Apr. 29th, 2012

cinagel: (Scruffy Norington)

I really need to work on some outragously lavish project.
I have just decided this in the last few hours... because you know, I need something else to do in my copious spare time.  Oh me...Why do I do this to myself?
Because I'm insane, that's why.


I already have two things I need to finish in the next couple of weeks. The first being Dan's duster for his steampunk costume. I got the basic parts together, I just need to finish the damn thing. I also need to finish my bellydance costume for Gaslight Gathering which I started, but I put to the wayside the last few days because I had OTHER things to do. The good part is the most complicated garment for my dance costume (the ghwazee) is more or less constructed. I just need to finish it.  Here's a sketch of what I'm making for Gaslight:

Its a combo of new pieces I'm making and old pieces I already own (aka coin bra, jewelry, and tassel belt).

I also really should finish my art for the Gaslight artshow. I have everything inked and half colored in...only half though. Erf. It would be easier if I could bring my markers to work. Unfortunately, it wouldn't look very professional with all my markers struned across the reception desk *LOL*

Anyways, after I get that buck load of projects out of the way, I have my LoJ costume to work on. I'm pretty much making this outfit here:

The girl, not the guy. It should be easy enough .I bought the corset off of corset-story for WAY cheap. So I have to buy fabric and make the skirt and under blouse.  That's the costume I'm thinking of going detail crazy with... or at least try to. I suppose I have the desire to put teeny details onto SOMETHING.  So..this one wins.
I get like this every once in a while. A TOTAL attack of ADD. I think its just my brain's way of making me focus when I'm feeling overwhelmed with everything else on my plate.
I'm such a spazz soometimes.

In other news, I need to lose od weight. My pants are fitting weird.

In other other news, I love chamomile and lavender tea!

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