Mar. 28th, 2012

cinagel: (Gardening)
More or less.
BTW, chamomile and lavander tea for the mother fucking WIN.

I've been awful about updating I know. I've been spending most of my updates over at my originalcin blog which I still really love keeping up and working on. If anything, its helped me keep drawing regularly...which is something I wasn't doing much of after gradschool. It also motivated me to find some life drawing classes in town and I even found the San Diego Dr. Sketchy's! I always wanted to check out a Dr. Sketchy's session. Ace and Jen may be joining me in on this as well. 

Had some trials with my anxiety over the last couple of weeks which was starting to take a toll on my health.  But it looks like the battles have been won by ME. HA! Take THAT you bastard emotion!
I'm feeling far more like myself again after taking a mental health day yesterday. I slept most of the day away and woke up feeling less like poo and more ready to conquor the world...or at least the back yard... which I did with Jen's help. And it looks very lovely.

Max and I talked about a few other things we'll be doing to the back yard in the future like rebuilding the bar eventually, putting in a permanent sunshade and rebuilding the grill. The BIG thing we need to do and probably can do this summer is rebuild our patio. We were noticing that the thing is slowly starting to rot. So it needs some major work. Its a small patio so it won't cost too much and we're not planning on doing anything super crazy to it other than just rebuilding the structure. We'll see how that goes.
Its spring so all I've been wanting to do lately is work on my yards and plant things. I'm hoping to scamper off to Home Depot on Friday and pick up a couple things to get the back yard all prepped and pretty.  I need to take some photos. My flowers are bloming like CRAZY, our fruit trees are starting to bloom, my ice plant is a mass of beautiful orange blooms, and my jasmine is finally blooming. Oh WOW it smells awesome! In another month or two our grape vines will have their leaves and maybe my roses will be in bloom again.
Really want to plant more roses in my yard.

Tonight I will be heading to a Belly Dance class and I am SO stoked. I really hope its a good one. I've been searching for a class that fits my schedule for a couple years now. Seems all of them either start while I'm on my commute or they are on Sundays which I work. ARG! So I finally found a class that starts at 7:45pm. I hope its not a bust. I so want to take a class with a live teacher again! 

So...that's life in a nutshell so far. Keep on truckin...

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