Feb. 9th, 2012

cinagel: (Girly and Femmy)
Another Update on the blog? Why YES!!
Also, I started a tumblr for the hell of it. I have no idea what I'm doing so its extremely random. Feel free to follow along on my randomness. http://originalcinart.tumblr.com/ . I need to put some new sketches up on that tumblr. right now its most old stuff and things I never bothered posting.

Things have been pretty laid back for the most part and I am grateful for that. Still trying to keep up with my couch to 5k stuff. I haven't lost any weight (natch' ) but I've toned up a LOT. Clothes are fitting better and I've been feeling good about how I look these days. Go me!
I got my corset in the mail yesterday! WOOO! The red is gorgous and It fits really nice. Full steam boned corset for $37? YES PLEASE! I tried it on last night. After a hilarious amount of trying to get into the damn thing on my own, Max came in to help. Yeah..the corset made my hubby happy...VERY HAPPY.

Still trucking along. At a total creative high lately so I've been really feeling happy. WHEEEE!!!

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