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More or less.
BTW, chamomile and lavander tea for the mother fucking WIN.

I've been awful about updating I know. I've been spending most of my updates over at my originalcin blog which I still really love keeping up and working on. If anything, its helped me keep drawing regularly...which is something I wasn't doing much of after gradschool. It also motivated me to find some life drawing classes in town and I even found the San Diego Dr. Sketchy's! I always wanted to check out a Dr. Sketchy's session. Ace and Jen may be joining me in on this as well. 

Had some trials with my anxiety over the last couple of weeks which was starting to take a toll on my health.  But it looks like the battles have been won by ME. HA! Take THAT you bastard emotion!
I'm feeling far more like myself again after taking a mental health day yesterday. I slept most of the day away and woke up feeling less like poo and more ready to conquor the world...or at least the back yard... which I did with Jen's help. And it looks very lovely.

Max and I talked about a few other things we'll be doing to the back yard in the future like rebuilding the bar eventually, putting in a permanent sunshade and rebuilding the grill. The BIG thing we need to do and probably can do this summer is rebuild our patio. We were noticing that the thing is slowly starting to rot. So it needs some major work. Its a small patio so it won't cost too much and we're not planning on doing anything super crazy to it other than just rebuilding the structure. We'll see how that goes.
Its spring so all I've been wanting to do lately is work on my yards and plant things. I'm hoping to scamper off to Home Depot on Friday and pick up a couple things to get the back yard all prepped and pretty.  I need to take some photos. My flowers are bloming like CRAZY, our fruit trees are starting to bloom, my ice plant is a mass of beautiful orange blooms, and my jasmine is finally blooming. Oh WOW it smells awesome! In another month or two our grape vines will have their leaves and maybe my roses will be in bloom again.
Really want to plant more roses in my yard.

Tonight I will be heading to a Belly Dance class and I am SO stoked. I really hope its a good one. I've been searching for a class that fits my schedule for a couple years now. Seems all of them either start while I'm on my commute or they are on Sundays which I work. ARG! So I finally found a class that starts at 7:45pm. I hope its not a bust. I so want to take a class with a live teacher again! 

So...that's life in a nutshell so far. Keep on truckin...
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Because if I don't write things down, It all leaves my head....and then I get all pissy.

Don't mind me, I'm just speculating.
I'm contemplating doing a tumblr experiment called walkabout. I was going to stash my camera in my purse then on my 30 minute lunch break use that time to walk around and snap photos of things that brighten my day. I was considering doing this everyday or at least when feesible. I'm not sure what spawned this idea in my head. I can't say its the most unique one I've ever had. The internet is loaded with like ideas.  I suppose it came from walking over to get my afternoon tea. Say what you will about La Jolla, its still amazingly beautiful, and there are some places I love to walk past that brighten my day.  Also I'm considering using it as an observation exersise for me as well...and I also like to play with my new camera. I'd also use my camera places other than La Jolla. Like around my own neighborhood. Just so I can start exploring more and get myself out of my routine more often than not.

That's Cindy's Hairbrained idea of the day.

In other news... Berrypatch Tea from Brick and Bell makes me extremely happy.
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catching up...ON LIFE!!!
Still haven't given up on LJ yet. I don't think I ever will. Just that life has been so wacky over the last couple of months I haven't had time to really breathe. Definitely not bad wacky. Just busy as all hell and lots of changes that have been happening. All begining when I turned 36. Apparently 36 is the magic number to shake things up.
ANYWAYS... Lets see.
The big thing that happened was Jen aka [ profile] crzydemona has moved in with me and Max for a bit. The long and short of it is she needed a place to call home for a while and we offered. Frankly, I'm kinda glad to have her. I have another gal pal who is hardcore into costuming, drawing, and willing to put up with my crazy antics and even participate! partners in crime...I can never have enough of them. Lou, was living with us for a while too but now that we ended up with such a full house he opted to move in with his brother until he can get some bills settled. Lou is a sweetheart and I wish him the best. He was a great roomie too. I'll miss him always helping me with all the housework! He also loved the Minion and took great care of him.
So yeah, my life has been in a bit of a flux and my anxiety has been doing a number on my focus. But honestly it also has been great. Having all this flux has really giving me an opportunity to work on not letting my anxiety take control of me. I've been doing pretty decent just taking a breath and letting whatever will be will be. Granted, sometimes it shows on my face (I hate when that happens!) but I've been managing to shake off all the crap.

