work on A. Tomorrow I will work on B, at work I will rough out sketches C and D. Its been helping. I just have to stay focused. It hasn't been easy since lately I've been ADD girl on a crafting rampage.AND I ordered offical looking business cards! I am REALLY over printing and cutting my own. TOTALLY over it. So I designed myself some new ones and ordered them from a printer. I'm very excited to see them!

Tonight I am hoping to update my art blog with a sketch I did for my sister as well as pics of some of the crafts I am working on. Still debating if I want to keep my blog strictly to art and costume or if I want to add addtional things to it, like photos of SCA tournies I go to, photo safari's I take, my work on my dollhouse, etc... Usually I reserve that stuff for here. I suppose I can find a way to double post, right? I definitely have no intentions of leaving LJ. I enjoy it FAR more than Facebook which honestly, gets really irritating to be on after a little while. So I'm trying to combind my LJ and my art blog together...but keep my personal thoughts here. Here I have people who I've known for years. I rather my LJ friends read my personal thoughts than my Facebook friends(though there IS cross over). There are a lot of people on FB I just rather not have delving into my personal life or locked entries.

I have a few photos of our backyard I need to post. We have it looking pretty good so far! We still have a long way to go but everyday it looks a little nicer and a little nicer.  When I have the cash, I need to pick up another one of those half wine barrels to transplant my strawberries into. The slugs keep getting to them, damnit. But surpisingly enough, the Columbines I planted when we first moved in..the ones I was convinced died a horrible death, have returned! They are gorgous and have a bunch of blooms on them. I'll have to take photos soon.
Its been a mild summer here in SD so far. This bodes well for my plants.

Oh, and of course, I'm obessively watching Game of Thrones on HBO. yeah, I read the books and I know whats coming but damnit, I am still loving it. The adaptation from book to show is incredible! And the costumes are delicious. I really want to try my hand at one someday. Caitlyn's possibly since she is one of my favorite females in the story. So my COPIUS spare time...oye. Well its a project in the back of my head. it might become so in a year or two...or three.

And to end this post, 7 things that make me smile:
1-Tea. LOVE tea.
2-Eating lunch outside at the Cafe on a gorgous sunny day (which I just did).
3-New killer shoes!
4-The idea of getting to go home and work in the studio.
5-Mr Max and how well he took care of me and my family this weekend.
6-My photo Safari Month and baking month I have sitting on the horizon.
7-Going to the County Fair in a couple weeks!
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So setting goals...
I do this every year. And sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't, I try not to let it get to me too much. But this year I'm pretty sure I didn't achieve as many goals as I wanted.

Lets Recap...

2010 Goals
1-Get the back yard in Order:
Actually, This one I did do. Its not completely finished yet but its in FAR better shape than it was, that's for dang sure. We still have work on it but that will have to wait after the rain.

2-Exercise More:
Um...yeah. Big no on this. This will change.

3-Push my sewing:
I didn't get to the corset this year but I DID inprove my sewing and did many projects that took me out of my comfort zone this year. I also felt confidant with teaching and with making garb for people. I really think my sewing skills are the best they have ever been.

4-Open my Etsy shop:
Umm..yeah. Another Big NO on that. I still have a week to get off my duff and do this though.

5-Finish house details:
I'I got a TON of these done! The house looks finished now. I still have more details to go, but overall, I got a lot of work done.

6-Be more Zen:
Yes AND no. I felt I had to stay zen for a lot of other people who were in crisis. Though honestly, near the end of this year, I'm getting a bit frayed at the edges.

7-See the family more:
This started out good, then as usual, everything implodes and I cant get there. But I WAS doing regular visits up until September which wasn't half bad. I've already scheduled a trip for my B-day. And in March I'll be going to see my dad get inducted into the College Football Coach Hall of Fame.:)

So two big no's, 3 sortas and two big yes's...not too shabby really. Not as bad as I guessed either.

So I have some goals set for 2011. Lets see if I stick to them.

1-Diet and Excercise:
Its a given. Alas, I am on a new bc which made me gain weight. That combind with the crap fest eating I've been doing since November? Yeah, bad combo. So I'm back on the weightwatcher's train again. I'm also planning on going back to my morning workouts. And once a month belly dancing won't hurt either.  I actually set myself a goal. I want to be feeling confidant and lose about 5 pounds by Estrella War this Feb. I think I can at least reach that.

2- More House Nonsense:
So Tte big stuff (sans the base boards) in the house is pretty much done. So now I'm going to concentrate on getting some of the more finished rooms done and decorated. The big ones on my list are our bedroom and the guest room since there's not much left to do in there. Also, I want to finally get my studio where I want it color and decor wise. Not much left to do on those so Huzzah!

3-Every two month visits to the fam.
I want to stick to this especially now that my uncle has cancer.

4-Get drawing again.
I was doing really good with this at the begining of the year, then I more or less peetered out. This year we brought back game night so now I have an excuse to sit down and force myself to sketch at least once or twice a week while we game. Even if its crap I want to keep my pencil moving.

5-Do two large sewing projects.
And I already have them lined up. I'm going to do a victorian gown for the Gaslight con in May. And I'll also be making a Cruach gown for Winter Arts in December. I want to just do two projects where I take my time and create something awesome.

6-Take more photos:
This is purely for me. I want to record my memories better.

