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A few things:
Minion unfortunately, has been diganosed with a heart defect. He has a hole in his heart which is causing the murmur which means he will not outgrow it.
Bad parts:
There is nothing they can do about it. Possibly he can be medicated and they is currently being looked into.
Minion has a short life expectancy. Meaning he could live anywhere from 2 years to 5 years to 10. They don't know.

Good parts:
Minion is not in pain, not suffering, and doesn't even know he has a health issue.
He can still be nutered.
The vet said it would be rediculous to put him down (which I refused to have as an option in a panic) because otherwise he is healthy as a horse.

So pretty much we're going to enjoy him while we have him. I'm being optimistic. He's a healthy kitty and I think he might end up beating the odds.
Scout on the otherhand is still heathly and resentful we brought a kitten into her life... BUT she is slowly starting to tollerate and even play with him.

On to happier thoughts:

I'm starting up Fabulous month today. Needs to be done, damnit! I haven't done one in too long a time. I'm posting pics and such up on my tumblr if anyone wants to follow along:

Game of Thrones is starting up again tonight! We are having a Game of Thrones premiere party which will include nom noms.

April drawing is also starting and I shall be drawing LOTS.

Also, sewing WILL comence. I have so many projects to do its slightly maddening.

So despite the somewhat disheartening news, life is still good.
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