Next weekend I'll be doing Artist's Alley at Anime Conji this coming weekend with Trish. I'm REALLY stoked to be hitting another Artist's Alley with her. Its been ages since Trish and I had crazy con antics. And since AC is in San Diego it makes it a cheap and easy con to deal with. I'll have some new prints available. As usual, I don't expect to do spectacular. If I sell a few prints and have fun, I'll consider it a success.

After that, Doug and Dasha are coming in to visit! SO EXCITED! I only get to see Dasha once a year usually and I haven't seen Doug in...Hell since 2001? 2002?. So I'm looking forward to the weekend of catching up and probably doing obnoxious gamer nerd things. *rubs hands together*

Lets see, whatelse. OH! I was asked to be on Caid's royal court and guard. It took me totally by surprise. The upcoming Queen is the lady who puts together the ComicCon demo. I've only done Baronial Court and Guard so Royal Court and Guard should be interesting. If anything, its going to give me an excuse to do more sewing since I'll have to shlep myself to more court events.
Oh darn...more sewing.

I was planning on doing a fabulous month in March but I had a wee bit too much on my plate. So I'm reserving it for April when things are slower paced. I think I'm in need of a fabulous month. Just to get my Mojo in order and my mind in a good place. It always does the trick. My mind has been in a bit of a muddle since February so I'm hoping to get it back in focus soon.

Things are trucking along.

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I reallly need to find a way to cross post my blog entries onto here. I'm sure there's a way I'm just being lazy about it.
Today I kinda feel like I've been run over my a truck. I know why. Its because Capt'n came over and popped all the knots in my back out. I had a ton and he worked on them for almost an hour. My back feels better but I feel like I ran a marathon. I'm considering actually booking a massage on Friday to help with the rest. Not %100 sure yet.
My birthday was yesterday and it was AWESOME. I really had a wonderful weekend. Max took me to Disneyland Thursday (The newest blog post is about the trip) and we stayed over night again and hung out at the parck all day Friday. We had a total BLAST. Then Saturday we spent the whole day at home chilling then went to Sushi. Sunday I worked then jogged. And yesterday Max and I went out to Rivera Supper Club for dinner in celebration of my actual birthday (alas, Creole was closed for the night!). So yes, I was totally spoiled the whole weekend. I regret nothing!

March is going to be crazy busy month but one with promise. Lots of stuff on my plate but awesome things including an artists alley, friends visiting, and getting my but back in shape dancing wise so I don't look too much like an idiot at Gaslight Gathering in May.

So yeah..STUFF!

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Another Update on the blog? Why YES!!
Also, I started a tumblr for the hell of it. I have no idea what I'm doing so its extremely random. Feel free to follow along on my randomness. . I need to put some new sketches up on that tumblr. right now its most old stuff and things I never bothered posting.

Things have been pretty laid back for the most part and I am grateful for that. Still trying to keep up with my couch to 5k stuff. I haven't lost any weight (natch' ) but I've toned up a LOT. Clothes are fitting better and I've been feeling good about how I look these days. Go me!
I got my corset in the mail yesterday! WOOO! The red is gorgous and It fits really nice. Full steam boned corset for $37? YES PLEASE! I tried it on last night. After a hilarious amount of trying to get into the damn thing on my own, Max came in to help. Yeah..the corset made my hubby happy...VERY HAPPY.

Still trucking along. At a total creative high lately so I've been really feeling happy. WHEEEE!!!
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Two Blog updates!
Wow, I've been pretty damn consistant with my blog posts lately. I'm really happy I have been too. Its like old times when I first built a website and was constantly putting up sketches to show all the other art peeps in the Gargs Fandom.I really think I finally found my focus and my voice on there now. I'm just posting about whatever the hell I want now instead of trying to make it sound all professional and business like. It was way too dry for my tastes. So now its lots of random sketches followed but long stories of "And THIS guy did this! And this character does THIS! And OMGSQUEEE!"
I am such a dork.
 But I have been MUCHO motivated lately!  I'm really hoping I can keep this momentum up for the rest of the year. Its been bringing me a lot of joy lately.

Question for the masses: What the hell is a tumblr and what's it used for? I have no friggin clue. And I don't know if its worth starting ANOTHER place to post stuff. I have enough issues keeping up with the blog and twitter. I am already a slacker when it comes to scanning my stuff.

