Jan. 5th, 2012

cinagel: (Standout)
Not even a fan of that song either...

So I ended up plowing headlong into 2012, like ya do. So much for the idea of "I'll take it easy and take more time to be lazy" route, huh? But then, if I did take that route I'd get cranky and bored and annoyed with myself...like ya do.

I'm coming to terms with my constant need to be productive, which is both a virtrue and a vice. I suppose I keep busy with all my crazy crap because it really is a sure fire way to curb my anxiety which came back with a VENGENCE in 2011.  The "good" part about the anxiety now is I know how to handle it as opposed to 8 years ago when all I did was go into a paralized funk and lay on the couch for hours or in some cases, days (Oh yes, I'm sure many of you remember THOSE days).  So instead I just wander back into my studio and work on sewing...after screaming and crying. ;D

Anyways,  2012 started and I dove headlong into a dress. I told myself I wouldn't try to slam anything out for 12th Night since I only had about a week. And yet here I am, slamming something out for 12th Night. In all honesty though, its a simple pattern and I've cranked out enough Italian Rens to crank out another pretty quick and with low stress. This one is slightly different. I put the closure in the front and its made in linen instead of silk. So I'm not getting the awesome poofiness I usually get. I'm going to need to teach myself a new pleating technique to solve this. But its still looking good enough to wear. I just need to put sleeves on it. I have some cool red brocade I'm thinking of using. I'm considering detachable sleeves for this sucker too but I'm not completely sold on it as of yet. Yes...still need to photograph it.

Next weekend I am going to hit Steampunk Symposium with Colleen, hopefully for the whole weekend. I'm still waiting to hear back from my boss on if I can get coverage on Sunday. I'm going to be her booth lacky and in exchange for that, I get to have some of my stuff out for sale there as well. *L* We'll see if I make any cash. I am hoping to finish up a few steampunk pieces I've been flirting with in my sketchbook. I REALLY hope I can get Sunday off!

Last night I started the Couch to 5k program with Schellen. It only SLIGHTLY kicked my ass instead of COMPLETELY kicked my ass. I'm not as in horrible shape as I thought! We only ran for 20 minutes since its a program that eases you into running. But that was MORE than enough for two somewhat out of shape asthmatics. I felt really great afterwards too and slept like the dead. We're going to meet up again tonight to do it all over again. I really have been enjoying it. Hopefully next week Katie and Ace will join in the fun. 

Other than project-o-rama going on, life has been its usual self. Work, house, kitties, not enough time in the day. You know, the usual.

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