So wish me luck! I'm looking forward in trying to reach these suckers!
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...The security guys bring me cookies.

YAY sugar rush!! So needed one!


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I've been really in a good mood lately.
No real specific reason. Its probably because the Holiday season has offically begun. Halloween WOOOOO! We're even having the offical Iron Maiden Halloween party at our new place....just have to make it drunk proof.;) There will be jack-o-lanterns a plenty this year!!

The other reaons I'm probably in a good mood is because our Vegas trip is just around the corner. We'll be heading out on Wednesday, driving back on Saturday. VERY stoked for a vacation that doesn't involve working or a tent.

Another reason? The Cool weather has returned! Of course I was informed that it was going to shoot back up to 80 degrees this weekend (BLECH!) but right now its beautiful, silvery, and crisp outside. I've been taking my lunches outside lately near the ocean and enjoying the air. It reminds me so much of the bay area that it just puts me in a smiley mood for the rest of the day.
One of my many views at lunch:

Its hard to be in a bad mood when you get to see this on your lunch break. Also, all the silvery clouds rolling in and the crisp breeze wakes me up and refreshes me for another wacky day at the office.

Another reason, Its October, which means horror films a go-go! I've already started doing Halloween Movie madness on Creepy Kitch (and I'm already a week behind o.O) and fellow bloggers and some postcasters have been generous enough to send me movies to watch...still need to go see Zombieland though.

ANOTHER reason, I finally did what I've been saying I was going to do and I entered Calafian Winter Arts this year. Its something I've been wanting to do for a while and I've been brushing it off due to insecurity issues which are probably irrational. This year I'm going to enter it. I'm going to try to do some illumination work and enter some sewing projects like my orange Italian Ren. dress and Max's fighter and spanish cassock coat,  and I have tons of Kumehimo strands...TONS. Don't care if I win. Don't care if anyone notices. All I want is to do something I kept saying I'd do....kinda like how I ended up at Gathering in 1999. ;D

Also, I'm going to be starting up commissions if anyone is interrested. If you are let me know.

So yeah...lots of reasons to be in a good mood.:)
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10 Things that made Cindy happy this weekend:
1-Max's awesome Shimp and Lobster pasta with tomato and vodka sauce
2-Getting the master Bedroom, Guest bathroom, Master bathroom, and entry way settled and set up.
3-Scout setting into the house MUCH faster than I expected.
4-New washer and Dryer = WIN AND AWESOME (I'm so domestic now).
5-Dinner at Rei De Gado for Mr. Max was great. Mmmm..Brazilian BBQ...
6-Hot tub? VERY nice for a sore back.
7-Sleeping through the night again. WOOT!
8-Scout being lil' miss cuddle bug at bedtime.
9-New Hooka.
10-The thought of fixing myself some tea and realxing tonight after work.

The whole house thing is setting well with me. I will take some pics soon of the handywork done in the house and post tonight.
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Taking a page not only out of Shing's book but my sister's book as well. Going to name some  fabulous happy things that remind me how great life is...because I still believe life is too short and I need to not waste it by worrying about pithy crap that won't matter in another 10 years.

1-I have yoga today. Maybe its a lame thing to be happy about but it makes me happy. I go to a lovely studio, it smells like Indian Temple insense, everyone is extremely friendly and warm, and I spend about an hour and a half doing a workout that doesn't induce my asthma and blisses me out afterwards. It really makes me feel great. I'm glad I decided to bite the bullet and start going to classes.

2-The Cafe brought me green Tea today as a suprise. I am currently enjoying its greeny tea goodness. I have developed a love of green tea this year. Is nummy.

3-Max and I are VERY CLOSE to owning a house. ZOMG!!! we're hoping to hear back soon. Not sure when though. Until then I've been enjoying day dreaming about what my sewing studio will look like and what herbs we'll be planting in the garden.

4-I've been the art mast-ah! I was afraid I was behind the 8 ball with some commission work but I've been burning through those and AX work every night. I'm back on schedule.Still unsure if what I'm sketching for AX will actually SELL but eh, I'm doing this for fun, not profit.

5-I'm wearing black and white clothes with a pair of bright red heels...and matching earrings and lipstick. SAUCY!!

6-Got my LoJ tickets in zee mail yesterday. WOOT! I have a great idea for steampunk fairy wings...I unfortuately have not desided on the REST of the outfit. *L* Someday I need to make a damn corset.

7-My word day ends in about an hour...which means Home, changing, kitty time, yoga, then probably a hot bath with a glass of wine to relax. WOOT!

And that is whats fabulous in my life today.
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1 - Finishing those garbage bag wigs for the show. Pics to come soon.
2- Cloverfield is out on DVD! Yes, bought it...yes, watched it...yes put parts in slow mo...yes, stil want a Clovie plushy to call my own. It needs to come out on Blue-ray to satisfy me! TJ Miller is hot in a way only I would understand.
3-Changing my sheets...I donno why. It makes me happy.
4-Spa day with Ty tomorrow! WOOOOOOOOO! So Excited!
5-Baja Betty's
6- That large pomogrante Magarita I got from Baja Betty's.
7-Being only .5 pound away from my first goal weight.
8-Cat Ass
9-The adorable stocky white guy with the goatee who is sitting at the computer next to me.
10-That today was my day off....yay!

You know what sounds really good right now? A bananna milk shake.

The End

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