Changed gears EVER so slightly for
LoJ this year. Going Steampunk Saloon girl. I'm a great big dork and dressing up as one of my OCs. And I managed to pursude Jen to dress up with me. So yup, steampink Saloon gals. Already have a good idea of what I want it to look like... I just need to buy a corset. *L* I know I know "WHY AREN"T YOU MAKING ONE?!" Because I'm lazy as hell, that's why.
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Blog Post!
I was noticing that most of my blogspots were centering around "AH! Gotta show coming up! Go look!" more often than not. So I wanted to do a post not related to that at all. I had so much fun writing in that I think I'll try to do more along those lines. Gives me an excuse to show off some of my concept sketches too. I also want to start posting osme works in progress. It might start forcing me to do more detailed and intricate pieces instead of quick oneshot character sketches. I'm really wanting to expand. My problem is I get imaptient with my art and when I draw something I want it finished NOW. So I do less detailed pieces because of this.
Going to not take commissions for a while just so I can work on this.  Of course al bets are off on that if I need the cash.

Thanks to Jen, the friggin instigator, I started writing. My God, I haven't done creative writing Wow Junior college? I think I was 19 or 20 the last time I bothered. No reason other than I just stopped doing it. I ran out of time, inspiration, or whatever. So since Jen has been writing fanfic it inspired me to write original stuff and thats what I've been doing at night before bed. Trust me, nothing I write is brilliant, original or even in sequence so I won't be sharing it or even publishing it. Not looking for critques or anything. I've just been having fun putting my ideas to paper and telling my friends "Hey remember those characters we created? Check this out!"
Ah...Steampunk Western Romances. There's not enough so I'm writing my own to please me. I'm such a dork. I really can't believe I'm writing. And I'm writing SUCH shlock. *hides it under her pillow*

Other than that I've been chillin. It hasn't been a breakneck paced month thank God so I've had more downtime than not. This gives me time to sit my ass on the couch and relax for a change. It also gives me time to keep running which has been a BLAST! I look forward to it every week. Me, Katie, Schellen and Ace meet up at Balboa Park 3 times a week to do couch to 5k. Its a great stress relief and I've been sleeping like the DEAD lately. good. This is VERY good.
So yeah, creativity at all time HIGH. I've been in a good mood for it too.:)

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Blog Update! I also added a facebook and google+ page to my blog as well as started its own twitter account.
All the photos from Steampunk Symposium are on there. What little I have. But what little I have is pretty cool.:) It really was a fun con. Not extremely profitable for Colleen and I but luckily the fun we had canceled out the grumpiness of lack of slaes.
For the most part, it was a good first time con. There are some bugs they need to iron out (LOTS more sinage, better con program book, etc.) But thats stuff that will come with time. I'm not sure if we plan to return as vendors if we go back (read Colleen's take on our harrowing set up exerience, here) But I wouldn't mind coming back as just a con goer. The location has lots of potental and the staff was pretty dang friendly and helpful.

Now I'm finally in the middle of some down time...and I have no friggin clue what to do with myself. Currently I'm just trying to spend my time sketching lots. This is good! I promised myself I would update my blog once a week so the massive amounts of sketching will do me some good. I also have been inspired lately since I've gone back to gaming again on a regular basis.
I also need to start my Victorian...I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!

Been working on the C5k training and honestly? I love it. I truly do. I look forward to it every other day and I tend to get a little miffed when I have to skip over a day. It really is a huge stress reliever for me. I feel great afterwards and I sleep like a baby. Also, I've been noticing how my body is toning up and I'm starting to lose inches. Thats the main perk there. WOOT!

Things so far...have been good.

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WHo has two thumbs and will be at Steampunk Symposium this weekend?

Who has two thumbs and needs to finish some art up and work like a crazy bitch this week before she leaves?

Ooooh yes, so much to do, so little time...such is my life. but Colleen is win and awesome and letting me tag along to help her in the booth and even put out some of my own stuff to sell in her space. Because she rocks like that. Also going to try to meet up with Trish for lunch. The Trish in my blood level is LOW!

In other news; 12th Night was a LOT of fun. I'm really proud of Max (and ALL the cooks for that matter) for cooking a wonderful feast. And I mean WONDERFUL. I onl wish we snagged more leftovers. Ah well. My dress turned out pretty spiffy if not a bit too large in the shoulders. Easy fix though. I'll get to that...eventually. Still need to set the damn dress up and take photos of it. I forgot to have someone use my camera to get a couple pics of me in it.

