Mar. 11th, 2012

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catching up...ON LIFE!!!
Still haven't given up on LJ yet. I don't think I ever will. Just that life has been so wacky over the last couple of months I haven't had time to really breathe. Definitely not bad wacky. Just busy as all hell and lots of changes that have been happening. All begining when I turned 36. Apparently 36 is the magic number to shake things up.
ANYWAYS... Lets see.
The big thing that happened was Jen aka [ profile] crzydemona has moved in with me and Max for a bit. The long and short of it is she needed a place to call home for a while and we offered. Frankly, I'm kinda glad to have her. I have another gal pal who is hardcore into costuming, drawing, and willing to put up with my crazy antics and even participate! partners in crime...I can never have enough of them. Lou, was living with us for a while too but now that we ended up with such a full house he opted to move in with his brother until he can get some bills settled. Lou is a sweetheart and I wish him the best. He was a great roomie too. I'll miss him always helping me with all the housework! He also loved the Minion and took great care of him.
So yeah, my life has been in a bit of a flux and my anxiety has been doing a number on my focus. But honestly it also has been great. Having all this flux has really giving me an opportunity to work on not letting my anxiety take control of me. I've been doing pretty decent just taking a breath and letting whatever will be will be. Granted, sometimes it shows on my face (I hate when that happens!) but I've been managing to shake off all the crap.

Next weekend I'll be doing Artist's Alley at Anime Conji this coming weekend with Trish. I'm REALLY stoked to be hitting another Artist's Alley with her. Its been ages since Trish and I had crazy con antics. And since AC is in San Diego it makes it a cheap and easy con to deal with. I'll have some new prints available. As usual, I don't expect to do spectacular. If I sell a few prints and have fun, I'll consider it a success.

After that, Doug and Dasha are coming in to visit! SO EXCITED! I only get to see Dasha once a year usually and I haven't seen Doug in...Hell since 2001? 2002?. So I'm looking forward to the weekend of catching up and probably doing obnoxious gamer nerd things. *rubs hands together*

Lets see, whatelse. OH! I was asked to be on Caid's royal court and guard. It took me totally by surprise. The upcoming Queen is the lady who puts together the ComicCon demo. I've only done Baronial Court and Guard so Royal Court and Guard should be interesting. If anything, its going to give me an excuse to do more sewing since I'll have to shlep myself to more court events.
Oh darn...more sewing.

I was planning on doing a fabulous month in March but I had a wee bit too much on my plate. So I'm reserving it for April when things are slower paced. I think I'm in need of a fabulous month. Just to get my Mojo in order and my mind in a good place. It always does the trick. My mind has been in a bit of a muddle since February so I'm hoping to get it back in focus soon.

Things are trucking along.

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