Feb. 1st, 2012

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Two Blog updates!
Wow, I've been pretty damn consistant with my blog posts lately. I'm really happy I have been too. Its like old times when I first built a website and was constantly putting up sketches to show all the other art peeps in the Gargs Fandom.I really think I finally found my focus and my voice on there now. I'm just posting about whatever the hell I want now instead of trying to make it sound all professional and business like. It was way too dry for my tastes. So now its lots of random sketches followed but long stories of "And THIS guy did this! And this character does THIS! And OMGSQUEEE!"
I am such a dork.
 But I have been MUCHO motivated lately!  I'm really hoping I can keep this momentum up for the rest of the year. Its been bringing me a lot of joy lately.

Question for the masses: What the hell is a tumblr and what's it used for? I have no friggin clue. And I don't know if its worth starting ANOTHER place to post stuff. I have enough issues keeping up with the blog and twitter. I am already a slacker when it comes to scanning my stuff.

Changed gears EVER so slightly for
LoJ this year. Going Steampunk Saloon girl. I'm a great big dork and dressing up as one of my OCs. And I managed to pursude Jen to dress up with me. So yup, steampink Saloon gals. Already have a good idea of what I want it to look like... I just need to buy a corset. *L* I know I know "WHY AREN"T YOU MAKING ONE?!" Because I'm lazy as hell, that's why.

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