Going back to 5k training tonight. I'm a bit tired but I really am looknig forward to the stress relief. Already lost 3 pounds too. YAY!:)
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Not even a fan of that song either...

So I ended up plowing headlong into 2012, like ya do. So much for the idea of "I'll take it easy and take more time to be lazy" route, huh? But then, if I did take that route I'd get cranky and bored and annoyed with ya do.

I'm coming to terms with my constant need to be productive, which is both a virtrue and a vice. I suppose I keep busy with all my crazy crap because it really is a sure fire way to curb my anxiety which came back with a VENGENCE in 2011.  The "good" part about the anxiety now is I know how to handle it as opposed to 8 years ago when all I did was go into a paralized funk and lay on the couch for hours or in some cases, days (Oh yes, I'm sure many of you remember THOSE days).  So instead I just wander back into my studio and work on sewing...after screaming and crying. ;D

Anyways,  2012 started and I dove headlong into a dress. I told myself I wouldn't try to slam anything out for 12th Night since I only had about a week. And yet here I am, slamming something out for 12th Night. In all honesty though, its a simple pattern and I've cranked out enough Italian Rens to crank out another pretty quick and with low stress. This one is slightly different. I put the closure in the front and its made in linen instead of silk. So I'm not getting the awesome poofiness I usually get. I'm going to need to teach myself a new pleating technique to solve this. But its still looking good enough to wear. I just need to put sleeves on it. I have some cool red brocade I'm thinking of using. I'm considering detachable sleeves for this sucker too but I'm not completely sold on it as of yet. Yes...still need to photograph it.

Next weekend I am going to hit Steampunk Symposium with Colleen, hopefully for the whole weekend. I'm still waiting to hear back from my boss on if I can get coverage on Sunday. I'm going to be her booth lacky and in exchange for that, I get to have some of my stuff out for sale there as well. *L* We'll see if I make any cash. I am hoping to finish up a few steampunk pieces I've been flirting with in my sketchbook. I REALLY hope I can get Sunday off!

Last night I started the Couch to 5k program with Schellen. It only SLIGHTLY kicked my ass instead of COMPLETELY kicked my ass. I'm not as in horrible shape as I thought! We only ran for 20 minutes since its a program that eases you into running. But that was MORE than enough for two somewhat out of shape asthmatics. I felt really great afterwards too and slept like the dead. We're going to meet up again tonight to do it all over again. I really have been enjoying it. Hopefully next week Katie and Ace will join in the fun. 

Other than project-o-rama going on, life has been its usual self. Work, house, kitties, not enough time in the day. You know, the usual.
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I do miss Livejournal. I really should make an effort to post more.
But honestly, my life is pretty dang dull to really post constantly these days. *L*

Considering my big hot plans right tonight are to go home, take down all the Christmas Decor, then do laundry while sewing trim on my 12th Night gown while watching cheesy movies on Netflix.
Oooooh MAN I am an ANIMAL!!

Still..I felt the undying need to share that.... And I sometimes wonder why I'm not more into Facebook...hmm....

In creative news, Making a brown linen Italian Ren for 12th Night this Saturday. I hope I can get it finished. I think it will look pretty awesome when its done. Pics for the costume blog to come soon....maybe. I make no promises.

2012 Goals

Jan. 2nd, 2012 03:12 pm
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I'm posting these now. They've been floating around in my head for weeks and if I don't write them down they will plague my brain all day. Oh I adore how my brain works.

So on with the show:

Goals for 2012

1-Run in a 5k
Well more specifically, run in the Run for your Lives 5k that is coming in October to San Diego. I always hear about these type of things and think they are so cool. I'm going to do this, damnit! It sounds like fun and its a good way to get to goal #2 which is of course...

2- Lose the Damn Weight!
Totally dropped the ball on this last year. HARD. I had a lot on my plate last year and I ended up falling into my nasty habit of stress eating. So I gained all the weight back I lost 3 years ago *headdesk*. I really have gotten sick of looking at photos of myself and thinking 'Holy Crap, you let yourself go!" So I'm doing something about it. I'm back on Weight Watchers and hopefully the 5k training will help me burn the fat off.

3-Paperback Challenge
Ever since I got a Kindle I started to realize I have a Bazillion paperback novels I have yet to even crack open. And its been driving me crazy. So I'm challenging myself to read as many (if not all) the paperbacks I have sitting on my shelves before the end of the New Year. Of course, I'll be starting a bit late on this since I still have to finish Ghost Story. But as soon as Ghost Story is done, I'll be diving in...and boy is there quite the stack of smut waiting. O.o.

