Jan. 25th, 2012

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Blog Post!
I was noticing that most of my blogspots were centering around "AH! Gotta show coming up! Go look!" more often than not. So I wanted to do a post not related to that at all. I had so much fun writing in that I think I'll try to do more along those lines. Gives me an excuse to show off some of my concept sketches too. I also want to start posting osme works in progress. It might start forcing me to do more detailed and intricate pieces instead of quick oneshot character sketches. I'm really wanting to expand. My problem is I get imaptient with my art and when I draw something I want it finished NOW. So I do less detailed pieces because of this.
Going to not take commissions for a while just so I can work on this.  Of course al bets are off on that if I need the cash.

Thanks to Jen, the friggin instigator, I started writing. My God, I haven't done creative writing since...um... Wow Junior college? I think I was 19 or 20 the last time I bothered. No reason other than I just stopped doing it. I ran out of time, inspiration, or whatever. So since Jen has been writing fanfic it inspired me to write original stuff and thats what I've been doing at night before bed. Trust me, nothing I write is brilliant, original or even in sequence so I won't be sharing it or even publishing it. Not looking for critques or anything. I've just been having fun putting my ideas to paper and telling my friends "Hey remember those characters we created? Check this out!"
Ah...Steampunk Western Romances. There's not enough so I'm writing my own to please me. I'm such a dork. I really can't believe I'm writing. And I'm writing SUCH shlock. *hides it under her pillow*

Other than that I've been chillin. It hasn't been a breakneck paced month thank God so I've had more downtime than not. This gives me time to sit my ass on the couch and relax for a change. It also gives me time to keep running which has been a BLAST! I look forward to it every week. Me, Katie, Schellen and Ace meet up at Balboa Park 3 times a week to do couch to 5k. Its a great stress relief and I've been sleeping like the DEAD lately. This...is good. This is VERY good.
So yeah, creativity at all time HIGH. I've been in a good mood for it too.:)

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