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Happy Almost 2013!
I'm sick!
Its annoying.
I really was looking forward to ringing in another New Year with my Iron Maiden family but I really do feel like boiled over ass. Stuffed up, achey as Hell, possible fever, coughing. Oh, and at work yet again because no coverage was available...actually I just didn't even bother asking this round after the goose chase I was on before Christmas vacation. Got sick then and never could find anyone to cover for me. I just gave up asking and now I just go in and plow through it all. Its annoying but eh... not much else you can do.
Its been a busy day, surprise surprise so I am looknig forward to home. The Dayquil is starting to wear off and I'm begining to see flying elves.
I probably won't make it to the party. Honestly I rather not infect all my friends at the party though I would adore hanging with them and having a few drinks tonight. I am considering making a quick apperance, say hello, hand out a Christmas gift I have for someone, then jetting home but I'm not even sure I can even put on the happy face for that long before melting into a puddle of sickness goo. Is it sad I feel guilty I can't make it?
Hopefully this isn't an omen on what is in store for me for 2013.
Eh, I'm just being whiney. I was really hoping to have a kick ass party time tonight then start my 2013 with a good jog around the block. But for now I'd settle for my comfy bed and some Nyquil. I blame the PMS for making me so pissy about it all.
On a happier note
Regardless, I am rather excited about the new year starting. I'm excited to start my new routine, I'm excited about starting up my meditation again, I'm excited for the new projects I have sitting on on the horrizon, I'm just excited. I really hope this upcoming year is good for my friends mostly. A lot of them suffered some masty blows so I'm really sending out happy vibes to all of them.
I'm also going to make a bit more effort posting here more often. Its rater thereaputic.
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