4-Push My Sewing
Which I say every year like weight loss. And I have pushed it in 2011. I did more projects than usual and tried to attack things in a far more timely manner so I wouldn't be panicing and trying to finish a complicated project in a short amount of time. But I think I can do better. So I'm going to try tackling more complicated projects. My perfectionisim and impatience has been kicking in hard core and all I've been doing is discouraging myself from taking on harder projects because they won't be perfect when they're done. So I'm going to say Bullshit to that and tackle some projects that demand to get done. Hey, people with less experience than me are turning out great work, why can't I?

5-Work on my Art
I've gotten TONS better with this in 2011. TONS. I started drawing on a regular basis thanks to my blog which has been motivating me. Its like the good ol days on the web when I had my old website and was constantly updating to show my stuff.  But I'd like to do more than i used to. I'm trying to cut down on commission work so I can get back into drawing for myself. When I forget to draw for myself, I start to put it all off to the side again.

6- Stop being so Angry and letting the negative people get me. a big one. Because I spent most of 2011 pissed off. And I hated every minute of it. I donno, perhaps it was because so many people I know and love where having tough times and their stress was rubbing off on me. Or it was because too many new negative black holes were let into my life in 2011 which sucked me dry. Or maybe it was dealing with the everyday stupidity I encountered at work. Either way, it was upsetting and I spent most of my year grumpy, or grumpy at people for making me grumpy. It has put me in a rut. So I'm going to try to just keep my chin up. Not sure how I can go about this so its just going to be a matter of will for me. But I really need to find my cheerfulness again. I miss it.

7-Get the house in further order
A lot of my decorating went to the wayside in 2011 since I was so busy. So I am planning to get at least two rooms to a finishing point. Okay, granted, the whole house looks totally fine, but I just want to finish up a couple things I never got to... That is totally my OCD talking.
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Which means i've had this LJ for about...oh...11 years now.
Holy shit.
I suppose now is the time to start archiving this sucker. Of course I have to figure out how to. I know there are ways, I've just been dragging my ass about it.

Anyways, Here  be yet again, way behind on my blogging as usual. The holidays were pretty awesome.  I went home and spent time with the fam. It was the first time in a a loooong time the whole family was together so it was particularly special for me.
 Uncle Mike's cancer is currently in remission. He has been off chemo for about 3 months now and is like his old self again. We have no idea how long it will be in remission or if it will ever stay away but right now, we're not knocking this. I got to meet my cousin's son for the first time and he was a cute little guy. only 2 and an adorable personality. My nephews are getting huge now and both Max and I had fun playing with them all weekend. I also had enough time home this year to spend with my family and not have to cram every holiday duity in in a short 3 or 4 days. Also had my awesome Holiday dinner with Dasha, Shaun, Jeff, and Kyt. I always look forward to Dasha and my annual Holiday dinners. Its not Christmas without seeing them. :)
I have pictures...because Max bought me a new digital camera! WOOOO! Its pretty fantastic too. I'll be pulling it out in the next week or two to update my etsy site as well as the costume blog. lots of spiffy setting for a little point and shoot. Honeslty, I don't need anything more than a little point and shoot so it fulfills my needs.
I have been missing the fam a lot over the last few days but I'm shaking the post Christmas blue pretty well. I got back and hit the ground running at work since we've been crazy busy in the last few weeks of this exhibit. Then ended up with nasty food poisioning Monday night/Tuesday morning which knocked me on my ass for a good solid two days. Seriously. ON MY ASS. Work was awesome and managed to find last minute coverage for me. I usually like trying to give as much advanced warning as possible when I'm going to be out but this hit me like a freight train. So I ended up sleeping for about 20 hours and come Thursday I was feeling so much better. I'm still a bit off though. Solid foods have been an issue on and off. If I eat a real full meal I can eat once and I pay for it the rest of the day with nasty acid reflux and stomache aches. So I'm taking it easy and just munching on small things currently this week.
OTHER than that, it was a pretty awesome New Years Weekend. Friday, when I was finally feeling up to snuff, I cleaned out the garage with the help of Lou (Who's currently renting the guest room from us while he house hunts). We have been loaning out space in our garage to some friends who are currently in trasnition from house to house so its been a huge mess lately. Schellen picked up her things on Friday to take to her house and Lou and i moved all of Capt'n's boxes back into out storage shed which is pretty dang huge. We organized Lou's things and our War stuff in the garage and cleared out a huge chunk. Then Lou helped me clean and organize Max's work bench finally. We hung his tools on the peg board and put all his power tools in place. It was something Max wanted to do for ages but never had the time. Then Lou planted my roses for me in the back yard. I was so busy lately thant my poor roses have been sitting in their container I bought them in since September. Yes, having Lou around has been a big help.
that night Jen came in to spend the weekend with us. I picked her up from the airport and we spent most of the weekend chilling and laughing way too hard. NYE was spent over at Burke and Beth's placefor their annual party. It was a fun and mellow night ringing in the new year with good friends. All of us were dog tired so no one really partied hard. Max, Jen and I ended up headding home right after midnight and crashing. Oh such party animals we are! But to be honest, I'm not much into hard drinking inad partying these days, not to mention my stomache was 6 degrees of FUBAR. We're all getting older and all we wanted to do was spend time together laughing and talking. Mission Accomplished I'd say.
Yesterday more sitting around watching MST3K was had. In the evening, Max, Jen, Capt'n, Ace, Lou, Katie, and I all ran a quick 1 run game of Dresden Files. I really don't remember laughing that hard in a long time. We didn't use the Dresden File system since none of us knew it (I JUST got the book! Thank you Fletcher!:)). So we used Mage rules instead. It worked. And it was hilarious. I played my crazy pyromancer, Max was his forced into retirement Warden, Ace was a Knight of the Cross (total hilarity there), Jen was a white court vampire, Katie was a confused cop, Lou was a cat burgler, and Capt'n was a wizard. We really spend about 6 hours laughing. My belly still hurts from it all. I really was a great way to end the weekend.

