Mar. 12th, 2012

cinagel: (Girly and Femmy)
Because if I don't write things down, It all leaves my head....and then I get all pissy.

Don't mind me, I'm just speculating.
I'm contemplating doing a tumblr experiment called walkabout. I was going to stash my camera in my purse then on my 30 minute lunch break use that time to walk around and snap photos of things that brighten my day. I was considering doing this everyday or at least when feesible. I'm not sure what spawned this idea in my head. I can't say its the most unique one I've ever had. The internet is loaded with like ideas.  I suppose it came from walking over to get my afternoon tea. Say what you will about La Jolla, its still amazingly beautiful, and there are some places I love to walk past that brighten my day.  Also I'm considering using it as an observation exersise for me as well...and I also like to play with my new camera. I'd also use my camera places other than La Jolla. Like around my own neighborhood. Just so I can start exploring more and get myself out of my routine more often than not.

That's Cindy's Hairbrained idea of the day.

In other news... Berrypatch Tea from Brick and Bell makes me extremely happy.

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