I'm back at work now. Unfortunately I'm the only one who IS at work. Well, me and security. It's Full Time Staff holiday so everyone is out. I'm one of the exceptions since I work front desk. No worries here, I might be getting time and a half for being here. I am hoping though that its a mellow day and we're not mobbed like last Monday. We shall see.
Overall, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 2012. Not that 2011 was horrific for me. It had its ups and downs for sure. But it was hard on a lot of my friends and family. I'm hoping fate eases up on them for the new year.
Pretty deathly quiet here today....I'll probably post my 2012 goals later, jsut to get them out of my head.
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Art Blog Update!
Nothing to spectacular. Just photos of our place all spruced up for the Holidays. And some pictures of the Minion...because he is freakin adorable even if he does drive me to drink on occasion. Aww..widdle Minion.
I'm JUST about caught up on all my Christmas projects. Got the stockings done for the boys, last night. On my last two ornaments, then I'm going to do some sketches for a couple folk soon. I feel accomplished! This is a good thing since I head home to visit the fam at the end of the week.

Also, Max and I headed over to the HMS Steampunk Ball on Saturday and had a blast! Here we all in all our Bedouin glory.

I think we looked pretty spiffy. First time I wore a turban. Thank you Ace for helping me tie the damn thing on! It was cool though by the end I started getting a wee bit of a headache. Still, I liked how it looked....I just now realized that Max and I have matching head gear on more or less. *L*
I desided that if I'm going to build a Victorian gown (AND I AM!) I need to learn how to waltz. They are giving free lessons every Friday so I'm thinking of trying it out. I always wanted to learn. Max already knows so I should at least try to keep up with him. I'm really looking forward to the lessons.

Thinking tonight is a good night to curl up on the couch with my sketch pad and some hot tea and finish a few things up.
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Busy Busy Busy.
Its the holidays so its to be expected.
The good part is I have a half day at work today. WOOO! So going home and getting shit DONE!

Steampunk Ball is Saturday. I totally desided to scrap doing a victorian dress in a week. I just don't have the time or patience. I pretty much  have it all cut out but honestly I didn't want to rush it then go to the event feeling uncomfortable wearing something I wasn't happy with. So instead I'm going Steampunk Bedouin and piecing together an outfit made out of my middle eastern garb and other things. All I have to make for that are pants. WOO! I'm actually really excited to put the costume together.  Lord knows I have enough middle eastern garb to make it work. Garb, old LoJ costumes, and bits of my Regina costume should make it work.
In other news:
Making ornaments for my family as gifts. Mistress Eilidh was kind enough to come over and teach me how. She also gave me all the materials to do them. Totally awesome of her. I've made about 7 of them so far. Photos...eventually. I make no promises. *L* Also I've cut out the Christmas stockings for my nephews and should be able to slam those together pretty quick.  Should take me an hour tops since I'm doing four of them (Two for the boys and two for Leelee and Ryan).

Next weekend I fly up for Christmas to see the fam. SO EXCITED!!! =D

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Oh wow, I have been crazy busy lately. The holidays are whirling by! So I'm doing my best to really enjoy them while I can. I'm not sure why I'm so incredbily stoked for Chirstmas this year but I am. I think its because for the first time in years I'm going to be visiting the family for an entire week. So I won't have to cram everything into just a few shorts days this time around. This especially is good for me because my cousin Brian is coming down for Christmas  AND he's bringing his 2 year old son which I have never met. Also It will be nice to get some family time with Uncle Mike since his cancer is currently in control and he won't be weak and sick from the chemo. 
Granted, Max and I don't have a ton of money this year. What with all the car repair bills we had, the taxes we had to pay, and some other unexpected bills that blindsided us out of no where. But we are keeping afloat just fine and in no danger of losing our shirts. Just tightening the belt a smidge.  And I desided that I'm handmaking most of my gifts this year. An SCA friend taught me how to make these beautiful ornaments out of fabric scraps and I have been going to TOWN making them! Seriously, they are addicting to make and are beautiful when finished. I'll post up some pics on my blog when I have two seconds of time.
I also will be making the boys, Leelee, and Ryan Christmas stockings. They are easy to whip up and I always wanted to make stockings for my boys. :) Already got the fabric, now I just have to slam them together. I usually can crank out about 3 or 4 Christmas Stockings in one night. What I hope I have time for is to make stockings for me and Max out of left over pirate fabric and Dio De Los Muertos fabric I have in my stash. But I have those on the back burner for now. Gifts First!
My Creativity has been at an all time HIGH these last few weeks. I'm wrapping up Tiggy's commissions finally (I've been WAY too slow for my poor Tiggy). And I've been a sewing fiend. I made Max a coat for Calafian Aniversary last month, I finally put together my period persian Coat that I cut out ages ago but never got back to, I also hand beaded the bodice of my blue Italian Ren since I wanted to fancy it up. This week I need to slam together a steampunk gown for the HMS Steampunk ball Next Saturday. Not doing anything period other piecing together something basic and acsseorizing like a fiend. Also I'm going to make more ornaments...because they are addicting.
Photos to come soon I hope. I need to just sit down and take them. I've been a slacker on that front BIG time.

We up put our Christmas Tree just last night which made me squee happily. At first we weren't sure if we were able to get one simply because of logistics. Max ended up getting into a car accident last week. He is alright, Thank God. The other guy was speeding and ran a stop sign and desided to go straight in a turn only lane. He rammed into Max and T-boned him. Luckily the truck is a TANK and he had his seatbelt on. He didn't get a scratch on him. The OTHER guy though ended up knocking himself out for two minutes. O.o He was driving without a seatbelt in a rental car. Yikes. He went to the hospital for a concussion but luckily nothing else. I'm grateful that neither Max or the other guy was killed. That would have been a shitty Christmas.

 But the truck got damaged. Its currently in the shop right now under repair. The good part is, the other guy's insurance paid for it all which is a load off my mind. The crappy part is Max is sans vehicle for who knows how long which is making things a bit tricky. He's able to hitch rides with coworkers to work for now. There a good chance he will be renting a car to drive up home for the holidays. Honestly, I rather be sans truck than sans husband ANY day of the week so I'm not complaining.
Anyways, Mark and Ty were awesome (as they usually are) and went with us to get a tree. We both picked out our tree then strapped them to the roof of their Jeep (which was hilarious to watch BTW). I have awesome friends. Max got the tree up in the livingroom for me and I decorated the sucker while he cooked dinner. We ended up having Mark, Ty and Lou over for a dinner of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, and salad after decorating the tree and watching Translvania 6-5000. Good way to end the weekend.
On the kitty front, Minion is now loose in the house 24/7. Scout has been handling it like a trooper. They actually do play together through out the day but when Scout is done playing she is DONE PLAYING and has to let Minion know this with a growl and a bap on the head. But despite herself, Scout seems to like Minion's company through out the day. Minion has adjusted to the house well and has developed quite a personality. He's a huge cuddle bug and adores people. We've been calling him the anti-Scout. While Scout is a bit aloof, extremely intellegent, and finicky Minion is needy, not the brightest kitten, and eats like a goat. Its like living in a Two Lumps comic.

So yeah, life is pretty grand so far. I feel pretty damn lucky and blessed these days and its put me in a quite a good mood. Okay granted, last week I wasn't but I'll blame PMS on that. Today I'm feeling awesome, creative, happy, and excited to start the Month. :)


Nov. 29th, 2011 04:18 pm
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Dear PMS,
Stop making me feel fat and ugly. I know I need to lose a few pounds but come on! Also, stop making me want to punch people on sight.
No Love,

In other news, going to a steampunk ball next week. So that means I need to get off my duff THIS week and slam together something vaguely steampunk and ball-ish... that sounded dirty. The hard part will be piecing it all together from my stash. I have a no money this paycheck to spare for this and luckily a huge stash to play with. So I Have a few ideas bumpin in my head. I think I can so something kinda spiffy if I can get the ideas developed enough. Hooray playing with patterns and stuff!

I DID make myself a period persian coat which fits me like a GLOVE. I'm very proud of how it came out. I'll post pictures on my blog soonish...when I have two minutes..which I keep lacking lately. DOH! I miss free tiiiiiime!
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Hey Guys!
I have a Cyber Monday Discount Running in my Etsy store until Dec 5th. %10 off if you use the Code BLOGREADER10 in my store. Just FYI.:)

Scout spent an entire 90 minutes in Minion's presence! And while there was growling and hissing slightly, No hackles were raised, no puffed fur, no flipped back ears. Actually she spent a good deal of time just watching him play. She only hissed when they made eye contact. Good sign! She's slowly tollerating him. Minion is proving to be very docile and non threatening to Scout and she's starting to realize this...and I think she make be plotting to make him do her bidding...hence why we named him The Minion. I have high hopes that in another week we'll be able to let Minion lose in the house 24/7 without Scout freaking out every 5 seconds. Right now, the couple hours a day seems to really be doing the trick. Scout isn't as much a one cat only cat as I feared she be. She's handling this with dignity. And everytime she sits with Minion peacefully we give her a treat. So far so good!

Minion has taken great delight in running into the guest room and playing under the bed there. Its become his little kitty playground. He also apparently got a taste of freedom and tries to make a break for it whenever the study door is opened. He's a slipperly little guy so he's already escaped twice while we go inside to check on him. He's quick as hell and loves it when people chase him.

Its been an interesting few weeks with Minion. I think he will fit in nicely with our house of weird..:)
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So Minion had his first vet appointment on Friday. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with a heart murmur, which broke my heart. The vet said it could be nothing since many cats have murmurs and live their whole lives healthy and happy. But we're going to have to get Minion an ultrasound to see if its minor or major. I'm hoping for minor. The vet won't have him fixed until we know for sure how severe the murmur is since anesthesia could kill him. Luckily he's still way too young to get nutered so we have time for this. So poor lil guy. Though the vet said its a good sign that he plays and acts like a normal kitten. He never pants for air or gets exhausted for no reason. I'm hoping that its a minor thing our lil Minion has to deal with. On an up note, his blood test came in clear for feline Lukemia and AIDS. So other than the murmur he's a healthy and strong lil bugger.
We started the face to face introductions with Scout last night. And I have to admit, it went FAR better than I anticipated. Oh Scout was still pissy and hissed but she seemed far more curious about Minion than horrified/threatened. Her ears weren't flipped back and she didn't puff up, growl, or howl at him. They kinda followed eachother around a little while. Scout hissed, Minion looked confused. Eventually Scout got bugged, hissed, growled, and bapped Minion, claws in luckily. That's when we desided the play date was over. Minion went back into the kitten isolation room and both parties cooled down. We will resume tomorrow to see how things change. My Goal is just to get Scout to tollerate the kitten being there. Minion overall is pretty docile and non agressive so I think as soon as Scout realizes this, she'll not be so grumpy. But Hooray for Scout not going completely balistic her first meeting!

So that's the kitten saga where it stands now. In three weeks, he goes back in for his shots. And hopefully by then him and scout will be roaming the house simultaneously...without bloodshed.
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You can find out all about it here at zeee ahhht Blog!
I need to raise some extra cash for the holidays so I'm open to sketch and black and white for the holidays. I figured it might earn me a couple extra bucks. Here's hoping!
Feeling like crud today. Hopefully it won't seep into Thanksgiving because damnit, I want Turkey!!

We did get one victory though...Minion...has finalyl pooped in the litter box. Its a proud day in the Kinnard/Diamond household.
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